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Horny Santa (requires one female dressed as Elf)

Greg was 51, and had been working as the store's Santa in their Grotto for the last 6 years. He had retired at 45, having done well for himself and liked the interaction with people for the four weeks it was set up. He was good with kids, and having never had any himself, was delighted to share their Christmas excitement for the short period he was employed.

His wife and he never wanted kids, as they enjoyed the fruits of his work, but since she has passed away 8 years ago, he had often wondered about what might have been and how it would be nice to have some closer family, especially at this time of the year.

He was a kind, big hearted man, standing at around six foot. His free time allowed him to keep himself in good shape, and had to wear a cushion under his Santa suit to make him look stereotypically plump!

He hadn't been with a woman since his wife died, he didn't have the confidence after 25 years of marriage. It wasn't that he didn't want to, he craved it, but simply didn't know how. He would often enjoy the interaction with the mothers who bought their kids to see him, wishing he had the guts to ask out the ones he knew were single, but he didn't want to face rejection, or come across wrong, so he never attempted it.

This year, due to the demand from customers, the store had employed some young kids on the Christmas break from college to work as 'elves' on the Grotto, heloing with photos, tickets, wrapping and giving presents. There were five elves in total, three guys and two girls, all between the ages of 19 and 25.

Greg couldn't help but admire one of the female elves in particular. She was polite and sweet, always helpful to everyone and he could tell she was great with people. Again, he never thought much else of it, simply appreciated her figure, to which the tight elf costume clung.
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