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Sex on Infinite Earths (Closed to Invitation; please read and enjoy otherwise!)

Our universe is not endless. As we gaze up into the nightsky, we may feel as though we look into infinity itself but it is not so. The universe began at a certain time and is spreading at a certain speed and so it is only so large. Despite how far we can peer in space and time, there is an end to it.

But that is only OUR universe.

The Cosmos is far more. An unknown number of universes exist in it's vastness; some overlap and some exist within one another and all contain stories of wonder, excitement, and sexual delight. Some have theorized that new universes are created all the time; that the act of creation even of fiction makes a new reality that goes on it's own path from it's origin.

Humanity will never know if this is so. But there are beings that do know and that do see all universes. They watch and delight in events great and small. But even among these seemingly omnipotent and omniscient entities there are those who are simply tremendous perverts and who seek out and watch for sex to indulge in the ultimate in voyeurism across multiple universes.

And for them...in time watching may no longer be enough.


When the message had first reached her, Doctor Angela Ziegler had not been sure of how she felt. So much of what had happened had been so tragic and so needless. There had been so much suffering because of Overwatch. But great happiness too. It had saved lives. She had saved lives because of it. And that was the thing that made her want to respond; to get the encrypted data that was waiting for her. She had saved lives she could never have just as a physician; both in raw numbers and in specific cases. Like Genji Shimada.

She had been suspicious of the organization at first and joined reluctantly. But she had come to treasure her time there and the friends she had made. Dear Winston, bubbly and effervescent Lena, boisterous and noble Reinhart, all of them. And him. The man she'd initially had the most suspicions about; Jack Morrison. She didn't trust his methods for creating peace and for helping people at first but he won her over in time. And more than; after she'd become a field agent as Mercy, they worked together many times and so well. And she saw him differently...

But that was gone. Jack was dead. Overwatch was gone. But now Winston wanted to bring it back...

Angela looked at the message on her screen; awaiting her response. She was a little on the tall side for a woman at 5'9" and had a slender but feminine build with high and rounded breasts that were a luscious and generous C-cup and jutted prominently, a slim waist and a pert, tight, juicy ass that practically begged for attention. When she was in her Valkyrie Suit, which at times felt like it was almost painted on in terms of her lower body, she'd always noticed men and woman alike admiring her perfect peach of an ass. her legs were long and shapely. Her ash blond hair was long and clean, currently pulled back in high pony tail and her blue eyes were thoughtful. Her face was beautiful with fine features and a wholesome grace; it wasn't just her suit that got her called an angel so often. She looked far younger than her 37years of age; having realized some time ago that her nanotechnology use had unconsciously been keeping her body young. It was likely she'd look like this until she died of old age...assuming she lived that long.

Her pink lips puckered in and then she nibbled on the bottom one. She closed her eyes and imagined what could happen if she ignored it or declined it. Lena would accept it in a heartbeat. And she was so reckless!

She sighed and smiled, "If that's the excuse you plan to use, Angela," she said in a sweet voice. One hand of long, dexterous fingers reached for the touch screen and pressed the illuminated yellow button marked YES. "You had better practice it because it doesn't sound very convincing."


The last sounds of the firefight were fading. Mercy flew behind the massive bulk of Reinhart with her Caduceus staff channeling a stream of illuminated nanobots that repaired the damage the retreating agents of Talon had done to the modern day knight's armor and body. Behind them the long limousine with the US ambassador inside made it into the protected garage of the embassy, security closing down around it.

Reinhart nodded, "Gut! The ambassador is safe!"

The voice of the hyperintelligent and hypersized gorilla Winston sounded in their ears, "Good work, Overwatch! All points report in!"

"Tracer here! All jolly on my end, loves, 'cept she got away from me again."

"Pharah; the skies are ours."

"Mei here!" The Chinese scientist's voice was a bit panicked, "I'm fine but Solider 76 isn't! That hwin dan ghost with the shotguns blasted him in the back before he ran away! I've got him on ice, but-"

"I'm on my way!" Angela Zielger, better known as Mercy, shot up into the sky and away from the German brute. She didn't know 76. He'd avoided everyone who'd come in for the recall group as much as possible. But he'd saved her life at lease twice today. They weren't far, just an alley or two over. She swept in, her golden wings flaring and light bursting all around her as she landed next to the parka clad Mei, "Don't worry, Mei." The light flared brilliantly and swept outward from her. "Heroes never die!"


Mercy waited for him to wake in a dimly lit room back in their new headquarters. She'd assured everyone that he was fine and that she was just keeping an eye on him to be sure and then insisted they leave the doctor and patient alone.

But that wasn't the only reason.

She was still wearing her Valkyrie suit as she walked over to the bed. He was stripped of most of his clothes to expose his hard, strong body. One that showed little aging, much like hers. But he was older than her by a good margin. Not that had stopped her feelings before.

Or now.

She reached out and laid a hand on his forehead, one of her fingers tracing the scar that ran under his visor. Mercy hadn't removed that, even after the blood tests revealed the truth to her. It was his to do. If he wanted. He hadn't so far. "It's funny, I've said it so many times, but I thought I was just being idealistic," she said to the seemingly still slumbering man. "But maybe...just maybe...heroes never die. Do they, Jack?"
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It was still all so livid in his mind

The final battle, the downward spiral that had heralded it, The destruction of the Swiss Headqaurters.

And that traitor Gabriel Reyes

Every time he closed his eyes he saw those four events, it was as if they were burned in his mind haunting him and making sure he never forgot. All that he had lost was still vividly fresh in his mind.

And it never seemed to stop

Soldier 76 the former overwatch commander Jack opened his eyes the words of an angel lulling him out of his unconscious state. He rose his eyes widening in surprise as he noted Mercy staring at him.

The same Mercy who had just said his name

"You know?" Jack asked in surprise before shaking his head and smirking "Of course you do you know every thing some times"

He got to his feet wincing at his sore muscles and watching her "I dont want any one to know not yet any ways....." He told her sighing and sitting back down in front of her.

"its so good to see you again" Jack said reaching out gently cupping her cheek as he starred into her eyes "Its so good to see all of you again" He continued his voice thick with emotion.
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