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Playing with fire.... (Closed)

Closed--if you want to write this with me, please send me a private message
OK, here's what I'm looking for... no incest, there is nothing but fatherly/daughterly love between the two, I want the story to focus on the guard and the daughter, please. Also, I need a dominate male... Thanks

Angela Diaz (name taken from her late mother)
Nickname: Aggie

For the past 4 years, Angela spent her time at a private boarding school in Europe. It was a school where, even though the price was high, the education was the best money could buy. Her studies included classes in English, French, Spanish and German.

During her first year, Angela couldn't speak one word of English, she was often made fun of and being petite had it's disadvantages, but she stuck it out and ended graduating with honors. Her college future was something to still be decided and during that time, she would be spending time with her father.

Her real father. Just before her mother was killed, Angela met him briefly. He was an imposing man and those around him were loyal. Then, her mother was killed when the man and her went out. She saw her mother leave, but never come back.

And that was the start of her new life, her life with out her mother.

Angela never resented the man for what happened, he did make sure his "Aggie" was always taken care of. There were brief meetings through out the years and each time, he was always happy to see his Aggie.

Now, one day after her graduation, the one her father didn't attend, Aggie was on her way to her father's home. She was surprised at the number of men and cars used to escort her from the dorms to the airport. A private jet was waiting for her, again, her security was heavy. Aggie knew better than to question it, she saw it as her father being overprotective.

Besides, when she asked her father what he did, he would always reply, "I'm a business man, my Aggie." And that was it. She knew better than to push him.


In the SUV, the third one from the back, with windows darkened to almost completely blacked out, one guard sitting beside her, two more in front and the motorcade consisting of at least four full sized SUVs.

As she looked around, the compound outside of the 'mansion' was heavily armed. Men walked around with AK47s, all in suits. Aggie wanted to say something but didn't. The motorcade pulled up to the front of the mansion and just as Aggie reached for the door to open it but the guard beside her grabbed her arm, making her scream out in both surprise and pain.

She looked at him, and the other guard in the front seat, cursing at the man, telling him in Spanish, "When Escobar hears about it, you'll pay for that!"

Someone on the outside opened her door and Aggie stepped out while quickly surveying the house. This was the first time she had seen her father's home. Well, now it was her home for the time being. She wondered why her father wasn't waiting for her but before she could think of it anymore, she was rushed up the steps and into the house.

As her eyes adjusted to the light change, she saw her father in the giant walkway of the mansion. He was smiling brightly and held his arms open, "My Aggie!" He walked forward and embraced his daughter in public for the first time in her 18 years.

"Papa," she said, returning his smile and hugging him also. Although she had no idea what her father did, Aggie was grateful to have some sort of family around for her. She wasn't going to be one who whined about it.

"It is good to see my Aggie," Alejandro Escobar said, still holding his daughter's hands in his own. He couldn't believe how much she had looked like her late mother. It made him proud that his bloodline, and perhaps the family 'business' would go on.

"Papa, please," Aggie said as she blushed. She was wearing a very modest summer dress and her hair was worn loosely down her shoulders. She looked away, noticing that most of the staff had avoided them, leaving them alone to talk-all but one. A man standing off from her father. She looked at him before turning back to her father, "I would like to get unpacked Papa, at least rest a bit before we talk more?"

"Of course," he hugged her again and that's when he noticed her arm, a small bruise already starting to show, "What happened here?"

Aggie looked at her arm and gave her father a nervous laugh, "Oh, that, one of the guards tried to stop me from just throwing the door open when we got here. Its OK really, he panicked I guess."

What Aggie didn't know was that, in his mind, her father was already exacting out revenge for someone daring to hurt his daughter, even if he was merely an accident, the guard should've known better. With a forced smile, Alejandro nodded, "Of course, you go upstairs my love, Maria will show you to your room. Come down as soon as you are ready and we will have dinner..that and there is someone I will need you to meet."

"Yes Papa, I'll be down later," she said and 'Maria' walked ahead of Aggie, expecting her to follow her. As she did, Aggie had no choice but to pass the man who was standing nearby. She looked at him briefly before heading upstairs.

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