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Any other nonbinary folks here?

Nonbinary (genderfluid to be specific) trans person here! I was just wondering if there are other people in the forums who identify outside of the gender binary. I'd love to discuss gender stuff and how being nonbinary can affect your sexuality/the labels you use to describe your sexuality. Feel free to comment or ask questions whether or not you're a nonbinary person
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Me, kinda-sorta. I get around the issue of what that makes my sexuality by not having a general description of my sexuality in broad terms. For a long time it was "so far I haven't met a guy who attracts me, but who knows?"
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I'm pretty genderfluid, but I live in the bible belt so... mostly still in the closet. I tend to just try to, you know, suppress that shit unless I'm visiting my bf a few cities away, and then I can let lose. I wouldn't call myself trans tho. More the social concept of gender.
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