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Inedited Fetish?

Ok, I've never seen this in any erotic literature or porn. Do you know those women with big clits? A clitoris is a undeveloped penis... So, why don't stick those large clits into the ass? (My taste prefers women's asses, but be my guest). It's a fetish I'm fantasizing for weeks... Do any of you ever thought of this? I can't believe it's physically impractical. Oh, if there's any picture, video or piece of literature about that fetish, please share!
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Sounds pretty much the same as futanari (dick girls). As you say yourself, a clit developed to be large pretty much is a penis. There's tons of erotica of that. Women using strap-ons on each other are also pretty common.
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The longest I've EVER heard of was two inches-- mostly more in the one-inch range. And an enlarged clit isn't as erectile (stiff) as a dick... It's not so easy to shove that into something tight!
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