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Cool Need an editor

I would like to find an editor who is able to help polish my work.

I've posted a few 'stories' here without using an editor and after they are posted I often cringe when I see the grammatical mistakes.

I've reached out to a couple of editors in the past with less than positive results. (One told me that I had no business trying to write erotica and I never heard from the second editor after sending him my document file.)

What I am looking for is someone who can help with grammar/punctuation and problems with flow - essentially anything that can make a story more readable/enjoyable.

My genre is generally incest (mother/son) and my 'stories' are fairly lengthy.

I have a piece that is almost finished but I'd like to make it better.
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It'll help the folks here if you post the size (word count) of your draft so would-be volunteers know how much they'd be taking on.


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Word Count


Right now my draft is a handful over 32,000.
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Originally Posted by Turniphead View Post

Right now my draft is a handful over 32,000.
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Hi turniphead. I'm not an editor, but have had great support from one editor in particular, and I write mainly in mother/son incest. Early in the piece, he suggested breaking a long story into chapters; it makes for easier reading, and certainly easier editing Could I suggest you think about breaking your story into, say, four 8,000 word chapters, then post them quickly after an edit and any re-write. Strictly IMHO.

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