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M - Arousal that defeats inhibitions 2 40.00%
M - Arousal with reservations - but no resistance 2 40.00%
M - Aroused, surprised, and accepting/passive 1 20.00%
M - Aroused, surprised, and taken without a choice 2 40.00%
F - Arousal that defeats inhibitions 2 40.00%
F - Arousal with reservations - but no resistance 1 20.00%
F - Aroused, surprised, and accepting/passive 1 20.00%
F - Aroused, surprised, and taken without a choice 2 40.00%
I identify as male 3 60.00%
I identify as female 0 0%
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Lightbulb Her/His first time - with build up/anticipation | Poll

"First time" is a broad category. My favorites involves a character that is either

1) Slowly aroused or pressured to the point that s/he is willing to have sex in whatever situation s/he is in

2) Knows that s/he is going to have sex but still has reservations despite his/her arousal

3) Aroused and doesn't suspect the coming copulation (whether or not s/he has a few moments of frightened inaction or aroused passivity between realizing it's going to happen and it finally happening)

4) Surprised by sudden actions that cause copulation (e.g. an admirer walking in and pinning him/her naked on a bed just after s/he has showered; a friend pulling his/her body into position to be mounted)

In a scene fitting #s 4 and 3, for example, a woman put her hands on a shoulder-height bar on a wall while naked in order to hold herself up after overheating in a sauna - then found herself handcuffed to it and her feet spread and cuffed down. She knew that she was with the man that had impregnated her sister - and that he wouldn't hurt her. Deeply aroused, helpless, and virgin, she did nothing but breathe heavily as her captor's fingertips stroked her skin. Moments later, she felt his body brush against her as he moved in front of her, and then his cock push up against her wet lips and push inside. In silence, her sister walked through the doorway, knelt so that she could watch up close, and rubbed herself.

In a scene fitting #4, a guy staying at a desert hostel was surprised by his female roommate's naked body jumping on top of him, ripping away his boxers, and forcing her pussy onto his cock. She rode him hard while putting her weight on his wrists in her hands, and pushed his hot buttons until he filled her with his cum.

How many of you - men and women - look for these kind of stories or have fantasies about these kinds of events happening to you?
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