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Looking for a story


I'm hoping someone could assist in finding a story. I'm usually good at locating old stories that I've forgotten to bookmark, through google-searching key words, or using the 'tags' appropriately, but I've drawn a blank, so after having lurked for three years, I'm finally forced make an account.

The story in question:

All I recall is that a brother is [feigning] sleeping on the couch and the sister comes along and starts giving him a blowjob (only the tip); she then goes and gets her dildo and starts fucking herself with it at the same time.

While a minor detail, I do recall the brother pretending to have a wet dream (calling out his girlfriend's name? - unsure) and thrusting him hips slightly as she does it.

I believe there was a second chapter, but I really can't recall.

If anyone could be of assistance, I would be appreciative.
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