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Sweet submission
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Kylie moaned loudly and almost lost it when Andy’s finger came up to tease her aching pussy adding to the stimula pushing her closer and closer to the edge. She still had trouble believing that for all these years she had been so wrong about these men and now she was being with not one but both of them and at the same time no less. Kylie knew it had to be every woman’s fantasy to have to men focused on their pleasure and it was coming true for her.

George’s kiss was like heaven aggrisive and tender yet thourgh and the way he was with her breast sensitising them and sending just the right amount of pain from her nipples right down to her clit where Andy was eagerly suckling her. She withered in their hands getting ever closer and closer to that edge that would cause her to explode. One of her hands tangled in George’s hair holding him to her while the other went to Andy’s pressing him just a bit harder to clit. The extra pressure caused by Andy being pushed to her was just enough to send her to her first orgasm.

She pulled her mouth from George’s screaming her pleasure as her hips bucked and rocked on Andy’s face her juices pouring from her as she came harder than she ever had in her life.

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God, even with the sound muffled by her thighs clamping down on his head, Andy felt his cock go rigid again at the sexy, shrill shriek that burst from Kylie. Fuck! He'd wanted to hear her scream like that ever since they'd met! It was almost a dream come true; though in his dreams, he was usually fucking her. Or she was fucking him with a double ended toy.

The younger man moaned as he slurped on her wet sex, drinking down the rush of her juices as she came and creamed on his face. Her hips pumped against him and mashed her perfect pussy into him all the more; grinding her flow into his skin. Would he smell like her cunt now? ...That would actually be incredibly fucking hot.

Andy didn't stop his attentions to her sex; his agile and clever tongue slipped from her clit and rammed into her pussy as deep as he could reach. He curled it inside her, licking the roof of her tunnel and moaning again as he began to pump the skilled muscle in and out of her slick passage. One hand slit up her quivering thigh and up to take the place of his tongue on her clit; one finger prodding and rubbing the sensitive nub.

George grinned and laughed, "Listen to that scream! You beautiful, sexy, slut! Crying out from that clever boy teasing that pussy and my hands on your big tits." He pinched her nipples again hard and then let them go. One hand slid around to fondle her ass before giving it a stiff but light smack. "I love hearing you scream and watching you cum, and I think Andy does too."

He smirked, "Play with your tits for me, gorgeous. I want to see how you like to have them touched and used."
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