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Available Editors ~~ September 2012

Please sign in here if you are available this month.

* If you have a preference between copy or literary editing, please say so. Also, if you are unwilling to edit certain types of story (Non-Con, BDSM, Fetish, Incest, etc.), please include your preferences in your post.

* Please ensure you have switched on your Private Messages. Go to User CP (top left of this page), click on Edit Options (in the left hand column), and then tick Enable Private Messaging in the second box down. Make sure that the next box down (Receive Private Messages only from Buddies and Moderators) is NOT ticked. Finally click Save Changes at the bottom of that page.

* Reminder: no e-mail addresses allowed in posts. Personal info prohibited per our forum guidelines


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I'm available this month. I'm willing to do any type of editing, but there a number of genres I don't feel comfortable with, mainly BDSM, gay and non consentual/reluctance. Also I have no skill at poetry, so I don't feel I would be able to edit that either...
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I have a pretty relaxed schedule this month- I can help if anyone is interested. I have a few don't do categories as well-- My editors profile is here:


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A recommendation

I am not an editor or capable of doing it. My husband has been editing my writing for years and tried editing for others recently only to discover how difficult and time consuming it was for him. He has withdrawn from editing for others.

That said, I want to recommend MarieWriter (above my post) who I used for a contest story AFTER my husband's filtering. I must say she did an outstanding job and it surprised us how fast she can edit a story.
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I am available in September, with primary interest in incest stories

My profile: http://www.literotica.com/editors/ed...hp?uid=1416068

Last edited by Gunter99 : 09-03-2012 at 08:32 AM. Reason: clarification
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Signed In.
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I am a thoughtful gentleman happy to provide story editing and feedback for a story in progress. It is not my preference to provide deep grammar or spelling help.

For me, the best kind of story is one that feels honest and grounded in reality, though that certainly can apply to the categories which I'm willing to edit, which include first time, reluctance, bdsm, and incest/taboo, among topics.

If you're looking for guidance, affirmation, and truth, do feel free to contact me.
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I am available for one or two stories, if there is a need. I do not have a preference of genre.

Click my eggs/dragons!
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I've got some time to edit a couple stories. Here's my VE profile.

I am an easy going editor with a pretty quick turn around most days. There are times when RL gets in the way but I am good at staying in contact so we are clear about expectations from both sides.

I'm interested in working on stories under the BDSM, Nonconsent, Loving Wives genres but all of my preferences are in my profile.

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I'm available this month with a return time, typically, of just a few days. No genre preference.
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Lightbulb Available ALWAYS

My name is Evelyn and I am available every month of the year.

I would be honored to assist writer's with all of their editing needs.
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