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little cletus
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Took care of business before in the shower fantasizing about a big soapy cock rubbing between my ass cheeks.

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About to start a nice long session here

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Cycle Tom
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I am.

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Oh yes, hope to cum really hard
M/38/bi curious
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Having sexual pleasure care to join

I am and wishing someone would join me in this pleasure.Anyone interested.

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starting up

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Starting Up too in the stall of works toilets.

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Well, it aint very big, but it is four times its resting size. I have what is callleed a 'grower'. I ws stroking a view minutes ago, editing my own story made me hard. But now I am saving the cumming because I am going down for a nap and will finish my fantasy there.

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In my teenage years I worked at a fast food establishment and I worked the midnight shift. Dining area closed and only the drive thru open things would come to a standstill after 3pm. I would turn the lights off and head to the bathroom for some much needed relief.

Once I forgot to lock the door and my co worker walked in and caught me jacking off, and commented now I now why you are happy when you come back from the bathroom. He reached and gave me a couple of tugs and then left. The start of a new friendship.
I Don't mean any harm.
I just don't have any sense.

I never knew I'd be the boy

your Momma warned you about.

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Yep just started

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yea, looking for company

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mmmmm just starting

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Had a nice long session about an hour ago. Thinking about starting round 2. Or is it 3...?

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Yeah, just stroking and getting hard and ready.

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Anyone have any good material to share?

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Last edited by Futurama99 : 03-24-2014 at 01:14 AM.

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Same here.
"It's only kinky the first time."

My Sex Map

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edging some here, just to tease, lol

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Just starting

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enjoying a little quiet in the house...for some needed edging
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I luv watching amateur housewives
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Just started! I finally made my first homemade fleshlight! It feels GREAT!!!

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Anyone Wana Chat
Raynice526 On Yahoo
Have A Great Day Jacking

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Originally Posted by fde2blk View Post
Just started! I finally made my first homemade fleshlight! It feels GREAT!!!

Oh nice!! What did u use?
Any chance we can get a pic or a vid of it/u in action?

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edging until lunch

love a good edging
When it stops being fun stop.

my stuffs


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I used a Pringles can, two sponges, a latex glove and lots of lub!
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