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"How to Win Friends And Influence People" (closed)

"How To Win Friends
Influence People"


Alexa Taylor tried to force her eyes open, but her pounding head simply wasn't allowing it. She hadn't gone to bed until almost sunup. And thanks to the other bodies laying next to her, she hadn't actually gone to sleep for quite some time after that. The late afternoon sun's rays were penetrating the southwesterly facing, floor-to-ceiling windows of her cathedral ceilinged bedroom and slowly crawling from the foot of the bed upwards over Alexa's naked body. And even in her semi-conscious state, Alexa knew that it was time to begin her day.

She rolled slowly to her back, feeling her elbow come down upon the face of the person sleeping to her left. She slid her hand downward until she was grasping a flaccid cock and mused, Oh ... I remember you. With the other hand, she reached to the left, felt about, and found equipment similar to her own and, still closed eyed, smiled and reminisced, And you, too.

She heard a soft mmmm from the woman, then felt the cock in her hand begin to come alive. She grimaced, thinking, You don't have TIME for this, Alex.

She forced herself out of the bed and across the massive Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous bedroom to take a long, hot shower. And as she soaked under the nearly searing hot water, bringing her back to life, her awakening mind recalled the reason for the party ... and her lips spread in a satisfied, delighted smile.

Almost a year after it had first began, the 2014 Sony Entertainment hack was still causing the media giant problems. And while the hack had cost the corporation millions of dollars and resulted in hundreds of law suits, it had become a windfall for Alexa. After she'd threatened her own lawsuit over what she'd learned about her contract with Sony, Alexa had secured a leading role in a science fiction trilogy that, beginning with Part One's release summer of 2016, would surely become a worldwide blockbuster.

She was going to once again be on top of Hollywood's A-List, where she thought she rightfully belonged. She emerged from the shower, dried, and slipped into a thin tee shirt and a pair of boy shorts. She looked herself over in the mirror and thought, Alexa ... they're gonna be screamin' your name again soon, you sexy creature you.

When she emerged into her bedroom, she found the pair she'd left behind once again going at it like rabbits. She simply walked past them with just a short glance and the directive, "Go home. You're wives are probably waiting for you."

She was met at the bottom of the stairs by her Personal Assistant, who -- having realized that her boss was finally back in the land of the living -- was awaiting with a steaming cup of coffee, a pastry, and a pair of aspirin. As they headed for the veranda, Alexa smiled politely to the dozen or so post-party cleaners returning her beautiful home to its normal, spotless state. She greeted each of those within ear shot of her by their name. Their expressions and responses showed their surprise: famous movie stars didn't remember the names of the Help, let alone smile politely to them and ask how they were doing as they walked past them ... in almost nothing at all.

From the deck of the Malibu home, Alexa had the most incredible view of the Pacific. She loved it here. Always had. Her equally famous and still working Hollywood parents had first moved here back in the '50s, and in her earlier days, Alexa herself hadn't realized the significance of living here. Back then, it just been a big house on a nice beach. Now, it was a symbol of her status as a Hollywood icon.

When Alexa realized that her Assistant had stopped speaking, she turned to her and asked expectantly, "What?"

The Assistant shrugged. "Nothing."

"What's on the schedule for the rest of the day?"

The Assistant turned her planner around to face Alexa and said, "Nothing. You're calendar is totally free."

Alexa wasn't sure what to do with that information. Since she'd been three years old and just beginning her acting career, Alexa had rarely had a totally free moment. Even her vacations had been planned down to the minute. Mimicking her Assistant, Alexa shrugged her shoulders and said with a jovial tone, "Well ... how do you like that."

As the Assistant began offering some suggestions about events taking place around the area, Alexa leaned to her right and glanced past her to a woman standing in the sun room. She was young and beautiful ... and unknown. Alexa prided herself on knowing faces and remembering names. She didn't like not knowing who people were, particularly when they were standing in her house. Hell, even the cleaning staff -- which came here more often than most people would have imagined -- were known to her by name, each and everyone of them.

"Who's that?" she asked Fran.

The Assistant looked behind herself, then turned back to answer, "Andrea something or other."

"Who is she?" When Fran only clarified with the girl's full name -- "Andrea Kay, I think" -- Alexa asked in an annoyed tone, "What is she doing here?"

"Sorry," Fran said. "The agency sent her." When Alexa continued to eye Andrea but didn't respond, Fran continued, "To fill in for me ... while I'm gone. You remember that I'm leaving for three weeks, yes?"

Alexa's mind was entirely upon the girl standing quietly by. She'd always been good at judging people she'd only just met, and sometimes just as good at judging people she hadn't yet met, as with this girl. And Alexa knew that there was something very ... innocent about this young thing. Alexa didn't deal with a lot of innocents or innocence these days. Hell, she lived and worked in Hollywood. There wasn't an innocent soul within 30 miles of the area.

Fran's question finally sunk into Alexa's mind, and -- looking back to her Assistant with a feigned expression of attention -- she said, "Yes! Of course! Your vacation ... in, um ... Berlin, right?"

"Belize," Fran corrected, shaking her head. After glancing back to Andrea, she asked her boss, "Do you want to interview her?"

Alexa studied the young woman for a moment, her mind racing with the possibilities. As a smirk spread her lips, she said softly, "Hire her."

Fran's face filled with surprise. "Excuse me?"

"Put her up in the spare room," Alexa said firmly. As she turned to head for the stairs that led down to the beach, she continued with authority, "Show her the ropes. Fill her in on the schedule ... yadda, yadda, yadda ... then send her down to me with a mojito ... spearmint, I think."

Without any more, Alexa descended the steps and padded bare foot across the sand to her Sun Room. It was a short walled structure with a net roof that allowed her to sun bathe nude but prevented the paparazzi -- even those desperate enough to rent helicopters and buzz overhead -- from snapping pictures of her in the raw. If people wanted to see her naked, they could damn well buy a ticket to one of her R-rated movies...

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It had been an offer almost to good to be true. Andrea was just a newby Temp at the agency, but they were offering her a chance to work with a real movie star!

It seemed that they were a bit short of available staff and she was all they had, which rather dampened her sense of self-esteem, but she had good qualifications ... and it was only going to be for a short time. She had one day to convince her new boss to keep her on, or the Agency would have to find someone else ... except they didn't have anyone just at the moment; so she had better satisfy their client's every whim or she would make the Agency look bad ... and if she did that, her chances of ever working again in this town .... and on it went.

Andrea had endured the lecture as she knew she must, but now here she was in a real Hollywood Star's real house, and she might even meet the famous Alexa Taylor!

It all seemed a bit unreal. There had clearly been some kind of party. The cleaning staff seemed to know what they were doing and were kind to her when she got in the way. Andrea figured that she would just wait until Fran gave her some instructions or a task to perform, or interviewed her. It was all so different from her ordinary everyday life, more like a film than real.

After a short time of waiting, trying not to be too much under everyone'd feet ... was that the famous actor ... the one was in, oh, that film with all the cars and stuff ... Andrea's eyes goggled.

Then there was Fran again, giving her a full briefing, most of which Andrea was able to take. She certainly got the bit about the mojito.

How do I make that? she asked herself. And did what any self-respecting PA would do .. she looked it up on the internet!

She did her best, matching her glass to the picture, making sure the spearmint leaves were at the top and that the glass was fizzing.

Then almost holding her breath, Andrea went where she was directed to the open roofed room and held out a tray with the full glass and a napkin on it.

"Your mojito, Miss Taylor?" she announced a little hesitantly, bending at the hips to present the tray at a suitable height.
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"Your mojito, Miss Taylor?"

Alexa had caught sight of Andrea descending the wooden staircase that led to her portion of the private beach front. For the fun of it, she stripped off her tee shirt and tossed it aside, leaving her in nothing more than her boy shorts. She laid back in the beach chair, displaying her still beautiful D-cup breasts to which -- so far, at least -- Mother Nature and the Laws of Gravity hadn't done much damage.

She reached up and took the drink, staring through her dark glasses at the girl for a moment before taking a sip. She bobbed her head in a 'not too bad but not great' gesture, then signalled Andrea to the beach chair which Alexa had intentionally placed opposite her for this little talk.

"Fran told you what the job entails...?" Alexa asked, "...as well as what the compensation is, yes?"

Alexa listened to Andrea's response, then -- with a serious tone -- said, "The most important rule you can keep in mind when working with people such as myself is this: keep ... your mouth ... shut."

Alexa sipped at the Mojito again before clarifying, "I don't mean with me. 'Speak when spoken to', or anything like that. I mean ... once people -- paparazzi and the like -- learn who you are and what kind of access you have to me ... they'll stop at nothing to get you to tell them things. They'll offer you gobs of money, but Andi -- you don't mind if I call you Andi, do you...?"

Alexa continued onward without even waiting for Andrea's response. She'd already decided that from now on Andrea would be Andi, whether she liked it or not. "I'll tell you, it's not worth it. They'll offer you five ... ten ... twenty thousand for dirt ... but a loyal personal assistant can make a million dollars over the course of her career ... IF she can keep ... her ... mouth shut."
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