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My Sister's Keeper - Closed for seven

Coltrane Winnfield
Age 28

Colt stood motionless in the cramped kitchen as his whole life flashed before his eyes. Not the life he had led up till now but the life he'd be forced to live if his girlfriend wasn't imagining things or simply lying through her scarlet lips.

All the shit he'd been through and those two little words threatened to completely unman him.

"I'm pregnant."

The three words he managed to reply with would be equally important.

"Are you sure?"

Colt took a long pull on his beer in an effort to outwardly compose himself. He was not a man who wore his heart on his sleeve, or indeed anywhere fucking else.

Tia cast her eyes downwards and right in that moment he knew she was talking bollocks. When she looked up and nodded at him shyly however, he stitched a smile onto his face, joined her on the sofa and hugged her.

"Are you happy?"

Are you fucking serious?

"Sure baby, it's just a lot to take in."

Tia straddled his lap and kissed him, pushing herself down against his crotch, her arms winding around his neck possessively.

"I guess there's no more need to be careful then." She purred into his ear.

Colt looked her in the eye and simply checked out of the relationship emotionally. He had always liked that Tia was a scheming little minx, it kept him on his toes. This was something else though. He wasn't going to stand for her being manipulative like this. Telling him she's pregnant and then getting him to ditch the condoms to make it happen would be devious even for her. He knew they had been on and off recently but their blazing rows erupted into rough sex that he had developed quite a taste for. A pattern had emerged that he had thought suited them both, until she tried to tear a strip off him in public and had been humiliated by him for her trouble.

Tia's long, fake talons were attacking his flies now, her dark brown tits heaving under his nose. Coltrane dragged himself out of his reverie. He snatched her hand away a bit too roughly, squeezed too hard. Suddenly she was squealing at him but all he felt was numb, inside and out. He tipped her sideways off of him and stood, not trusting himself with her while he was this full of doubt.

"I'm gonna get some more beers." He snapped, brooking no argument. Colt headed out the door and jogged down the stairs instead of waiting for the rickety lift. Running. He was running from her.

He had never once run from a damn thing his entire life.

He slowed to a brisk walk as he hit the street. Black men running across council estates at night tended to attract attention. Within fifteen minutes he was at the supermarket and along with beer he snatched up a triple pack of pregnancy tests. He was highly suspicious that he had seen no test in her flat, that she hadn't kept the test and offered to show it to him.

Would she lie about this? Possibly. They had been growing apart lately. Arguing more.

When he got back to the flat he put the beer in the fridge and popped a fresh can that was already cold, rolling it against his forehead, steeling himself.

An hour later Tia had called him every name under the sun. She had been highly insulted that he wanted her to take another test in front of him. She had argued, cajoled and even attempted to seduce him again. What she had not done was tearing him up inside now. Making him angry. He crushed his latest empty can, tossed it and then stood over her where she sat on the sofa.

"Just do the tests."

She opened her mouth to argue again and he lost his patience with her. Colt yanked Tia up by her hair and dragged her to the bathroom. His fist curled but he kept a lid on his ire. He had never hit her before and she could be pregnant. He yanked her knickers down while she clawed at him and then dumped her on the toilet. He ripped open a packet and thrust the contents down between her legs.

"Piss on the fucking stick." He snarled, one big hand holding her down onto the toilet by her shoulder, disturbingly close to her throat.

Whether it was fright or compliance he would never know but a warm stream of liquid ran over his fingers and he smirked with satisfaction. Colt then retreated and sat with his back to the bathroom door while she finished her business and washed up.

A blue line formed on the stick, a single blue line. Colt sat motionless. Tia, determined to go down swinging, attempted damage control.

"You can't reply on those cheap supermarket tests Col, I'll go down the doctor's tomorrow. Please just calm down."

Colt stood and stepped towards her, his 6 foot 5 inch frame dwarfing her even though she was tall for a woman. He held the stick up in front of her face, letting her smell her own piss on it. His expression was one of mild disgust and contempt as he stared her down.

"There are three of these. You can rely on three. You want to do this two more times Tia? Because I will make you do this two more times."

Finally her face crumpled and she burst into tears.

"I'm sorry Col, I just didn't want to lose you. It felt like I was losing you."

Coltrane just saw red.

It was like he was watching from behind his eyes while someone else grabbed Tia by the throat and punched her in the gut, where the baby would have been. Someone else got rock hard at how scared she was, the tears splashing down her face as she fought to breathe. Someone else bent her over the sink and drove his 12 inch cock up into her dry asshole, the asshole she had never let him near, while his big hand muffled her screams. Someone else grunted and thrust with savage force until he had made her take every last inch, while hot, fresh blood ran down over his balls. It wasn't him who smashed her face sideways into the mirror and fucked her in such a violent frenzy that it felt like mere seconds before he yanked his cock out of her, put her on her knees and blew his load all over her face. Afterwards, as he was coming back to himself, he bent low and regarded her, shaking and sobbing on the floor.

"You weren't losing me." He lied. "But you have now."

Colt walked into the lounge and scanned the room. He grabbed their mobiles and took the batteries out. There was no house phone. He locked her door and hid her keys, along with the batteries. He returned to the bathroom and got in the shower. When he was done she still hadn't moved. She was weeping.

"You should wash." He told her. The sooner she rinsed away all trace of the rape the better. He went back into the lounge and grabbed another beer, sitting on the sofa.

He had raped her. He was a rapist. He had beaten and assfucked her. What the hell was going to happen now? He could not go to jail, that couldn't happen. He already had responsibilities without Tia's imaginary fucking kid.

He had never felt so alive. So utterly sated. He had always known he liked rough sex but fuck, he really was a sick bastard. He heard Tia showering and breathed a huge sigh of relief. What should his next move be? How could he possibly get away with this?

When Tia finally emerged wrapped in a towel he launched a full scale charm offensive.

"Baby, I'm so sorry... what have I done to you? Baby come here."

He pulled her gently into his arms and marvelled at the fact she wasn't fighting him and trying to call the cops. He held her close and stroked her gently, kissing her tenderly on the lips and looking into her eyes with what he hoped was a successful attempt at sincerity.

"I'm so sorry Tia... you just made me so mad."

"He continued to hold her, snuggling her onto his lap and kissing her until her lips parted and she let him gently explore her mouth. He cradled and fussed over her for what felt like a long time, then finally chanced his arm.

"Apologise for lying to me like that, about something so important. Then we can put all of this behind us."

He felt her stiffen and braced himself for being told to go to hell. Instead, she lifted her big brown eyes and spoke in a contrite and submissive tone that he had never heard from her.

"I'm so sorry Colt. I'll never do anything like that again."

He picked her up in his arms like a baby, still wrapped in her bath-towel, carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He tucked her in like a child and lay on top of the covers beside her, spooning her very gently and kissing the back of her neck. She gave a small sigh of capitulation and he knew he was home free.

"Listen baby." He murmured into her neck. "I got shit to do tomorrow, so I'm gonna head back across the estate and sleep at home tonight. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Ok Col." She replied, where normally she would have loudly argued the toss. He knew she was still in shock but even so, she was so quiet and... docile. Somehow, in a dark and twisted part of Colt's mind that served to justify what he had done to her.

Coltrane held her till she drifted off and then crept out of the bedroom. He replaced her phone where he had found it and quietly undid the deadlock on her front door. Instead of running, he bounced down the stairs this time, humming to himself.
"Diga ao seu coração que o medo de sofrer é pior do que o próprio sofrimento"

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself" Paulo Coelho.

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Alisha Winnfield
Age 18

Alisha finished tidying her room and industriously stacked her year 12 textbooks prominently on her desk. She scraped back her hair, pulled on some joggers and a baggy jumper and then went through to the lounge where her brother Col was watching TV.

"Jess is coming over in about half an hour. Can we study in here at the dining table?"

Coltrane was not a man who shared the TV remote and he loved his xbox. Prising him off the sofa would normally be a task and a half. Alisha had overheard him on the phone to Tia earlier though and knew he wasn't staying in. He told her she would have the flat to herself and even gave her money for pizza. She was supposed to be revising for her English Literature exam after the weekend but Alisha had other plans.

As soon as Col left the flat, Alisha leapt into the shower. An hour later she was poured into a denim miniskirt, a tight black top and towering heels. She took the lift down 12 floors to ground level and stalked to the off licence, where she put Col's money towards some spiced rum and coke.

When she opened the door to Darnell, he was very appreciative. He kissed her gently and ran a hand down to her arse as he embraced her.

"Holy hell... this is what you wear to study?"

"This is what I wear when you're the subject matter." She smiled.

She led him through to the lounge, where she had some slow R&B playing. Alisha poured them drinks and then eyed the sofa.

"Got a smoke?" She asked coyly. Darnell nodded. "We better go outside with it."

They went back out through the front door onto the communal balcony that ran the length of the towerblock floor. The cool evening air made her stand close to him and Darnell folded her into his leather jacket. They passed the joint back and forth until Alisha's pre-exam stresses all melted away.

Hours later Alisha was on the way to drunk and stoned. Darnell had freed her tits and her nipples were on fire where he kissed them. She arched and thrust them into his mouth, moaning. Darnell pulled her onto his lap and pressed her down hard onto the tent in his jeans.

"You gonna kill me." He groaned. "I want you so bad."

He yanked her skirt up and caressed her arsecheek. His hand delved between her legs and rubbed her clit through the cotton of her thong. Alisha moaned and bucked in surprise. Darnell felt her moisten and then laid her down on the sofa.

Alisha really liked Darnell, he was in her brother's gang. The other guys either ignored her or teased her like she was a little kid. Darnell treated her like a woman. He was polite, respectful and was always looking out for her. Trying to date with a brother like Coltrane Winnfield was impossible. Nobody on their estate would go out with her. When she turned 18 and Darnell finally asked her out, Alisha realised that she'd had strong feelings for him for a long time. Neither of them was ready to come clean to her brother however. Alisha had assured Darnell that she would talk to Col when the time was right but somehow it just never was. Now they had been snatching time together for nearly a month and she could see the toll it was taking on Darnell. He had had blue balls for weeks. Alisha didn't want to admit that she was still a virgin. Hell, half the girls she had gone to school with were mothers. In truth she hadn't wanted to take things further with boys her age because Col would hospitalise them. Darnell was older though at 21 and he knew what he was risking.

"You're sure he won't be back?" Darnell asked for the third time as he eased Alisha's thong down over her backside.

"No way." She panted. "It's Friday night. He'll be up to his nuts in Tia."

Darnell pulled off her thong and skirt and spread Alisha's legs. "I'm going down on you baby. I have got to taste that pussy."

Alisha flushed and raised her head to regard him with slight apprehension. "D... I've never... I mean I'm a..."

"What baby?" He kissed her navel. "You can tell me."

Alisha swallowed. "I'm still a virgin."

Darnell kissed her hard on the lips, his fingers circling her clit again, making her shudder. He broke the kiss and looked her in the eye.

"You want this? Tell me if you don't want this."

Alisha nodded, her eyes betraying her nervousness.

Darnell took a swig of rum and coke and then kissed her again, pouring the booze into her mouth. Alisha swallowed it down and then kissed him back hard, moaning.

"Well then fasten your seatbelt Miss Winnfield, because I am going to have you so fucking ready."

Alisha watched his lips trail rum scented kisses down her belly. He pushed apart her labia with his tongue and began sucking and licking her clit.


Her hips arched up, grinding wantonly into Darnell's face as pleasure lanced through the pit of her belly. She had been masturbating for years but it had never felt quite like this. She was shocked at her reaction. Darnell took his cue and stepped things up a gear.
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Coltrane noted Darnell's beat up car outside his building but thought nothing of it. They both had plenty of mutual friends in Hamilton House, which had long ago been locally dubbed 'Heroin Heights' and not without cause. Somali and Nigerian drug dealers leaned against the wall by the main doors. Every time some council official fixed the lock on that door it was smashed to pieces by pimps and dealers wanting easy access. Nobody approached or bothered Coltrane as he strode by. He was a known face and no threat to their business, so he simply ceased to exist to them. The ride up in the lift always took forever and when he finally reached his floor Colt was smiling at himself, unable to believe the stunt he had just pulled on Tia. How the fuck had he got away with what he had done? Sure, she might see things differently in the morning but he had dodged a major bullet back there. Bitches be crazy, no doubt.

He turned the key in his flat door and was mildly annoyed at the pounding music playing inside. If Alisha was still studying he would eat his own shoes. Colt locked the door behind him. He opened his mouth to yell at his sister about the music but then a high pitched moan reached his ears. Colt froze. What the fuck? Another unmistakeable cry of pleasure confirmed his worst suspicions and then he was moving again, stalking through the flat to the lounge where he found his sister naked on her back with Darnell lapping at her pussy.

For a moment that felt like hours, Coltrane was mesmerised by his sister. Her beautiful body was arched and bucking, her hard little tits heaving, her head tipped back. A fine sheen of sweat threw her lush dark curves into sharp relief, her silver grey eyeshadow shimmering as her eyelids flickered. The golden brown gloss on her full lips as they formed an 'O' and she moaned again tugged at something deep in Coltrane's loins, despite the fact he had just fucked Tia into oblivion. His eyes swept down her young, lean body to where Darnell's mouth fused with it.

Darnell? Fucking Darnell?

Nobody in their building or even on half of their estate would have dared to touch his kid sister. Alisha could have walked around the tower block naked and not one finger would have been laid upon her. When he heard the moans Coltrane had immediately suspected some little geek boy from her college who didn't know the score, some little shit who thought himself liberal minded but nevertheless viewed the hot black girl from the council estate as an exotic bit of rough. This though, this he had not foreseen.

Coltrane pulled himself up to his full height of six feet five inches and strode across to the sofa. He yanked Darnell out of his sister's crotch by the hair and then twisted his fist, turning Darnell's head half upside down and preventing him from escaping Colt's iron grip. Colt's angry words all just died on his lips. He was looking down at a wet, open pussy, the tiniest, sexiest bit of cunt he had ever seen. There was not a single hair clinging to it. Coltrane could lose himself in a hole like that for days at a time.

Suddenly the pussy vanished. Alisha was screaming at him and scrambling into the corner of the sofa, covering herself with Darnell's leather jacket.

Alisha. That was Alisha's pussy. His sister. His kid sister.

Alisha and Darnell were both yelling at him but Coltrane didn't hear a single word. It was white noise. Static. The moment elongated into hours. Alisha's dark eyes streamed angry tears and that got him rock hard. Not her nakedness, not her arousal and not her beauty. Her tears and her distress. Her humiliation. Suddenly he was thrust reeling into the present again with a single realisation burning up his consciousness. His erection vanished as swiftly as it had arrived. Finally, Coltrane found his voice.


He sent Darnell flying across the room, crashing into the dining table, which folded like the cheap piece of shit it was. Suddenly Alisha was on her feet, begging him to stop, trying to get between Colt and his quarry. He swatted her aside with a vicious backhand. His hand flew out once more to push her away but then stopped just short of her flawless ebony skin.

He couldn't touch her. She was his sister and she was naked but for the jacket she clutched to herself. He couldn't touch her or he was going to throw her down onto her belly, kick her legs apart, yank her ass up and...

Coltrane kicked that train of thought out of his skull and dragged his mind back to the situation at hand.

"Do NOT fucking test me!" He snarled at her in a tone that had turned local gangsters' bowels to water in the past, towering over her, pointing his finger right into her face. Darnell was fighting his way out of the smashed up table, getting to his feet and still fucking talking.

"I love her man." He protested. "We been seeing each other. I'm serious about her Col... please just calm down. Nothing happened anyway, we just..."

"You just got fucking caught! How long have you been sneaking around here to fuck my sister?"

Coltrane drove a fist into his gut, punching right through Darnell to the wall at his back. Darnell was absolutely no match for Coltrane. He was a foot shorter and a third lighter. He was also stoned, if the sweet stench of puff in the room was anything to go by. While Darnell was winded Coltrane walked through to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife out of the block on the worktop.

He went back to the lounge and Alisha screamed. Coltrane backhanded her again and felt her lip bust beneath his knuckles. "Shut your nasty little whore mouth!" He roared at her, before dropping his voice to a low growl. "You get the old bill down here with that lip and I'll tell them you were turning fucking tricks!" Only then did he realise he was brandishing the knife in her face but it silenced her, which was all he cared about. Colt debated sending Alisha to her room but no, she should see this.

Darnell made a break for the front door but Coltrane grabbed him and threw him to the ground. He gripped Alisha by her upper arm and shoved her towards the wall behind Darnell, where he could keep an eye on her so she didn't do anything stupid like pick up the phone. Now he and Darnell were between her and the nearest door. Perfect. Coltrane knelt over Darnell and placed the tip of the knife beneath his chin, making him tip his head back and look at Alisha.

"What happened to brothers for life man?" Coltrane asked quietly. "What happened to blood?" Coltrane let the knifetip puncture Darnell's skin by way of emphasising his point. "She's my sister. She's your sister too."

Darnell tried to talk but couldn't. Wasn't going to move with a blade at his throat. Smartest move he'd made all night. Coltrane continued musing.

"So if my sister's your little whore." He raised his gaze to Alisha briefly, letting her see his disgust and contempt. "Then that must mean... well Danielle's settled with kids and Dorsey's too fat and ugly to be a fair exchange... Donna though... that's a hot little piece of ass. She's a bit young for my personal taste but I could still fuck her shit up... tight little thing like that."

Darnell's youngest sister was just fourteen and promised to be a smoking hot piece of caramel coated mixed race ass. She already had slight curves in the right places and Colt knew Darnell was dreading the day when she started to date. Unsurprisingly, Alisha reacted strongly to this particular threat. He blocked with his knife any move she made to get past him and then Coltrane fixed her to the wall at her back with a glacial stare.

"Stay exactly where you are or I will slit his throat. I will let you watch him die and by the time I let you out of your room tomorrow there won't be one single trace of him. Test me. I fucking dare you."

He gave absolutely no sign that he was addressing his sister. There was absolutely no emotion on his expression or voice. Coltrane had always shielded Alisha from what he did and what he was capable of. With her he had always been warm and generous - too fucking generous. Well let her see what he was then, what life had made him. She wanted to play at being all grown up? Well he was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget.

Darnell hadn't moved. Coltrane had just threatened to rape his 14 year old sister and yet he was still lying on the floor. Right then Coltrane knew Darnell had pussied out. If he wasn't going to fight for Donna's honour, he sure as shit wasn't going to risk his hide for Alisha.

"I'd stay still if I were you."

Coltrane lifted the front of Darnell's trousers and boxers and sliced them open, sawing at the fabric with his knife until it gave. He exerted pressure on Darnell's throat with one hand and pushed his blade between Darnell's thigh and balls with the other.

"This is how it is. When you leave here I'm going to make a call. You turn on your brothers. On family. You pay the price." He pressed down slightly on the knife handle, the flat blade lifting Darnell's pitiful looking manhood, exposing it further. "They will hack this off you and choke you with it. Stuff it down your fucking throat."

Coltrane drew the blade out slowly, deliberately letting the serrated edge graze Darnell. He let go of his throat but kept the knife in view to stop Darnell from talking.

"Since my kid sister is stupid enough to have feelings for you, I'm going to allow you one small mercy. I will give you till sunrise. After that if anyone that I know sees you in this side of the M25, you are a dead man. If I ever hear of you having any contact of any kind with Alisha it will be your family, starting with Donna. If you call her, text her, approach her online... if you even THINK about my kid sister my brothers and I will go after everyone you've ever known."

Coltrane tossed Darnell out of the flat, leaving him to walk home with his trousers cut to shit. A glance at the clock told him that Darnell had about 4 hours to disappear, which was five hours more than he deserved. Coltrane turned in the doorway to regard Alisha.

"Go and put some fucking clothes on." He hissed. "Try anything else and you'll wish you hadn't."

Coltrane paced the length of the balcony, wired with unexpressed rage. Nothing would have satisfied him more than to beat Darnell to death with his bare hands. Alisha's naked body suddenly overwhelmed his thoughts again. He had always viewed her as pretty but now that he had seen her like that, what a hot young woman she had become. Colt swore at the sky and reached into his pocket for his tobacco tin. He smoked a roll up and made his phone call, then he walked back into the flat to deal with his sister.
"Diga ao seu coração que o medo de sofrer é pior do que o próprio sofrimento"

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself" Paulo Coelho.

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