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Strange Attractions {Open to one Male}

PLOT: 18 year old virgin, a bit nerdy, finds himself the center of attention of a slightly older college girl. She helps him become more popular in school. They're both taking a science class at a local college and they're lab partners.


As always, Lulu was running late for class. It was her junior year of college and she still had trouble waking up for an 11 o'clock class. She parked her car in the first spot she found and took off running to the science building. Despite her slightly disheveled appearance, Lulu Lewis was very pretty. Half black and half Spanish, she had a charm that made it hard to dislike her. She slowed down as she entered the building, taking the time to adjust her tank top. While passing a display case, she checked her long, black hair tied into a ponytail.

Lulu slipped into class just as the teacher started talking. She threw him an apologetic look and sat down next to her lab partner. She smiled at him and set her bag down. "I watched that movie last night," she whispered. "It was hilarious."

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"I-Im glad" Holden Stutterd while playing with his pen. "its one of my favorites" He passed her the pen and grabbed another out of his bag LuLu almost always forgot her's "Did you get the home work from last night done too?"
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