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Have you ever had public sex

My wife and have tried it a couple of times. Once in a large public park during the day time. there were lots of people around and we moved off the main path, where I fucked her standing up, watching the people walk past a few feet away.

What is your story?
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On my completely glass walled hotel balcony in Vegas overlooking the Strip and in the car in the parking garage at lunch for a quickie while people passed by.
Sometimes a girl wants to be fucked like a slut and made love to like an angel...

"...time to dirty up your halo."
(from the song Halo by Slash, featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators)
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me and my ex used to love to have sex in pools while others were swimming around with us
Always on the hunt for fun
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Many times

Many times, can't remember them all.

The best is in the outdoors with the risk that someone watching or being caught.
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lots of times,started young by having sex in the small study or special interest rooms at the library in high school. sex in a parked car in the park, sex on a picnic table of a national park, sex at a football game under a blanket, in a car with another couple in front seat while driving, just outside on our back deck, sex on a public beach and in the water at the same beach, sex in a swimming pool, back room of a resturant kitchen while at work (yummm special sauce), in a movie theater...
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.
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and if God didn't want us to make noise and enjoy it, why did He create bikes, bikers, guns & sex?

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Many times. Best were...
-- on a crowded public beach, spooning my girl and screwing without anyone the wiser
-- in the dark corner of a nightclub, gf lifted her skirt sans panties and rode me
-- on the hood of a car outside a pub
Mmmm. I miss those days.

Is a dream a lie if it don't come true,
Or is it someting worse?

Bruce Springsteen
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Yes, on several occasions. The most public was probably at the beach on the 4th of July, on Key Biscayne. We were in chest deep water among hundreds of thousands of other beach-goers. My wife wrapped her legs around my waist, and I pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side, pushed my trunks to my knees, and entered her. Above the water line everything looked normal, but below the water I was thrusting in and out of her. We bobbed up and down in the water for about 15 minutes until I shot my load inside her. The best part is that approximately 20 feet away from us a black couple around our age watched us for a few minutes, and then did the same thing. The other guy nodded to me as we finished, while the women turned away without saying a word.
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yeah a couple of times, at a servo in the truckie parking area leaning over a car, also on a balcony overlooking the ocean as boats were passing by
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This happened before digital cameras and cell phones. Girlfriend and I left a marked trail and found a great little spot along a rock ledge. The moring sun had heated up the rock and we were in heat as well. We got hot and heavy using our clothes as a blanket as we fucked in the sun like a pair of rabbits...
Little did we know a boy scout troup wanted to take some pictures of the view. We heard giggling and cameras snapping. Wonder what pictures they got?
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When I lived in the big city, took my girlfriend to the roof of my building.
We spread a blanket down and had some great sex.
The best part was all the tall buildings around us knowing that we could be seen.
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Mostly in parks where we were alone but could be found. Several were in some natural hot springs
where we were just soaking naked... another time in a different area, we were soaking as well but things got a little frisky and we did have sex. That time, there were some people passing by in a close distance... we were about to change positions... my cock remained in her pussy ( from behind).. and we both waved until they passed.

Once or twice in a parked car on an upper level deck... we thought we were alone...She climbed into my lap...

and another time we were picknicking ... finished with our lunch,, she was on the side of me...
and just like that...she removed her top,,, straddeled me ... and we had sex.

There was another time when we were hiking, we stopped at a rest stop.. we haven't seen anyone the whole time... but I'm saving that for my next story..
Please click the link to read my stories

In a fantasy world, I could and would be a Jedi Knight and teach others.

In real life, I am a very paitient, laid back guy. I can be silly and a little sarcastic. I've been told that I'm a very good kisser. I like most things in the City and outdoors.. I consider myself as someone who's concerned with the enviroment... and I am also involved with local animal shelters and rescue groups.

It would be nice to meet someone to chat with, flirt and exchange emails.
I would also consider myself to be a romantic. I am respectful and know how to treat a woman.I have and like a good imagination. I dislike vain. aggressive and ill mannered people. NOT into pain or humiliation.

I've written a few stories here on Literotica. 1Browneyedguy

Message me if you'd like.

Thank you, good luck in your searches and welcome to Literotica
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wannabee badgirl
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Yes, a movie theater. It was interesting and quite fun.
Hmm, I am simply here to have fun. I want nothing more, no relationship, simply fun.!!!


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Originally Posted by justmethatswho View Post
Yes, a movie theater. It was interesting and quite fun.
There is no way I would have been able to keep things quiet, for sure would have gotten caught
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Posts: n/a

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On a parking garage

On the top floor of a parking garage in Burlington, Vermont my wife and I were very horny returning to our car. It was a sunny warm day and we opened the windows. Soon we were making out, her breasts were out, and I pulled up her skirt. I couldn't find a good position till I opened the door and slid into her from outside the car, her lying on the seat. With the sun on my back and my cock heated by her pulsing pussy, it didn't take long for me to have an incredible orgasm.

Suddenly we heard clapping and cheers. Two young men were standing some distance away, watching. They enjoyed the show, and received the sight of my wife spread open and dripping before she could get off the seat. We waved and bowed, then dressed and drove off with them still waving, smiling, and blowing kisses.
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In numerous cars and parking lots
In 2 different pools, once with plenty of others around
On a trampoline in a random backyard
On the deck off my room in college
On a couch in the middle of a Halloween party
Probably some others I'm not thinking of
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Have had some public sex, but never with anybody around intentionally watching.

- vehicle in a restaurant parking lot
- sitting bench on a trail at a state park
- in the ocean at a resort beach
- on the tailgate of a truck in a parking lot of an outdoor concert
- on a picnic table at a park

These are some of the ones I could remember quickly. There maybe were more encounters.
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Oh, yes. I've just submitted my first story about it!
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Old 12-20-2012, 02:34 AM   #19
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Originally Posted by Hedo_Harry View Post
Oh, yes. I've just submitted my first story about it!
And it has been posted! Check it out!

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had many experiences.
my most rememberable is with my ex
we had been out for dinner and were playing with each other at the dinner table. she wore a short summer dress and I was feeling and noticed she had no panties.
I started fingering her at the table and she was rubbing my bulge.

we finished dinner early and then went back to her car out the front of my apartment.
At the car i moved the front seat back and i pulled off my trousers and sat in the seat with my erect cock sprung out. she hiked up her dress revealling her swollen pussy and eased herself on top of me and slid onto my shaft.

I closed the door and she rode me. I hiked down her top revealling her perky size c cup breasts and I fondle while she rode me.
to my supprise my flatmate pulled up behind the car and peered in. I wasnt to worried due to him seeing me with other women and we just kept fucking.
I shot a load into her and she climbed off and kissed me good night and she went home.

My flat mate couldnt stop laughing, but I said when you gotto fuck just fuck...
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does the restroom of the Sunoco at the corner count???

the banks of the River Raisin???

the edge of the look out point of the Frances Stone Quarry???

getting head in the back seat of a 65 Ford Custom rolling down Monroe Street
on a friday night???
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Back in July I got bent over the hood of a car in a walmart parking lot on a saturday afternoon. He pounded me as hard and fast as he could for about 3 minutes, then came in me. We hopped back in the car and as we were driving out as 3 police cars entered the lot. We got away with it.

Last edited by lilsarah_91 : 12-20-2012 at 11:33 PM.
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Shame you missed being in the "last time you were handcuffed in a train" thread. Incidentally would have loved to see that... x
Amiable British guy, happy to chew the fat with creative sexy people. Say hi if you're passing - Nutters and freaks welcome :-)
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on a trail

near hot springs arkansas.. my ex was wearing a very short dress i pulled it up and fucked her from behind.. she said "spank me" and I did...

Several times outdoors in a park or even cemetary (though the latter time did involve an encounter with the law
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when my wife and I were dating, she took me to this old fashioned orchard and cider mill in the Southern tier of NY. We got some cider, concord grapes and some other stuff and hiked halfwat up the neighboring ski slope for a picnic. (it was late Fall so there was no snow)

Anyhow, midway thru the picnic we started making out and one thing lead to another, and soon we were fucking our brains out in the middle of God and Nature!

Anyone looking up the hill could have seen us, but we were too love sick to notice or care. We fucked twice before packing up and hiking back to our car.

one of my fondest dating memories.
-- peebudy

If you like my posts, you'll love my stories!

Just published: Serendipity
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