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Chyoo accounts

I saw that the Chyoo FAQ was updated to note that you can change your Chyoo password by changing your Literotica password. That isn't necessarily true. I have an old Chyoo account that for whatever reason isn't associated with a Literotica account - which is part of why I made this ID.

I'd therefore encourage all people who are considering working with Chyoo to register through the Literotica portal.
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I never knew about Literotica until I found CHYOO. I had registered on there before I found this forum. I tried using my CHYOO login here and found that it didn't work in reverse. So I made an account here and tried using my Literotica login to log into CHYOO... that didn't work. So I'm wondering if there was some sort of forum update that unlinked Literotica accounts from CHYOO... I'm assuming older accounts aren't affected.
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Like Sally, I think I signed up for Chyoo first, then Literotica. I don't think my accounts are linked either. I have my browser remember my passwords though, so I'm not 100% certain.
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