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I'm looking for two women to join me in this thread. Both roles are open.

Jack Morton.
42 years old.
Blonde hair, conservatively cut.
Grey eyes.


It was an eight hour drive to my daughter's campus, and she was nervous about going it alone.
Since I had some unused vacation time, I offered offered to go with her, then spend a few days helping her settle in before flying back home.

My daughter was grateful.
We had been inseparable in the eight years since her mother's death, and I think she was worried about me being all alone in that big house.

So was I.
But it was time for my little girl to head out into the world.
College was the first step.
So I put on my brave face and drove her away.

The campus was bustling.
My daughter wasn't the only freshman, nor was I the only parent.
It took us a while to find a parking space.
It took us even longer to find her dorm room.
We were pretty frustrated when we found it, and I opened the door without thinking.

That's how I met my daughter's new roommate.
Standing in the center of the room, fresh from the shower.
Drying herself off.
With a towel.
And only a towel.
A small towel, at that.
She let out a little shriek when she saw me, and hastily tried to cover her voluptuous body.

Being a gentleman, I turned away and closed my eyes.
But the sight I had seen was forever burned on my retinas.

1 daughter.
1 Roommate.

Names and descriptions open.
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My dad turned away when we opened the door and a girl wearing nothing but a towel and a smile stood there looking at us.

I said "Hi, I'm Joyce and they told me this would be my room."

There we were with several pieces of luggage and my computer and stuff, wondering if we should bring it in and where to put it, but the girl reached out and shook my hand, and told me she was Jane and that she guessed we would be roommates.

She pointed to a bed and said that would be mine, and to a dresser saying that was mine too.

I came in and she put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants, and then Dad helped me unpack and put my stuff away. Everything was going fine until he took some clothes out of the suitcase, and there was my pink vibrator.

He looked at it and asked what it was. Jane laughed and said something that sounded like "A girl's best friend", and I said "No, it's my friend BOB"

He asked what that meant and I said "Batter Operated Boyfriend."

When we got everything finished, Dad invited us out to dinner and the three of us found a restaurant, full of new arriving students and parents, and took a booth and got acquainted.
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