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Walking Dead RP OOC (for Halloween)

OOC: Hello all! I've been away for awhile, but the writing bug always eventually brings me back.

Figured that, being a bit of a Walking Dead fan, and also in the spirit of Halloween, it'd be fun to start a Walking Dead RP thread...I'm sure it has already most likely been done before, given the popularity of the show, but never hurts to revisit a theme from a new point of view. This will be an open thread, and anyone can join, but I do have a couple requests.

First, please do not make one or two sentence posts...as a storyteller, it's our job to be descriptive in order to make the story come alive, and that can't be done with someone making one sentence posts. In short, if you cannot post coherent, substantial posts, I'd rather not have you post at all.

Next, I would appreciate a somewhat detailed character profile posted here (or sent to me via PM if you feel more comfortable doing that) before posting in the actual IC story thread...and please make the character your own, and do not use any of the existing Walking Dead characters. I don't mind a bit of emulation, but let's not carbon copy characters from the comic books or the show...use a bit of creativity, originality, and imagination.

Once we have a few interested parties who've posted character bios, I'll start up the IC thread.


Settling and Timeframe:

Rather than the story being set near Atlanta, like in the TV show, I decided that to start out with I'd place the setting in the midwest, right along the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border (thought that it'd be interesting to see how the walkers and survivors would handle a colder climate, and living in that area, I am familiar with the locale), but as the story progresses, it may lead to other locations...we'll see what happens. The will be less than a year after the initial outbreak...will say it is early spring and the characters have just survived through a long winter. The characters may have been travelling together for a short time...or perhaps they don't yet know each other. Either way makes for good RP.


Character Bio: Nick Hartner


Nick is in his late twenties, roughly six feet tall and rather thin, due to lack of availability of food over the winter months. He has long, bedraggled brown hair and beard, and deep blue eyes which carry a haunted look that most survivors now carry due to losing people they've cared about over the past year since the outbreak began. He is dressed in warmer clothing, due to the colder weather, and carries a large backpack for supplies. He has a hatchet strapped to his backpack, and also carries a rifle strapped to his back as well, a .30/.30 he used to use for deer hunting before everything went to hell. Hidden under his jacket in a shoulder holster, he carries a Beretta. On his belt, is a large hunting knife.



Nick grew up an avid outdoorsman...when he was a kid, he was in the boy scouts, and loved camping, fishing, and wilderness exploring. As a young teenager, he also developed a love of hunting as well, especially for the white-tailed deer in the area. It was this love of hunting that initially may have saved him...he had an old hunting cabin in the woods he would go to during hunting season, and when the outbreak began, he and his family fled civilization and made for the cabin.

At first, Nick and his family were fairly safe and comfortable...there was a small stream near the cabin for fresh water, and he had stocked up the cabin with canned food for his yearly hunting trips...but eventually food kept at the cabin ran low, and he, his wife, and their two young daughters subsisted on what Nick could hunt to make it last. Over the winter, game became scarce as the freezing temperatures loomed and he had more and more trouble feeding his family. At first, Nick took his jeep into the small town nearby in order to scavenge supplies, but as winter roared in and the vehicle ran out of gas, he was unable to make these supply runs. Only the wood stove in the cabin prevented he and his family from freezing to death, and many nights they would go to bed hungry...but this bitter cold and deep snow also helped prevent walkers from discovering their cabin.

Once the colder weather finally started to turn to spring, Nick again started to make supply runs, this time on foot...but more and more often with this warming weather, the walkers would now range out further and it became more dangerous. He didn't give much thought to walkers finding the cabin...making it through the winter had given him a false sense of security. He soon tragically learned the error of this...it was while he was on a supply run, that walkers found the cabin, and he lost his family... returning to find the cabin overrun, and the walkers feasting on them. Overcome with grief, he fled into the woods, barely escaping with his life.

In the weeks since losing his family, Nick had been finding shelter where he could, hiding out caves, abandoned cars, and vacant buildings. The crushing guilt, surviving while his family had not, and the weight of being utterly alone, nearly caused him to give up. It was shortly after that he came upon other survivors and found a new reason to keep going...
"When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, "Why god? Why me?" and the thundering voice of God answered, "There's just something about you that pisses me off." ~ Stephen King
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