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The Wallflower: Ian Tannis (1 female needed)

Ian Tannis played by David Beckham

My name is Ian Tannis and I am a 25 year old college student. I made the biggest mistake of my life and agreed to play chaperone for my kid sister's high school trip to New Orleans. They were going to be visiting some of the more historical areas of the crescent city. I was the only guy on this trip and some how that it was Phoebe's attempt at playing cupid. I adored the kid more than anything and had spent most of my life watching over her. Our dad's drunken binges had put him last on the list of people to take care of a little girl and I was 8 years older than Phoebe. I took it upon myself to take care of her. Once I hit fifteen years old, I was working in the old mill down the street.

Funny how things change. My dad was now two years clean and sober, going to counseling to fix his problems with Mom. I had long given up my anger at him for abandoning us for his addiction. I never really spent much time around women, being one of the true shy guys in existence. Frankly I had had only one real love in my life and I lost her when her new fiance claimed to see me having sex in a car with her cousin. That was the story of my life.

At the moment I was sitting in a seat on the bus in the back, trying to read. I felt the other chaperones staring at me and it was hard not to feel uneasy. The other chaperone's were all women around my own age. Teenagers were smart. This group knew that if their parents had chaperoned this trip, they'd never get away with anything. I felt the seat next to me bounce and I saw the bright face of my baby sister. "What's up, sport?"

Her red curls framed her face perfectly and she gave me this look that made me want to say 'uh oh'. Phoebe made a swipe at my book. "There are at least 9 young and eligible women here. This is what you do? Read? Ian, my big brother, my all time favorite person, you need to get laid." I had been taking a sip pf my bottled water but did a perfect spit take at her comment.

"Phoebe!" I glared at her. "Come on, man. I'm seventeen not seven. I notice how you never go out anymore. You let that stupid slut dictate your life when you were with and she effects you even more now that she's gone." I could hardly yell at her for caring. She was doing the puppy face too. She must really be worried to bring out the big guns. "I will try to talk to someone but you know how shy I am. I can promise to try. That's it." I had a bad feeling I was going to make a dork out of myself.

Things got hectic once we arrived at the hotel the school had reserved. I helped Phoebe settle in and kicked her little boyfriend out, saying that I would break his legs if I caught him in here with her. I went next door to the restaurant serving the hotel. The hostess said I would have to wait at the bar for a table. I sat on a stool and ordered a coke, which got me weird looks. Thats what happens when you're the kid of a drunk.
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