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Say The Magic Word

William Robert Marshall, better known as "Will" to his friends and family, woke up with a start and a cold sweat from his drunken slumber, expecting to be hungover, but surprisingly, he wasn't. He was also back in his motel room, where his few possessions were after his bride of just six weeks kicked him out of their house. He did, however, have to use the head for the usual reasons, and after that, he took a shower, and got out just in time to see it.

His wedding band. He had it on last night, oddly enough, because he had gotten into the habit of wearing it when he met the exotic stranger with olive skin, chestnut hair, and grey eyes. He didn't remember much past the first few drinks, but he remembered that she had said that they were on her, which stunned him. Come to think of it, she had winked at the barkeep, too, and she had touched his hand, even clasped it inside her own, and said something to him in a very foreign tongue.

She hadn't seemingly let his wedding band deter her....but had they done it....why did he feel a certain new vigor and vitality, when he should be puking his guts out from the hangover that he would normally have right now? So many questions.

And then he saw it....her dress, on his bed. Only it looked as skimpy as it had last night....come to think of it, it had bared one breast and no one seemed to be fazed by it, even himself.

On top of the dress was a note written in another language....he couldn't decipher at first....and then he could. Suddenly, it shifted to English and he could read it.

Dear Will,

Thank you for last night. You know how to make an old goddess feel worshiped again. I had really missed it after sixteen hundred years. You will find my chiton under this note and you will also find my blessing on your wedding band. Love betrayed shall be love avenged, and her spite and your plight will not go unanswered. Frankly, you deserve better than she gave you, and how you mortal men put up with that strict monogamy, fidelity BS that they push on you, I have no idea, but you won't have to do so anymore. The ring that was your trap and your source of pain shall be your power from now on. I am counting on you get these misguided mortals back on the right path.

By the way, none of my mortal lovers, even my immortal ones, ever made me cum as many times as you did. Thank you for that, too, lover. And for giving me a child. Yes, you bred a Goddess and I intend to raise this one. You were wonderful. Now, do me a favor. Put on the band and utter a single word. The first word that you speak will be your magic word. Whenever you say that word, men will be your minions and women your eager sluts. Trust me on this. Or rather, try me. But you must wear the ring as you say the word. After that, the word is enough. Simply say it in earshot of others and they will mindlessly obey you.

It's the least that I can for my favorite mortal ever.

With love (and I always mean that),

Will shook his head, but thought, what's the harm in trying it? The worse that could happen was nothing. So he grabbed the ring, put it back on his ring finger, and tried to think of a word that he really loved.

"Bottomless," he found himself saying.

Instantly, the ring burned him for a second, making him groan in pain, but that agony quickly disappeared, and he found himself with the curious urge to leave the wedding band on. Then he got dressed and headed out to both experiment with the trick that the Greek Goddess had mentioned to him and get himself a hearty breakfast.

The moment that he set foot inside the diner, the waitress abruptly her idle chatter and gestured for him to come closer. He signed, nodded, and sat down....

"What will it be for you, sir?" she drawled.

No sugar. No honey. No other pet names in the usual Southern style. Just "sir"....in a very deferential tone.

Nothing for it. Here it goes. Moment of truth.

"Bottomless," he whispered casually.....and the waitress's eyes glazed over instantly.

"As you wish, my lord," the waitress answered with a strange smile, kneeling to push down her skirt and panties....making her totally nude from the waist down.

"Hand me your panties," he instructed her, mostly as a test.

"Yes, my lord," she simply obeyed him and he could smell her wetness on them....she had already creamed herself within seconds of his arrival.

My Goddess, I will never doubt You again....thank You, he thought.

The pleasure is all mine, mortal. Trust me on that, her voice replied softly and sensually.
RIP Colleen "Colly" Thomas....we were fortunate to have known you, my dear friend.

In memory of Gabrielle...you've touched all of us, though we never got the chance to know you.

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