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ISO writers for "Castle in the Sky"


The Concept:
  • The Wizard Horrigan is a "benevolent" magic user who uses his power for good ... but also personal power over the region and, therefore, personal gain.
  • The House of Horrigan is known as "the castle in the sky" because a permanent magic spell "masks" the rock column upon which it sits, making it appear to be floating above the sea in a permanent fog.
  • The story is essentially about the interactions between Horrigan and those loyal -- or not so much so -- to him.
  • Any characters are invited, but Horrigan is the only character with mystical powers. This isn't a wild west shootout RP between battling wizards.
  • I'm looking for a fun, easy going story that is highlighted occasionally by dramatic events.
  • Drop me some character and plot ideas and we'll discuss them.
  • Some ideas might include:
    • A love or lust interest for Horrigan.
    • Local farmers/ranchers looking for aid with their lands/herds but concerned with the cost of Horrigan's assistance.
    • A sick person needing medical -- which means magical -- treatment.
    • A skeptical person who doesn't believe in magic and will test Horrigan.
    • A Lord from a nearby land encroaching upon the land's within Horrigan's sphere. (Just a Noble with a small force and big dreams, not Alexander the Great with a army of 100,000,)
    • And much, much more ... use your imagination.
Take a look at The IC Thread if you wish.

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The IC Thread.
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If you have place for a wandering knight, I have one in mind.

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