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Eye reely knead a editer

Az yoo kan tell I reEalee kneed a gooD eitdor. Eye will peigh 50% uv whut I git phrum poasting mi stoary on liTerotika.

Da stoaree iz ma/sun insest and runz abowt 33K werds.

It is harde to sea the treaze for the forrist sew I wanna phind a good Editer too helped mayk it beddur.

Pm oar emale if inturested.

(eye reely dew rite beddur than this - inn phakt, this wuz reely diphikult two right this way.)
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I really thought you were some foreign guy for a second. Someone from Idaho writing like this just for the attention is rather quite laughable. I'd PM but this is slightly faster in my opinion.
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What do you need an editor for? Looks fine to me. Shrug.

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That's one of the funniest, more clever posts I've seen here.

Now not sure if we can find you an editor, but I think scouries needs one and you should be able to improve his writing dramatically!

Thanks for the laugh.
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This made me chuckle. Good luck finding an editor.
"If you write it, they will cum."
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