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RP Enjoyment
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The Collection Of Keyblades.....i Mean Threads

Writing partners i want to thank
Sex Slave Talia
Princess Amelia

Threads I am in and Active
A Magic Touch the Perverts Weapon

After School Teachings

In Chains and Helpless

All Grown up and in Collage: The Unlikely couple.

Blind Love

Treasure, Thieves, Princesses and Love.

The Magical Journey: Zephyer and Emily

Supernatural Dean the Witch Hunter?

Case of the Shifters

Jynxed with a Halo

Beyond Batman

Erotic house of Horror

My Brothers Lil Slut

A Night at the Carnival

The Birthday Gift.

Private Eyeful

Fright Night 2:Regina's Revenge.

Taboo Nature: Bro and Sis Secret

Loan Shark Taking his check

School bus Lust.

Classified Area 69

Poker her Night Boys

Sailor Moon Side Story: Saturn's Rings

Slave to the Internet.

X-Men New Class

Drug Enforcement

BDSM Class 101

Instruments of Insanity Reboot

X-Men 52 to 1 Odds on the Rouge.

Teen Idol brought to her Knee's

A Secret Amongst Siblings

Forbidden Furry Love

Naruto Tai Jutsu Team Up

Bus Driver

Make the Jolly Roger Jolly and Slutty

Perfect Boyfriend

Resident Evil Liquid Nightmare

The Lab Experiment A Life is a Life.

The Further Adventures of Gabrielle.

The New Nurse at Arkham

From Victim to Nympho

Pushed to the Max

Rise and Fall of a Heroine

School of Lust High rollers

The Vault is Real

Luck of a clover song of a siren.

Make the Jolly Roger Jolly and slutty.

DMC Heaven and Hell.

High Society girl and Teacher

Mayor's Trophy wife

Lord of the Rings

Threads i have completed.

Poisoned Night [X-men Batman Cross over]

Fright Night Riddle ME This

Betrayal and Payback

Love and Lust through a Halfling's eyes
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Wishing for more rps.

Enjoyment and glee

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