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Looking for good NC/Reluctance Stories of a theme

I almost feel kind of bad for posting this. I feel a little guilty for liking this story so much and wanting more on similar lines, but I guess this is Literotica and there's room for lots of kinks and fantasies.

I have a favorite NC story and I hope there are more like it out there. I'm hoping for recommendations, because sifting through the stories is time-consuming and difficult.

The story on my mind is "Marina's Fantasy" ( http://www.literotica.com/s/marinas-fantasy ) and it's about a woman who is jumped in her home by two men, stripped and used... and gets so turned on that she cooperates. Her daughter comes home during the sex, and by that point the mother is so far gone she willfully does nothing to stop the same from happening to her. It's not the most proficient story on the site, but I really dug the arc of the mother's resistance becoming desire and consent.

I'm not so much into women being violently abused (hit/tortured/etc). For me, the whole NC/Reluctance thing is great when it's about people being forced to enjoy something, but if they don't eventually come to enjoy it I just get grossed out and turned off. Again, I feel a little bad for digging what's plainly a rape fantasy, but it's just a story after all. As long as nobody thinks this would actually be cool in real life, I guess we're cool.

Anyone got recommendations?
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Hi, I have to confess I too like this kind of story, and I'm completely with you about there having to be a lot of pleasure for the "victim". Here are a few I've found over the years:

http://www.literotica.com/s/yes-officer-ch-01 - Found in Erotic Couplings but definitely has nonconsent elements. A woman is pulled over for drunk driving and the officer decides to punish her himself instead of arresting her...

http://www.literotica.com/s/the-concert-6 - A woman is taken by an unknown man in the middle of a crowd at a concert...

http://www.literotica.com/s/blackout-1 - a Lesbian reluctant story from Colleen Thomas, really really good!

http://www.literotica.com/s/a-physical-encounter - a Lesbian reluctant story, Couture writes a lot about forced lesbianism and does it very well.

I hope that helps, I'll post more if I can think of any...
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Here's a link to a NC story I wrote and posted a few weeks ago. In the story the woman is overwhelmed by her needs and desires. The story is a bit long 5 Lit. pages.

If you read please vote. Thanks

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What are your thoughts on punishments? As in when one character is punished by another one (a sort of master slave ) because the punished one really does not want to be punished, but then gets turned on!
-- spankedboy

I am a young male who loves to be spanked and used by dominant females.

I write about strong Indian women and their cuckolded husbands and spanked males.

My Stories:

Interested in chatting about stories, fantasies? Feel free to pm me, or add me on google chat.
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Nice comment
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