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Secretly transfer money abroad - not spam I promise

Hi folks

I know this sounds a bit like an international money laundering - how to but any ideas would be appreciated!

I'm worried that a member of my family may be in an abusive relationship. The problem is, is that they live on the opposite side of the world and we're all feeling a little bit powerless to help. I'm not too sure how accurate the label of 'abusive' is and I do hope that they can work things out. However, I'm concerned that given they are so far away that she may be feeling trapped and hasn't got a plan B of getting out of there if totally necessary.

It would be nice if I could create a 'fund' with enough money for an airfare for herself and the kids in case of emergency but not sure how to do this. I don't just want to give her money because I don't know how much control over her finances her partner has. Is there a way to create such an internationally accessible fund? How could she get access to such a fund if it does exist - without credit cards or letters would be better. Hopefully she wouldn't need to use the cash, so in future how could I get the money back?

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This is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but services like MoneyGram and Western Union offer practically untraceable transfers, as far as you are concerned. You can't just transfer and leave it really. But all she needs is a control number and an ID to pick it up. In a pinch, it works.

Fees are really high though.
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Rather than create a fund, can you just let her know that if she ever needs it, you and/or your partners will buy her the plane tickets on short notice? Yeah, she'd probably be less reluctant to use it if the money were simply made available to her, but maybe that's not doable.
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I second the Western Union suggestion.
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Load a credit card with that amount of funds necessary. Or even better, give her the number of a credit card in your name with a low limit (something like 5000$), enough to get out in a pinch. Most people when buying a plane ticket buy them on-line anyway and you need a credit card.

Or, alternatively, set up a separate credit line to your account with the funds. If your family member needs to get out, you release the information and she can buy her plane ticket.

If she doesn't need the money, you can still reclaim it because she hasn't spent it.

Best of luck to your family .
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