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Family Sex

Role of our son to be oplayed by Chitown

Laying in bed awake after my husband went off to sleep, I heard our son come in and go down the hall to the bathroom. When he returned to his bedroom next to ours, I got uop to check on him and saswe his door ajar.

In the moonlight coming in the window, I saw him on top of his bed stroking his cock. I couldn't resist. I pushed his door open and sat on his bed and asked if he wanted me to give him a hand!. I thought the pun and the innuendo was neat, but without awaiting a reply I put my hand on his and took it off of him, and then leaned down and gave his cock a little kiss.

I asked him if his girlfriend or his sister ever did that for him.
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I stumbled back after a night of drinking a little later than I should have. Usually I have to go say good night to my mom, but didn't want her to smell the alcohol on my breath so went straight to my room. I must have been to drunk to remember to close the door though. I started my usual nightly routine of jacking off when Mom walked in. I was so embarrassed I tried to cover up but she came right to the bed, and casually just put her hand on my cock. I didn't know what to do. Then she leaned down, kissed it and asked if my sister or girlfriend ever did that. Well of course my girlfriend did that, she did that and a lot more, but how did she know about my sister too?

"Um...ya, they both have, how did you know?" I stammered, unsure what her response would be.
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"Well then do me too", and then I took him deep in my mouth and got him all wet, and then climbed up on him and sank myself down on him.

He felt wonderful- even better than his dad- the man in our bedroom next door.

Whether he was really his father I never knew and didnt want to know. I had been fucking another guy regularly and not using any protection when I got pregnant.

As we fucked I made him tell me about fucking his little sister, Jane, whose bedroom was across ther hall.

He told me they usually slept together but tonight she was with another girlfriend having a sleepover, and then he laughed and told me that Jane had told him that was a regular orgy and that Sally's father had taken her cherry and since then she had fucked almost every guy in her class at school.

I leaned down and gave him as very wet kiss and told him he had me to fuck anytime she wasn't here for him.

We kept going until I felt him get bigger and harder, and then spurt his cum up in me,. I love the feel of cum splashing up in me and told him I loved him and I would be his slut whenever he wanted me.
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