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Unrest In Vesperia IC

It had been such a bright and beautiful day, however the evening brought with it a northern wind, The kind of wind that chilled your very soul. Luckily Elisif only had about a mile left on the road until she reached the outter city. Farmland was on either side of her, and in the distance she could see the peasants shacks, smoke billowing from the chimneys. She envied the warm, but soon she would be in a room of her own. The Scarlet Sash, a tavern and inn known for people passing through. Most of the rooms would be rented for only a half night, or less. A tavern where people discouraged inquiries, and faces were easily forgotten. She wasn't exactly interested in drawing attention to herself, and this was the perfect place to find out about local rumors and Noble gossip.

War would destroy the land her family founded. None of the noble families today would be here if it hadn't been for her ancestors. It saddened her deeply to think about the many people who would die fighting over silly family politics. The only thing that drove her was knowing that she could help. Without an inclination of how she would be helping, she just knew she needed to seek out similar minded people. Ideally she was hoping to discover an acquaintance of the youngest Darqoven children. Rumors of his recklessness and promiscuous behavior, led her to believe The Sash would be a place he frequented.

Nearing the Sash, the music and drunken shouts flooded her ears. Silence for so long, it was a pleasant sound indeed to hear other humans. Even it did sound like there were probably a few drunken fights going on inside. Long had it been since she surrounded herself with so many people, with good reason. May it come from an ignorant slob who thought he could take his jollies from her. Or run out of town cause of fear and hatred, either way a physical altercation was bound to happen at some point. The very thought of it made her nervous. Despite loathing the scum who tried to force her, the actual physical touch of a man stirred a fire inside of her. Entertaining the idea of being intimate with someone like that made her laugh and feel sick at the same time.

Humorous as it was she felt somehow this would be different. The nervousness she felt came from excitement, a small hopeful feeling. Usually her instincts were correct, yet she was unsure if this feeling was a positive one. Soon she was close to the entrance, the smell of cooked food and sweet smokes filled her nostrils, causing a deep moan to escape her lips. Her pace quickened, her eagerness to see who and what was inside grown
Got to thinking, maybe I'm the Dragonborn and I just don't know it yet
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