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Old 01-14-2013, 10:16 AM   #76
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SERIOUSLY? Where did you get this info - a 1977 Hustler Magazine?

Gay guys only want to have sexual-emotional relationships exclusively with other men.

Bi Guys can have sexual-emotional relationships with either sex.

Straight guys only want to have that type of relationship with women.

I am a married woman with a husband who self-identifies as "one woman short of gay" - he is completely in love with me and invested in our relationship and family, but only views gay porn; only looks at men, not women, in public/on the street; still has sex with me, but also with the guy we have threesomes with.

There is a reason the Kinsey scale exists, so people would quit making generalizations like the one above. Time to move into the 21st century folks - you can't judge someone's sexuality - you have to ask! But then again, it really isn't your business to name or define anyone's sexuality/orientation but your own!
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never out of curiosity, just for the pleasure
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Old 01-16-2013, 09:16 AM   #78
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Let me tell you... its worth finding out about. I am a married man (albeit in a sexless marriage), but used to mess around with a guy when I was in my 20s. We usually had girlfriends and we were just another sexual outlet for each other. We would blow each other, and eventually tried anal as well. It was because of him I learned that I could deep throat. But that's all it ever was - a sexual outlet. There was never any emotional attachment. Other than the fact that we were best mates before it happened, and remained so years later. We were just two guys looking to find out what it was like. My wife knows about those times and it never bothered her.

I've never thought of myself as straight or gay, or even bi... I just know what I like.

But I still think about those days with great lust, and given the lack of sex in my life for the last few years, I think about finding someone like him again (I moved to another country).....
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In Anticipation
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I like that way the OP joined over 11 years ago and is still a virgin . . .

The answer is yes by the way.
Backside too sexy to keep to yourself? Share it here.

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Old 01-18-2013, 05:20 PM   #80
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I sucked a tranny's cock once. I find it utilitarian, as 'she' seemed to not like it. whatever

Cock, pussy, ass, anything.... As long as it makes the other person cum. I LOVE to listen to PEOPLE cum.

I still prefer a woman's voice squealing, but really, orgasm is orgasm. There doe need to be some visual stimuli for me, and a lone dude doesn't do it...
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Old 01-21-2013, 09:19 PM   #81
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Wink Hmmmm....

Originally Posted by PAPAGORGIO View Post
I think it is strange to start out by saying I am straight and then following it up with I want to suck a cock. IMHO if a guy sucks another guys cock he is gay. Not that being gay is bad but dont try and fool yourself by saying your straight.
Using your logic, We can say that if a gay man experiments and fucks a woman, he is no longer gay, but straight!
And, don't try to fool yourself by saying your gay! LMFAO!!

Care to rethink this?
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Old 01-21-2013, 09:20 PM   #82
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It was curiosity the first time and then fun every time there after.
I have decided that I suck at meaningful relationships. No one to blame on it, some people just are not good at being committed enough to overlook others faults. From now on, I'm going to live by my rules

How good is your imagination? Mine scares the hell out of me.

If life is going to fuck me this much, I want to be paid for it.
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Old 01-21-2013, 09:36 PM   #83
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Just because a straight guy desides to experiment with sucking a cock, It does'nt automatically make him gay. He may, very well, still be a straight guy who had one "bi" experience.

IMHO, being gay is much more than having sucked a cock once. It's more a sexual identity that one supports,.... a lifestyle perhaps.

I'm basically a straight guy, I love women and dream of fucking and sucking with them. However, about 6 years ago, I answered, an ad on the net, from another married guy like me, who "just wanted to try sucking a cock, one time in his life". His words.
Well, we ended up meeting at a motel, and I had my bi experience. We 69'd, It lasted a good 30 minutes or better.
Never got together again, although, I would have. It was a very pleasant experience. Both of experienced the same type of emotions, before , (nervous) during (pleasure), and after, (a heavy dose of guilt).
That's probably why we did'nt get together again.

I have'nt ever tried it again, but, I want to try it again someday, before I die.
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Old 01-23-2013, 02:04 PM   #84
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I had an obsession to see my girlfriend with another guy back in college. I wanted her to pick up a random guy and have sex with him while I watched and filmed it. She agreed, but under the condition that I would blow the guy first. She said it was so I wouldn't tell anyone about it, or show anyone the tape. Long story short, I reluctantly agreed, she showed up to my apartment with this gigantic black guy. As she ran the camcorder I sucked a foot of thick black cock. The cum-shot wasn't part of the deal! Without warning the first jet of cum shot into my mouth, surprised I pulled away and took the second and most impressive shot from my nose up to the top of my head. Then came the third blast which pasted my right eye shut. I thought the engorged cock-head would never stop pulsing streams of goo. Finally, It was over! As humiliated as I was I knew it was going to be worth it. I turned to my girlfriend "Time for the main event, babe!" I said. "No thanks!" The giant black man said with a surprisingly soft voice "I don't do girls, but thanks for the blow job sweety! Call me sometime." He walked out followed by my girlfriend. I sat there dumbfounded and defeated with my face looking like a glazed doughnut.
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Old 01-24-2013, 01:42 PM   #85
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I love your story, Strapandfist, but think your girlfriend was unfair about not following through with her end of the deal. The thing is it is very hard to find Black men who are gay or will allow another man to give them a BJ. Thankfully over the years we have found some that will do it as long as I am part of the deal. My hubby enjoys sucking another man and has for years, yet both he and I consider him straight with a slight kink. He is not attracted t men, does not want to kiss and hug them as he would a woman. He is purely oral and "clean up" after friends and I have sex while he watches. It is a huge turn on for both of us. I hope you at least enjoyed having the experience.
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Old 03-29-2013, 01:07 AM   #86
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Thumbs down thought I was straight

I always thought I was straight ,untill my wife talked me into a threesome with a guy we met at a bar ,I went along with it because I know I have a tiny penis and knew I wasnt really giving her a climax ,So I after a few tequilas at the bar fiquered what the hell ,why not let her have a shot at more then 4 inches of penis ,Well we invited him to our house ,and startedif off with a game of strip poker to loosen things up Well My wife was stripped naked in no time ,and Dean really enjoyed seeing her very buff body I ended up with just my under wear and so did Dean .Well Dean lst the next hand ,and when he took off his under wear ,My wifeseyes grew very large ,and strangly when I saw deans huge cock ,My little cock started to get hard and when my wife broke out laughing ,I knew Kathy saw my little cock get hard under my bvds,because she said Honey I dont blame you or your cock getting hard ,seeing Deans much larger cock ,and then Dean said well brucie lets see that much smaller cock and hey both laughted .And I couldnt believe I was acually getting horney over my wife humiliating me and deans cock getting me hard ,and when I took off my under wear it was quite evident that I was both aroused and had a much smaller cock even when hard while Deans was just starting to get hard ,By the time Deans cock got totally hard ,and sticking straight up it was like a baby in a rib compared to a male stripper stud and my wife wasted no time in saying so ,and went right over and put her hand around his massive cock ,and said ,my god it really fulls my hand and more and laughted as she said with Brucies as you can see ,Dean I use a couple of fingers to masterbate his cock,By this time I found my self doing exactly that with my tiny cock ,really horney watching my wife playing with anothers mans much bigger cock ,But the shock came when my wife I guess knowing better then me something I never knew I was turned on by a mans cock and took full advantage of it ,by saying come over here Brucie and put your hand around this cock ,if dean doesnt mind .I think Dean loved the feeling of superiorty over another mans cock in front of the mans wife and loved seeing me take his cock in my hand as my wife put her arms around Dean and said go ahead Brucie play with it ,feel what if feels like to have a real cock in your hand ,and instead of getting mad or upset ,I started to jerk his big cock up and down ,as my wife was giving dean a big kiss ,and dean had his hands on her tits and rubbing her now very hard nipples Then she stopped kissing dean and said Brucie how does it feel ? I said good I was embarested but loved it ,as my wife reached down and took his cock in her hand again and said lets take turns Brucie ,and Dean was really enjoying it ,then after a few minutes of masterbating him ,Dean has some pre cum right n the end of his cock ,and my wife without hesitation licked it right off and put her tongue in my mouth and then said Brucie how does Deans cum taste ? I could and woudnt deny I loved the taste of it ,and my wife could tell just by the smile on my face Iloved it ,Then knowing she had me right where she wanted me from the moment she saw my little cock get hard over Deans cock ,said now Brucie put your mouth of Deans cock and suck on it like I suck your little pathectic cock,and she now knew that both the humiliation and Deans big cock had me more then willing to suck a guys cock ,and she knew then I could never stop her from fucking a big cock again knowing I sucked Deans .Little did I know that while I was sucking away on Deans cock,My wife had left the room and got her camera phone and some duct tape ,which I would soon find out what the duct tape was for .Kathy was takeing pictures of me givig a blowjob from ever angle and made sure she took pictures of my rock hard tiny cock to show I was loving it ,and as I was going up and down on Deans cock ,my wife was slipping on her laciest pink thong panties on my now to her queerlittle ass and made sure she got pictures of me sucking a cockwearing womens panties ,so now she could have proof if I didnt from that day on do as she said be able to show and tell that her Husband ,Me Bruce Burke was a cross dressing little cocksucking sissy,as she took my wrists and taped them together ,being sure she taped them in front of my body instead of in back of my body ,So once Dean came off in my mouth ,and boy did he I never knew cum was so warm as it filled my mouth and went down my thoat,and my wife made sure as I swallowed every last drop that she jerked my lttle cock off to enhance the feeling of sucking a cock.Then when Dean was finished cumming in my mouth <Kathy had dean pick me up as she taped my ankels together and carry me to the couch and sat me down ,and kath putmy taped hands on my little cock ,and said now Brucie you can jerk off as you watch Dean do what you never have ,give your wife a climax just like he use to ,when we dated a few years ago ,And she laughted and said I forgot to mention to you why I wanted to go to the Bar in Beverly ,well nowyou know ,because that is where Dean is from and we made plans to meet there tonight to get you in a threesome ,and get you to suck a cock so I never have to put up with that little pathectic cock of yours again ,and I knew you would suck his cock once you saw it ,ever since the day I caught you in my panties and you said you were just seeing if they fit you I knew that day ,that you were a little panty wearing sissy ,and now you will be my little cuckold sissy cocksucking husband ,and you will now be masterbating that little cock as I am fucking real mens real size cocks or Brucie you will be shown in the pictures all over town and to all of our friends as a panty wearing little dicked cocksucker ,So sit there and jerk off and wath Dean a real man show you how to please a women ,and she laughted and I have been sucking her friends and men from the bar s cocks and wearing panties every day ,and believe me this is a true story just e-mail me atknight7013@verizon.net and I will admit it freely,because both Kathy and I know this is what I was meant to do ,Sissy Brucie
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Old 03-29-2013, 04:45 PM   #87
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In my younger days

When I was 18 I had no car so I had to hitchhike everywhere I want. I lived in the SF Bay Area. 70's and 80's. I got picked up all the time hitchiking home from my GF's house to my place by gay guys at midnight offering to suck my cock. If they had some coke I was game to let them. Going home with blue balls from my GF's house left me in the mood for a good release.

A few years later I was hitchiking and one guy stopped. We talked and he said he had some great snow and I was welcome to stop at his apt and do all I wanted while watching porn. I took him up on it and after a few hours and half an 8 ball I got real curious and ended up sucking his cock for several hours. I swallowed his cum a few times.

It never happened again.
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Old 03-29-2013, 05:01 PM   #88
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HAHAHAHAHAHA. If you suck one dick, or think you might want to suck a dick, you are not straight. I wish being gay was more exceptable. It would stop gay men from pretending to be straight while they suck cock and spread disease to heterosexual women.
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Old 04-25-2014, 07:01 PM   #89
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by Trolltroll420 View Post
HAHAHAHAHAHA. If you suck one dick, or think you might want to suck a dick, you are not straight. I wish being gay was more exceptable. It would stop gay men from pretending to be straight while they suck cock and spread disease to heterosexual women.
(As a rule, I don't do this. For the life of me I must just be in one of those moods, so to everyone else, my apologies. Feel free to skip this post.)

Ok, I'll engage if that is your desire.

Being gay is often considered exceptable, except where it is acceptable in most intelligent circles.

Gay men as a rule don't pretend to be straight. Are there Gays who live a straight closeted lifestyle? Of course there are. Are all gay men disease spreading closet cases? An ignorant statement such as this will not be dignified with an answer.

To Paraphrase the Bard, " Me thinks the label doth protest too much." That is if you are hung up on labeling people as 'gay disease spreading cocksuckers pretending to be straight', then you probably are a gay disease spreading cocksucker pretending to be straight.

There is a reason people don't like trolls.


Don Quixote
Frank Speaker
I am Awake now, and as I live I learn, and as I learn, I become more Awake.
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Old 05-13-2014, 03:49 AM   #90
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Originally Posted by footman9876 View Post
Its a pretty simple question, I am straight but sometimes I see some pretty nice, big, hard cocks and wonder what it would be like to suck one to orgasm. I am not gay, I am not attracted to guys at all, but I think I want to blow a very well hung guy just one time to see what it is like.

Anyone ever done this? No gays, I just want responses from straight guys.
Yes, My wife talked me into trying it when we were on vacation. We were having a 3sum with this guy and she said that she would love to watch me suck him. Anything to keep her happy lol. I have also met up with a few guys for mutual suck sessions without my wife knowing
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Old 05-14-2014, 09:44 AM   #91
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Labels are simple things for simple people. Sucking a cock does not make you "gay" or "bi" that's more a state of mind. I refer to myself as bi, because I love cock, fucking and being fucked by men, but there is no way I could go all the way gay because I am attracted to women, and always have been.

Sex is sex, if it feels good do it.
Please check out my stories, comments welcome!
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Old 07-24-2014, 05:37 AM   #92
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Yes, that's all about curiosity, for example, I would say I'm gay, but I always fancy that I have sex with a girl with big boobs and pink vagina, if I have a girl who is like that, I will do it with her in no time!!
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Old 07-24-2014, 05:45 AM   #93
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Also has something to do with love. Humans have love between each other, not only sexual, the love can be just the common love that bonds friends together, same sex or different sexes. Just like girls, if they have love, they can play with each other, like what we see in porn, two straight girls play.
Guys are the same I think, girls can play together, why not guy?? it's not fair for guys with such fantasies. Guys should have the freedom as well. It's just two guys playing together is seen as gross or a taboo, not accepted by the most, but it's just seen as that by people, it is not actually. It is our human nature/instinct, a kinda love, fun, and bond between humans, if we reveal just our pure instinct without anything else, it is an exciting, fun, and interesting feeling.
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Old 07-24-2014, 07:40 AM   #94
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Yes I have done it. I was older mid fiftys married and curious. did it was scared but a few months did it again. I have found out that it is fun now and then.
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Old 07-24-2014, 08:07 AM   #95
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Wink yes

I love sucking cock ever since I was a teenager,
even though I live a straight life.
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