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A/N:Another cross post from my blog. Sex slavery/Rape/Prostitution, etc. Send a message if you're interested in responding.

I try not to cry as one man reaches between my legs to rub at my cunt and clit. The other fondles my tit and I wonder what they plan to do to me. They’ll rape me, which was almost expected, but what about after? I shouldn’t have been prancing around dressed as I was that night. They say that they’ll make me a slut and sell my pussy, ass, tits and mouth on the streets in some foreign country I’ve never heard of. I cry as they bind my arms and legs to move me out into their black van.

I didn't see them following me after class on the local campus before heading back to my dorm room. I guess they've been scouting the campus for girls like me to sell for a profit. They men waited for me to walk into the empty stair way before making their move. None of the other students were around, because it was break. I only stayed in the dorms, because my family all lived in another state.

One of the men, the one who has me in his lap in the van, spreads my legs and fucks me as we drive to the private runway. He tells me I’m a whore, a slut, and that with some training I’ll churn out a nice profit for them and ‘the boss.’ They tell me about middle eastern and African men who would love to own and pimp out a nice, white western girl like me. We arrive at the runway and leave to some foreign land where I am to be sold as a slave. They know I’m not trained, and so they plan to keep me in a cell and periodically try new things out on me. Different toys, positions, punishments… You name it and they plan on forcing me to do it.
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