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Looking for editor for a long-form romantic coming-of-age story

Hi! I started writing a futanari story (girl with dick+pussy) over at FutanariPalace that has basically grown into a novel.

While it definitely has strong erotic elements, the focus is on the main character's struggles with highschool, her changing body, her confusing feelings for her best friend (a girl), her artwork, and her religious parents.

While it began as a pure fap piece with an emphasis on character, it grew into a complex and rather personal love story. Over time the amount of explicit content has dwindled, focusing more and more on character development; yet despite that, I've received tons of compliments on it on the other forum. Some even suggested I publish it for real (I take that with a grain of salt).

I'm interested in sharing it over here, but when I saw the editor's section, I became excited that I might get the opinion of a more experienced writer/editor.

I've written six chapters so far (9-12 thousand words apiece), but if you're interested you only have to read as much as you want. (I hope to eventually go through and tweak/re edit everything and put it all together as one novel-length story.)

I am interested in both spelling/grammar and story/general writing help. Basically any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
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I'd love to read it. When I edit a piece, I first go through it and send the Author an analysis. This is the "hard look", if you will. The points where I suggest improvements to the story. If you like my suggestions, you can resend it for a second round and I will proofread it and make suggestions of cuts or last-minute fine tunings.

These are a couple of the stories that I have collaborated on:

An American serviceman woos a French girl disdained by her countrymen CH.01
Kids TV Show after cameras stop rolling Ch. 01
Two sisters experiment when they think they are alone CH.01 CH.02
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