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hot wives, who is your preferred bull?

If you're not into wife sharing or cuckold please move on.

I'd love to hear from the wives that have taken a lover other than your husbands.

Weather a 1 off 3 some or a dominating cuckold situation doesn't matter

is it:
total stranger?
mutual friend?
ex lover?

Who have you used?

Successes and failures?

What's your preference?

Did you choose or did hubby?
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this could be a great thread. I hope a few hotwives eventually share their thoughts.
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1. Mutual Friend - I personally don't like sleeping with random people and having known the person before hand makes things much easier assuming they're trustworthy.

2. Who have you used?

A friend of ours right now and an ex-lover previously

3. Successes and failures?

Successes so far, phew =)

4. What's your preference?

We both prefer the other guy being a mutual friend.

5. Did you choose or did hubby?

I pointed him out to hubby and he agreed.
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For now, a mutual friend is my favorite, but we've been in the lifestyle for some time and I know that the guys sort of cum and go over varying lengths of time.

Successes of failures? You mean with the other guys? (I hate the term "bull") Too many to summarize here, but the most recent was a failure. Sometime around August I had a date with a a guy and we met at a restaurant. We went out to my car and began kissing and fondling. I opened his pants, planning to go down, but as soon as I touched his cock he let out a gasp and dumped his load all over his stomach. He was certainly not "bull" material.

I don't know what you mean about what's my preference.

I always choose who I am interested in, but sometimes my husband helps me find guys.
My Cuckold Story
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Great idea for a thread - thanks

Great idea

great thread

love the images
A poll you might enjoy taking a look at: Women and Hotels...

Another fun poll: Girls Masturbate While Babysitting?

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is it:
total stranger? One night stands
mutual friend? Yes, the best.
ex lover? No

Who have you used? Mutual friend of hubby and me

Successes and failures? Success, he is a phone call away.

What's your preference? A guy that just wants to fuck me. Don't need any romance from him.

Did you choose or did hubby? Hubby suggested him and when hubby was away for a weekend I was horny. Hubby said go see him and tell him your horny. I did and next thing I new his big cock was pounding me silly. Loved it.
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I have done sharing and cuckolding in the past but not since I gain the status of "wife". We're discussing about the idea it might happen.

For my past experience with previous SO it was always with mutual friend or sometimes just his friend. Most of the time it's a success. SO was the one who choose most of the time.
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total stranger?
mutual friend?
ex lover?

Usually a mutual friend but on occasion a stranger

Who have you used?
Friends we both know

Successes and failures?
Some better than others but none I would classify as a total failure

What's your preference?
My mood swings between mutual agreement and him choosing. Sometimes I choose as well

Did you choose or did hubby?
Answered above
Isn't it bedtime baby?
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