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Does the glass slipper fit?

You're married or attached, with responsibilities. People depend on you. You have things mostly under control, a busy active life, get it nearly often enough, but something's missing. It's a little too routine, even dull. And he doesn't take charge. It's not in him. He doesn't even understand why you would want that. But you crave it. So you read erotica, surf a little porn...and you dream about what it must be like to have that One in your life...and you get horny, and the craving doesn't go away.

Then there's this guy that's in a similar situation. He has daytime to spare between professional responsibilities. And he gets excited thinking about a woman on the other end of a keyboard somewhere, who may be curious enough to send a message...maybe chat, talk about your mutual interests, who would follow his lead and learn from him about domination, bondage, role play, distance training, discreet but highly erotic activities, develop a bond, a deep friendship, separate but intimate, that doesn't intrude on married life, but perhaps enhances it.

You explore together, in a non-judgmental deeply intimate, honest way. And he takes you places in your mind, and stimulates your body, in ways no one you know would ever believe you would allow, let alone crave. All during the day...with no one but the two of you. Your shared secret. Filling the void in your life and in his. But it will never happen unless you send that first message. So what are you waiting for? He wants to know what you're thinking...at...this.....very........moment.
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