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They should have checked mine.

According to other researchers on Ancestry, I am legitimately descended from Henry II.

If their 'evidence' is right, so are about 10,000 other living individuals.

The only flaw? That assumes a large number of generations of wholly faithful wives.

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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
Henry VIII probably didn't care. He was more interested in getting the land, property and money owned by the Church. When he came to the throne, the Church had more assets than he did.

Henry was descended from the winner of Bosworth. He wouldn't have preserved Richard III. He had many relics of saints destroyed to get the gold and jewels from their shrines. If he could do that to sacred relics, he wouldn't be bothered about the grave of a King who lost a battle.
Did Elizabeth care, I wonder, about how Shakespeare portrayed Richard III? Or did he use the Tudor-propaganda version just because everybody including Shakespeare simply believed it by that time?
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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
They should have checked mine.

According to other researchers on Ancestry, I am legitimately descended from Henry II.

If their 'evidence' is right, so are about 10,000 other living individuals.

The only flaw? That assumes a large number of generations of wholly faithful wives.
I'm pretty sure that practically all of us are descended from kings, genetically if not legitimately, because, historically, most kings were horny bastards.
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Originally Posted by KingOrfeo View Post
I'm pretty sure that practically all of us are descended from kings, because, historically, most kings were horny bastards.
Exactly. And because their offspring were well fed and cared for, they survived to produce more children, and so on for generations even if they became more and more remote from the line of succession.

Apparently I'm descended from the marriage of a younger son of a bankrupt Earl so there was no money or estates involved except that owned by his wife...

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It's like [oggbashan] is writing for the third puffin over there by the sixth rock, when everyone else is an emperor penguin in the Antarctic, where there's tens of thousands of the bastards.

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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
The descendant's DNA is from Richard's sister.
It seems that this is an important point. I just heard an interview on Canadian Broadcasting Corp Radio 1 wih one of the researchers. She said that they traced the mitochondria DNA through the maternal line to the modern decendant. Since mitochrondia are very numerous in a cell it is easier to find than regular DNA.
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Originally Posted by shoulderblade View Post
It seems that this is an important point. I just heard an interview on Canadian Broadcasting Corp Radio 1 wih one of the researchers. She said that they traced the mitochondria DNA through the maternal line to the modern decendant. Since mitochrondia are very numerous in a cell it is easier to find than regular DNA.
The DNA is the final piece in the puzzle, although if you consider it as a puzzle there will always be pieces missing.

At several stages during the investigation the investigation could have come to a definite end:

If the dating of the bones put the probable date outside Richard III's era. That analysis showed 94% probability within the range 1450-1540. He was killed in 1485. The bone analysis also showed that the person had eaten a high protein diet including substantial amounts of fish. Only a high status person could have such traces in their bones. A monk from the priory would not have had that evidence.

If the evidence showed that the remains were female. They weren't but were not aggressively masculine. That tallied with a contemporary report that Richard fought well despite his effeminate appearance.

Tudor accounts depicted Richard as hunchbacked and with a withered arm, but he was able to wear armour and fight in battle. The skeleton had a more pronounced scoliosis than the Richard III society expected. They had considered the 'hunchback' to be Tudor propaganda. But scoliosis is still common. About 1% of the UK population has some form of scoliosis but for most it isn't obvious, nor is it disabling. More severe forms of scoliosis will be visible if the back is naked. This skeleton, clothed and in armour, would have had shoulders that appeared slightly uneven but not grotesquely distorted. Naked, the deformity would be very noticeable. There was no withered arm.

The really odd part of the archaeology was that the skeleton was found in the first trench on the first day. That is like winning a lottery. At that point they didn't know where the church had been. Their first pit was subsequently found to be in the choir of the church and right on Richard III. They couldn't believe it. Archaeology just doesn't happen like that.

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It's like [oggbashan] is writing for the third puffin over there by the sixth rock, when everyone else is an emperor penguin in the Antarctic, where there's tens of thousands of the bastards.

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Richard III parking lot sign.
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A Continuation of the Marquis de Ruvigny's
The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal

This site lists some descendants of King Edward III of England. It is intended to begin at the point (actually, points) at which the Marquis of Ruvigny ended his own listing in The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal: The Mortimer-Percy Volume, Part I. A lower-case letter before each listed person, living or dead, indicates the number of generations from Edward (e.g., Edward's own children are in generation "a"; those twenty generations down from Edward are in generation "t"). Further, a number prefixed to the generational letter indicates birth order by male-preferential primogeniture.
Descents are traced down to those now living, or as far as possible. My intent, however, is to trace individuals not already given by virtue of some senior descent in the five Ruvigny volumes. Therefore, such already-traced descents are merely cross-referenced to the appropriate Ruvigny volume and are not updated. Illegitimate children are generally not listed unless they or their descendants marry back in to the legitimate line. Such children are always given [in brackets]. "vp" = "vita patris," died in the lifetime of the father; "sp" = "sine prole," without issue.

Places of birth, marriage and death are not generally given unless they occur outside of Great Britain.

Descendants of Edward III

Edward III, King of England, born 1312 Nov 13, died 1377 Jun 21; married 1328 Jan 24, Philippa of Hainaut (born 1311 Jun 24, died 1369 Aug 15).(1)

1a. Prince Edward of Woodstock, KG, Prince of Wales (cr 1343 May 12), "The Black Prince," born 1330 Jun 15, died 1376 Jun 8 vp; married 1361 Oct 10, as 2nd husband, his 1st cousin once removed, Joan, (4th) Countess of Kent (cr 1321 Jul 28) (born 1328 Sep 29, died 1385 Aug 8).(2)

[Sir Roger CLARENDON, born ca 1350 to Edith WILLESFORD, died 1402 May 23, unm.]

1b. Prince Edward of Angouleme, born 1365 Jan 27, Angouleme, died 1372, Bordeaux, vp.

2b. Richard II, King of England, born 1367 Jan 6, Bordeaux, died 1400 Jan 6 sp; married 1st, 1384 Jan 14 or 20, Anne, dau of Karl IV, Holy Roman Emperor (born 1366 May 11, Prague, died before 1394 Jun 3); married 2nd, 1396 Nov 4, as 1st husband, Princess Isabelle of France (born 1389 Nov 9, Paris, died 1409 Sep 13, Blois).

2a. Prince William of Hatfield, born before 1337 Feb 16, died before 1337 Jul 8.

3a. Prince Lionel of Antwerp, KG, 1st Duke of Clarence (cr 1362 Nov 13), born 1338 Nov 19, Antwerp, died 1368 Oct 17, Alba, Piedmont; married 1st, 1342 Sep 9, Elizabeth de BURGH, (4th) Countess of Ulster (cr ca 1261 I) (born 1332 Jul 6, died 1363 Dec 10); married 2nd, 1368 May 28, as 1st husband, Violante VISCONTI (born ca 1353, died 1386 Nov).(3)

1b. Philippa (Plantagenet), (5th) Countess of Ulster, born 1355 Aug 16, died on or before 1378 Jan 7; married 1368, Edmund MORTIMER, 3rd Earl of March (cr 1328 Oct) (born 1352 Feb 1, died 1381 Dec 27).(4)

1c. Roger MORTIMER, 4th Earl of March, 6th Earl of Ulster, born 1374 Apr 11, died 1398 Jul 20; married ca 1388 Oct 7, as 1st husband, Lady Eleanor de HOLAND (Kent, E) (born ca 1373, died 1405 Oct 23).

1d. Edmund MORTIMER, 5th Earl of March, 7th Earl of Ulster, born 1391 Nov 4, died 1425 Jan 19 sp; married ca 1415, as 1st husband, Lady Anne STAFFORD (Stafford, E) (died 1432 Sep 20).

2d. Hon. Roger MORTIMER, born 1393 Mar 24, died ca 1409/10.

3d. Lady Anne MORTIMER, born 1390 Dec 27, died 1411 Sep; married ca 1406 May, as 1st wife, Prince Richard (Plantagenet), 1st Earl of Cambridge (cr 1414 May 1, attainted 1415 Aug 5) (born ca 1376 Sep, died 1415 Aug 6).(5)

1e. Richard (Plantagenet), KG, 3rd Duke of York (cr 1385 Aug 6), 2nd Earl of Cambridge (restored [probably] 1426 May 19), 6th Earl of March, 8th Earl of Ulster, born 1411 Sep 20, died 1460 Dec 31; married before 1424 Oct 18, Lady Cecily NEVILLE (Westmorland, E) (born 1415 May 3, died 1495 May 31).(6)

1f. Henry (Plantagenet) of Hatfield, born 1441 Feb 10, died young.

2f. Edward IV, King of England, born 1442 Apr 28, Rouen, proclaimed King 1461 Mar 4, expelled 1470 Oct 9, restored 1471 May 4, died 1483 Apr 9; married 1464 May 1, Elizabeth WOODVILLE (born ca 1437, died 1492 Jun 8).

1g. Edward V, King of England, born 1470 Nov 4, died ca 1483 Jul.

2g. Prince Richard (Plantagenet), KG, 1st Duke of York (cr 1474 May 28), 1st Duke of Norfolk and 1st Earl Warenne (cr 1477 Feb 7), 1st Earl of Nottingham (cr 1476 Jun 12), born 1473 Aug 17, died ca 1483 Jul; married 1478 Jan 15, Anne MOWBRAY, (8th) Countess of Norfolk (cr 1313 Jan 8), (11th) Baroness Mowbray (cr 1295 Jun 24), (12th) Baroness Segrave (cr 1295 Jun 24) (born 1472 Dec 10, died 1481 Nov 19).(7)

3g. Prince George (Plantagenet), born 1477, died 1479 Mar.

4g. Princess Elizabeth (Plantagenet), born 1465 Feb 11, died 1503 Feb 11; married 1486 Jan 18, Henry VII, King of England (born 1457 Jan 28, died 1509 Apr 21) (see below). For descendants see Ruvigny, Tudor Roll.

5g. Princess Mary (Plantagenet), born 1466 Aug, died 1482 May 23.

6g. Prince Cicely (Plantagenet), born 1469 Mar 20, died 1507 Aug 24; married 1st, between 1487 Nov 25 and 1488 Jan 1, John WELLES, KG, 10th Baron Welles (cr 1299 Feb 6; under attainder until 1485 Nov or Dec), 1st Viscount Welles (cr 1486 Feb 8) (born ca 1449, died 1499 Feb 9); married 2nd, before 1504 Jan, Thomas KYME.

1h. _______ KYME (son), died young.

2h. Hon. Anne WELLES, died inf.

3h. Hon. Elizabeth WELLES, died inf.

4h. _______ KYME (dau), died young.

7g. Princess Margaret (Plantagenet), born 1472 Apr 10, died 1472 Dec 11.

8g. Princess Anne (Plantagenet), born 1475 Nov 2, died 1511 Nov 23; married 1495 Feb 4, as 1st wife, Thomas HOWARD, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (cr 1483 Jun 28), Earl of Surrey for life (cr 1514 Feb 1) (born 1473, died 1554 Aug 25).(9)

1h. _______ (son) HOWARD, stillborn.

2h. Thomas HOWARD, Lord Howard, died 1508 Aug 3.

3-4h. Two other sons, stillborn.

9g. Princess Catherine (Plantagenet), born ca. 1479 Aug 14, died 1527 Nov 15; married before 1495 Oct, William COURTENAY, 9th Earl of Devon (cr 1335 Feb 22) (born ca 1475, died 1511 Jun 9).(10)

1h. Henry COURTENAY, 10th Earl of Devon, 1st Marquess of Exeter (cr 1525 Jun 18), born ca 1498, died 1539 Jan 9; married 1st, before 1515 Jun, Elizabeth GREY, (5th) Baroness Lisle (cr 1444 Jul 26) (born ca 1505 Mar 25, died ca 1519 Apr sp); married 2nd, Hon. Gertrude BLOUNT (Mountjoy, B) (died 1558 Sep 25).(11)

1i. Hon. Henry COURTENAY, died young.

2i. Edward COURTENAY, 2nd Marquess of Exeter, 11th Earl of Devon, 1st Earl of Devon (cr 1553 Sep 3), born 1526, died 1556 Sep 18 unm.

2h. Hon. _______ COURTENAY (son), died young.

3h. Hon. Margaret COURTENAY, died young, "choaked with the Bone of a Fish."(12)

10g. Princess Bridget (Plantagenet), born 1480 Nov 10, died 1517; a nun.

3f. Edmund (Plantagenet), 1st Earl of Rutland (cr date unknown), born 1443 May 17, Rouen, died 1460 Dec 31.(13)

4f. William (Plantagenet), born 1447 Jul 7, died young.

5f. John (Plantagenet), born 1448 Nov 7, died young.

6f. George (Plantagenet), KG, 1st Duke of Clarence (cr 1461 Jun 28), born 1449 Oct 21, died 1478 Feb 18; married 1469 Jul 11, Lady Isabel NEVILL (Warwick and Salisbury, E) (born 1451 Sep 5, died 1476 Sep 22).(14) For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume.

7f. Thomas (Plantagenet), born ca 1450/51, died inf.

8f. Richard III, King of England on the death of Edward V (see above), born 1452 Oct 2, died 1485 Aug 22; married 1472 Jul 12, as 2nd husband, Lady Anne NEVILL (Warwick and Salisbury, E) (born 1456 Jun 11, died 1485 Mar 16).

1g. Edward (Plantagenet), Prince of Wales, born 1473 Aug 24, died 1484 Apr 9.

9f. Anne (Plantagenet), born 1439 Aug 10, died 1476 Jan 14; married 1st, before 1447 Jul 30 (div 1472 Nov 12, Henry HOLAND, 2nd Duke of Exeter (cr 1444 Jan 6) (born 1430 Jun 27, died 1475 Sep); married 2nd, 1472/73, Sir Thomas ST. LEGER (died 1483 Nov).(15) For St. Leger descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume.

1g. Lady Anne HOLAND, died 1467 sp; married, 1466 Oct, as 1st wife, Thomas GREY, 1st Marquess of Dorset (cr 1475 Apr 18) (born 1451, died 1501 Sep 20).

10f. Elizabeth (Plantagenet), born 1444 Apr 22, died between 1503 Jan 7 and 1504 May 3; married, before 1460 Oct, as 2nd wife, John DE LA POLE, 2nd Duke of Suffolk (cr 1448 Jun 2), 2nd Marquess of Suffolk (cr 1444 Sep 14), 5th Earl of Suffolk (cr 1385 Aug 6) (born 1442 Sep 27, died between 1491 Oct 29 and 1492 Oct 27).(16)

1g. John DE LA POLE, 1st Earl of Lincoln (cr 1467 Mar 13, born ca 1462, died 1487 Jun 15 spvp; married Lady Margaret FITZALAN (Arundel, E) (fl. 1493).(17)

2g. Edward DE LA POLE, died before 1485 Oct 8.

3g. Edmund DE LA POLE, 3rd Duke of Suffolk, 3rd Marquess of Suffolk, 6th Earl of Suffolk (Dukedom and Marquessate surrendered 1493 Feb 26; attainted 1504 Jan), born 1471/72, died 1513 May 4; married before 1496 Oct 10, Margaret SCROPE (died 1515 Feb).(16)

1h. Lady Elizabeth DE LA POLE, a nun.

4g. Humphrey DE LA POLE, a priest, born 1474 Aug 1, died 1513 Feb unm.

5g. William DE LA POLE, de jure (but for the attainder) 7th Earl of Suffolk, born ca 1478, died 1539 Oct or Nov, sp; married, probably 1497, as 3rd husband, Hon. Catherine STOURTON (Stourton, B) (died 1521 Nov 25).

6g. Geoffrey DE LA POLE.

7g. Richard DE LA POLE, died 1525 Feb 24, Pavia, unm, styling himself Duke of Suffolk, and claiming the Crown of England.

8g. Catherine DE LA POLE, died sp; married, as 1st wife, William STOURTON, 5th Baron Stourton (cr 1448 May 13) (born ca 1457, died 1524 Sep 17).(18)

9g. Anne DE LA POLE, a nun.(19)

10g. Dorothy DE LA POLE, a nun.(19)

11g. Elizabeth DE LA POLE, died sp; married Henry LOVEL, 8th Baron Morley (cr 1299 Dec 29) (born 1466, died 1489 Jun 13).(20)

11f. Margaret (Plantagenet), born 1446 May 3, died 1503 Nov 23 sp; married 1468 Jun 3, as 3rd wife, Charles, Duc de Bourgogne, KG (born 1433 Nov 20, died 1477 Jan 5).(21)

12f. Ursula (Plantagenet), born ca 1453/54, died young.

2e. Isabel (Plantagenet), born 1409, died 1484 Oct 2; married 1st, before 1415, Thomas GREY of Werke (born 1404, died ca 1420); married 2nd, before 1426 Apr 25, Henry BOURCHIER, 2nd Count of Eu (cr 1419 Jun 10), 1st Viscount Bourchier (cr 1445), 1st Earl of Essex (cr 1461 Jun 30) (born ca 1404, died 1483 Apr 4).(22) For descendants, see Ruvigny, Essex Volume.

4d. Eleanor MORTIMER, born ca 1395, died sp; married between 1406 May 13 and 1409 Nov 20, Edward COURTENAY, Lord Courtenay (son of Edward COURTENAY, 3rd Earl of Devon) (born ca 1388, died 1418 May 1 vp).(23)

2c. Sir Edmund MORTIMER, born 1377 Nov, died before 1411 May 13; married ca 1402 Nov, Katherine GLENDOWER (died before 1413 Dec 1).

1d. _______ (son) MORTIMER, died young.

2d. _______ (dau) MORTIMER, died young.

3d. _______ (dau) MORTIMER, died young.

3c. Elizabeth MORTIMER, born 1371 Feb 12, died 1417 Apr 20; married 1st, before 1379 Dec 10, Henry PERCY, Lord Percy ("Hotspur") (son of Henry PERCY, 1st Earl of Northumberland) (died 1403 Jul 21); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Thomas CAMOYS, 1st Baron Camoys, KG (cr 1383 Aug 20) (died 1419 Mar 28).(24)

1d. Henry PERCY, 1st Earl of Northumberland (cr 1416 Mar 16), born 1393 Feb 3, died 1455 May 22; married 1414, as 2nd husband, Lady Eleanor NEVILLE (Westmorland, E).(25)

1e. Henry PERCY, born ca 1415, died inf.

2e. Hon. John PERCY, born 1418 Jul 8, died inf.

3e. Hon. John PERCY, died inf.

4e. Henry PERCY, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, born 1421 Jul 25, died 1461 Mar 29; married on or before 1435 Jun 25, Eleanor POYNINGS, afterwards (1446 Oct 2) (5th) Baroness Poynings (cr 1348 Nov 20) (born ca 1422, died 1484 Feb).(26)

1f. Henry PERCY, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, born ca 1449, died 1489 Apr 28; married ca 1476, Lady Maud HERBERT (Pembroke, E) (died before 1485 Jul 27). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 1 - 133675.

2f. Lady Eleanor PERCY, died unm.(27)

3f. Lady Margaret PERCY; married Sir William GASCOIGNE (died 1487 Mar 4).(28)

1g. Sir William GASCOIGNE, born 1467, died 1551 Oct 20; married 1st, Alicia FROGNALL; married 2nd, Hon. Margaret LATIMER (Latimer, B) (died 1522 Aug 20).

(1)1h. Sir William GASCOIGNE; married 1st, as 1st husband, Margaret WRIGHT; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Margaret FITZWILLIAM (see below).

(1)1i. William GASCOIGNE, died 1567 May 21; married Beatrice TEMPEST.

1j. William GASCOIGNE, died young.

2j. William GASCOIGNE, died young.

3j. Richard GASCOIGNE, died young.

4j. Thomas GASCOIGNE, died young.

5j. Francis GASCOIGNE, died young.

6j. Margaret GASCOIGNE, born 1537, died 1592; married Thomas WENTWORTH (died 1587 Feb 14).(29)

1k. Sir William WENTWORTH, 1st Bt (cr 1611 Jun 29), bap. 1562 Jul 3, died 1614; married Anne ATKINSON (born 1586/87, bur. 1611 Jul 23).

1l. John WENTWORTH, died 1675 unm.

2l. Thomas WENTWORTH, 1st Earl of Stafford (cr 1640 Jan 12), born 1593 Apr 13, died 1641 May 12; married 1st, 1611 Oct 22, Lady Margaret CLIFFORD (Cumberland, B) (bur. 1622 Sep 21 sp); married 2nd, 1625 Feb 24, Lady Arabella HOLLES (Clare, E) (died 1631 Oct 5); married 3rd, 1632 Oct, Elizabeth RODES (died 1688 Apr 19). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 133676-134736.

3l. Sir William WENTWORTH, died 1644 Jul; married 1627 Jul 11, Elizabeth SAVILE (born 1596/97, died 1666 Nov 9). For descendants, Click here.

4l. Robert WENTWORTH, died unm.

5l. Michael WENTWORTH, born 1600 Aug 3, died unm.

6l. Matthew WENTWORTH, bap. 1605 Mar 25, died 1635 Jun 25 unm.

7l. Philip WENTWORTH, bap. 1608 May 4, died 1636 unm.

8l. Sir George WENTWORTH, bap. 1609 Jul 20, died before 1667; married Francis RUISHE (died before 1671 Sep 6). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 134737-135394.

9l. Anne WENTWORTH, bap. 1591 Jul 11, bur. 1633 Jul 31; married 1607 Sep 14, Sir George SAVILE (born 1583, bur. 1614 Aug 24). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 23537-24283. (135394/1 - 135394/747).

10l. Mary WENTWORTH, bap. 1602 May 30; married 1626 Oct 17, Sir Richard HUTTON of Goldesburgh, Yorks (died 1645 Oct 15).(31)

11l. Elizabeth WENTWORTH, born 1603 Jun 30, died ca 1671; married 1636 Sep or Oct, James DILLON, 3rd Earl of Roscommon (cr 1622 Aug 5 I).

1m. Wentworth DILLON, 4th Earl of Roscommon, born ca 1637, died 1685 Jan 17 sps); married 1st, 1662 Apr, as 2nd husband, Lady Frances BOYLE (Cork, E) (died ca 1673/74); married 2nd, 1674 Nov 9, as 1st husband, Isabella BOYNTON (died 1721 Sep).

1n. James DILLON, Lord Kilkenny-West, bur. 1675 Sep 25.

2k. Elizabeth WENTWORTH; married 1577 Sep 9, Thomas DANBY of Farnley (bur. 1624 Aug 22). For descendants, see, Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 91888-91926. (135394/748 - 135394/786).

3k. Barbara WENTWORTH, died unm.

4k. Margaret WENTWORTH, bur. 1614 Nov 13; married 1st, Hon. Michael DARCY (Darcy of Aston, B) (died 1588 Dec 15); married 2nd, as 1st wife, Jasper BLYTHEMAN of new Lathes (bur. 1632 Nov 25 sp).(40) For descendants, click here.

5k. Catherine WENTWORTH, died 1631 Oct 6; married 1596 Feb 29, Thomas GARGRAVE of Nostel Priory, Yorks (born 1560, died 1595).

1l. Prudence GARGRAVE, died sp.

(2)2i. Francis GASCOIGNE, born 1537, died 1578 May 3 sp; married 1st, Anne VAVASOUR; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Elizabeth ANNE.

(2)3i. Thomas GASCOIGNE, died sp; married Jane RERESBY (died 1554).

(2)4i. Swythe GASCOIGNE, died young.

(1)5i. Alice GASCOIGNE; married 1st, Edward HAZLEWOOD of Maydeswell, Northants (died 1589); married 2nd, Thomas GASCOIGNE.

1j. Edmund HAZLEWOOD, died 1598 Aug 5 sp.

2j. Edward HAZLEWOOD, born ca 1582, died 1615; married as 1st husband, Katherine OSBORNE (bap. 1582 Oct 14, died 1633 Mar 10).

1k. Edward HAZLEWOOD.

2k. Sir Anthony HAZLEWOOD, born ca 1601, died 1660 Jun 6; married Elizabeth WILLMORE.

1l. Sir William HAZLEWOOD, born 1642 Jan 20, died 1682 Jan 2; married 1st, Elizabeth ASHFORD; married 2nd, Cecil AYSHFORD.

1m. William HAZLEWOOD, born 1663 Oct 27, died 1683 Nov 3 unm.

2m. Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD, died 1733 Jan 15; married as 3rd wife, Christopher HATTON, 2nd Baron Hatton (cr 1643 Jul 29), 1st Viscount Hatton (cr 1683 Jan 17) (born 1632, died 1706 Sep).

1n. William Seton HATTON, 2nd Viscount Hatton, bap. 1690 Feb 7, died 1760 Sep 8 unm.

2n. Henry Charles HATTON, 3rd Viscount Hatton, born ca 1700, died 1762 Dec 15 unm.

3n. Hon. John HATTON.

4n. Hon. Elizabeth HATTON.

5n. Hon. Penelope HATTON.

6n. Hon. Anne HATTON.

3m. Penelope HAZLEWOOD, died sp; married as 1st wife, Sir Henry SEYMOUR alias PORTMAN of Orchard Portman, Somerset.

2l. Edward HAZLEWOOD, died sp.

3l. Robert HAZLEWOOD, died sp.

4l. Anthony HAZLEWOOD, died sp.

5l. Katherine HAZLEWOOD, died sp; married, as 1st wife, Sir Thomas CAVE, 1st Bt (cr 1641 Jun 30) (died 1671 Feb).

6l. Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD, died sp; married as 1st wife, William LANGHAM of Walgrave, Northants.

7l. Anne HAZLEWOOD; married Sir William KINGSMILL of Sidmanton, Hants (born 1613, died 1661 Sep 3).

1m. Sir William KINGSMILL, born 1660, died bur. 1698 Nov 26; married 1st, 1681 Jun 8, Frances COLWELL; married 2nd, Rebecca _______ (died 1727 May 20).

(1)1n. William KINGSMILL, bap. 1683 Nov 12, died 1766 Jan 8, unm.

(1)2n. Thomas KINGSMILL, born 1686 Feb 10, died 1687 Apr 30.

(1)3n. Henry KINGSMILL, bap. 1687 Jan, died 1710 May 20, unm.

(1)4n. Frances KINGSMILL, born 1682, died 1721 Sep 8; married 1721, Hugh CORRY of Newtown Ades, co Down.

1o. William CORRY, died 1763, unm.

2o. Henry CORRY, died 1738, unm.

4o. Elizabeth CORRY, died 1783 sp; married Adm. Sir Robert BRUCE, later (1766) BRUCE-KINGSMILL, MP, 1st Bt (cr 1800 Nov 24) (died 1805 Nov 23).

(2)5n. Rebecca KINGSMILL, died 1696 Nov 26.

(2)6n. Penelope KINGSMILL; married Rev. John WATERMAN of Barkham, Berks.

1o. Rebecca WATERMAN, died 1780, sp; married 1st, Laurence Head OSGOOD of Winterton, Berks (died 1766); married 2nd, Richard BRICKENDEN.

2m. Bridget KINGSMILL.

3m. Anne KINGSMILL, born 1661 Apr, died 1720 Aug 5 sp; married, 1684 May 15, Heneage FINCH, 5th Earl of Winchelsea (cr 1628 Jul 12) (born 1657 Jan 3, died 1726 Sep 30).

8l. Jane HAZLEWOOD, bur. 1662 Mar 20, unm.

9l. Margaret HAZLEWOOD, bur. 1639 Mar 10, unm.


4j. Robert HAZLEWOOD of Draughton, Northants.

5j. Edmund HAZLEWOOD, died sp.

6j. Katherine HAZELWOOD; married Anthony THOROLD of The Haugh.

1k. Sir Robert THOROLD, 1st Bt (cr 1644 Jun 14); married 1st, Anne CARVIL (died sp); married 2nd, Hon. Katherine ROPER (Teynham, B).

1l. Sir Robert THOROLD, 2nd Bt, died ca 1695; married Catherine KNOLLYS.

1m. Sir Robert THOROLD, 3rd Bt, died 1706 Nov 30 sp.

7j. Margaret HAZLEWOOD; marred John JEAMES of Keddal, Yorks.

8j. Anne HAZLEWOOD; married John ELLIS of Kiddall, Yorks.

9j. Alice HAZLEWOOD; married Christopher TWISTLETON of Barlow, Yorks.

1k. Sir George TWISTLETON, 1st Bt (cr 1629 Apr 2), born ca 1605, died 1635 sp; married, as 1st husband, Catherine STAPLYTON (bur. 1672 Jun 14).

10j. Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD; married Brian TWISTLETON.

(2)6i. Barbara GASCOIGNE; married Hon. Leonard WEST (Delawarr, B).

1j. Thomas WEST, died young.

2j. Anthony WEST, died young.

3j. William WEST.

4j. John WEST.

5j. Mary WEST; married Ralph VAVASOUR of Haslewood, Yorks.

6j. St. Amand WEST.

7j. Margaret WEST; married Thomas BROWN of Westwood, Lincs.

8j. Anne WEST.

(2)7i. Bridget GASCOIGNE; married 1st, Sir Matthew REDMAN; married 2nd, William GASCOIGNE of Caley.

(2)8i. Dorothy GASCOIGNE; married Richard THIMELBY of Horncastle.

(1)2h. Sir Henry GASCOIGNE of Sedbury; married Elizabeth BOYNTON.

1i. Thomas GASCOIGNE.

2i. Sir Henry GASCOIGNE, died 1558 Oct 28; married Margaret CHOLMLEY.

1j. Thomas GASCOIGNE of London.

2j. Henry GASCOIGNE.

3j. Richard GASCOIGNE of Sedbury, died 1605 Feb 27; married Jane NORTON.

1k. Sir William GASCOIGNE, born ca 1568, died 1643 Jan 31; married 1599 Jun 3, Barbara ANDERSON.

1l. William GASCOIGNE, died young.

2l. Isabella GASCOIGNE; married 1611 Dec 23, Sir Marmaduke WYVILL. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 49588-50680.

3l. Jane GASCOIGNE, died 1624; married Sir John HEDWORTH of Harraton, Durham.

1m. Francis HEDWORTH, bap. 1613 Oct 17, died young.

2m. Ralph HEDWORTH, bap. 1619 Jan 21, died young.

3m. Catharine HEDWORTH, bap. 1616 Mar 17, died young.

4m. Elizabeth HEDWORTH (twin with Ralph), bap. 1619 Jan 21, died young.

2k. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE; married Francis TUNSTALL of Thurland Castle (fl. 1637). For descendants, Click here.

4j. Margaret GASCOIGNE, died 1567.

3i. Thomas GASCOIGNE of Ravensworth Castle.

4i. Richard GASCOIGNE of Cold Ingleby, Yorks; married _______.

1j. Richard GASCOIGNE.

2j. Christopher GASCOIGNE.

3j. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE.

(1)3h. George GASCOIGNE, died sp.

(1)4h. Marmaduke GASCOIGNE of Caley; married Joan REDMAYNE (born 1520).

1i. William GASCOIGNE of Caley, fl. 1585.

2i. George GASCOIGNE.

3i. Dorothy GASCOIGNE; married James ROKEBY.

(2)5h. John GASCOIGNE of Wheldale; married Barbara _______.

1i. William GASCOIGNE.

2i. Bridget GASCOIGNE.(60)

(1)6h. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, died sp; married 1st, Robert RYTHER; married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Richard REDMAN.

(1)7h. Margaret GASCOIGNE; married Sir Thomas MIDDLETON of Stockeld. For descendants, Click here.

(1)8h. Anne GASCOIGNE, died unm.

(2)9h. Dorothy GASCOIGNE, died sp; married Sir Robert CONSTABLE of Flamborough.

2g. John GASCOIGNE, a priest.

3g. Thomas GASCOIGNE.

4g. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, died 1559; married, as 2nd wife, before 1493 Apr, Sir George TALBOYS, de jure 9th Baron Kyme (cr 1295 Jun 24) (born ca 1467, died 1538 Sep 21).

1h. Gilbert TALBOYS, died vp 1530 Apr 15, 1st Baron Talboys (cr 1529 Nov); married ca 1519, as 1st husband, Elizabeth BLOUNT, died ca 1539/41.

1i. George TALBOYS, de jure 10th Baron Kyme, 2nd Baron Talboys, born ca 1522, died 1540 Sep sp; married, between 1539 Apr 26 and May 15, as 1st husband, Margaret SKIPWITH (died 1583 May 6).

2i. Robert TALBOYS, de jure 11th Baron Kyme, 3rd Baron Talboys, died unm 1541 Mar 12.

3i. Elizabeth TALBOYS, de jure (12th) Baroness Kyme, (4th) Baroness Talboys, born ca 1520, died before 1563 Mar 28 sp; married 1st, 1537/42, Thomas WYMBISH (died between 1552 Dec 26 and 1553 Jan 27 sp); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Lord Ambrose DUDLEY, KG (Northumberland, D), 1st Earl of Warwick and 1st Baron Lisle (cr 1561 Dec 25) (born ca 1528, died 1590 Feb 21).

2h. William TALBOYS, de jure 13th Baron Kyme, died 1577 unm.

3h. Cecilia TALBOYS; married 1st, William INGLEBY of Ripley, Yorks; married 2nd, as 1st wife, John TOURNAY of Caenby, Lincs (died 1558). (28)

1i. Sir William INGLEBY of Ripley, born 1518, bur. 1578 Dec 23; married Anne MALLORY (bur. 1588 Feb 20). For descendants, Click here.

2i. John INGLEBY of Lawkland, died 1608; married, as 3rd husband, Anne CLAPHAM.

1j. Thomas INGLEBY of Lawkland, born 1564, died 1622; married Alice LAWSON.

1k. John INGLEBY of Lawkland, died 1648 Nov 28; married 1st, Margaret TOWNLEY; married 2nd, Mary LAKE (died 1667 Nov 19).

(2)1l. Thomas INGLEBY, died unm.

(2)2l. Arthur INGLEBY, bap. 1632 Nov 11, bur. 1701 Jun 24 sp; married 1694 Jan 2, Margery FFARINGTON.

(2)3l. John INGLEBY.

(2)4l. Columbus INGLEBY of Clapdale Hall, bap. 1642 Sep 28, bur. 1716 May 15; married Anne PROCTOR (died 1737). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 135395-135480.

(2)5l. Sir Charles INGLEBY of Anstwick, born 1644 Feb 20, bur. 1718 Aug 5; married Alathea EYSTON (bur. 1715 Sep 19). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 135481-135520.

(1)6l. Katherine INGLEBY, died 1649 unm.

(1)7l. Isabel INGLEBY, died 1693 Apr 16; married Richard SHERBURNE of Stonyhurst, Lancs (died 1689 Aug 16).

1m. Sir Nicholas SHERBURNE of Stonyhurst, 1st Bt, died 1717 Dec 14; married ca 1693, Catherine CHARLTON (Charlton, Bt) (died 1728 Jan 27).

1n. Richard Francis SHERBURNE, died 1709 vp and unm.

2n. Maria Winifred Francisca SHERBURNE, born 1692 Nov 26, died 1754 Sep 24/25 sp; married 1st, 1709 May 26, Thomas HOWARD, 8th Duke of Norfolk (born 1683 Dec 11, died 1732 Dec 23); married 2nd, 1733 Nov, Hon. Peregrine WIDDRINGTON (born 1692 May 2, died 1748 Feb 4).

2m. Richard SHERBURNE of Wrigglesworth, died 1690 Apr 6 sp; married Anne CAUSEFIELD.

3m. Elizabeth SHERBURNE; married 1672, William WELD of Lulworth (died 1728).

1n. Humphrey WELD, died 1722; married 1701, Margaret SIMEON (Simeon, Bt).

1o. Nicholas WELD, died vp.

2o. James WELD, died vp.

3o. Edward WELD of Lulworth, born 1705, died 1761 Dec 8; married 1st, 1727, Hon. Catherine Elizabeth ASTON (Aston, B); married 2nd, 1740, Mary Theresa VAUGHAN (died 1754). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 19884-20241. (135521-135878).

4o. Thomas WELD, later SIMEONS; married Mary FITZHERBERT (died 1767).

1p. Mary SIMEONS, a nun at Bruges.

5o. Mary WELD; married 1728, Edward Horsley WIDDRINGTON (died 1749).

1p. Elizabeth Margaret WIDDRINGTON; married Thomas RIDDELL of Swinburne Castle (died 1777).

1q. Thomas RIDDELL, died 1798 Nov 24; married 1790 Apr 19, Margaret SALVIN.

1r. Thomas RIDDELL, died vp.

2q. Edward RIDDELL of Felton and Horsley, died 1793 Jan 26 sp; married 1792 Jul 5, as 1st husband, Isabella SALVIN.

3q. Ralph RIDDELL, died 1833 Mar 9; married 1801 Jul 23, Elizabeth BLOUNT (died 1849 Jul 6).

1r. Thomas RIDDELL, born 1802 May 18, died 1870 Apr 5; married 1st, 1827 Oct 15, Mary THROCKMORTON (Throckmorton, Bt) (died 1843 Jun 4); married 2nd, 1845, Laura Anne DE TRAFFORD (De Trafford, Bt) (died 1877 May 18). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 14552-14564. (135879-135891).

2r. Edward Widdrington RIDDELL of Bootham House, Yorks, born 1803 Sep 4, died 1870 Oct 30; married 1830 Jul 1, Hon. Catherine STAPLETON (Beaumont, B) (died 1872 Apr 27). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 368-382. (135892-135906).

3r. Rev. William RIDDELL, born 1807 Feb 5, died 1847 Nov 2 unm.

4r. Henry Matthias RIDDELL, born 1815 Feb 24, died 1895 Mar 3; married 1872 Feb, Mary Teresa GILLOW. For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 14588-14589. (135907-135908).

5r. Charles Francis RIDDELL, born 1817 Oct 1, died 1887 Sep 15; married 1845 Apr 8, Mary Catherine BLOUNT (died 1888 Jun 12). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 12898-12907. (135909-135918).

4q. Mary RIDDELL.

5q. Dorothy RIDDELL, died unm.

6q. Elizabeth RIDDELL, died 1825 Nov 19; married 1785 Jan 22, John CLIFTON of Lytham (born 1764 Jan 25, died 1832 Mar 23). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 220-268. (135919-135967).

7q. Anne RIDDELL, died 1823 Dec 15; married 1792 Nov 25, Sir Walter BLOUNT, 7th Bt (cr 1642 Oct 6) (born 1768 Sep 3, died 1803 Oct 31). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 12970-12978. (135968-135976).

6o. Elizabeth WELD, died unm.

2n. Mary WELD; married 1st, Nicholas FAIRFAX (died 1703 Feb 26); married 2nd, 1707 Dec 22, Sir Francis HUNGATE, 4th Bt (died 1710 Jul 26).

1o. Charles FAIRFAX, 6th Viscount Fairfax of Emley (cr 1629 Jan 10), succeeded 1711 Jul 6, died 1715 Oct 23 unm.

2o. Mary FAIRFAX, died 1741 Jul 1; married, as 2nd husband, Charles Gregory FAIRFAX, 9th Viscount Fairax of Emley (died 1772 Jan 20).

1p. Hon. Anne FAIRFAX, died 1793 May 8 unm.

2-9p. 8 other children, who all died vp and unm.

3o. Mary HUNGATE, born 1709 Aug 10, died 1764 Jan 14; married 1st, 1726 Nov 26, Sir Edward GASCOIGNE, 6th Bt (cr 1635 Jun 8 S) (born 1697 Jan 9, died 1750 May 31, Cambray, Flanders); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, 1753 Nov 15, Jarrard STRICKLAND of Sizergh (born 1704 Jul 30, died 1791 Sep 1).

1p. John Francis GASCOIGNE, born 1741 Jul 27, died 1748 May 12.

2p. Sir Edward GASCOIGNE, 7th Bt, born 1743 Feb 11, died 1762 Jan 16, Paris, unm.

3p. Sir Thomas GASCOIGNE, 8th Bt, MP, born 1744 Mar 7, died 1810 Feb 11; married 1st, 1772, _______ MONTGOMERY; married 2nd, as 2nd husband, 1784 Nov 4, Mary SHUTTLEWORTH (born 1748, died 1786 Feb 1).

1q. Thomas GASCOIGNE, born 1786 Jan 7, died 1809 Oct 20 unm.

4p. Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1733 Feb 2, died 1756 May 5; married 1755 Apr 22, William SALVIN (born 1731).

5p. Elizabeth Bridget GASCOIGNE, born 1735 Oct 8, died 1749.

6p. Catherine Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1737 Sep 14, died 1745 Mar 14.

(2)8l. Mary Elizabeth INGLEBY.

2k. William INGLEBY of Pallethorp.

3k. Francis INGLEBY.

4k. Ann INGLEBY; married 1st, Robert KILLINGBECK of Allerton Grange, Yorks (born 1598, bur. 1624 Oct 4 sp); married 2nd, William CHARNOCK of Leyland, Lancs.

5k. Catherine INGLEBY; married _______ KAY of Cleveland, Yorks.

6k. Mary INGLEBY; married William WATSON of Austwick, Yorks.

2j. Charles INGLEBY, fl. 1608.

3j. John INGLEBY, bur. 1638 Jun 18.

4j. Anne INGLEBY, died 1637 Jun 20; married Sir John GASCOIGNE, 1st Bt (cr 1635 Jun 8) (died 1637 May 3).

1k. Sir Thomas GASCOIGNE, 2nd Bt, born 1596 Apr 26; married Anne SYMEON.

1l. John GASCOIGNE, born 1621 died 1638 Feb 10.

2l. Francis GASCOIGNE, born 1621, died 1659 unm.


4l. Sir Thomas GASCOIGNE, 3rd Bt, born ca 1623, died 1698 sp; married Elizabeth SHELDON.

5l. George GASCOIGNE, born 1629, died 1669 Oct 14; married Anne WOODROFFE.

1m. Sir Thomas GASCOIGNE, 4th Bt, born 1659, died 1698; married Magdalen CURWEN.

1n. Thomas GASCOIGNE, born 1690, died an infant.

2m. Sir John GASCOIGNE, 5th Bt, born 1662, died 1723 Jun 9; married Mary WIDDINGTON.

1n. Sir Edward GASCOIGNE, 6th Bt, born 1697 Jan 9, died 1750 May 31, Cambray, Flanders); married as 1st husband, Mary HUNGATE (born 1709 Aug 10, died 1764 Jan 14) (see above).

2n. Thomas GASCOIGNE, born 1698, died 1699 Jul 20.

3n. John GASCOIGNE, born 1701, died 1710 Dec 20.

4n. Robert GASCOIGNE, born 1705.

5n. John GASCOIGNE, born 1706 Dec 4, died 1729 Jun 29; married Anna LEIGH.

6n. Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1689 Jun 11.

7n. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, born 1694 Jan 15, died 1791 Oct 3; married John PLUMPTON of Plumpton, Yorks.

1o. Robert PLUMPTON, born 1721 Apr 23, died 1749 Aug 7, Cambray, unm.

8n. Anne GASCOIGNE, born 1695 Mar 24, died 1732 Nov 18; married Dennis CALLAHAN.

9n. Catherine GASCOIGNE, born 1699 Apr 27, died 1764 unm.

10n. Helen CALLAHAN, born 1702 Aug 30, died 1764 unm.

3m. _______ GASCOIGNE, died sp; married Gervase HAMOND (died 1736 Dec).

6l. Anne GASCOIGNE, born 1631, died 1684 sp; married Sir Stephen TEMPEST of Broughton.

7l. Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1636.

8l. Catherine GASCOIGNE, prioress of the Benedictines at Paris, born 1637, died 1680 May 17.

9l. Ellen GASCOIGNE, born 1639; married as 1st wife, Thomas APPLEBY of Linton-upon-Ouse, Yorks (born 1618/19, died 1700).

1m. Mary APPLEBY, born 1651/52.

2m. Ellen APPLEBY, born 1654/55; married _______ RAVENSCROFT (?).

10l. Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1640, died unm.

11l. Francis GASCOIGNE, born 1642, died 1708 Sep 21, a nun at Cambray.

2k. John GASCOIGNE, abbot of Lambspring, born 1598 Oct 31, died 1681.

3k. Michael GASCOIGNE, born 1603 Jan 31, died 1657, a monk.

4k. Francis GASCOIGNE, a secular priest.

5k. William GASCOIGNE, born 1605 Dec 10.

6k. Helen GASCOIGNE, born 1595 May 3, died 1666 Sep 8; married Gilbert STAPLETON of Carlton, Yorks (born 1593, died 1636 Apr 7).

1l. Richard STAPLETON, born 1621 Dec 23, bur. 1670 Sep 22 unm.

2l. Gregory STAPLETON, born 1623 Mar 9, died 1680 Aug 4 unm.

3l. Sir Miles STAPLETON, 1st Bt (cr 1662 Mar 20), born 1626 Oct 19, bur. 1707 Feb 19; married Lady Elizabeth BERTIE (Lindsey, E) (died 1664 Feb 28).

1m. Brian STAPLETON, bur. 1662 Jan 10.

2m. Edward STAPLETON, bur. 1688 Sep 15 unm.

3m. Elizabeth STAPLETON, died an infant.

4l. John STAPLETON, born 1630 May 24, died unm.

5l. Mary STAPLETON, born 1624 Jul 10, died 1668 Aug 6 unm.

6l. Anne STAPLETON, born 1628 May 31; married Mark ERRINGTON (born 1634).

1m. Nicholas ERRINGTON, born 1660, died 1716 Dec 7; married 1st, 1682, Mary SCROPE (bur. 1696 Mar 13); married 2nd, 1699, Mary SANDYS (died 1735 Apr 26). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Exeter Volume, Nos. 333-386; also, Essex Volume, pp. 674-675.

2m. Charles ERRINGTON, bap. 1660 Aug 6.

7k. Mary GASCOIGNE, born 1597 Aug 20, died 1635; married William HOGHTON of Park Hall, Lancs.

8k. Catherine GASCOIGNE, abbess of Cambray, born ca 1600, died 1676.

9k. Anne GASCOIGNE, born 1599 Jan 22; married George THWENGE of Kilton Castle, Cleveland (born 1600).

1l. Alphonsus THWENGE of Kilton Castle; married Frances VAVASOUR (Vavasour of Haslewood, Bt).

1m. Thomas THWENGE, died 1678; married 1670, as 1st husband, Jane CRADOCK.

1n. Anne THWENGE, died 1719 Sep 7 sp; married 1st, Chichester GRAHAM; married 2nd, William TULLIE of Kilton Castle (born 1668/69, died 1741 May 27).

2n. Jane THWENGE, born 1679, died 1685 Dec 12 unm.

2l. Leonard THWENGE of Handale Abbey, born 1619; married Anne _______. Issue.

3l. Ferdinando THWENGE; married as 2nd husband, Mary LONGLEY.

4l. Thomas THWENGE.

5l. Albert THWENGE.

6l. Frederick THWENGE.

7l. Katherine THWENGE.

8l. Ellen THWENGE.

10k. Christiana GASCOIGNE, born 1602 Dec 14, died 1628 unm.

11k. Margaret GASCOIGNE, born 1607 Apr 27, died 1637 Aug 16, unm.

5j. Margaret INGLEBY.

6j. Elizabeth INGLEBY; married Ralph CRESSWELL.

7j. Joan INGLEBY.

8j. Mary INGLEBY, died unm.

3i. George INGLEBY, died sp.

4i. Anthony TOURNAY of Cavenbie, Lincs, died 1575; married, as 1st husband, Mary BOLLE (died 1620). For descendants, Click here.

5i. Frances INGLEBY; married, as 1st wife, James PULLEYNE of Killinghall, Yorks (born 1511, died 1565).

1j. John PULLEYN of Killinghall, born 1539, bur. 1584 Feb 7, apparently sp; married Agnes VAVASOUR.

2j. Cicely PULLEYN.

6i. Elizabeth INGLEBY; married 1st, Sir Francis SLINGSBY of Scriven; married 2nd, Robert CARR.

7i. Alice TOURNAY; married Thomas KYME of Friskney, Lincs.

1j. John KYME of Friskney, fl. 1562.

8i. Margaret TOURNAY.

4h. Anne TALBOYS; married 1st, Sir Edward DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, King's Champion (died 1566 Sep 16); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Sir Robert CARR of Sleaford, Lincs (born ca 1503, died 1590 Sep 11).

1i. Sir Robert DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, King's Champion, born 1536/37, died 1580 Sep 12; married Lady Bridget FIENNES (Lincoln, E).

1j. Sir Edward DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, King's Champion, died 1624 Aug 1; married 1st, Katherine HARRINGTON; married 2nd, Anne MONSON; married 3rd, 1610 Nov 13, Mary POULTNEY.

(1)1k. Charles DYMOKE, died young.

(2)2k. Edward DYMOKE, bap. 1600 May 18, died young.

(2)3k. John DYMOKE, died young.

(3)4k. Charles DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, born 1613, died 1644 unm.

(1)5k. Bridget DYMOKE, bap. 1597 Nov 6.

(2)6k. Bridget DYMOKE.

2j. Robert DYMOKE, died before 1619; married _______.

1k. Robert DYMOKE.

2k. Charles DYMOKE.

3k. Edward DYMOKE.

4k. Elizabeth DYMOKE; married Robert HEYWOOD.

3j. John DYMOKE; married Anne CROCKER.

1k. Sir Edward DYMOKE.

4j. Tailboys DYMOKE, bur. 1602 Oct 13; married _______.

1k. Charles DYMOKE.

5j. Charles DYMOKE.

6j. Nicholas DYMOKE, died before 1619; married 1st, _______ DAYLEY; married 2nd, 1593 Jun 20, Elizabeth DANVERS (died ca 1640).

1k. Charles DYMOKE, died unm.

2k. Sir Edward DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, King's Champion, bur. 1664 Jan 8; married 1624 Jun 24, Jane CRESSY (died 1678). For descendants, Click here.

3k. Margaret DYMOKE; married Thomas DERBY of Leake (died 1652).

1l. Thomas DERBY, born 1633, dvp.

2l. Dymoke DERBY.

3l. Harrington DERBY, bur. 1658 Dec 28 unm.

4l. John DERBY of Leake, bur 1679 Nov 5; married Elizabeth MOTTRAM.

1m. Dymoke DERBY, bap. 1675 Aug 8, bur. 1702 Jan 26 unm.

2m. John DERBY, bur. 1701 Aug 2.

3m. Mottram DERBY, bap. 1680 May 23, bur. 1680 Jun 25.

4m. Dorcas DERBY, bur. 1701 Dec 31 unm.

5m. Elizabeth DERBY, died 1702 Feb 14; married Richard PARLABEAN.

5l. Margaret DERBY.

6l. Elizabeth DERBY.

7l. Anne DERBY.

7j. Anne DYMOKE, died 1604 Nov 23; married as 1st wife, Charles METHAM of Bullington (died 1631).

1k. Robert METHAM, died 1646; married 1st, Alice HALL; married 2nd, Selina BACHELL (died 1673).

(2)1l. William METHAM; married Anne _______.

(1)2l. Elizabeth METHAM; married 1652 Jun 24, William BURNABY of Barholm, Lincs (born ca 1629).

1m. Edmund BURNABY, born ca 1654.

2m. Elizabeth BURNABY.

3m. Hannah BURNABY.

(1)3l. Anne METHAM, bap. 1626 Apr 16; married Reason MELLISH of South Carlton, Lincs.

(1)4l. Margaret METHAM, bap. 1627 Oct 20, died 1657 Jul 27; married Edward MARBURY of Immimgham, Lincs (died 1681; see below).

1m. William MARBURY, bap. 1650 Aug 1, bur. 1671 Jan 6.

2m. Edward MARBURY, died 1658 Jun 21.

3m. Thomas MARBURY, born 1654 Nov 16, died 1654 Nov 26.

4m. George MARBURY, born 1655 Nov 8, bur. 1678 Jul 30.

5m. Robert MARBURY, born 1657 Apr 6, bur. 1658 Jan 31.

6m. Selina MARBURY, bap. 1651 Sep 4, died 1658 Jan 15.

7m. Elizabeth MARBURY, bap. 1652 Sep 14.

(2)5l. Selina METHAM, died unm.

2k. William METHAM, died sp.

3k. Charles METHAM.

3k. Tailboys METHAM; married _______.

1l. William METHAM, bap. 1629 Apr 16.

4k. Katherine METHAM, bur. 1640 Aug 31; married 1st, before 1607, Sir James BOGG of Donington (born ca 1588); married 2nd, 1632 Aug 23, Francis WHETSTONE of Caistor.

1l. Anne BOGG, born ca 1609; married 1626 Dec 29, Rev. John WETHERALL of Spridlington, Lincs (born ca 1601).

5k. Mildred METHAM; married 1618 Oct 15, James LEAKE of Balderton, Notts.

6k. Anne METHAM.

8j. Mary DYMOKE; married John SHUTE.

9j. Margaret DYMOKE; married as 2nd wife, Sir Vincent FULNETBY of Raud (bur. 1623 Nov 22).

1k. Elizabeth FULNETBY, died 1628 Oct 1 sp; married 1st, as 2nd wife, Vincent SHEFFIELD of Croxby (born ca 1550); married 2nd, 1618, as 3rd wife, Charles METHAM of Bullington (died 1631).

2k. Jane FULNETBY; married 1578 Jul 6, Peter PHESANT of Barkwirth.

1l. Peter PHESANT.

3k. Joan FULNETBY, bur. 1628 May 2; married 1606, Sir Richard AMCOTTS of Aisthorpe, Lincs.

1l. Susanna AMCOTTS, born ca 1589, died 1623 Sep 2; married Thomas HOBBES of Streatham, Surrey.

1m. Susanna HOBBES.

2m. Amy HOBBES.

3m. Anne HOBBES.

2l. Elizabeth AMCOTTS, bur. 1650 Jan 3; married Alexander AMCOTTS of Wickenby, Lincs (bap. 1583 Nov 12, bur. 1635 Oct 23).

1m. Richard AMCOTTS, bap. 1619 Nov 7, bur. 1619 Dec 4.

2m. Mathew AMCOTTS, bap. 1621 Dec 16, bur. 1623 Apr 5.

3m. William AMCOTTS, bap. 1623 Mat 16, bur. 1623 Apr 13.

3l. Martha AMCOTTS, but. 1667 Aug 25; married 1609 Feb 28, Robert CRACROFT of Whisby, Lincs (bur. 1667 Sep 14).

1m. Robert CRACROFT of Whisby, bap. 1610 May 4, bur. 1647 Aug 23; married Margaret REMINGTON (died 1655).

1n. Robert CRACROFT of Whisby and Hackthorn, bur. 1677 Jun 2; married 1664, as 1st husband, Anne LODINGTON. For descendants, see Page 006.

2n. Margaret CRACROFT.

3n. Mary CRACROFT.

2m. John CRACROFT, born ca 1616, fl. 1667; married _______.

1n. John CRA(Y)CROFT of MD; married Anne _______ (died before 1685).

1o. Ignatius CRAYCROFT, born ca 1666, Calvert co, MD, died 1707; married Sophia BEEDLE. For descendants, Click here.

3m. Richard CRACROFT, bap. 1617 Nov 16, died 1685 sp; married Susanna _______ (bur. 1666 May 7).

4m. Thomas CRACROFT, bap. 1628 Apr 8, died 1681 sp; married _______.

5m. Henry CRACROFT.

6m. Mary CRACROFT, bap. 1611 Mar 28.

7m. Mary CRACROFT, born 1613/14; married 1640 Oct 22, Rev. John SHELTON.

1n. Theophilus SHELTON, died 1717 Nov?

8m. Elizabeth CRACROFT, bap. 1616 Mar 17; married William BEDELL.

9m. Jane CRACROFT; married Francis BLAND of Hablesthorp, Notts.

10m. Martha CRACROFT; married Edward BARKER.

4l. Margaret AMCOTTS, bap. 1596 Aug 24.

5l. Jane AMCOTTS, bap. 1598 Aug 12, fl. 1667, died sp; married 1633 Apr 11, as 3rd wife, Peregrine TOUTHEBY (born ca 1583, bur. 1643 Apr 22).

6l. Mary AMCOTTS.

7l. Anne AMCOTTS, bap. 1602 Feb.

8l. Sarah AMCOTTS; married 1637 Jul 11, Rev. George MARSHALL.

2i. Sir Charles DYMOKE of Howell, MP, died 1611; married as 2nd husband, Margaret WOGAN.

1j. Bridget DYMOKE, died an infant.

3i. Edward DYMOKE of Lincoln, born ca 1556, fl. 1634; married Troth DYMOKE.

1j. Margaret DYMOKE; married William MARBURY (died ca 1625).

1k. Thomas MARBURY.

2k. Edward MARBURY, died 1681; married 1st, Margaret METHAM (died 1657 Jul 26) (see above); married 2nd, Mrs. Mary BIRD (died 1689).

(1)1-7l. See above.

(2)8l. Mary MARBURY, fl. 1681.

3k. George MARBURY, bap. 1608 Jul 26, died before 1625.

4k. Troth MARBURY; married 1630 Oct 12, Rev. Henry WILSON.

5k. Elizabeth MARBURY, bur. 1664 Sep 6 unm.

6k. Winifred MARBURY, bur. 1678 Aug 23 unm.

7k. Frances MARBURY, bap. 1609 Dec 21, died before 1625.

2j. Frances DYMOKE, died 1625 Jun 10; married 1615 Mar 16, Thomas BAKER.

4i. Francis DYMOKE.

5i. Arthur DYMOKE; married _______.

1j. John DYMOKE; married Katherine BROXHOLME.

1k. Thomas DYMOKE of Gray's Inn; married _______.

1l. Col. Cressy DYMOKE.

2k. John DYMOKE of Haltham, died 1649; married Martha BUCKBURY.

1l. John DYMOKE, bap. 1624 Jun 27, bur. 1634 Mar 9.

2l. Robert DYMOKE, bap. 1635 Feb 22.

3l. John DYMOKE of Beverley, died unm.

4l. Mary DYMOKE, bap. 1626 May 28; married Richard CABLE.

5l. Martha DYMOKE, bap. 1630 Aug 9.

6l. Elizabeth DYMOKE.

3k. Edward DYMOKE, bur. 1638 Aug 22; married Faith PICKER.

1l. John DYMOKE, bap. 1638 Nov 30; married Elizabeth _______.

1m. John DYMOKE, bur. 1684 Oct 10.

2l. Priscilla DYMOKE, bap. 1620 Aug 20.

3l. Frances DYMOKE, bur. 1620 Sep 1.

4l. Hester DYMOKE, bap. 1622 Jun 16.

5l. Dorothy DYMOKE, bap. 1624 Oct 24, bur. 1693 Dec 4; married 1646 Jun 2, Christopher LONGSTAFFE (bap. 1625 Jul 22, bur. 1661 Feb 6).

1m. Arthur LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1647 Mar 14, died 1688; married (bond 1676 Apr 28), Elizabeth BROWNLOW.


2n. Mary LONGSTAFFE; married 1696 Nov 6, John EBLEWHITE.

3n. Elizabeth LONGSTAFFE.

2m. Christopher LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1651 Nov 13, bur. 1723 Aug 15; married Anne FOWLER (bur. 1723 Sep 5).

1n. John LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1694 Oct 23; married Elinor _______.

1o. Ellen LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1727 Nov 7 (possibly).

2n. Christopher LONGSTAFFE of Wisprington, Lincs, bap. 1703 Aug 23, bur. 1724 Feb 23, unm.

3n. Elizabeth LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1689 Mar 19; married John MADDISON.

4n. Ann LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1690 Aug 4; married Richard TWELVES.

5n. Jane LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1692 Mar 10; married Robert THISLETHWAITE.

6n. Mary LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1697 May 9, bur. 1697 May 29.

7n. Margaret LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1698 Jul 3; married Edmund WINDGRAD.

8n. Mary LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1699 Jul 24, bur. 1721 Mar 4 unm.

9n. Susanna LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1700 Dec 2.

3m. John LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1656 Feb 3.

4m. Faith LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1648 Nov 12, bur. 1653 Mar 25.

5m. Susanna LONGSTAFFE, bap. 1653 Mar 20.

6l. Jane DYMOKE, bap. 1627 Apr 22, bur. 1627 Dec 20.

6i. Margaret DYMOKE (bur. 1591 Sep 15); married, before 1558, William EURE, 2nd Baron Eure (cr 1544 Feb 24) (born 1529 May 10, died 1594 Feb 12). For descendants, Click here.

7i. Elizabeth DYMOKE; married as 1st wife, Henry AYSCOUGH of Blybrough, Lincs (died 1611 Oct 22) For descendants, Click here.

8i. Dorothy DYMOKE; married 1st, Michael TEMPEST of Homerhed; married 2nd, Francis BROWNE.

1j. William TEMPEST.

2j. Robert TEMPEST, died unm.

3j. Richard TEMPEST, bap. 1567 Feb.

4j. Edward TEMPEST.

5j. Charles TEMPEST, bap. 1569 Mar 28.

6j. Mary TEMPEST.

7j. Anne TEMPEST.

9i. Frances DYMOKE, fl. 1611; married 1556 Aug 20, Sir Thomas WINDEBANKE (died 1607 Oct 23).

1j. Sir Francis WINDEBANKE, born 1582, died 1646 Sep 1, Paris; married 1608, Edith JACKSON.

1k. Sir Thomas WINDEBANKE, 1st Bt, born 1612, died 1655/1669; married in or before 1646, Anne GRYMES.

1l. Sir Francis WINDEBANKE, 2nd Bt, born 1656, bur. 1719 Sep 23; married 1686 May 4, Elizabeth PARKHURST (born 1666, died 1730).

1m. Margaret WINDEBANKE; married Thomas BURSLEM.

1n. Hannah BURSLEM, fl. 1724; married _______ MANSFIELD.

2k. Col. Francis WINDEBANKE; married 1st, _______ (died sp); married 2nd, 1643, Jane HOPTON (died ca 1662).

1l. Frances WINDEBANKE, born 1646, bur. 1694 Mar 5; married 1669 Jul 12, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward HALES, 3rd Bt, cr Earl of Tenterden by James II, 1692 (born 1645 Sep 28, died 1695, France).

1m. Edward HALES, born 1670, died 1690 Jul 1 unm.

2m. Sir John HALES, 4th Bt, died 1744; married 1st, Mary Catherine BEALING; married 2nd, Helen BAGENAL (died 1737 Nov). For descendants of 1st marriage, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume, Nos. 18777-19627.

(2)1n. James HALES, died in Italy, 1735, unm.

(2)2n. Alexander HALES.

(2)3n. Philip HALES.

3m. Charles HALES, died unm.

4m. Robert HALES, died unm.

5m. James HALES, died unm.

6m. Anne HALES, died unm.

7m. Mary HALES; married _______ BAUWENS.

8m. Frances HALES, born 1670/71, died 1746 Aug 6; married 1st, 1698, Peter PLUNKETT, 4th Earl of Fingall (cr 1628 Sep 26 I), 12th Baron Killeen (cr 1449? I) (born 1678, died 1718 Jan 24); married 2nd, 1719, Stephen TAAFFE (died sp); married 3rd, Patrick BELLEW (Bellew, Bt) (died 1720 Jun 12 sp).

1n. Justin PLUNKETT, 5th Earl of Fingall, 13th Baron Killeen, died 1734 Mar 27 sp; married 1731 Nov 29, as 1st husband, Mary FITZGERALD (died 1742).

2n. Lady Margaret PLUNKETT; married 1720, John NUGENT of Coolamber, co Longford.

3n. Lady Emilia PLUNKETT, died 1731 Aug 16; married 1730 Jul 14, as 1st wife, Robert NUGENT, 1st Earl Nugent (cr 1776 Jul 21 I) (born ca 1702, died 1788 Oct 13 or 14).

1o. Lt. Col. Hon. Edmund NUGENT, later CRAGGS-NUGENT, born 1731, died 1771 Apr 26 unm.

[1p. F-M Sir George NUGENT, 1st Bt (cr 1806 Nov 28), born 1757 Jun 10, died 1849 Mar 11; married 1797 Nov 16, Maria SKINNER (died 1834 Oct 24). Issue.].

[2p. Adm. of the Fleet Sir Charles Edmund NUGENT, born ca 1759, died 1844 Jan 7].

4n. Lady Mary PLUNKETT, died 1759 Apr; married 1st, Maurice O'CONNOR of Mount Pleasant, King's County; married 2nd, Robert FITZGERALD.

1o. Maurice O'CONNOR, unsuccessfully claimed the Barony of Killeen in 1813.

9m. Jane HALES, died unm.

10m. Elizabeth HALES, died unm.

11m. Catherine HALES, died unm.

12m. Clare HALES; married _______ HUSSEY of Ireland.

3k. Richard WINDEBANKE, bap. 1615 May 16, died young.

4k. Christopher WINDEBANKE, bap. 1616 Jun 3; married _______.

5k. Dr. John WINDEBANKE, bap. 1618 Jun 11, bur. 1704 Aug 16; married 1648, Susanna HOLLOWAY (bur. 1682 Jan 11).


2l. Francis WINDEBANKE.

3l. Richard WINDEBANKE, born 1658; married _______.

1m. John WINDEBANKE, fl. 1724.

2m. Charles WINDEBANKE.

3m. Susanna WINDEBANKE.


5m. Charlotte WINDEBANKE.

4l. Thomas WINDEBANKE.

5l. Frances WINDEBANKE, born 1649, bur. 1737 Jan 14; married (license 1666 Nov 24), Matthew LOVEDAY (born 1645, bur. 1682 Feb 25).

1m. Matthew LOVEDAY, born 1667, died 1687 unm.

2m. Susanna LOVEDAY; married Samuel BLUNDELL.

1n. John BLUNDELL, fl. 1738.

2n. Francis BLUNDELL, fl. 1738.

3n. Susanna BLUNDELL; married _______ MITCHELL.

3m. Frances LOVEDAY, died unm.

4m. Ann LOVEDAY, bap. 1678 Oct 29, bur. 1739 Nov 19 unm.


7l. Margaret WINDEBANKE.

8l. Elizabeth WINDEBANKE.

9l. Anne WINDEBANKE, bur. 1681 Jun 7, unm.

6k. Edith WINDEBANKE; married 1638 Dec 1, as 1st wife, Sir Toby TYRRELL, 2nd Bt (cr 1627 Oct 31) (died 1671 Oct 1).

1l. Edward TYRRELL, bur. 1643 Jul 15.

2l. Frances TYRRELL; married 1st, Sir John HEWETT, 2nd Bt (cr 1621 Oct 11) (died 1684 Sep 30); married 2nd, as 1st wife, Philip COTTON of Connington, Cambs (died sp).

1m. Sir John HEWETT, 3rd Bt, died 1737; married 1st, Anne STOKES; married 2nd, Eleanor OSBORNE (Osborne, Bt) (died sp).

1n. _______ (son) HEWETT, died vpsp.

2n. _______ (son) HEWETT, died vpsp.

3n. Anne HEWETT; married John HAGAR of Bourne, Cambs.

1o. Hewet HAGAR.

4n. ________ (dau) HEWETT.

2m. Rev. Tyrrell HEWETT, died sp; married _______.

3m. Robert HEWETT, died unm.

4m. Thomas HEWETT, died young.

5m. Benjamin HEWETT, died unm.

6m. Charles HEWETT.

7m. William HEWETT; married _______.

1n. Sir William HEWETT, 4th Bt, died 1749; married Elizabeth LEVEMORE.

1o. Capt. Sir William HEWETT, 5th Bt, died in India, 1761 Jan 1 unm.

2o. Lt. Levemore HEWETT, died in India, 1761 Jan 1.

3o. Herbert HEWETT.

4o. Elizabeth HEWETT.

2n. Sir Tyrrel HEWETT, 6th Bt, died 1770 Feb 17; married _______ GEDDING.

1o. Sir Bing HEWETT, 7th Bt, died sp.

2o. Sir Thomas HEWETT, 8th Bt, died 1822 Jun 7 sp; married Mary TEBBUTT.

8m. Lt. James HEWETT, died at sea, unm.

9m. Dr. Thomas HEWETT; married _______ PINKNEY.

1n. Rev. Thomas HEWETT of Clare Hall.

2n. Anne HEWETT.

10m. Toby HEWETT.

11m. Benjamin HEWETT.

12m. Hester HEWETT; married Ulysses BLOUNT.

13m. Frances HEWETT, died sp; married Henry SCROPE of St. Neot's, Huntingdon.

14m. Theodora HEWETT.

15m. Edith HEWETT; married William DOVE of Upton, Northants.

16m. Catharine HEWETT.

17m. Arabella HEWETT.

18m. Elizabeth HEWETT; married as 2nd wife, Robert BROKE of Nacton, Suffolk. For descendants, Click here.

7k. Jane WINDEBANKE, bur. 1619 Mar 25.

8k. _______ (dau) WINDEBANKE, died ca 1650, Paris, unm.

9k. _______ (dau) WINDEBANKE, a nun in France.

10k. _______ (dau) WINDEBANKE, a nun in France.

11k. Margaret WINDEBANKE, died 1692 Jul 25; married Very Rev. Thomas TURNER, (born 1591, died 1672 Oct 8).

1l. Rt. Rev. Francis TURNER, Bishop of Rochester, born ca 1638, died 1700 Nov 2; married 1676, Anna HORTON.

1m. Margaret TURNER, born 1677/78, died 1724 Dec 25; married Richard GOULSTON of Widdihall, Herts (bur. 1731 Mar 25).

1n. Francis GOULSTON, born 1709/10, died 1795 Apr 13; married 1st, Sarah STEBBING (born 1703/04, died 1727 Aug 30); married 2nd, Elizabeth _______ (bur. 1761 Dec 28).

1o. Richard GOULSTON, born 1726 Apr 14, bur. 1763 Apr 12; married Wilhelmina _______.

2o. Rev. Francis GOULSTON, born 1727 May 8, died 1797 Jul 14; married Mary _______ (born 1730/31, died 1795 Apr 20).

3o. Elizabeth GOULSTON, bap. 1736 May 1.

2l. Ven. Thomas TURNER, born 1645 Sep, died 1714 Apr 29 unm.

3l. Ven. William TURNER, born 1647, died 1685 unm.

12k. Mary WINDEBANKE, died after 1684 unm.

13k. Susannah WINDEBANKE, died after 1684 unm.

2j. Anne WINDEBANKE, bur. 1624 Jun 8; married 1592 Sep 3, as 1st wife, Henry READE (born 1566, died 1647 Apr 4).

1k. Andrew READE.

2k. William READE, bap. 1598 May 3; married _______.

1l. Lawrence READE of NYC; married _______.

1m. John READE.

2m. Joseph READE.

3m. Mary READE; married 1st, Rev. William VEAZIE; married 2nd, as 1st wife, Daniel HORSMANDEN (born 1694 Jun 4, died 1778 Sep 23, New York, NY).

4m. Sarah READE; married Dr. Thomas BRAINE.

3k. Francis READE, bap. 1609 Aug 2; married Frances _______.

1l. Edward READE, bap. 1636 May 1.

2l. Robert READE of Faccombe, Hants, bap. 1640 Nov 19.

3l. Francis READE, bap. 1641 Dec 15, bur. 1642 Jan 27.

4l. William READE, bap. 1645 Oct 27.

5l. Frances READE, bap. 1637 Mar 25.

6l. Anne READE, bap. 1638 Mar 22.

7l. Bridget READE, bap. 1647 Aug 3.

4k. Robert READE, bap. 1614 Jun 19.

5k. Mildred READE, bap. 1596 Feb 8; married 1624 Feb 15, Richard BLAKE and/or Thomas MAHEW of Suffolk.

6k. Margaret READE; married 1635 Nov 6, William HARBIN.

7k. Anne READE, bap. 1603 Feb 2; married 1627 Oct 14, John HELLYER of Hasborne.

8k. Elizabeth READE, bap. 1610 Jul 15.

3j. Mildred WINDEBANKE, born 1584; married 1600 Jul 31, as 3rd wife, Robert READE of Linkenholt Hall, Hants (born 1551, died 1627).

1k. Andrew READE of Langershall, Wilts.

2k. William READE.

3k. Rev. Thomas READE, born 1606, died 1669 unm.

4k. Robert READE.

5k. Col. George READE, born 1608 Oct 25, died 1671 Nov 21, Yorktown, VA; married 1641, Elizabeth MARTIAU (born 1625 Dec 12, Elizabeth City, VA, died 1685 Feb 10, Yorktown, VA).

1l. George READE, born ca 1641, Gloucester, VA, died sp.

2l. Robert READE, born ca 1645, died 1712 Dec 30; married Mary LILLY.

1m. John READE, fl. 1732; married Elizabeth MILLS. For descendants, Click here.

2m. Robert READE, died unm.

3m. Thomas READE, died 1719, unm.

4m. George READE.

5m. Samuel READE, died 1758; married Mary SCLATER (born 1713 Mar 9, died 1773). For descendants, Click here.

6m. Francis READE.

7m. Margaret READE; married as 1st wife, Thomas NELSON (born 1678 Feb 20, Penrith, Cumberland, died 1745 Oct 7).

1n. William NELSON, born 1711/12, died 1772 Nov 19; married 1738 Feb 2, Gloucester co, VA, Elizabeth BURWELL (bap. 1718 Jan 22).

1o. Gen. Thomas NELSON, born 1738 Dec 26, Yorktown, VA, died 1789 Jan 4, Hanover co, VA; Signer of the Declaration of Independence; married 1762 Jul 29, Lucy GRYMES (born 1743 Aug 24, Middlesex co, VA, died 1830 Sep 18). For descendants, Click here.

2o. Col. Hugh NELSON, born 1748/49, died 1799 Oct 13; married 1771, Judith Carter PAGE (born 1752/53, died 1827 Mar 19, Richmond, VA). For descendants, Click here.

3o. Nathaniel NELSON, died in Bermuda; married 1778 Jun 6, Jane Byrd PAGE (born 1762/63; died 1782 Feb 22, Hanover co, VA).

1p. William NELSON, born ca 1780, died 1802, unm.

2p. Elizabeth NELSON; married Nathaniel BURWELL (born 1779 Feb 16, James City co, VA, died 1849 Nov 1, VA).

4o. Robert NELSON, born 1751/52, died 1818 Aug 5; married 1st, 1774, Mary GRYMES (born 1754 Feb 12, Middlesex co, VA); married 2nd, 1779 Mar 6, Susannah ROBINSON. For descendants, Click here.

5o. Prof. William NELSON, born 1758/59, died 1814 Mar 8, Williamsburg, VA; married 1st, 1781 Mar 26, Mary Hartwell TALIAFERRO (died 1786 Jan 5); married 2nd, 1788 May 29, Abby BYRD (born 1767 Nov 4). For descendants, Click here.

6o. Elizabeth NELSON; married Capt. _______ THOMPSON.

2n. Thomas NELSON, died before 1788; married Lucy ARMISTEAD (died 1781 Feb).

1o. Col. William NELSON, born 1746 Jun 17, died 1807 Nov 25, King William co, VA; married 1770, Williamsburg, VA, Lucy CHISWELL (born 1752 Aug 3, Hanover co, CA, died 1810 Apr 13). For descendants, Click here.

2o. Capt. Thomas NELSON, died 1804; married 1777 Sep, Sarah CARY (born 1762, died 1779). For descendants, Click here.

3o. Maj. John NELSON, born 1753/54, died 1827 Feb 18; married 1781 Jul 25, Ann CARTER (died 1843 Aug 3). For descendants, Click here.

3n. Mary NELSON; married 1728 May 18, Edmund BERKELEY (born 1704 Nov 26, died 1767).

1o. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1730 Dec 5, died 1802 Jul 8; married 1st, 1757 Nov 5, Judith RANDOLPH (died 1763 Apr 28); married 2nd, 1768 Jan 23, Mary BURWELL. For descendants, Click here.

2o. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1733 May 16, died before 1794 Apr 9; married 1756 Mar 11, Elizabeth Wormeley CARTER (died 1778). For descendants, Click here.

3o. Lucy BERKELEY, born 1729 Jun 15, died young.

4o. Mary BERKELEY, born 1738 Jan 15; married 1771 Apr 20, Dr. Corbin GRIFFIN (born 1738/39, died 1813 Sep 20). For descendants, Click here.

5o. Sarah BERKELEY, born 1742 Jan 27.

6o. Lucy BERKELEY, born 1744 Jun 9.

8m. Mildred READE; married 1st, James GOODWIN (died 1719); married 2nd, by 1720, as 2nd wife, Lawrence SMITH.

1n. _______ (child) GOODWIN.

2n. Robert SMITH, born 1733, died 1777; married 1st, Mary CALTHORPE (born 1734 Feb 8); married 2nd, as 1st husband, Rachel KERBY.

(1)1o. Colethorpe SMITH, born 1767 Sep 14.

(1)2o. George SMITH, born 1769 Oct 4.

(1)3o. Dr. Augustine SMITH, died 1805 Apr 2; married 1793, Alice Grymes PAGE (born ca 1775, Gloucester co, VA). For descendants, Click here.

(2)4o. Thomas SMITH.

(2)5o. John SMITH, died 1814; married as 2nd husband, Frances RUSSELL (died 1818).

(2)6o. Robert SMITH.

(1)7o. Lucy SMITH, born 1769 Oct 4.

(1)8o. Mildred SMITH.

(2)9o. Mary SMITH.

3n. Lawrence SMITH III, born ca 1728, died 1779; married as 1st husband, Demaris GIBBONS (died 1806).

1o. Robert SMITH, died at sea, 1814.

2o. Lucy SMITH; married _______ SMITH.

3o. _______ (dau) SMITH, died young.

4o. _______ (dau) SMITH, died young.

4n. Margaret SMITH; married Capt. William ALLEN.

5n. Catherine SMITH, died unm.

6n. Lucy SMITH, died 1797 sp; married Augustine MOORE (born 1732 Mar 7, died 1788).

3l. Thomas READE, born 1649, York co, VA; married 1695 Jan 5, York co, VA, Lucy GWYN (born ca 1671, fl.1744).

1m. Thomas READE, born 1697/98, Gloucester co. VA, died 1739 Apr 27 sp; married as 1st husband, Ann BOOTH (born 1706, died 1775 Jan 9).

2m. Rev. John READE, born 1699, Gloucester co, VA, died 1744; married 1738 Feb 2, Frances YATES (born 1718 Nov 15).

1n. John READE, Jr., born 1744 Jun 9, died an infant.

2n. Thomas READE.

3n. Sarah READE, born 1746, Middlesex co, VA; married 1760 Mar, Middlesex co, VA, John Reade ROOTES (born 1735 Dec 1, King and Queen co, VA). For descendants, Click here.

4n. Lucy READE, born 1758 Dec 28.

3m. Clement READE, born 1707 Jan 1, Lunenburg co, VA, died there, 1763 Jan 2; married Mary HILL (died 1786). For descendants, Click here.

4m. James READE, born ca 1709, VA, died 1748; married Anne _______.

1n. Samuel READE, died 1763, VA; married _______ NASH.

2n. John READE, died 1763, VA.

3n. Lydia READE.

5m. Robert READE, born ca 1710, VA.

6m. Francis READE, born ca 1713, VA.

7m. Benjamin READE, born ca 1714, VA.

8m. Lucy READE, born 1701, Gloucester co, VA, died 1731 Nov 22; married John DIXON. For descendants, Click here.

9m. Joyce READE, born 1702 Mar 8, Gwynn's Island, VA, died 1771 Aug 8, Caroline co, VA; married Christopher TOMPKINS (born 1705 Oct 17, North River, VA, died 1779 Mar 16, Caroline co, VA). For descendants, Click here.

10m. Mildred READE, born 1704, Gloucester co, VA; married Philip ROOTES. For descendants, Click here.

11m. Mary READE, born ca 1705, Gloucester co, VA; married Capt. Mordecai THROCKMORTON. For descendants, Click here.

4l. Francis READE, born 1650, died 1694, James City, VA; married 1st, Jane CHISMAN; married 2nd, Anne BEALE.

(2)1m. George READE, born ca 1681, Abingdon, VA, died before 1715 sp.

(2)2m. Robert READE, died before 1715 sp.

(2)3m. Benjamin READE, born ca 1683, Abingdon, VA, fl. 1716.

(2)4m. Thomas READE, born ca 1685; married Ann ALLEN (died 1719, Williamsburg, VA).

(1)5m. Mary READE; married Edward DAVIS.

(1)6m. Elizabeth READE; married Paul WATLINGTON (bap. 1678).

1n. Paul WATLINGTON, bap. 1706 May 7, died 1777 Mar 12; married Elizabeth ARMISTEAD.

1o. Col. Armistead WATLINGTON, born 1730 Dec 27, died 1807, Halifax co, VA; married 1756, Susannah COLEMAN (born 1736 Jan 16, Abingdon, VA).

1p. Capt. Paul WATLINGTON; married Mary THOMPSON.

2p. Capt. John WATLINGTON, died 1812 Jan; married 1st, 1781 Dec, Elizabeth ALLEN; married 2nd, Mary _______. For descendants, Click here.

3p. Thomas A. WATLINGTON, died before 1823 May 23.

4p. Elizabeth Armistead WATLINGTON, born 1763, Gloucester co, VA, died 1818, Halifax co, VA; married as 1st wife, 1781 Jan 17, Peter BARKSDALE (born 1757, died 1826). For descendants, Click here.

5p. Frances WATLINGTON; married Joshua BOYD (born ca 1767). For descendants, Click here.

6p. Mary WATLINGTON; married 1st, 1787 Jul 28, VA, William THOMPSON (died before 1798 Dec 5); married 2nd, 1802 Oct 1, Halifax co, NC, William B. TERRY, Jr. (born 1777 Apr 15, VA, died 1840 Nov, VA).

1q. John THOMPSON.

2q. William THOMPSON.

3q. Armistead W. TERRY.

4q. Isaac B. TERRY, born 1803, died 1841; married 1831 Dec 17, Pittsylvania co, VA, Nancy BROWDER.

5q. Elizabeth THOMPSON.

2o. Francis WATLINGTON, bap. 1738 Jan 2, Gloucester co, VA, died 1774, Halifax co, VA; married as 1st husband, Rebecca Elizabeth TATUM. For descendants, Click here.

3o. _______ WATLINGTON, bap. and died 1745 Aug 28.

4o. Ann WATLINGTON, born 1732 Dec 28, died 1741 Sep 18.

5o. Mildred WATLINGTON, bap. 1735 Jul 25.

6o. Elizabeth WATLINGTON, born 1742 Nov 12.

7o. Mary WATLINGTON, born 1746 Aug 11.

8o. Anne WATLINGTON, born 1750 May 4.

9o. Fanny WATLINGTON, born 1753 Nov 9.

2n. Francis WATLINGTON, bap. 1711 Mar.


4n. William WATLINGTON, bap. 1716 Jun 10.

5n. Isabella WATLINGTON, bap. 1721 Jan 29.

(2)7m. Amy READE, fl. 1692.

(2)8m. Anne READE, born 1688, York co, VA, died 1752 Jan 31; married ca 1709, Matthew PATE (bap. 1686 Feb 20, Abingdon, VA).

5l. Benjamin READE, born 1647, Gloucester, VA, fl. 1731; married Lucy _______. For descendants, Click here.

6l. Mildred READE, born 1643 Oct 2, Gloucester co, VA, fl. 1695; married ca 1665, Col. Augustine WARNER (born 1642 Jun 3, died 1681 Jun 19).

1m. Augustine WARNER, born 1667 Jan 17, died 1686 Mar 17, unm.

2m. Robert WARNER, born ca 1670, Gloucester co, VA, died there ca 1702, unm.

3m. George WARNER, died unm.

4m. Mildred WARNER, born ca 1671, bur. 1701 Jan 30, Whitehaven, Cumberland; married 1st, ca 1690, Lawrence WASHINGTON (born 1659 Sep, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1698); married 2nd, 1700 May, Capt. George GALE (died 1712 Aug).

1n. John WASHINGTON, born 1692 Nov 12, died 1746 Sep 1; married 1716 Jul 9, Catherine WHITING (born 1694 May 22, died 1744 Feb 7).

1o. John WASHINGTON, born 1718 Jul 15, died young.

2o. Warner WASHINGTON, born 1722 Sep 22, died 1790 Jun 23; married 1st, 1747 Dec, Elizabeth MACON (born 1728/29, died 1763 Apr 28); married 2nd, 1764 May 10, Hannah FAIRFAX (born 1741/42, died 1804 May 29). For descendants, Click here.

3o. Henry WASHINGTON, born 1727 Sep 13, died 1763 Dec 29; married 1st, 1749 Jan 9, Ann THACKER (born 1728 Aug 3, Middlesex co, VA); married 2nd, 1760 Mar 3, as 2nd husband, Charlotte FOUSHEE (died 1791). For descendants, Click here.

4o. Matthew WASHINGTON, born 1732 Sep 3, died young.

5o. Elizabeth WASHINGTON, born 1717 Jun 21, died 1737 Feb 5, unm.

6o. Mildred WASHINGTON, born 1721 Jan 8, died 1785 sp; married 1st, by 1749, Capt. Bayley SEATON (died by 1741 Sep 4); married 2nd, as 3rd wife, John BUSHROD (born ca 1706, died 1760).

7o. Catherine WASHINGTON, born 1724 Feb 11, Gloucester co, VA, died 1750 Feb 19, Fredericksburg, VA; married 1746, as 1st wife, Col. Fielding LEWIS (born 1725 Jul 7, Gloucester co, VA, died 1803 Jul 5, Spotsylvania co, VA) (see below). For descendants, Click here.

8o. Hannah WASHINGTON, born 1735 Jan 10; married ca 1753, Matthew WHITING (born 1730 Nov 21, died 1810 Nov 10), Prince William co, VA).

2n. Col. Augustine WASHINGTON, born 1693/94, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1743 Apr 12, King George co, VA; married 1st, 1715 Apr 20, Jane BUTLER (born 1699 Dec 24, Westmoreland co, VA, died there, 1729 Nov 24); married 2nd, 1731 Mar 6, Mary BALL (born 1708/09, Lancaster co, VA, died 1789 Aug 25, Fredericksburg, VA).

1o. Butler WASHINGTON, born 1716, Bridge's Creek, VA, died before 1729.

2o. Lawrence WASHINGTON, born 1718, Bridge's Creek, VA, died 1752 Jul 22, Mt. Vernon, VA; married 1743 Jul 19, as 1st husband, Anne FAIRFAX (born 1728, died 1761 Mar 14).

1p. Fairfax WASHINGTON, born 1747 Aug 22, Mt. Vernon, VA, died there, 1747 Oct.

2p. Jane WASHINGTON, born 1744 Sep 27, Mt. Vernon, VA, died there, 1746 Jan.

3p. Mildred WASHINGTON, born 1748 Sep 28, Mt. Vernon, VA, died there, 1749.

4p. Sarah WASHINGTON, born 1750 Nov 7, Mt. Vernon, VA, died there, 1752.

3o. Col. Augustine WASHINGTON, born 1720, Bridge's Creek, VA, died 1762; married 1743, Anne AYLETT (born 1726, died 1773 Dec). For descendants, Click here.

4o. George WASHINGTON, President U.S., born 1732 Feb 12, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1799 Dec 12, Mt. Vernon, VA, sp; married 1759 Jan 6, New Kent co, VA, as 2nd husband, Martha DANDRIDGE (born 1731 Jun 21, New Kent co, VA, died 1802 May 22, Mt. Vernon, VA).

5o. Samuel WASHINGTON, born 1734 Nov 16, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1781 Sep 26; married 1st, ca 1754, Jane CHAMPE (died ca 1755 sp); married 2nd, ca 1756, Mildred THORNTON (born ca 1741, died ca 1762); married 3rd, ca 1762, Louisa CHAPMAN (born 1743 Jun 29, died ca 1763 sp); married 4th, 1764 Mar 24, as 2nd husband, Anne STEPTOE (born 1737 Oct 10, died 1777 Mar 14); married 5th, ca 1778, as 2nd husband, Susannah FERRIN (born 1753 Jun 27, died 1783 Mar 5). For descendants, Click here.

6o. Col. John Augustine WASHINGTON, born 1736 Jan 15, Stafford co, VA, died 1787 Jan 8; married 1756 Apr 14, Westmoreland co, VA, Hannah BUSHROD (born ca 1738, died 1801). For descendants, Click here.

7o. Charles WASHINGTON, born 1738 May 2, Stafford co, VA, died 1799 Sep 16, Jefferson co, WV; married 1757, Spotsylvania co, VA, Mildred THORNTON (born ca 1739, Spotsylvania co, VA, died 1804, Jefferson co, WV). For descendants, Click here.

8o. Jane WASHINGTON, born 1722, Bridge's Creek, VA, died 1735 Jan 17.

9o. Betty WASHINGTON, born 1733 Jun 20, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1797 Mar 31, Culpeper co, VA; married 1750 May 7, as 2nd wife, Col. Fielding LEWIS (born 1725 Jul 7, Gloucester co, VA, died 1781 Dec, Fredericksburg, VA) (see below). For descendants, Click here.

10o. Mildred WASHINGTON, born 1739 Jul 21, Westmoreland co, VA, died there, 1740 Oct 23.

3n. Mildred WASHINGTON, born 1696 Jan or Feb, died 1696 Aug 1.

4n. Mildred WASHINGTON, born 1696/97, died 1747 Sep 5; married 1st, 1713/14, John LEWIS (born ca 1694, died 1718 Apr 7); married 2nd, Roger GREGORY (died 1730/31); married 3rd, 1734 Jan, as 3rd wife, Col Henry WILLIS.

1o. Lt. Col. Lewis WILLIS, born 1734 Nov 11, died 1813 Jan 15; married 1st, ca 1754, Mary CHAMPE (born ca 1737, died ca 1775); married 2nd, 1775, as 2nd husband, Anne Byrd CARTER (born ca 1743, died 1804 Nov 19); married 3rd, 1810 Jun 16, as 2nd husband, Elizabeth E. STEVENSON (born 1759/60, died 1816 Apr 5). For descendants, Click here.

2o. Frances GREGORY, born after 1719 Apr, died before 1794 Feb 4; married 1736 Sep, Francis THORNTON (born 1711/12, died 1749 Apr 7). For descendants, Click here.

3o. Mildred GREGORY, born ca 1722, died after 1750; married 1740 Oct, as 3rd wife, John THORNTON (born ca 1710, died before 1778 Jun 19). For descendants, Click here.

4o. Elizabeth GREGORY, born ca 1724, died 1796 Aug; married 1st, 1742 Apr 30, Henry WILLIS, Jr. (born 1722 Sep 22); married 2nd, 1743 Apr 29, Reuben THORNTON (born ca 1716, died 1768); married 3rd, 1781 Jan, Dr. Thomas WALKER (born 1716 Jan 25, died 1794 Nov 9); married 4th, 1796 Feb, Dr. Weston ALCOCK.

1p. Henry WILLIS.

2p. Elizabeth THORNTON, born 1749 Mar 2, died 1770, sp; married 1770 Jan, as 2nd wife, John LEWIS (born 1747 Jun 22, Fredericksburg, VA, died 1825 Nov 23, Logan, KY) (see Page 039).

5m. Mary WARNER, died 1700 Nov 12; married 1680 Feb 17, Col. John SMITH (died 1698 Apr 14).

1n. John SMITH, born 1685 Jul 18, Gloucester co, VA, died there, 1712; married 1711 Oct 18, as 1st husband, Anne ALEXANDER.

1o. John SMITH, born 1712 Dec 17, VA, died 1735 May, Gloucester co, VA, unm.

2n. Augustine SMITH, born 1689 Jun 16, Gloucester co, VA; married 1711 Feb 9, Gloucester co, VA, Sarah CARVER (born 1694 Apr 15, Middlesex co, VA, died 1726 Mar 12).

1o. John SMITH, born 1715 Nov 13, died 1771 Nov 19, Jefferson co, WV; married 1737 Nov 17, Jamestown, VA, Mary JAQUELIN. For descendants, Click here.

2o. Mary SMITH, born 1713 Jul 30, died 1720 Jun 8.

3o. Sarah SMITH, born 1717 Sep 8, died after 1769 Apr 25; married 1st, 1735 Nov 6, Mordecai COOKE; married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Robert THROCKMORTON. For descendants, Click here.

4o. Mildred SMITH, born 1719 Sep 22, died 1769, Brunswick co, VA; married 1743 Jan 26, Middlesex co, VA, John Austin WILLIS (born 1719, Gloucester co, VA, died 1766, Brunswick co, VA).

5o. Elizabeth SMITH, born 1722 May 8; married 1st, as 2nd wife, 1750 Mar 16, Philip AYLETT (died 1765); married 2nd, William COWNE (bap. 1718 Apr 2, Exeter, Devon).

6o. Ann SMITH, born 1724 Feb 10, died 1724 Jun 2.

7o. Susanna SMITH, born 1725 Apr 27; married as 2nd wife, William LANGBORNE (born 1732 Oct 21, died 1766 Mar 19).

1p. William LANGBORNE, born 1756 May 3, died 1814; married Elizabeth Dandridge CLAIBORNE.

1q. William LANGBORNE, born 1803, died 1823 Apr.

2q. Elizabeth LANGBORNE, born 1800, died 1807.

2p. Mary LANGBORNE, born 1758 Feb 25, King William co, VA; married 1776 Feb 25, VA, Warner THROCKMORTON (born 1750 Nov 15, Ware, VA) (see Page 049).

8o. Jane SMITH, born 1727 Mar 6, died 1732 Mar 29.

3n. Philip SMITH, born 1695 Jun 1, Gloucester co, VA, died 1743 Jun 4, Northumberland co, VA; married 1st, 1712 Feb 9, York co, VA, Mary MATHEWS (born 1695 Aug 1); married 2nd, 1742 Aug 16, as 2nd husband, Hannah SHAPLEIGH (born 1690 Oct 2, Northumberland co, VA).

1o. Philip SMITH, born 1715, Westmoreland co, VA, died there, 1789; married Elizabeth BUSHROD.

2o. Baldwin Matthews SMITH, born ca 1722, Northumberland co, VA; married 1st, 1743, Frances BURGESS (born ca 1724, Lancaster co, VA, died there, 1750); married 2nd, Lucy LEE (born 1735, Northumberland co, VA, died there, 1806 Mar 30).

3o. Mary SMITH, born 1717, married 1st, Jesse BALL (born 1716 Jun 27, Bewdley, VA, died 1747 Aug 14, Westmoreland co, VA); married 2nd, 1749 Dec 20, Col. John LEE (born ca 1725, MD); married 3rd, John SMITH.

4o. Anne SMITH, born ca 1724.

5o. Mildred SMITH, born 1725, Northumberland co, VA; married Col. James/Jesse BALL, Jr. (born 1718 Dec 31, Lancaster co, VA, died there, 1789 Nov 24).

6o. Jane/Jean SMITH, born 1726 Mar 6, Lancaster co, VA, died 1807 Jul 20, Goochland co, VA; married 1st, 1752, John CHICHESTER; married 2nd, 1757 Jun 23, Goochland co, VA, John PAYNE (born 1713 Dec 4, GOochland co, VA, died 1784 Jul 28, Campbell co, VA).

7o. Sarah SMITH, born 1732 Dec 28, Northumberland co, VA, died 1797 Aug, Fauquier co, VA; married George HALE/HEALE.

8o. Elizabeth SMITH, born 1736, Gloucester co, VA, died 1770; married Henry HARRISON, James TALBOT (born 1732).

9o. Susannah SMITH, born ca 1736; married John LEE.

4n. Mildred SMITH, born 1681 Feb 20, Purton, VA, died there, 1720 Nov 12; married as 1st wife, 1700 Aug 17, Gloucester co, VA, Robert PORTEUS (bap. 1679 Oct 30, Gloucester co, VA, died 1758 Aug 8, Ripon, Yorks).

1o. Rev. Robert PORTEUS, born ca 1705, died 1754; married 1736, Judith COCKAYNE (born 1702, died 1789).

2o. Elizabeth PORTEUS, born ca 1720, Richmond co, VA, died there, 1756; married Robert DOWNMAN (born 1720 May 21, died 1769).

5n. Mary SMITH, born 1684 Apr 29, died 1684 Jun 18.

6n. Elizabeth SMITH, born 1690 May 25, Gloucester co, VA; married 1st, 1708 Apr 1, Southampton co, VA, Henry HARRISON (born 1692/93, died 1732 Sep 24); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Col. Francis WILLIS.

7n. Ann SMITH, born 1697 Nov 2.

6m. Elizabeth WARNER, born 1672 Nov 24, died 1720 Feb 5, Gloucester co, VA; married 1692, John LEWIS (born 1669 Nov 30, Gloucester co, VA, died 1725 Nov 14).

1n. Col. John LEWIS, born 1694, Gloucester, VA, died 1754 Jan 17; married 1st, Frances FIELDING (died 1731 Oct 27); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Priscilla CHURCHILL.

1o. Col. Warner LEWIS, born 1720 Oct 10, died 1792; married 1747 Jan 1, as 2nd husband, Eleanor BOWLES.

2o. John LEWIS, bap. 1723 Sep 15, died 1727 Nov 20.

3o. Col. Fielding LEWIS, born 1725 Jul 7, Gloucester co, VA, died 1803 Jul 5, Spotsylvania co, VA; married 1st, 1746 Oct 18, Catherine WASHINGTON (born 1725 Feb 11, died 1750 Feb 19) (see above); married 2nd, 1750 May 7, Betty WASHINGTON (born 1733 Jun 20, Westmoreland co, VA, died 1797 Mar 31, Culpeper co, VA) (see above).

4o. John LEWIS, born 1728 Nov 20, died young.

5o. Col. Charles LEWIS, born 1730 Feb 25, died before 1772 Jun 12; married Lucy TALIAFERRO.

6o. Mildred LEWIS, born 1726 Dec 12, bur. 1727 Jul 4.

7o. Frances LEWIS, bap. 1731 Nov 2, died 1734 Jul 22.

2n. Col. Charles LEWIS, Sr., born 1696, St Peters, VA, died 1779; married 1717 May 28, Mary HOWELL (died 1783).

1o. John LEWIS, bap. 1720 Oct 8, died 1794; married Mildred _______.

2o. Col. Charles LEWIS, born 1721 Mar 14, died 1782 May 14; married 1746 Jul, Mary RANDOLPH (born 1725 Oct 15, died 1803 Oct 13).

1p. Mary Randolph LEWIS; married Col. Charles LEWIS (see below).

3o. Capt. James LEWIS, born 1726 Oct 6, died 1764 May 21; married 1752 Dec 25, as 1st husband, Elizabeth TAYLOR (born 1735 Jul 9, died 1832 Nov 5).

4o. Howell LEWIS, born 1731 Sep 13, died 1813 Nov 21; married Isabella WILLIS (born 1733 Jun 10, died 1813 Jul 5, Granville co, NC) (see below).

5o. Col. Robert LEWIS, born 1739 May 29, died 1803 Jan 10; married 1760 Feb, Jane WOODSON (born 1741/42, died 1818 Feb 15).

6o. Elizabeth LEWIS, born 1724 Apr 23; married William KENNON.

7o. Mary LEWIS, born 1729 Apr 26, died 1733 Jan 12.

8o. Ann LEWIS, born 1733 Mar 2, fl. 1807; married Edmund TAYLOR (born 1723 May 12, died 1808).

9o. Mary LEWIS, born 1736 Sep 23, died 1740.

10o. Frances LEWIS, born 1744 Aug 1; married Robert LEWIS (see below).

3n. Col. Robert LEWIS, bap. 1704 May, Gloucester, VA, died 1766; married 1st, Jane MERIWETHER; married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Elizabeth THORNTON (died 1774 sp).

1o. Col. John LEWIS, born 1726, diued 1790; married Catherine FAUNTLEROY (born 1733, died 1797).

2o. Col. Nicholas LEWIS, died 1808 Dec 8; married 1758 Nov 2, Mary WALKER (born 1742 Jul 24, Albemarle co, VA, died 1824).

3o. Col. Charles LEWIS, born 1730, died 1777; married Mary Randolph LEWIS (see above).

4o. Capt. William LEWIS, born 1735; married as 1st husband, Lucy MERIWETHER (born 1752, died ca 1837).

5o. Robert LEWIS, born ca 1738, died 1781; married 1760 Sep 3, Frances LEWIS (see above).

6o. Jane LEWIS, born 1728 Jan 1; married Thomas MERIWETHER.

7o. Mary LEWIS, died 1813; married 1st, Samuel COBBS (died 1758); married 2nd, Waddy THOMSON (died 1801).

8o. Mildred LEWIS; married by 1757, Maj. John LEWIS.

9o. Ann LEWIS, born ca 1731; married John LEWIS (born 1729 Oct 18, died 1780 Sep 12).

10o. Sarah LEWIS; married Dr. Waller LEWIS (born 1739 Sep 11, died 1808 Jan 31).

11o. Elizabeth LEWIS, died 1756/57; married as 1st wife, Rev. Robert BARRET (born 1712, died 1798, Albemarle co, VA).

4n. Mildred LEWIS, born ca 1700, died 1733; married 1st, John HOWELL (born ca 1698, died 1723/24; married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Dr. John BROWN (died 1726); married 3rd, 1726 Oct 30, as 2nd wife, Col. Henry WILLIS (born 1691/92, died 1740 Sep 14).

1o. John WILLIS, born 1728 Jul 16; married Nanny _______.

2o. Mildred HOWELL, born 1723, died 1783 Nov, Charles City co, VA; married 1742, William LIGHTFOOT (born 1723/24, died 1764 Jun 10).

3o. Elizabeth WILLIS, born 1730 Jan 12; married John CLAYTON (born 1725, fl. 1783).

4o. Ann WILLIS, born 1731 Sep 14, died 1804; married as 2nd wife, Duff GREEN (died before 1766 May 26).

5o. Isabella WILLIS; married Howell LEWIS (see above).

5n. Catherine LEWIS, bap. 1705 Nov 2.

6n. Elizabeth LEWIS, bap. 1705 Nov 2, died young.

7n. Elizabeth LEWIS; married Maj. John BOLLING.

8n. Isabella LEWIS, bap. 1707 Dec 18, died 1742 Nov 5; married 1729 Jul 14, Dr. Thomas CLAYTON (bap. 1702, Gloucester, VA, died there, 1739 Oct 17).

1o. Juliana CLAYTON, born 1731 May 17, died 1734 May 12.

9n. Mary LEWIS, born 1709 Feb 20, Gloucester, VA, died 1748; married 1730 Aug 14, as 1st wife, Robert THROCKMORTON (born 1704/05, died 1770 Aug 20).

1o. John THROCKMORTON, born 1731 Dec 20, died 1775; married 1st, Rebecca RICHARDSON; married 2nd, Elizabeth COOKE.

2o. Robert THROCKMORTON, born 1736 Nov 20; married Lucy THROCKMORTON.

3o. Gabriel THROCKMORTON, born 1735 Aug 16, died young.

4o. Albion THROCKMORTON, born 1740 Nov, died young.

5o. Frances THROCKMORTON, born 1733 Dec 21; married William DEBNAM of Gloucester co, VA.

6o. Elizabeth THROCKMORTON; married Barton DAVIS of Northumberland co, VA.

7o. Mary THROCKMORTON; married Thomas Reade THROCKMORTON.

10n. Anne LEWIS, bap. 1713 Feb 14.

11-14n. Four children, died young.

7l. Elizabeth READE, born 1651, died 1717; married Capt. Thomas CHISMAN (born ca 1652, died 1715).

1m. Capt. Thomas CHISMAN, died 1722 Dec 11, York co, VA; married Anne HAYWARD.

1n. Edmund CHISMAN, died 1735 Aug; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth CHAPMAN (born 1709 Dec 28, died 1782 Jun 17).

1o. Thomas CHISMAN, died 1770 Apr 2; married 1st, Elizabeth _______ (died 1757 Apr 23); married 2nd, Diana MOSS (born 1735 Dec 22).

1p. Edmund CHISMAN, born 1751 May 20, died 1784 Apr 13; married Mary ROBINSON (born 1759 Dec 2, died 1781 Nov 19) (see above).

2p. Thomas CHISMAN, born 1753 Nov 13, died 1754 Dec 4.

3p. Thomas CHISMAN, born 1759 Jul 3, died 1798/99, Hampton, VA; married as 1st husband, _______ (died ca 1813).

4p. George CHISMAN, born 1761 Apr 26, died 1786.

5p. John CHISMAN, born 1763 Apr 11, died 1782 Feb 14.

6p. Mount Edward CHISMAN, died 1804 Jul 30; married (Mary?) _______.

7p. James CHISMAN, born 1770 Apr 24.

8p. Anne CHISMAN, born 1755 Aug 28, bur. 1832 Jan 15; married William HOWARD (born 1759 Feb 23, died 1813).

9p. Diana CHISMAN, born 1765 May 5.

2o. John CHISMAN, died 1803; married 1st, Mary BUCKNER; married 2nd, Mary CURTIS; married 3rd, as 2nd husband, Elizabeth WILLS (died 1808).

(1)1p. John Buckner CHISMAN, born 1768 Apr 2.

(2)2p. Miles Cary CHISMAN, born 1781 Jan 27.

(2)3p. George CHISMAN, born 1783 Jun 8.

(2)4p. Elias CHISMAN, died 1814; married Mary R. _______.

(2)5p. Robert Todd CHISMAN.

(1)6p. Mary CHISMAN, born 1765 Nov 3; married Robert TABB.

(2)7p. Martha CHISMAN.

3o. Mary CHISMAN; married by 1757, _______ MOSS; married 2nd, Isaac HOBDAY.

1p. Edward MOSS, died 1785; married Barbara _______.

2p. Elizabeth MOSS; married 1st, as 2nd wife, Thomas PESCUD (born 1727 Mar 7, died 1781 Sep 25); married 2nd, 1785 Dec, Hawkins READE.

3p. Mary HOBDAY.

4p. Mildred HOBDAY.

5p. Nancy Buckner HOBDAY, born 1766 Mar 30.

4o. Ann CHISMAN; married 1st, _______ BROWN; married 2nd, _______ PHILLIPS.

1p. George BROWN.

2p. John BROWN.

3p. Elizabeth PHILLIPS.

2n. John CHISMAN, born 1713, died 1755; married Mary PHILLIPSON.

1o. Catherine CHISMAN, born 1729 Jul 3, died 1762; married James MOSS (born 1719 Aug 23).

1p. John MOSS.

2p. Edward MOSS.

3p. Ann MOSS; married _______ LOYD.

2o. Anna CHISMAN, born 1731 Mar 15; married as 1st wife, Thomas PESCUD (born 1727 Mar 7, died 1781 Sep 25).

1p. Robert PESCUD, died an infant.

2p. Mary PESCUD; married Robert MANSON (born 1748 Aug 17, died 1796).

1q. John MANSON, born 1773 Oct 21.

2q. Thomas Pescud MANSON, born 1782 Apr 9.

3q. Robert Pescud MANSON, born 1784 Jan 23.

4q. Anna MANSON, born 1771 Aug 20.

5q. Mary MANSON, born 1776 Jan 10.

6q. Hannah MANSON, born 1778 Jan 16, died 1784 Jun 24.

7q. Polly MANSON, born 1780 Jan 12.

8q. Hannah MANSON, born 1786 Jan 30.

3o. Elizabeth CHISMAN, born 1737 Jul 26, died 1737 Jul 27.

3n. George CHISMAN, died 1742; married Mary _______.

1o. Mildred CHISMAN, born 1739 Apr 29, died before 1775; married 1762 May, Michael NICHOLSON (born ca 1740, died 1777).

1p. George NICHOLSON.

2p. Robert NICHOLSON.

3p. Michael NICHOLSON.

4p. Chisman NICHOLSON.

5p. Mary NICHOLSON; married 1784 Dec, Marriott DAVIS of Wilson co, TN (died 1830).

4n. Thomas CHISMAN, died 1727 Apr 7; married Mildred _______.

5n. Anne CHISMAN.

6n. Mildred CHISMAN, died 1748 Sep 23.

7n. Elizabeth CHISMAN.

2m. John CHISMAN, born 1682 Mar 4, York co, VA, died there, 1728 Sep 19; married 1807 Dec 22, Ellinor HOWARD (born 1690 Jul 25, died 1767 Feb 8).

1n. John CHISMAN, born 1713 Jun 25, died 1735 Sep 4; married Frances _______.

1o. Col. John CHISMAN, died before 1781 Jun 18; married as 1st husband, Mary TABB (born 1755 Aug 9).

1p. Edmund Tabb CHISMAN, died 1807; married as 1st husband, Martha MORELAND.

2n. Henry CHISMAN, born 1720 Sep 3, died 1770 Apr 17; married Mary _______.

1o. John CHISMAN, died 1781.

2o. Mary CHISMAN, born 1749 Feb 5.

3n. Elizabeth CHISMAN, born 1709 Dec 15, died 1718 Mar 16.

4n. Diana CHISMAN, born 1715 Oct 12, died 1735 Nov 30; married as 1st wife, James GOODWIN (died 1757 Nov 8).

1o. John GOODWIN, born 1735 Nov 15, died 1783 May 15; married Elizabeth DOSWELL (born 1732/33).

1p. Thomas GOODWIN, born 1765 May 25, Hanover co, VA, died 1838 Apr, Nelson co, VA; married 1789, Temperance HARRIS.

2p. James GOODWIN, born 1768 Nov 28; married Fanny HARRIS.

3p. William Doswell GOODWIN, born 1774 Jul 28, died 1827 Dec 12; married 1814 Nov 12, Mary Wingfield COSBY (born 1793 Mar 17, died 1872 Sep 28).

4p. Edmund Chisman GOODWIN, born 1776 Oct 30, of Haywood co, TN; married 1st, _______ ANDERSON; married 2nd, 1810 Sep, Elizabeth WADDY; married 3rd, _______.

5p. Diana Chisman GOODWIN, born 1760 Feb 10, died 1849 Sep 29; married 1780 Dec 22, William HARRIS (born 1753 Jan 13, died 1802 Jan 26).

6p. Mary GOODWIN, born 1763 Jul 3; married John HARRIS (born 1756).

7p. Frances GOODWIN, born 1772 May 31; married Robert CLOUGH.

8p. Elizabeth Doswell GOODWIN, born 1779 Jul 28, died 1781 Jan 12.

9p. Elizabeth Doswell GOODWIN, born 1781 Sep 3, Hanover co, VA, died 1849 Jun 27; married Littleton GOODWIN (born ca 1778, died before 1823 May 12).

5n. Ellinor CHISMAN, born 1717 Nov 18, died 1765 May 22; married John SHEILD (born 1719 Nov 24, died 1770).

1o. Robert SHEILD, born 1750 Mar 12, died 1781 Oct 23; married Mary _______.

1p. John Ferguson SHEILD, born 1772; married Mitchell _______.

2p. Robert SHEILD, born 1774 May 13, died 1776.

3p. Patrick SHEILD, born 1776 Sep 30.

4p. Robert SHEILD, born 1779 Apr 4.

5p. Samuel SHEILD, born 1781 Mar 23.

2o. John SHEILD, born 1757 Nov 29, died 1783 Jan 16, unm.

3o. Sarah SHEILD, born 1745 Dec 21, died 1811 Nov 18; married 1st, William DUDLEY (died before 1771 Apr 15); married 2nd, William CARY.

1p. Maj. William DUDLEY; married Hannah CARY (born 1770, died 1803).

2p. Issue by 2nd husband.

4o. Mary SHEILD, born 1747 Oct 16; married Simon HOLLIER.

1p. Mary HOLLIER, born 1766 Apr.

5o. Eleanor SHEILD, born 1752 Mar 23; married as 1st wife, Capt. William MITCHELL (died 1786).

1p. William MITCHELL.

6n. Mary CHISMAN, born 1723 Nov 4, died 1781 Mar 21; married 1744 Oct 2, Harwood JONES (died 1771 Feb 9).

3m. George CHISMAN, born 1689 Jan 5, died 1710 Oct 6, unm.

4m. Mildred CHISMAN, born 1676 Feb 19, died 1720; married as 1st wife, Col. Lawrence SMITH (died 1739 Feb 27).

1n. Edmund SMITH (died 1751); married Agnes SCLATER (born 1707 May 26).

1o. Lawrence SMITH, died 1788; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, Elizabeth TABB (died 1812).

(1)1p. John Tabb SMITH; married 1st, Janet Rule COSBY; married 2nd, 1811 Sep 4, Hampton, VA, as 2nd husband, Diana MALLORY.

(1)2p. Augustine SMITH; married _______.

(2)3p. Peyton SMITH.

(2)4p. George SMITH.

(1)5p. Mildred SMITH.

2o. Thomas SMITH; married 1766, Elizabeth ARMISTEAD.

1p. Elizabeth SMITH, born 1767 Aug 22, died 1849 Jan 30; married 1789 Jan 8, Robert ARMISTEAD of Elizabeth City co, VA (born 1766 Aug 9, died 1817 Aug 31).

2p. Mary SMITH; married _______ YOUNG.

3o. Mildred SMITH, born 1731/32, died 1778 Dec 10; married David JAMESON (died 1793 Jul 10).

4o. Mary SMITH.

5m. Elizabeth CHISMAN, born 1681 Nov 8; married _______ LUCAS.

6m. Mary CHISMAN, fl. 1713; married Edward ATHEY (born 1675 Mar 28, fl. 1713).

7m. Jane CHISMAN, born 1687 Mar 21.

8m. Sarah CHISMAN, born 1690 May 2.

9m. Anne CHISMAN, born 1692 Dec 20.

9l. Anne READE, born 1652, York, VA; married ca 1690, George HOLMES (born 1667, New Kent, VA).

1m. Anne HOLMES, born 1695 Dec 19, Farnham, Yorks, died 1736 Mar 11, Louisa co, VA); married 1711, New Kent co, VA, David MERIWETHER (born 1690, New Kent, VA, died 1744 Dec 25, VA).

1n. Thomas MERIWETHER, born 1714 Oct 31, Louisa co, VA, died 1756, Fredericksville, VA; married 1735, Spotsylvania co, VA, Elizabeth Mary THORNTON (born 1722, Caroline co, VA, died 1757).

2n. Francis MERIWETHER, born 1717, VA, died 1793, SC; married Mary Waller LEWIS.

3n. Nicholas MERIWETHER, born 1719 Dec, Louisa co, VA, died 1758 May 3, Goochland co, VA; married ca 1740, VA, Frances MORTON (born ca 1720, Richmond, VA).

4n. James MERIWETHER, born 1729 Jun 1, Hanover co, VA, died 1801 Sep 26, Louisa co, VA; married 1753, Louisa co, VA, Judith Hardinia BURNLEY (born ca 1727, Charlottesville, VA).

5n. William MERIWETHER, born 1730 Dec 25, Louisa co, VA, died 1790 Dec 24, Jefferson co, KY; married 1751 Jul 17, Goochland co, VA, Martha Cox WOOD (born 1731 Jul 12, Goochland, co, VA, died 1801 Oct 17, Jefferson co, KY).

6n. Anne MERIWETHER, born 1721 Nov 11, Louisa co, VA, died 1792; married Thomas Ballard SMITH.

10l. Margaret READE, born ca 1654, York, VA.

11l. Mary READE, born ca 1658, VA.

6k. Francis READE, born ca 1614; married Frances _______.

1l. Thomas READE, born ca 1649; married Elizabeth TIPLADY.

1m. Thomas READE, born ca 1674, Warwick, VA, died ca 1700; married Ann CARY.

2m. John READE.

7k. Alicia READE, bap. 1607 May 11; married Thomas FARWELL of Somerset.

8k. Anne READE.

4j. Margaret WINDEBANKE, bap. 1584 Aug 12.

10i. Susan DYMOKE, born 1546, died 1620 Jul 5; married 1st, Arthur WALPOLE of Pinchbeck, Lincs (born 1547); married 2nd, Sir Thomas LAMBERT of Pinchbeck.

11i. Sarah DYMOKE.

12i. Katharine DYMOKE; married Charles BOLLES of Haugh.

5h. Margaret TALBOYS; married George VERNON.

6h. Elizabeth TALBOYS; married Sir Christopher WILLOUGHBY of Parham.

4g. Margaret GASCOIGNE, fl. 1515; married Ralph OGLE, 3rd Baron Ogle (cr 1461 Jul 26), born 1468 Nov 7, died 1513 Jan 16.

5g. Agnes GASCOIGNE; married Sir Thomas FAIRFAX of Walton.

6g. Dorothy GASCOIGNE; married Sir Ninian MARKENFELD of Markenfeld.

7g. Elinor GASCOIGNE, died unm.

8g. Maude GASCOIGNE, died unm.

9g. Joan GASCOIGNE, died unm.

4f. Lady Elizabeth PERCY, fl. 1512; married ca 1480, Henry LE SCROPE, 6th Baron Scrope of Bolton (cr 1371 Jan 8) (born ca 1468, died 1506).

1g. Henry LE SCROPE, 7th Baron Scrope of Bolton, died ca 1533 Dec; married 1st, before 1494 Apr 20, Alice LE SCROPE (7th) Baroness Scrope of Masham (born ca 1481, died ca 1510) (see below); married 2nd, Hon. Mabel DACRE (Dacre of Gilsland, B).

2g. Hon. John LE SCROPE.

3g. Hon. Agnes LE SCROPE; married Thomas RYTHER.

4g. Hon. Elizabeth LE SCROPE; married Bryan STAPLETON.

5g. Hon. Joan LE SCROPE; married John LUMLEY, 6th Baron Lumley.

6g. Hon. Eleanor LE SCROPE, died unm.

7g. Hon. Catherine LE SCROPE, died unm.

8g. Hon. Anne LE SCROPE; married John VAVASOUR.

5e. Hon. Sir Thomas PERCY, 1st Baron Egremont (cr 1449 Nov 20), born 1422 Nov 29, died 1460 Jul 10 unm.

6e. Hon. George PERCY, a priest, born 1424.

7e. Hon. Sir Ralph PERCY, born 1425 Aug 11, died 1464 Apr 25; married Eleanor ACTON.

1f. Sir Henry PERCY, died 1486; married _______.

1g. John PERCY.

2g. Margery PERCY; married 1st, Sir Henry WIDDRINGTON; married 2nd, Sir William ELLERKER.

2f. Sir Ralph PERCY.

3f. Sir George PERCY, died sp; married, on or before 1491 Jul 4, as 2nd husband, Eleanor HYLTON.

4f. Margaret PERCY; married Sir Ralph HARBOTTLE.

8e. Hon. Sir Richard PERCY, born ca 1426, died sp; married Catherine NEVILL.

9e. Hon. William PERCY, Bishop of Carlisle, born 1428 Apr 7, died 1462.

10e. Lady Joan PERCY, a nun.

11e. Lady Catherine PERCY, born 1423 May 28; married, before 1459 Jan, Edmund GREY, 4th Baron Grey de Ruthin (cr 1325 Oct 10), 1st Earl of Kent (cr 1465 May 30) (born 1416 Oct 26, died 1490 May 22) (see below).

12e. Lady Anne PERCY, died 1437; married 1st, Sir Thomas HUNGERFORD; married 2nd, Sir Lawrence RAYSFORD; married 3rd, Sir Hugh VAUGHAN.

2d. Lady Elizabeth PERCY, died 1437 Oct 26; married 1st, John DE CLIFFORD, 7th Baron Clifford (cr 1299 Dec 29) (born 1389, died 1422 Mar 13); married 2nd, 1426, Ralph NEVILL, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (born 1406/07, died 1484 Nov 3).

3d. Hon. Alice CAMOYS; married Sir Leonard HASTINGS.

4c. Philippa MORTIMER, born 1375 Nov 21, died 1400 Sep 26 sps; married 1st, as 2nd wife, ca 1385, John HASTINGS, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (cr 1339 Oct 13), 5th Baron Hastings (cr 1290 May 29), 3rd Baron Mauny (cr 1347 Nov 13) (born 1372 Nov 11, died 1389 Jun 30); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, 1390 Aug 15, Richard FITZALAN, 11th Earl of Arundel, KG (cr 1067), 10th Earl of Surrey (cr 1088) (born 1346, died 1397 Sep 21); married 3rd, as 2nd wife, after 1398 Apr, Thomas POYNINGS, 5th Baron St. John of Basing (cr 1299 Dec 29) (died 1429 Mar 7).

1e. _______ FITZALAN (son), died young.

4a. Prince John of Gaunt, KG, 1st Earl of Richmond (cr 1342 Nov 20), 1st Duke of Lancaster (cr 1362 Nov 13), Duke of Aquitaine (for life 1389 Mar 2), born 1340 Mar, Ghent, died 1399 Feb 3; married 1st, 1359 May 13, Blanche (Plantaganet) (born 1345 Mar 25, died 1369 Sep 12); married 2nd, 1371 Sep, Princess Constanza of Castile and Leon (born 1354, died 1394 Mar 24); married 3rd, 1396 Jan 13, as 2nd husband, Catherine ROET (born 1350, died 1403 May 10).

(1)1b. Prince John of England, born ca 1362, died young.

(1)2b. Prince Edward of England, born ca 1365, died young.

(1)3b. Prince John of England, born before 1366 May 4, died young.

(1)4b. King Henry IV of England, born 1367 Apr 3, deposed King Richard II 1399 Sep 29, died 1413 Mar 20; married 1st, 1380/81, Lady Mary de BOHUN (Hereford, E) (born ca 1370, died 1394 Jun 4); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, 1403 Feb 7, Princess Joan of Navarre (born ca 1370, died 1437 Jul 9).

1c. A Prince, born 1382 Apr, died an infant.

2c. King Henry V of England, born 1387 Sep 16, died 1422 Aug 31; married 1420 Jun 2, as 1st husband, Princess Catherine of France (born 1401 Oct 27, died 1437 Jan 3).

1d. King Henry VI of England, born 1421 Dec 6, died 1471 May 21; married 1444 Nov (by proxy) and 1445 Apr 23 (in person) Margaret of Anjou (born 1429 Mar 23, died 1482 Aug 25).

1e. Prince Edward of England, Prince of Wales, born 1453 Oct 13, died 1471 May 4 sp; married 1470 Aug, Amboise, as 1st husband, Lady Anne NEVILL (born 1456 Jun 11, died 1485 Mar 16) (see below).

3c. Prince Thomas of England, KG, 1st Duke of Clarence and Earl of Albemarle (cr 1412 Jul 9), born 1388, died 1421 Mar 22 sp; married 1412, Lady Margaret de HOLAND (Kent, E) (born 1385, died 1439 Dec 31).

4c. Prince John of England, KG, Duke of Bedford and Earl of Kendal (cr 1414 May 16), 1st Earl of Richmond (cr 1414 Nov 24), born 1389 Jun 20, died 1435 Sep 15 sps; married 1st, 1423 Apr 17, Anne of Burgundy (born 1404/05, died 1432 Nov 14); married 2nd, 1433 Apr 22, as 1st husband, Jacquette de LUXEMBOURG (born ca 1416, died 1469 Aug 12).

1d. A child, born and died 1432 Nov, Paris.

5c. Prince Humphrey of England, KG, 1st Duke of Gloucester and Earl of Pembroke (cr 1414 May 16), born 1390 Aug or Sep, died 1447 Feb 23 spl; married 1st, 1422 (annulled 1428), as 3rd husband, Jacqueline of Holland; married 2nd, before 1431, Eleanor de COBHAM (Cobham of Sterborough, B).

6c. Princess Blanche of England, born 1392 Spring, died 1400 May 22; married 1402 Jul 6, Cologne, as 1st wife, Ludwig III, Duke of Bavaria, Elector Palatine of the Rhine (died 1436 Dec 29, Heidelberg).

1d. Rupprecht von der Pfalz, born 1406 May 22, died 1426 May 20 unm.

7c. Princess Philippa of England, born 1394 Jul 4, died 1430 Jan 5 sp; married 1406 Oct 26, Erik IX of Pomeria, King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway (died 1459).

(2)5b. Prince John of England, born 1374, died an infant.

(3)6b. John BEAUFORT, KG, born ca 1371, died 1410 Apr 21, 1st Earl of Somerset (cr 1397 Feb 10), 1st Marquess of Dorset and Somerset (cr 1397 Sep 29); married before 1399 Apr 23, as 1st husband, Lady Margaret de HOLAND (Kent, E) (born 1385, died 1439 Dec 31).

1c. Henry BEAUFORT, 2nd Earl of Somerset, born 1401 Oct, died 1418 Nov 25.

2c. John BEAUFORT, 3rd Earl of Somerset, 1st Duke of Somerset and Earl of Kendal (cr 1443 Aug 28), born before 1404 Mar 25, died 1444 May 27; married 1439, as 2nd husband, Hon. Margaret BEAUCHAMP (Beauchamp of Bletso, B) (died 1482 Aug 8).

1d. Lady Margaret BEAUFORT, born 1443 May 31, died 1509 Jun 29; married 1st, as 1st wife, 1450 (div before 1453 Mar 24), John DE LA POLE, 2nd Duke of Suffolk (cr 1448 Jun 2) (born 1442 Sep 27, died 1491/92); married 2nd, 1455, Edmund TUDOR, 1st Earl of Richmond (cr 1452 Nov 23) (born ca 1430, died 1456 Nov 3); married 3rd, ca 1459, Lord Henry STAFFORD (Buckingham, D) (born 1428, died 1471 Oct 4); married 4th, as 2nd wife, before 1473 Oct, Thomas STANLEY, 2nd Baron Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby (cr 1485 Oct 27) (born ca 1435, died 1504 Jul 29).

1e. King Henry VII of England, born 1457 Jan 28, died 1509 Apr 21; married 1486 Jan 18, Princess Elizabeth of England (born 1465 Feb 11, died 1503 Feb 11). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Tudor Roll, Nos. 1-19572.

3c. Thomas BEAUFORT, styled Earl of Perche, born 1405, died 1432 unm.

4c. Edmund BEAUFORT, KG, 4th Earl of Somerset, 1st Marquess of Dorset (cr 1443 Jun 24), 1st Duke of Somerset (cr 1448 Mar 31), born 1406, died 1455 May 22; married 1431/35, as 2nd husband, Lady Eleanor BEAUCHAMP (Warwick, E) (born 1408, died 1468 Mar 6).

1d. Henry BEAUFORT, 2nd Duke of Somerset, born 1436 Jan 26, died 1464 May 15 unm. (ancestor of the Dukes of Beaufort.)

2d. Lord Edmund BEAUFORT, but for his and his brother's attainder 3rd Duke of Somerset, born before 1440, died 1471 May 6 unm.

3d. Lord John BEAUFORT, died 1471 May 4 unm.

4d. Lord Thomas BEAUFORT, died before 1465.

5d. Lady Margaret BEAUFORT, died 1474; married 1st, Humphrey STAFFORD, Earl of Stafford (born 1428, died 1455 May 22); married 2nd, Sir Richard DAYRELL (died 1474).

1e. Hon. Humphrey STAFFORD, died young.

2e. Henry STAFFORD, 2nd Duke of Buckingham (cr 1441 Sep 14), born 1455 Sep 4, died 1483 Nov 2; married, as 1st husband, Lady Katharine WYDVILLE (Rivers, E).

1f. Edward STAFFORD, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, born 1478 Feb 3, died 1521 May 17; married 1490, as 1st husband, Lady Eleanor PERCY (Northumberland, E) (died 1530 Feb 13). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 43482-132833.

2f. Henry STAFFORD, Earl of Wiltshire (cr 1510 Jan 28), born ca 1479, died 1523 Apr 6 spl; married as 2nd husband, Cecile BONVILLE, (7th) Baroness Harington, (2nd) Baroness Bonville (born ca 1461, died 1529 May 12 (see below).

3f. Lord Humphrey STAFFORD, died young.

4f. Lady Elizabeth STAFFORD, died 1530/32; married 1505, as 1st wife, Robert RADCLIFFE, 1st Earl of Sussex (cr 1529 Dec 8), 10th Baron FitzWalter (cr 1295 Jun 24) (born ca 1483, died 1542 Nov 23).

1g. Sir Henry RADCLIFFE, 2nd Earl of Sussex, 11th Baron FitzWalter, KG, born ca 1507, died 1557 Feb 17; married 1st, before 1524 May 21, Lady Elizabeth HOWARD (Norfolk, D) (died 1534 Sep 18); married 2nd, before 1538 Nov 21, (div) Anne CALTHORP.

(1)1h. Sir Thomas RADCLIFFE, 3rd Earl of Sussex, 12th Baron FitzWalter, KG, born ca 1525, died 1583 Jun 9; married 1st, before 1545 Nov 1, Lady Elizabeth WRIOTHESLEY (Southampton, E) (bur. 1555 Jan 16); married 2nd, 1555 Apr, Frances SYDNEY (born 1530/31, died 1589 Mar 9 sp).

1i. Lady _______ RADCLIFFE, died an infant.

(1)2h. Sir Henry RADCLIFFE, 4th Earl of Sussex, 13th Baron FitzWalter, KG, born ca 1532, died 1593 Dec 14; married 1549 Feb, Honor POUND (died 1593).

1i. Sir Robert RADCLIFFE, 5th Earl of Sussex, 14th Baron FitzWalter, born 1573 Jun 12, died 1629 Sep 22; married 1st, ca 1592, Bridget MORRISON (bap. 1575 Mar 11, bur. 1623 Dec 11); married 2nd, 1623 Dec, as 2nd husband, Frances MEAUTYS (died 1627 Nov 18).

1j. Sir Henry RADCLIFFE, Viscount FitzWalter, born 1596 Aug 1, bur. 1620 Sep 15 sp; married 1614 Feb 28, as 1st husband, Jane STANHOPE.

2j. Hon. Sir Thomas RADCLIFFE, born 1597 Jul 15, but 1619 Aug 14 unm.

3j. Lady Elizabeth RADCLIFFE, born 1594 May 31, died 1618 Dec 6; married 1608 Feb 8, Sir John RAMSAY, 1st Viscount of Haddington (cr 1606 Jun 11 S), 1st Earl of Holdernesse (cr 1621 Jan 22) (born ca 1580, died 1626 Feb 28).

1k. Hon. James RAMSAY, bur. 1618 Feb 28.

2k. Hon. Charles RAMSAY, Baron of Kingston, bap. 1618 May 17, bur. 1621 Mar 25.

4j. Lady Honor RADCLIFFE, born 1598 Aug 27, bur. 1613 May 14.

(1)3h. Hon. Francis RADCLIFFE.

(2)4h. Hon. Egremont RADCLIFFE, died 1578 Dec, Namur, unm.

(2)5h. Hon. Frances RADCLIFFE, born 1552, died 1627; married 1580, Sir Thomas MILDMAY of Moulsham, Essex (died 1608 Jul 11).

1i. Sir Thomas MILDMAY, 1st Bt (cr 1611 Jun 29), died 1626 Feb 13 sp; married 1st, Elizabeth PUCKERING; married 2nd, Anne SAVILE.

2i. Sir Henry MILDMAY, de jure 15th Baron FitzWalter, born ca 1585, died 1654; married Elizabeth DARCY.

1j. Robert MILDMAY, died 1646; married Mary EDMONDS.

1k. Henry MILDMAY, de jure 16th Baron FitzWalter, bur. 1662 Mar 24 unm.

2k. Benjamin MILDMAY, 17th Baron FitzWalter, born ca 1646, died 1679 Jun 1; married 1669 Dec 6, Hon. Catharine FAIRFAX (Fairfax of Emley, V) (born ca 1648, died 1725 Mar 20).

1l. Charles MILDMAY, 18th Baron FitzWalter, born 1670 Aug 31, died 1728 Feb 16 sp; married 1693 Jun 8, Elizabeth BERTIE (born 1675 Jul 24, died 1738 Dec 20).

2l. Benjamin MILDMAY, 19th Baron FitzWalter, 1st Earl FitzWalter (cr 1730 May 14), bap. 1672 Dec 27, died 1756 Feb 29; married 1724 Jun 18, as 2nd husband, Lady Frederick SCHOMBERG (Schomberg, D) (born 1687/88, died 1751 Aug 7).

1m. Hon. _______ MILDMAY, born 1725 Aug 18, died an infant.

3k. Mary MILDMAY; married Henry MILDMAY of Graces, Essex.

1l. Mary MILDMAY, died sp; married Charles GOODWIN of Rovant, Sussex.

2l. Lucy MILDMAY; married Thomas GARDINER of Tollesbury, Essex.

1m. Lucy GARDINER; married 1728, Sir Richard BACON, Bt.

2m. Jemima GARDINER; married John JOSEPH.

1n. Jemima JOSEPH; married Robert DUKE. Issue, if any, unknown.

3l. Elizabeth MILDMAY, died sp; married Edmund WATRERSON.

4l. Frances MILDMAY, died 1705; married Christopher FOWLER.

1m. Edmund FOWLER of Graces, Essex, died 1751; married Elizabeth PATESHULL.

1n. Fanny FOWLER; married Sir Brook BRIDGES, Bt.

5l. Katherine MILDMAY; married Col. Thomas TOWNSHEND.

2j. Henry MILDMAY, died sp.

3j. Charles MILDMAY; married Martha HARRIS.

1k. Mary MILDMAY, died 1690; married Sir Charles TYRRELL, 2nd Bt (cr 1666 Oct 22) (died 1714 Feb 3).

1l. Sir John TYRRELL, 3rd Bt, died 1729 Jun 21; married 1st, Mary DOLLIFF; married 2nd, _______ COTTON.

2l. _______ TYRRELL; married Col. _______ WYNDHAM of Earlsham.

3i. Anthony MILDMAY.

4i. Anne MILDMAY; married 1st, Sir Roger APPLETON, 1st Bt (cr 1611 Jun 29); married 2nd, John PASCHALL of Badow.

1j. Sir Henry APPLETON, 2nd Bt; married Joan SHELDON.

2j. Frances APPLETON; married Francis GOLDSMITH of Dartford.

3j. Mary APPLETON; married Thomas HANLEY.

2g. Hon. George RADCLIFFE, died before 1532 May 16 sp; married, as 1st husband, Hon. Katherine MARNY (Marny, B).

3g. Hon. Sir Humphrey RADCLIFFE of Elnestow, Beds, died 1566; married Isabel HARVEY.

1h. Thomas RADCLIFFE, died before 1624 unm.

2h. Sir Edward RADCLIFFE, 6th Earl of Sussex, born ca 1555, died 1643 Jul sp; married 1st, 1582/83, as 2nd husband, Elizabeth PETRE; married 2nd, 1594 May 30, as 3rd husband, Jane HYNDE; married 3rd, 1634 May 22, as 2nd husband, Eleanor WORTLEY (died 1667 Jan 20).


4h. Frances RADCLIFFE; married Sir Henry CHEEKE.

1i. Sir Thomas CHEEKE of Pirgo, Essex, died 1659; married 1st, Catharine OSBORN (died sp); married 2nd, Lady Essex RICH (Warwick, E).

1j. Robert CHEEKE, unsuccessfully claimed the Barony of FitzWalter, died 1668 sp.

2j. Thomas CHEEKE, died 1688; married _______.

3j. Anthony CHEEKE, died 1670, VA; married _______.

4j. Isabel CHEEKE; married 1651, Sir Francis GERARD, 2nd Bt (cr 1620 Apr 13).

1k. Sir Charles GERARD, 3rd Bt; married Honora SEYMOUR (Seymour of Trowbridge, B).

1l. Elizabeth GERARD; married 1st, Warwick LAKE; married 2nd, Miles STAPLETON.

2k. Sir Francis GERARD, 4th Bt, died 1704 Aug unm.

3k. Sir Cheek GERARD, 5th Bt, died 1715 Feb unm.

5j. Elizabeth CHEEKE; married as 1st wife, Sir Richard FRANKLIN, 1st Bt (cr 1660 Oct 16).

1k. Sir Richard FRANKLIN, 2nd Bt; married as 2nd husband, Lady Anne RICH (Warwick, E).

2k. Sir Thomas FRANKLIN, 3rd Bt, died 1728 Oct 5 sp; married as 2nd husband, Mary HAWTREY.

3k. Robert FRANKLIN, died unm.

4k. Essex FRANKLIN, died young.

6j. Essex CHEEKE, died 1658 Sep 28; married 1st, Sir Robert BEVILL of Chesterton, Hunts; married 2nd, 1642 Dec 20, as 3rd wife, Edward MONTAGU, 2nd Earl of Manchester (cr 1626 Feb 5) (born 1602, died 1671 May 7).

7j. Anne CHEEKE; married 1st, Richard ROGERS of Bryanston, Dorset; married 2nd, as 2nd wife, 1645 Oct 3, Robert RICH, 3rd Earl of Warwick (cr 1618 Aug 6) (born 1611 Jun 28, died 1659 May 30).

1k. Elizabeth ROGERS, born 1643, died 1661 Apr 21; married 1st, Charles CAVENDISH, Viscount Mansfield, MP (born ca 1626, died 1659 Jun sp); married 2nd, as 1st wife, Charles STUART, 3rd Duke of Richmond (cr 1641 Aug 8) (born 1639 Mar 7, died 1672 Dec 12).

1l. Lady _______ STUART, born 1661 Apr 21, bur. 1662 Mar 28.

2k. Lady Anne RICH; married 1st, 1664 Nov 8, Thomas BARRINGTON; married 2nd, Sir Richard FRANKLIN, 2nd Bt (see above).

3k. Lady Mary RICH; married 1673 Dec 11, Henry ST. JOHN, 1st Viscount St. John.

4k. Lady Essex RICH; married 1674 Jun 16, Daniel FINCH, 2nd Earl of Nottingham.

2i. Elizabeth CHEEKE; married John MOLLE.

1j. Henry MOLLE.

5h. Elizabeth RADCLIFFE; married Henry OWEN of Wootton, Beds.

6h. Martha RADCLIFFE; married as 2nd wife, William GOSTWICK of Willington, Beds.

1i. Edward GOSTWICK; married Anne GOSTWICK (Gostwick, Bt).

2l. Thomas GOSTWICK.

5f. Lady Anne STAFFORD; married 1st, 1489, Hon. Sir Walter HERBERT (died 1507 Sep 16 sp) (Pembroke, E); married 2nd, 1509 Dec, George HASTINGS, 1st Earl of Huntingdon (cr 1529 Dec 8), 3rd Baron Hastings (cr 1461 Jul 26) (born 1488, died 1544 Mar 24) (see below). Issue.

3e. Margaret DAYRELL; married, as 1st wife, James TUCHET, 7th Baron Audley (cr 1313 Jan 8) (born ca 1463, died 1497 Jun 28).

1f. George TUCHET, 8th Baron AUDLEY, born ca 1483, died before 1558 Jan 20; married Mary GRIFFIN. Issue.

2f. Hon. Richard TUCHET.

3f. Hon. Edward TUCHET, died unm.

6d. Lady Eleanor BEAUFORT; married 1st, as 2nd wife, James BUTLER, 5th Earl of Ormonde, KG (cr 1328 I), 1st Earl of Wiltshire (cr 1449 Jul 8) (born 1420 Nov 24, died 1461 May 1); married 2nd, ca 1470, Sir Robert SPENCER (fl. 1492 Mar 13).

1e. Margaret SPENCER, born 1471; married Thomas CARY.

1f. Sir John CARY, born ca 1495, died before 1552 Sep 8; married ca 1535, as 2nd husband, Joyce DENNY (died 1560). Issue.

2f. William CARY, died 1528 Jun 22; married Mary BOLEYN. Issue.

3f. Edward CARY, died 1567 unm.

4f. Mary CARY; married John DELAVAL. Issue.

5f. Eleanor CARY, a nun.

6f. Anne CARY, a nun.

7f. Margaret CARY, died unm.

2e. Catherine SPENCER, born 1477, bur. 1542 Oct 19; married before 1502, Henry Algernon PERCY, 4th Earl of Northumberland (cr 1416 Mar 16) (born 1478 Jan 14, died 1527 May 19). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 1-43481.

7d. Lady Elizabeth BEAUFORT, died before 1492; married Sir Henry FITZLEWIS.

1e. Mary FITZLEWIS; married 1st, before 1480 Oct, as 2nd wife, Anthony WYDEVILL, 2nd Earl Rivers (cr 1466 May 24) (born ca 1440, died 1483 Jun 25 sp); married 2nd, Sir George NEVILLE.

1f. Anne NEVILLE; married Sir John MARKHAM. Issue.

8d. Lady Margaret/Mary BEAUFORT; married _______ BURGH.

1e. Thomas BURGH.

2e. Edward BURGH.

9d. Lady Anne BEAUFORT; married Sir William PAXTON (born 1434 Jun 28, died after 1496 Nov 28).

1e. Mary PAXTON, born 1470 Jan 19, died 1489 unm.

2e. Margaret PAXTON, born 1471 Jul 19, died 1474.

3e. Agnes PAXTON, born ca 1472; married 1490, Gilbert TALBOT (died 1542 Oct 22).

1f. Elizabeth TALBOT; married Sir Henry LITTLETON. Issue.

2f. Mary TALBOT, died sp; married Thomas ASTLEY of Pateshull. Issue.

4e. Elizabeth PAXTON; married 1st, John SAVILE of Thornhill (died 1504); married 2nd, Richard HASTINGS; married 3rd, Edward POYNINGS; married 4th, Robert GARGRAVE.

1f. Henry SAVILE, died 1558 Apr 15; married 1517 Aug 29, as 1st husband, Elizabeth SOTHILL. Issue.

2f. Anne SAVILE, died sp; married Henry THWAITES (died 1520 Jun 30).

3f. Margaret SAVILE, died 1550; married 1st, Thomas WORTLEY (died 1543 Apr 11); married 2nd, Richard CORBET (died 1564 Oct 5). Issue.

4f. Elizabeth SAVILE; married 1st, Thomas CONYERS; married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Thomas SOTHILL. Issue.

10d. Lady Joan BEAUFORT, died 1518 Aug 11; married 1st, ca 1478 Jun, Robert ST. LAWRENCE, 2nd Baron HOWTH (born ca 1435, died 1486); married 2nd, 1489, Sir Richard FRY (died 1504).

1e. Hon. Thomas ST. LAWRENCE; married Margaret HOLLYWOOD.

1f. Margaret St. LAWRENCE; married William BERMINGHAM. Issue.

2e. Hon. Walter ST. LAWRENCE, died unm.

3e. Hon. Christopher ST. LAWRENCE, died unm.

4e. Hon. Jane St. LAWRENCE; married Sir Thomas FITZSIMON.

1f. Edward FITZSIMON, died 1590; married Maude JANS. Issue.

2f. Alison FITZSIMON; married Robert TAYLOR.

3f. Joan FITZSIMON, died unm.

5e. Hon. Anne ST. LAWRENCE; married Walter GOLDING.

1f. Walter GOLDING; married Elizabeth TEW. Issue.

2f. John GOLDING; married _______. Issue.

5c. Joan BEAUFORT, died 1445 Jul 15; married 1st, 1424 Feb 2, James I, King of Scots (born 1394 Dec, died 1437 Feb 21); married 2nd, 1439, Sir James STEWART, "the Black Knight of Lorne."

1d. Prince Alexander of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay, born 1430 Oct 16, died an infant.

2d. James II, King of Scots, born 1430 Oct 16, died 1460 Aug 3; married 1449 Jul 3, Marie of Gueldres (died 1463 Dec 1).

1e. James III, King of Scots, born 1451 Jul 10, died 1488 Jun 11; married 1469 Jul 13, Princess Margaret of Denmark (died 1486 Jul 14).

1f. James IV, King of Scots, born 1473 Mar 17, died 1513 Sep 9; married 1503 Aug 8, as 1st husband, Princess Margaret (TUDOR) of England (born 1489 Nov 29, died 1541 Oct 18). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Tudor Roll, Nos. 1-19572.

[1g. Catherine STEWART; married James DOUGLAS, 3rd Earl of Morton (see below).]

2f. Prince James of Scotland, 1st Marquess of Ormond (cr 1478 Jan 29), 1st Duke of Ross (cr 1481 Jan 23), born 1476 Mar, died 1504 Jan 12 unm.

3f. Prince John of Scotland, 1st Earl of Mar (cr 1486 Mar 2), born 1479 Dec, died 1503 Mar 11 unm.

2e. Prince Alexander (STEWART) of Scotland, 1st Duke of Albany (cr 1455/58), born ca 1454, died 1485, Paris; married 1st (div 1478 Mar 2), Lady Catherine SINCLAIR (Orkney, E); married 2nd, 1480 Jan 19, France, as 1st husband, Anne de la TOUR d'AUVERGNE (died 1512 Oct 15).

(1)1f. Prince Alexander of Scotland, Bishop of Moray, declared illegitimate 1516 Nov 13, died 1537 Dec 19 unm.

[1f. Margaret STEWART; married Colin CAMPBELL of Glenorchy (see below).]

(2)2r. Prince John of Scotland, 2nd Duke of Albany, born ca 1484, died 1536 Jun 2 spl; marred 1505 Jul 8, Anne de LA TOUR d'Auvergne.

3e. Prince David (STEWART) of Scotland, Earl of Moray, died ae 3.

4e. Prince John (STEWART) of Scotland, Earl of Mar, died 1479 Apr unm.

5e. Princess Mary (STEWART) of Scotland, born ca 1450, died ca 1488 May; married 1st, before 1467 Apr 26, Thomas BOYD, 1st Earl of Arran (cr 1467 Apr 26, attainted 1469 Nov 22) (died ca 1473, Antwerp); married 2nd, (dispensation 1476 Apr 25), James HAMILTON, 1st Lord Hamilton (cr 1445 Jul 3) (died 1479 Nov 6).

1f. James BOYD, 2nd Baron Boyd (restored 1482 Oct 14), born ca 1469, died 1484.

2f. James HAMILTON, 1st Earl of Arran (cr 1503 Aug 11), born ca 1475, died 1529 Mar/Jul; married 1st, 1490 (div 1504 Nov 16), as 2nd husband, Hon. Elizabeth HOME (Home, L); married 2nd, 1516 Nov, as 2nd husband, Janet BEATON (died ca 1522). Issue.

3f. Hon. Margaret BOYD, died after 1516 Feb 8 sp; married 1st, Alexander FORBES, 4th Lord Forbes (died 1491 May 6); married 2nd, 1509 Aug 9, as 2nd wife, David KENNEDY, 1st Earl of Cassilis (died 1513 Sep 9).

4f. Hon. Elizabeth HAMILTON, died after 1531 Apr; married 1494, as 2nd wife, Matthew STEWART, 2nd Earl of Lennox (died 1513 Sep 9). Issue.

6e. Princess Margaret (STEWART) of Scotland, died spl and unm.

3d. Sir John STEWART of Balvany, 1st Earl of Atholl (cr by 1457 S), born ca. 1440, died 1512 Sep 15; married 1st, as third husband, before 1460 Mar, Lady Margaret DOUGLAS (Douglas, E) (died 1473/75); married 2nd, before 1475 Apr 19, Lady Eleanor SINCLAIR (Orkney, E) (died 1518 Mar 21).

(2)1e. John STEWART, 2nd Earl of Atholl, died 1520/22; married Lady Janet CAMPBELL (Argyll, E) (died 1546).

1f. John STEWART, 3rd Earl of Atholl, born 1507 Oct 6, died ca 1542 Nov; married 1st, Grizel RATTRAY; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Hon. Jean FORBES (Forbes, L). Issue.

2f. Lady Janet STEWART; married 1st, ca 1520, Alexander GORDON, Master of Sutherland; married 2nd, before 1532, Sir Hugh KENNEDY of Girvanmains; married 3rd, before 1544, Henry STEWART, Lord Methven; married 4th, 1557, Patrick RUTHVEN, Lord Ruthven. Issue.

3f. Lady Helen STEWART, died 1577 May; married 1st, John LINDSAY, 5th Lord Lindsay of the Byres; married 2nd, Thomas MONCUR. Issue.

4f. Lady Jean STEWART; married 1507 Aug, James ARBUTHNOTT of that Ilk. Issue.

5f. Lady Elizabeth STEWART; married Colin MACKENZIE of Kintail. Issue.

6f. Lady Isabel STEWART; married James HERING of Lethendy.

(2)2e. Hon. Andrew STEWART, Bishop of Caithness, died 1542 unm.

(1)3e. Lady Jean STEWART, died 1510 Oct 27; married 1474, as 1st wife, Alexander GORDON, 3rd Earl of Huntly (cr 1445 S) (died 1524 Jan 16).

1f. Hon. George GORDON, died young.

2f. John GORDON, Lord Gordon, died 1517 Dec 5; married ca 1512 Nov, Margaret STEWART (daughter of James IV). Issue.

3f. Hon. Alexander GORDON of Strathown; married Janet GRANT. Issue.

4f. Hon. William GORDON, Bishop of Aberdeen, died 1577 Aug 6 unm.5f. Lady Janet GORDON; married Colin CAMPBELL, 3rd Earl of Argyll (cr 1457) (died 1529). Issue.

6f. Lady Christiana GORDON, died 1525 Feb 22; married 1503, Robert MENZIES (died 1557). Issue.

(1)4e. Lady Katherine STEWART; married as 1st wife, John FORBES, 6th Baron Forbes (cr 1444/45 S) (died 1547).

1f. Hon. James FORBES, died young.

2f. Hon. Elizabeth FORBES; married as 1st wife, James GRANT of Freuchie (died 1553 Aug 26). Issue.

(2)5e. Lady Elizabeth STEWART; married 1st, 1512, John STEWART, 3rd Earl of Lennox (cr 1488 S) (died 1526 Sep 4); married 2nd, 1529, as 2rd wife, Ninian ROSS, 3rd Lord Ross of Halkhead (cr 1499 S) (died 1556 Feb).

1f. Matthew STEWART, 4th Earl of Lennox, born 1516 Sep 21, died 1571 Sep 4; married 1544 Jun 29, Lady Margaret DOUGLAS (Angus, E) (born 1515 Oct 18, died 1578 Mar 9). Issue.

2f. Robert STEWART, 7th Earl of Lennox, Earl of March, born ca 1517, died 1586 Mar 29 spl; married 1579 Jan 6, as 2nd husband, Lady Elizabeth STEWART (Atholl, E).

3f. Hon. John STEWART, Lord d'Aubigny, died 1567 May 31; married ca 1542, Anne de LA QUEULLE. Issue.

4f. Lady Helenor STEWART; married 1st, William STEWART, Earl of Atholl; married 2nd, 1548 Aug, John, 6th Earl of Sutherland.

(2)6e. Lady Christian STEWART, died 1538 May 30; married Neil STEWART of Garth (died 1554).

1f. John STEWART< died 1577 unm.

2f. Mary STEWART, died unm.

(2)7e. Lady Margaret STEWART; married Sir William MURRAY of Castletown (died 1513 Sep 9).

1f. William MURRAY of Tullibardine, died 1562 Jan 30; married before 1538 Apr, Catherine CAMPBELL. Issue.

2f. Andrew MURRAY, died unm.

3f. David MURRAY, fl. 1551, died unm.

4f. Margaret MURRAY; married Thomas STEWART of Grandtully (died 1494). Issue.

5f. Ellen MURRAY; married Alexander SETON of Parbroath.

(2)8e. Lady Elizabeth STEWART; married, before 1483, as 2nd wife, Andrew GRAY, 2nd Lord GRAY (cr 1445 S) (died 1514 Feb).

1f. Hon. Robert GRAY of Leitfie, died 1513 Sep 9 unm.

2f. Hon. Gilbert GRAY of Buttergask; married Egidia MERCER. Issue.

3f. Hon. Andrew GRAY of Muirtown, died before 1541 Apr 13; married _______. Issue.

4f. Hon. Rev. Edward GRAY, died unm.

5f. Hon. Isobel GRAY; married 1st, ca 1495, Sir James SCRYMGEOUR of Dudhope (died ca 1503); married 2nd, before 1510, Adam CRICHTON of Ruthven (died before 1516 Nov 18); married 3rd, before 1521, Sir John CAMPBELL of Lundy.

6f. Hon. Janet GRAY, died 1539 Oct; married 1st, John CHARTERS of Cathelgurdie; married 2nd, Alexander KEITH; married 2rd, Sir David WEYMSS of that Ilk (died 1513 Sep 9); married 4th, James CAMPBELL of Lawres. Issue by 2nd husband.

7f. Hon. Marjory GRAY; married 1st, _______ KININMOUNT of that Ilk; married 2nd, Silvester RATTRAY of Craighall.

8f. Hon. Elizabeth GRAY, died unm.

(2)9e. Lady Jean STEWART; married Sir Robert GORDON of Pitlurg.

1f. John GORDON; married Janet OGILVY. Issue.

(2)10e. Lady Elizabeth STEWART; married Alexander ROBERTSON of Struan.

1f. Alexander ROBERTSON of Fascally; married as 1st husband, Isabelle HAY. Issue.

2f. John ROBERTSON; married Margaret CRICHTON. Issue.

3f. Margaret ROBERTSON; married 1st, Thomas INNES of Elrick; married 2nd, as 1st wife, 1528, George HAY, 7th Earl of Erroll (cr 1452 Jun 12) (died 1574 Jan 30). Issue.

(2)11e. Lady Margaret STEWART; married Robert ROBERTSON, yr of Struan.

1f. William ROBERTSON; married _______. Issue.

(2)12e. Lady Marjory STEWART, died 1524 Jul 26; married Sir Colin CAMPBELL of Glenorchy (died 1523 Aug 12).

1f. Duncan CAMPBELL of Glenorchy, died 1536 Sep 5; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth COLQUHOUN. Issue.

2f. John CAMPBELL of Glenorchy, died 1550 Jul 5; married Mariot EDMONSTON. Issue.

3f. Colin CAMPBELL of Glenorchy, died 1583 Apr 11; married 1st, before 1548 Apr 16, Margaret STEWART (see above); married 2nd, before 1551 Jun 15, Hon. Catherine RUTHVEN (Ruthven, L). Issue.

(2)13e. Lady Elspeth STEWART; married Robert INNES of Innermarky.

1f. Robert INNES of Monycabok, died before 1547 Nov 10; married Marion OGILVY. Issue.

2f. Alexander INNES of Argrane, died sp; married Griselda AUCHINLECK.

3f. John INNES of Edingight; married 1545, Marjorie LESLIE. Issue.

4f. Walter INNES of Auchlankart, died unm.

5f. William INNES; married _______. Issue.

4d. Sir James STEWART, 1st Earl of Buchan (cr 1469? S); married before 1467 Mar 1, Margaret OGILVY.

1e. Alexander STEWART, 2nd Earl of Buchan, died 1505; married 1st, before 1491 May 20, Isabelle OGILVY (died sp); married 2nd, before 1499, as 1st husband, Hon. Margaret RUTHVEN (Ruthven, L) (died 1548).

1f. John STEWART, 3rd Earl of Buchan, born ca 1498, died ca 1551; married Margaret SCRYMGEOUR (see above).

2f. Hon. _______ BUCHAN, born 1501, died unm.

3f. Lady Agnes STEWART, died unm.

4f. Lady Janet STEWART; married as 1st wife, Alexander LIVINGSTONE, 5th Lord Livingstone (died 1549/51).

5d. Andrew STEWART, Bishop of Moray, born 1442/3, died 1501 Sep 29 unm.

6d. Princess Margaret (STEWART) of Scotland, born 1424, died 1445 Aug 16 sp; married 1436 Jun 24, Louis, Dauphin of France (later King Louis XI) (born 1423 Jul 3, died 1483 Aug 30).

7d. Princess Isabella (STEWART) of Scotland, died 1494/99; married, as 2nd wife, 1441 Oct 30, Francois I, Duc de Bretagne (born 1414 May 11, died 1450 Jul 17).

1e. Marguerite de BRETAGNE, born ca 1443, died 1469 Sep 22; married 1455 Nov 13, Francois II, Duc de Bretagne (born 1435 Jun 23, died 1488 Sep 9).

1f. Francois de BRETAGNE, born 1463 Jun 29, died 1463 Aug 25.

2e. Marie de BRETAGNE, died 1506/11; married 1461 Mar 8, Jean II, Vicomte de ROHAN (born 1452 Nov 16, died 1516).

1f. Francois de ROHAN, born 1469 Jul 10, died 1488.

2f. Jean de ROHAN, born 1476 Oct 1, died 1505 Jun 2.

3f. Jacques I de ROHAN, born 1478 Jun 10, died 1527 Oct 16; married 1st, ca 1514, Francoise de ROHAN; married 2nd, ca 1520, Francoise de DAILLON.

4f. Georges de ROHAN, born 1479, died 1502.

5f. Claude de ROHAN, born 1480, died 1540 Jul 15.

6f. Anne de ROHAN, born ca 1482, died 1529 Mar; married 1515 Sep 27, Pierre II de ROHAN (born ca 1478, died 1524). Issue.

7f. Marie de ROHAN, born ca 1484, died 1542 Jun 9; married 1511 Nov 17, Louis IV de ROHAN.

8d. Princess Joan (STEWART) of Scotland, born ca 1426, fl. 1486 Oct 16; married James DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Morton (cr 1458 Mar 14 S) (died 1493).

1e. John DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl of Morton, died before 1515 Sep; married Janet CRICHTON.

1f. James DOUGLAS, 3rd Earl of Morton, died 1548 Dec; married Catherine STEWART (see above). Issue.

2f. Hon. Richard DOUGLAS; married _______. Issue.

3f. Lady Beatrice DOUGLAS; married before 1506 Jan 8, Robert KEITH, Baron Keith (died before 1525 Apr 22). Issue.

4f. Lady Agnes DOUGLAS; married as 2nd wife, Alexander LIVINGSTONE, 5th Baron Livingstone (died 1549/51). Issue.

2e. Hon. James DOUGLAS.

3e. Lady Janet DOUGLAS; married before 1481 Feb 1, as 1st wife, Sir Patrick HEPBURN of Dunsyre, 1st Earl of Bothwell (cr 1488 Oct 17) (died 1508 Oct 18).

1f. Lady Janet HEPBURN, fl. 1558 May 10; married before 1506 Dec, George SETON, 3rd Lord Seton (died 1513 Sep 9). Issue.

4e. Lady Elizabeth DOUGLAS.

9d. Princess Eleanor (STEWART) of Scotland, born 1427 Oct 26, died 1496 Mar 4 sps; married 1449 Feb 12, as 1st wife, Sigismond of Austria, Duke of Styria, Count of Tyrol, (born 1427 Oct 26, died 1496 Mar 4).

1e. Wolfart of Austria, born and died 1480.

10d. Princess Mary (STEWART) of Scotland, (1st) Countess of Buchan (cr 1444 S), died 1465 Mar 20 sps; married 1444, as 1st wife, Wolfart van BORSSELE, Count of Grandpre (died 1487 Apr 29).

1e. Karl von BORSSELE, died young.

2e. Johann von BORSSELE, died young.

11d. Princess Annabella (STEWART) of Scotland; married 1st, 1447 Dec 14 (div), Louis of Savoy, Count of Geneva; married 2nd, before 1460 Mar 10 (div 1471 Jul 24) George GORDON, 2nd Earl of Huntly (cr 1444/45 S) (died ca 1501 Jun 8).

1e. Lady Isabel GORDON; married as 1st wife, William HAY, 3rd Earl of Erroll (cr 1452 Jun 12 S) (died 1507 Jan 14).

1f. William HAY, 4th Earl of Erroll, died 1513 Sep 9; married 1st, 1492, Hon. Christian LYON (Glamis, L) (died 1508); married 2nd, before 1509 Jun 17, as 2nd husband, Margaret KER (died before 1532 Jul 9). Issue.

2f. Hon. Thomas HAY, died 1513 Sep 9; married as 1st husband, Margaret LOGIE. Issue.

3f. Hon. John HAY, died unm.

4f. Lady Beatrice HAY, died before 1505 unm.

6c. Margaret BEAUFORT; married Thomas COURTENAY, 5th Earl of Devon (cr 1335 Feb 22), born 1414, died 1458 Feb 3.

1d. Thomas COURTENAY, 6th Earl of Devon, born 1432, died 1461 Apr 3 unm (and attainted).

2d. Hon. Henry COURTENAY, died 1469 Jan 12 unm.

3d. Sir John COURTENAY, 7th Earl of Devon on reversal of attainder 1470 Oct 9, died 1471 May 4 unm.

4d. Lady Joan COURTENAY; married 1st, Hon. Robert CLIFFORD (Clifford, B) (died 1485 May 2); married 2nd, as 3rd wife, Sir William KNYVETT (died 1510 Dec 2).

1e. Charles CLIFFORD; married Anne KNYVETT.

1f. Edward CLIFFORD, born ca 1502; married Margaret LAYTON. Issue.

2f. William CLIFFORD, born ca 1504.

3f. Jane CLIFFORD, born ca 1506.

2e. Mary CLIFFORD, died sp; married Thomas WINGFIELD.

3e. Barbara CLIFFORD; married ________ DRURY.

5d. Lady Elizabeth COURTENAY, died sp; married Hugh CONWAY.

6d. Lady Anne COURTENAY, died young.

7d. Lady Matilda COURTENAY, died young.

8d. Lady Eleanor COURTENAY, died young.

(3)7b. (Cardinal) Henry BEAUFORT, born ca 1375, died 1447 Apr 11.

(3)8b. Thomas BEAUFORT, KG, born ca 1377 Jan, died 1426 Dec 27, 1st Earl of Dorset (cr 1411 Jul 5), Duke of Exeter (1416 Nov 18 Life); married Margaret NEVILLE.

1c. Henry BEAUFORT, died young and vp.

(1)9b. Princess Philippa of England, born 1360 Mar 31, died 1415 Jul 19, Odivelas, Portugal; married 1387 Feb 11, Joao I, King of Portugal (born 1357, died 1433 Aug 14).

1c. Prince Afonso of Portugal, born 1390 Jul 30, died 1400 Nov 22.

2c. King Duarte of Portugal, born 1391 Oct 31, Viseu, died 1438 Sep 9, Thamar; married 1428 Sep 22, Princess Leonor of Aragon (born 1409, died 1445 Feb 18).

1d. Prince Joao of Portugal, born 1429 Oct, died 1433.

2d. King Afonso V of Portugal, born 1432 Jan 15, died 1481 Aug 28; married 1448 May 6, Princess Isabel of Portugal (born 1432, died 1455 Dec 2).

1e. Prince Joao of Portugal, born 1451, died 1455.

2e. King Joao II of Portugal, born 1455 May 3, died 1495 Oct 25; married 1471 Jan 22, Princess Leonor of Portugal (see below) (born 1458 May 2, died 1525 Nov 17).

1f. Prince Afonso of Portugal, born 1475 May 18, died 1491 Jul 13; married 1490 Nov 24, as 1st husband, Princess Isabel of Aragon (born 1470 Oct 2, died 1498 Aug 23) (see below).

2f. Prince Joao of Portugal, stillborn 1483.

3e. (Blessed) Princess Joana of Portugal, born 1452 Feb 6, died 1490 May 12, a nun.

3d. Prince Fernando of Portugal, Duque de Viseo, born 1433 Nov 17, died 1470 Sep 18; married 1452, Princess Beatriz of Portugal (died 1506 Sep 30).

1e. Prince Joao of Portugal, Duque de Viseo, born ca 1456, died 1483 unm.

2e. Prince Diego of Portugal, Duque de Viseo, born 1464, died 1484 Aug 22/23 unm.

3e. Prince Duarte of Portugal, born 1462, died young.

4e. Prince Diniz of Portugal, born 1464, died young.

5e. Prince Simiao of Portugal, born 1467, died young.

6e. Prince Afonzo of Portugal, born 1468, died young.

7e. King Manuel I of Portugal, born 1469 Jun 1, died 1521 Dec 13; married 1st, 1497 Oct, as 2nd husband, Princess Isabel of Aragon (born 1470 Oct 2, died 1498 Aug 23) (see below); married 2nd, 1500 Oct 30, Princess Maria of Aragon (born 1482 Jun 29, died 1517 Mar 7) (see below); married 3rd, 1519 Mar 7, Princess Elenora of Spain (born 1498 Nov 24, died 1558 Feb 17).

1f. Prince Migual of Portugal, born 1498 Aug 23, died 1500 Jul 20.

2f. King Joao III of Portugal, born 1502 Jun 6, died 1557 Jun 11; married 1525 Feb 7, Princess Katherine von HAPSBURG, Archduchess of Austria (born 1507 Jan 14, died 1578 Feb 12). Issue.

3f. Prince Luis of Portugal, Duque de Beja, born 1506 Mar 3, died 1555 Nov 27 spl and unm.

4f. Prince Fernando of Portugal, born 1507 Jun 5, died 1534 Nov 7; married 1529, Guyomar de COUTINHO (died 1534 Dec 9). Issue.

5f. Cardinal Prince Afonso of Portugal, born 1509 Apr 23, died 1540 Jun 21.

6f. Cardinal King Enrique of Portugal, born 1512 Jan 31, died 1580 Jan 31 unm.

7f. Prince Duarte of Portugal, Duque de Guimaraens, born 1515 Nov 7, died 1540 Oct 20; married 1537 Apr 23, Isabel de BRAGANCA (died 1576 Sep 16). Issue.

8f. Prince Antonio of Portugal, born and died 1516 Sep 9.

9f. Prince Carlos of Portugal, born 1520 Feb 18, died 1521 Apr 15.

10f. Princess Isabel of Portugal, born 1503 Oct 4, died 1539 May 1; married 1526 Mar 11, Karl V (von HAPSBURG), Holy Roman Emperor (born 1500 Feb 24, died 1558 Sep 21).

11f. Princess Beatriz of Portugal, born 1504 Dec 31, died 1538 Jan 8; married 1521 Mar 26, Carlo III, Duke of Savoy (born 1486 Oct 10, died 1553 Aug 17).

12f. Princess Maria of Portugal, died an infant 1513.

13f. Princess Maria of Portugal, born 1521 Jun 8, died 1577 Oct 10 unm.

8e. Princess Leonor of Portugal, born 1458 May 2, died 1525 Nov 17; married 1471 Jan 22, King Joao II of Portugal (born 1455 May 3, died 1495 Oct 25) (see above).

9e. Princess Isabel of Portugal, born 1459, died 1521 Apr; married 1472 Sep 19, as 2nd wife, Fernando II, Duque de Braganca (born 1430, died 1483 Jun 21).

1f. Felipe de BRAGANCA, Duque de Guimaraes, born 1475 Jul 6, died 1483.

2f. Jaime de BRAGANCA, born 1479, died 1532 Sep 20; married 1st, 1502, Elenora de MENDOCA (died 1512 Nov 2); married 2nd, Joana de MENDOCA (died 1580). Issue.

3f. Diniz de BRAGANCA, Conde de Lemos, born 1481, died 1516 May 9; married 1501, Beatriz de CASTRO (died 1560 Nov 11). Issue.

4f. Alfonso de BRAGANCA; married Hieronyma de NORONHA.

5f. Margarita de BRAGANCA, died an infant 1483 Jun.

6f. Catarina de BRAGANCA, born 1483, died young.

10e. Princess Catharina of Portugal, born ca 1465, died young.

4d. Prince Duarte of Portugal, born 1435 Jul 12, died young.

5d. Princess Filippa of Portugal, born 1430 Nov 27, died 1439 Mar 24.

6d. Princess Maria of Portugal, born 1432 Dec 7, died 1432 Dec 8.

7d. Princess Leonor of Portugal, born 1434 Sep 18, died 1467 Sep 3; married 1452 Mar 16, Friedrich III (von HABSBURG), Holy Roman Emperor (born 1415 Sep 21, died 1493 Aug 19).

1e. Prince Christoph von HABSBURG, born 1455 Nov 16, Neustadt, died 1456 Mar 21.

2e. Maximilian I (von HAPSBURG), Holy Roman Emperor, born 1459 Mar 22, Neustadt, died 1519 Jan 21, Wels; married 1st, 1477 Aug 20, Marie de BOURGOGNE (1457 Feb 13, died 1482 Mar 27); married 2nd, 1490 (div 1491); Anne de DREUX, Duchesse de Bourgogne (born 1476, died 1514); married 2nd, 1494 Mar 16, Innsbruck, Blanche-Marie SFORZA (born 1472 Apr 5, died 1510 Dec 31).

1f. Philipp I (von HAPSBURG), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, born 1478 Jun 22, died 1506 Nov 25; married 1496 Aug 21, Princess Juana of Castile (born 1479 Nov 6, died 1555 Apr 13). Issue.

2f. Prince Franz von HABSBURG, born 1481 Sep 2, died 1481 Dec 26.

3f. Princess Margareta von HABSBURG, born 1480 Jan 10, died 1530 Nov 30; married 1st, 1497 Apr 3, Prince Juan of Aragon (born 1478 Jun 28, died 1497 Oct 4) (see below); married 2nd, 1501 Dec 3, Filiberto II, Duca di Savoy (born 1480 Apr 10, died 1504 Sep 10).

3e. Prince Johann von HABSBURG, born 1466 Sep 8, died 1467 Feb 10.

4e. Princess Elena von HABSBURG, born 1460 Nov 3, Vienna, died 1461 Feb 28.

5e. Princess Kunigunde von HABSBURG, born 1465 Mar 16, died 1520 Aug 6, Munich); married 1487 Jan 3, Albrecht IV, Duke of Bavaria (born 1447 Dec 15, died 1508 Mar 18).

1f. Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria, born 1493 Nov 13, died 1550 Mar 6; married 1522 Oct 3, Marie Jakobaea von BADEN (born 1507 Jun 25, died 1580 Nov 16). Issue.

2f. Ludwig X of Bavaria, Duke of Landshut, born 1495 Sep 18, died 1545 Apr 22 unm.

3f. Ernst of Bavaria, born 1500 Jun 13, died 1560 Dec 7 unm.

4f. Sidonie of Bavaria, born 1488 May 1, died 1505 Mar 27.

5f. Sibylle of Bavaria, born 1489 Jun 16, died 1519 Apr 18; married 1511 Feb 23, Ludwig V, Kurfuerst von der PFALZ (born 1478 Jul 2, died 1544 Mar 16).

6f. Sabine of Bavaria, born 1492 Apr 23, died 1564 Aug 30; married 1511 Mar 2, Ulrich VI, Graf von WUERTTEMBURG (born 1487 Feb 8, died 1550 Nov 6).

7f. Susanne of Bavaria, born 1499 Aug 15, died 1500.

8f. Susanne of Bavaria, born 1502 Apr 2, died 1543 Mar 12; married 1st, 1518 Aug 25, Kasimir, Markgrav von BRANDENBURG (born 1481 Sep 27, died 1527 Sep 21); married 2nd, 1528 Oct 7, Otto Heinrich, Kurfuerst von der PFALZ (born 1502 Apr 10, died 1559 Feb 12).

8d. Princess Katharina of Portugal, born 1436 Nov 25, died 1463 Jun 17, a nun.

9d. Princess Joana of Portugal, born 1439 Mar, died 1475 Jun 13; married 1455 May 21, Enrique IV, King of Castile (born 1425 Jan 5, died 1474 Dec 11).

1e. Princess Joana Bertrandilla of Castile, born 1459, died 1506, Coimbra, unm.

3c. Prince Pedro of Portugal, Duque de Coimbra, born 1392 Dec 9, died 1449 May 20; married 1428 Sep 13, Princess Isabel of Aragon (born 1409, died 1443).

1d. Prince Pedro of Portugal, born 1429, died 1466 Jun 30 unm.

2d. Prince Joao of Portugal, Duque de Coimbra, died 1457 sp; married 1456, Charlotte de LUSIGNAN (born 1442, died 1487 Jul 16).

3d. Cardinal Prince Jaime of Portugal, born 1434, died 1459 Apr 15.

4d. Princess Isabel of Portugal, born 1432, died 1455 Dec 2; married 1448 May 6, Alfonso V, King of Portugal (born 1432 Jan 15, died 1481 Aug 28) (see above).

5d. Princess Beatriz of Portugal, died 1461 sp; married 1453, as 1st wife, Adolf von CLEVE, Graf von Ravenstein (born 1425 Jun 28, died 1492 Sep 18).

1e. Philipp, Herzog von CLEVE, Graf von Ravenstein, born 1456, died 1528 Jan 28 sp; married 1485 May 24, Francoise de LUXEMBOURG (died 1523 Dec 5) (see below).

2e. Luise von CLEVE, born 1457.

6d. Princess Felipa of Portugal, born 1437, died 1497 Jul 25 unm.

4c. Prince Enrique of Portugal "The Navigator," Duque de Viseo, born 1394 Mar 4, Porto, died 1460 Sep 13, Sagre, unm.

5c. Prince Joao of Portugal, born 1400 Jan 13, died 1442 Oct 18; married 1424, Isabel de Braganca (died 1465 Oct 26).

1d. Prince Diego of Portugal, died 1443 unm.

2d. Princess Isabella of Portugal, died 1496 Aug 15; married 1447 Aug, as 2nd wife, Juan II, King of Castile (born 1405 Mar 6, died 1454 Jul 21).

1e. Prince Alfonso of Castile, born 1453 Dec 15, died 1468 Jul 5.

2e. Princess Isabella of Castile, born 1451 Apr 22, died 1504 Nov 26; married 1469 Oct 19, as 1st wife, King Ferdinand V of Aragon (born 1452 Mar 10, died 1516 Jan 23).

1f. Prince Juan of Aragon, born 1478 Jun 28, died 1497 Oct 4 sp; married 1497 Apr 3, Margareta von HABSBURG (born 1480 Jan 10, died 1530 Nov 30) (see above).

2f. Princess Isabel of Aragon, born 1470 Oct 2, died 1498 Aug 23; married 1st, 1490 Nov 24, Prince Alfonso of Portugal (born 1475 May 18, died 1491 Jul 13) (see above); married 2nd, 1497 Oct, as 1st wife, King Emanoel of Portugal (born 1469 Jun 1, died 1521 Dec 13) (see above).

3f. Princess Juana of Aragon, born 1479 Nov 6, died 1555 Apr 13; married 1496 Aug 21, King Felipe I of Spain (born 1478 Jun 22, died 1506 Sep 25).

4f. Princess Maria of Aragon, born 1482 Jun 29, died 1517 Mar 7; married 1500 Oct 30, as 2nd wife, King Emanoel of Portugal (born 1469 Jun 1, died 1521 Dec 13) (see above).

5f. Princess Catarina of Aragon, born 1485 Dec 15, died 1536 Jan 7; married 1st, 1501 Nov 14, Prince Arthur of England, Prince of Wales (born 1486 Sep 20, died 1502 Apr 2); married 2nd, 1509 Jan 3 (div 1533), King Henry VIII of England (born 1491 Jun 28, died 1547 Jan 28).

3d. Princess Beatriz of Portugal, died 1506 Sep 30; married 1452, Prince Ferdinando of Portugal, Duque de Viseo (born 1433 Nov 17, died 1470 Sep 18) (see above).

4d. Princess Felipa of Portugal, died young.

6c. Prince Ferdinando of Portugal, born 1402 Sep 29, died 1443 Jun 5, Fez, unm.

7c. Prince Diniz of Portugal, died young.

8c. Princess Bianca of Portugal, born 1388 Jul 13, died 1389.

9c. Princess Elenora of Portugal, died young.

10c. Princess Isabel of Portugal, born 1397 Feb 21, died 1472 Dec 17; married 1429 Jan 10, Bruges, as 3rd wife, Philippe III, Duc de Bourgogne, Duc de Brabant (born 1396 Jun 30, Dijon, died 1467 Jun 15, Bruges).

1d. Antoine de Bourgogne, born 1430 Sep 30, died 1432 Feb 5.

2d. Josephe de Bourgogne, born 1432 Apr 14, died young.

3d. Charles de Bourgogne, Duc de Bourgogne and Brabant, born 1433 Nov 10, died 1477 Jan 5; married 1st, 1440 May 19, Princess Catherine of France (born 1428, died 1446 Sep 13 sp); married 2nd, 1454 Oct 31, Isabelle de Bourbon (born 1435/37, died 1465 Sep 25); married 3rd, 1468 Jul 9, Margaret (Plantagenet) of York (born 1446 May 3, died 1503 Nov 23 sp).

1e. Marie de Bourgogne, born 1457 Feb 13, died 1482 Mar 27; married 1477 Aug 20, as 1st wife, Maximilian I (von HABSBURG), Holy Roman Emperor (born 1459 Mar 22, died 1519 Jan 12) (see above).

11c. Princess Joana of Portugal, born and died 1398.

(1)10b. Princess Elizabeth of England, born before 1363 Feb 21, died 1425 Nov 24; married 1st, as 1st wife, 1380 Jun 24 (div ca 1383), John HASTINGS, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (died 1389 Dec 30 sp); married 2nd, ca 1384, John de HOLAND, 1st Duke of Exeter, KG (cr 1397 Sep 21) (died 1400 Jan 9); married 3rd, before 1400 Dec 12, Sir John CORNWALL, 1st Baron Fanhope of Fanhope, KG (cr 1432 Jul 17) (died 1443 Dec 11 spsl).

1c. Richard HOLAND, died 1400 Sep 3 unm.

2c. John HOLAND, 1st Duke of Exeter (cr 1444 Jan 6), born 1395 or 1396 Mar 29, died 1447 Aug 5; married 1st, as 2nd husband, Lady Anne de STAFFORD (Stafford, E) (died 1432 Sep 20 or 24); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, (license 1433 Jan 20), Beatrice of Portugal (died 1439 Oct 23 sp); married 3rd, as 3rd husband, Lady Anne MONTAGUE (Salisbury, E) (died 1457 Nov 28).

1d. Henry HOLAND, 2nd Duke of Exeter, born 1430 Jun 27, died 1475 Sep; married, before 1447 Jul 30 (div 1472 Nov 12), as 1st husband, Anne (Plantagenet) of York (born 1439 Aug 10, died 1476 Jan 12 or 14) (see above).

3c. Sir Edward HOLAND, died unm.

4c. Constance HOLAND, born ca 1387, died 1437 Nov 12 or 14; married 1st, Thomas de MOWBRAY, 4th Earl of Norfolk (cr 1312 Dec 16) (born 1385 Sep 17, died 1405 Jun 8 sp); married 2nd, before 1413 Feb 24, Hon. Sir John GREY, KG (Grey de Ruthin, B) (died 1439 Aug 27).

1d. Edmund GREY, 4th Baron Grey de Ruthin (cr 1325 Oct 10), 1st Earl of Kent (cr 1465 May 30), born 1416/17, died 1490 May 22; married, before 1459 Jan, Lady Catherine PERCY (Northumberland, E) (born 1423 May 28) (see above).

2d. Thomas GREY, 1st Baron Richemount Grey (cr 1450 Jun 25), attainted 1461 Nov, died sp; married before 1446 Feb 14, as 2nd husband, Hon. Margaret FERRERS (Ferrers of Groby, B) (died 1452 Jan 16).

(1)11b. Princess Isabel of England, born ca 1368, died young.

(2)12b. Princess Catherine of England, born 1372/73, died 1418 Jun 2; married 1393, Burgos, Spain, Enrique III, King of Castile and Leon (born 1379 Oct 4, Burgos, died 1406 Dec 25/26, Toledo).

1c. Juan II, King of Castile and Leon, born 1405 Mar 6, Toro, died 1454 Jul 21, Valladolid; married 1st, 1418 Oct 21, Princess Maria of Aragon (died 1445 Feb); married 2nd, 1447 Aug, Princess Isabel of Portugal (born 1428/31, died 1496 Aug 15, Arevallo).

1d. Enrique IV, King of Castile, born 1425 Jan 5, died 1474 Dec 11; married 1st, 1440 Sep 15 (div 1453), Princess Bianca of Aragon (born 1420, died 1464 sp); married 2nd, 1455 May 21, Princess Joana of Portugal (born 1439 Mar, died 1475 Jun 13) (see above).

2d. Prince Alfonso of Castile, born 1453 Nov 15, died 1468 Jul 5.

3d. Princess Catarina of Castile, born 1422 Oct 5, died 1424.

4d. Princess Elenora of Castile, born 1423, died young.

5d. Princess Isabel of Castile, born 1451 Apr 22, died 1504 Nov 26; married 1469 Oct 19, as 1st wife, Fernando V, King of Aragon (born 1452 Mar 10, died 1516 Jan 23) (see above).

2c. Princess Catarina of Castile, Duquesa de Villena, died 1439 sp; married 1420 Nov 8, Prince Enrique of Aragon, Conde de Ampuries, jure uxoris Duque de Villena (died 1445).

3c. Princess Maria of Castile, born 1401 Nov 14, died 1458 Sep 4 sp; married 1415 Jun 12, Alfonso V, King of Aragon (born 1394, died 1458 Jun 27).

(3)13b. Joan BEAUFORT, born ca 1379, died 1440 Nov 13; married 1st, Robert FERRERS, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wemme (died before 1396 Nov 29); married 2nd, before 1397 Feb 20, as 2nd wife, Ralph NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Westmorland, KG (died 1425 Oct 21).

1c. Hon. John NEVILLE.

2c. Hon. Richard NEVILLE, born 1400, died 1460 Dec 30; married by 1421 Feb, Alice MONTAGU, (5th) Countess of Salisbury (born ca 1406, died 1462). Issue.

1d. Richard NEVILLE, 6th Earl of Salisbury, 16th Earl of Warwick (cr 1088), "the Kingmaker," born 1428 Nov 22, died 1471 Apr 14; married 1434, Lady Anne BEAUCHAMP, Countess of Warwick (Life 1450 Mar 2) (born ca 1426 Sep, died 1492 Sep).

1e. Lady Isabel NEVILLE, born 1451 Sep 5, died 1476 Dec 22; married 1469 Jul 11, Calais, Prince George (Plantaganet) of England, 1st Duke of Clarence (born 1449 Oct 21, died 1478 Feb 18). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Clarence Volume.

2e. Lady Anne NEVILLE, born 1456 Jun 11, died 1485 Mar 16; married 1st, 1470 Aug, Prince Edward of England, Prince of Wales (born 1453 Oct 13, died 1471 May 4 sp); married 2nd, 1472 Jul 12, King Richard III of England (born 1452 Oct 2, died 1485 Mar 16) (see above).

2d. Sir Thomas NEVILLE, died 1460 Dec 30 sp; married 1453 Aug, as 2nd husband, Maud STANHOPE.

3d. John NEVILLE, 1st Baron Montagu (cr 1461 May 23), 1st Marquess of Montagu (cr 1470 Mar 25), born ca 1431, died 1471 Apr 14; married 1457 Apr 25, as 1st husband, Isabel INGALDESTHORPE (died 1476 May 20).

1e. George NEVILLE, 1st Duke of Bedford (cr 1470 Jan 5), born ca 1457, died 1483 May 4 unm.

2e. Hon. John NEVILLE, died young.

3e. Lady Anne NEVILLE, died before 1486; married, as 2nd husband, Sir William STONOR (died 1494).

1f. John STONOR, born 1482, died sp; married Mary FORTESCUE.

2f. Anne STONOR, died 1518; married as 1st wife, Adrian FORTESCUE (died 1539 Jul 9). Issue.

4e. Lady Elizabeth NEVILLE, died 1517 Sep; married 1st, before 1477, Thomas LE SCROPE, 6th Baron Scrope of Masham (cr 1350 Nov 25) (born ca 1459, died 1493 Apr 23); married 2nd, after 1494 Oct 22, as 2nd wife, Sir Henry WENTWORTH (died 1500).

1f. Alice LE SCROPE, (7th) Baroness Scrope of Masham, born 1481, died 1510; married before 1494 Apr 20, Henry LE SCROPE, 7th Baron Scrope of Bolton (see above).

5e. Lady Margaret NEVILLE, born 1466, died 1528 Jan 31; married 1st, Thomas HORNE; married 2nd, before 1492 Jul 14, Sir John MORTIMER (died before 1504 Nov 12); married 3rd, 1506 Nov 7 (ann 1528), Charles BRANDON, 1st Duke of Suffolk (cr 1514 Feb 1) (born ca 1484, died 1545 Aug 24).

1f. Anne HORNE; married 1st, as 2nd wife, James FRAMLINGHAM (died 1519); married 2nd, Robert BROWNE. Issue?

6e. Lady Lucy NEVILLE, born 1468, died 1554 Mar 25; married 1st, Sir Thomas FITZWILLIAM (died after 1497 Apr 27); married 2nd, Sir Anthony BROWNE.

1f. Thomas FITZWILLIAM, died 1513 Sep 9; married as 1st husband, Anne PAKENHAM. Issue.

2f. John FITZWILLIAM, died 1513 Sep 9 unm.

3f. William FITZWILLIAM, 1st Earl of Southampton (cr 1537 Oct 18), born ca 1490, died 1542 Oct 15 spl; married 1513 Nov, Hon. Mabel CLIFFORD (Clifford, B) (bur. 1550 Sep 1).

4f. Edmund FITZWILLIAM, died young.

5f. Anthony FITZWILLIAM, died young.

6f. Sir Anthony BROWNE, died 1548 May 6; married 1st, Alice GAGE; married 2nd, 1543, Lady Elizabeth FITZGERALD (Kildare, E). Issue.

7f. Henry BROWNE; married Anne HAZELHURST.

8f. Margaret FITZWILLIAM; married as 2nd wife, Sir William GASCOIGNE (see above).

9f. Elizabeth BROWNE, died 1565 Apr; married before 1527, Henry SOMERSET, 2nd Earl of Worcester (born 1499, died 1549 Nov 26) (grandson of Henry BEAUFORT, 2nd Duke of Somerset, above). Issue.

10f. Lucy BROWNE; married 1st, John CUTTS (born 1507, died 1528; married 2nd, Hon. Sir Thomas CLIFFORD. Issue.

11f. Anne BROWNE, died 1511/12; married ca 1508, as 2nd wife, Charles BRANDON, 1st Duke of Suffolk (cr 1514 Feb 1) (born ca 1484, died 1545 Aug 22). Issue.

7e. Lady Isabel NEVILLE, born 1470; married 1st, Sir William HUDDLESTON; married 2nd, William SMITH of Elford; married 3rd, _______ DACRE.

1f. Sir John HUDDLESTON of Sawston; married Elizabeth SUTTON. Issue.

2f. Richard HUDDLESTON; married 1st, Margaret KNIGHT; married 2nd, Sybil CROFTS. Issue.

4d. Hon. George NEVILLE, Archbishop of York, born 1433, died 1478 Jun 8.

5d. Hon. Ralph NEVILLE, died young.

6d. Hon. Robert NEVILLE, died young.

7d. Lady Joan NEVILLE; married after 1438 Aug 17, William FITZALAN, 9th Earl of Arundel (cr 1289) (born 1417 Nov 23, died 1487).

1e. Thomas FITZALAN, 10th Earl of Arundel, born 1450, died 1524 Oct 25; married 1464 Oct, Lady Margaret WIDVILE (died before 1491 Mar 6).

1f. William FITZALAN, 11th Earl of Arundel, born 1476, died 1544 Jan 23; married 1st, Hon. Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY (Willoughby de Brooke, B); married 2nd, 1511 Feb 15, Lady Anne PERCY (Northumberland, E).

(2)1g. Henry FITZALAN, 12th Earl of Arundel, KG, born 1512 Apr 23, died 1580 Feb 24; married 1st, Lady Catherine GREY (Dorset, M) (died 1532 May 1); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, 1545 Dec 19, Mary ARUNDELL (died 1557 Oct 20). For descendants, see Ruvigny, Mortimer-Percy Volume, Nos. 132834-133675.

(1)2g. Lady Margaret FITZALAN, died unm.

(1)3g. Lady Elizabeth FITZALAN, died unm.

(2)4g. Lady Katherine FITZALAN, died ca 1532 sp; married before 1530, (div) Henry GREY, 1st Duke of Suffolk, KG (cr 1551 Oct 11) (born 1517 Jan 17, died 1554 Feb 23).

(2)5g. Lady _______ FITZALAN, died unm.

2f. Hon. Edward FITZALAN, died unm.

3f. Lady Margaret FITZALAN, fl. 1493, died sp; married John DE LA POLE, 1st Earl of Lincoln (cr 1467 Mar 13) (born ca 1462, died 1487 Jun 15) (see above).

4f. Lady Joan FITZALAN; married, as 1st wife, George NEVILLE, 5th Baron Abergavenny, KG (born ca 1471, died after 1535 Jun 4) (see below). Issue.

2e. Hon. William FITZALAN, died unm.

3e. Hon. George FITZALAN, died unm.

4e. Hon. John FITZALAN, died unm.

5e. Lady Mary FITZALAN, died unm.

8d. Lady Cicely NEVILLE, died 1450 Jul 28; married 1st, 1434, Henry de BEAUCHAMP, 14th Earl of Warwick, 1st Duke of Warwick (cr 1445 Apr 5) (born 1425 Mar 22, 1446 Jun 11); married 2nd, after 1449 Apr 3, as 1st wife, John de TIPTOFT, 1st Earl of Worcester (cr 1449 Jul 16) (born 1427 May 8, died 1470 Oct 18).

1e. Lady Anne de BEAUCHAMP, born 1444 Feb, died 1449 Jan 3.

9d. Lady Alice NEVILLE, fl. 1503 Nov 22; married Henry FITZHUGH, 6th Baron Fitzhugh (cr 1321 May 15) (born ca 1429, died 1472 Jun 8).

1e. Hon. Sir Henry FITZHUGH, died 1469 Jul 26 unm.

2e. Richard FITZHUGH, 7th Baron Fitzhugh, born ca 1458, died 1487 Nov 20; married before 1481 May 21, as 1st husband, Elizabeth BURGH.

3e. Hon. Rev. George FITZHUGH, born 1462, died 1505 Nov 20 unm.

4e. Hon. Thomas FITZHUGH, died unm.

5e. Hon. John FITZHUGH, died unm.

6e. Hon. Edward FITZHUGH, died unm.

7e. Hon. Alice FITZHUGH, died before 1516 Jul 10; married after 1466 Sep 30, Hon. Sir John FIENNES (Dacre, B).

1f. Thomas FIENNES, 8th Baron Dacre of Gilsland (cr 1321 May 15), born ca 1472, died 1533 Sep 9; married ca 1492, Anne BOURCHIER (see below). Issue.

2f. Richard FIENNES, died young.

3f. John FIENNES, died young.

4f. John FIENNES, died unm.

5f. Anne FIENNES, died 1497 Sep 10 sp; married 1st, 1486, William BERKELEY, 1st Marquess of Berkeley; married 2nd, Sir Thomas BRANDON (died 1510).

8e. Hon. Elizabeth FITZHUGH, died before 1507 Jul 10; married 1st, after 1473, Sir William PARR (born 1434, died before 1484 Feb 26); married 2nd, as 1st wife, Nicholas VAUX, 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden (cr 1523 Apr 27) (born ca 1460, died 1523 May 14).

1f. Sir Thomas PARR, died 1547 Nov 12; married 1508, Maud GREENE (born 1493, died 1531 Dec 1). Issue.

2f. William PARR, 1st Baron Parr of Horton (cr 1543 Dec 23), died ca 1547 Nov; married before 1511, Mary SALISBURY (born ca 1484, died 1555 Jul 10). Issue.

3f. John PARR, died 1504 sp; married Constance VERE.

4f. Anne PARR, fl. 1513 Nov 4; married Sir Thomas CHENEY (died 1514 Jan 13). Issue.

5f. Hon. Alice VAUX; married ca 1501, Richard SAPCOTE (died 1542 Jul 9). Issue.

6f. Hon. Anne VAUX, born 1494; married Thomas LE STRANGE (born 1494, died 1545 Jan 16). Issue.

7f. Hon. Catherine VAUX, died 1571; married George THROCKMORTON (died 1554). Issue.

9e. Hon. Anne FITZHUGH, died after 1489 Dec 15 sp; married before 1465 Nov 14, Francis LOVEL, 9th Baron Lovel (cr 1299 Feb 6), 1st Viscount Lovel (cr 1483 Jan 4) (born ca 1455, died after 1487 Jun 16).

10e. Hon. Marjorie FITZHUGH, died sp; married as 1st wife, Marmaduke CONSTABLE (died 1518 Nov 29)
11e. Hon. Joan FITZHUGH, a nun.

12e. Hon. Eleanor FITZHUGH, died young.

10d. Lady Eleanor NEVILLE, died before 1482 Nov; married 1457 May 10, as 1st wife, Thomas STANLEY, 1st Earl of Derby (cr 1485 Oct 27) (born ca 1435, died 1504 Jul 29).

1e. George STANLEY, Baron Strange, KG, born ca 1460, died 1503 Dec 4/5; married before 1481 Feb 26, Joan LE STRANGE, Baroness Strange of Knokin (died 1514 Mar 20).

1f. Thomas STANLEY, 2nd Earl of Derby, died 1521 May 23; married before 1503, Hon. Anne HASTINGS (Hastings, B) (see below). Issue.

2e. Hon. John STANLEY, died young.

3e. Hon. Richard STANLEY, died young.

4e. Hon. Thomas STANLEY, died young.

5e. Hon. Edward STANLEY, 1st Baron Monteagle (cr 1514 May 21), KG, died 1523 Apr 6/7; married 1st, Anne HARINGTON (born 1455, died 1489 Aug 5 sp); married 2nd, before 1501 Nov 25, Elizabeth VAUGHAN (died 1515 Jan 15).

1f. Thomas STANLEY, 2nd Baron Mounteagle, born 1507 May 25, died 1560 Aug 25; married 1st, 1527 Jun 2, Lady Mary BRANDON (Suffolk, D) (see above); married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Helen PRESTON (died 1571).

6e. Hon. James STANLEY, Bishop of Ely, born 1465, died 1515 Mar 2 spl.

7e. Hon. William STANLEY, died young.

8e. Lady Anne STANLEY, died young.

9e. Lady Alice STANLEY, died young.

10e. Lady Catherine STANLEY, died young.

11e. Lady Agnes STANLEY, died young.

11d. Lady Catherine NEVILLE, died 1504; married 1st, in or before 1458, William BONVILLE, 6th Baron Harington (cr 1326 Dec 3) (born 1443, died 1460 Dec 31); married 2nd, before 1462 Feb 6, Sir William HASTINGS, 1st Baron Hastings (cr 1461 Jul 26) (born ca 1431, died 1483 Jun 13).

1e. Edward HASTINGS, 2nd Baron Hastings, born 1466 Nov 26, died 1506 Nov; married before 1481 Feb 18, as 1st husband, Mary HUNGERFORD, Baroness Hungerford, Baroness Moleyns.

1f. George HASTINGS, 3rd Baron Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon, born 1488, died 1544 Mar 24; married 1509 Dec 12, Lady Anne STAFFORD (Buckingham, D) (see above).

2f. Hon. Anne HASTINGS; married before 1503, Thomas STANLEY, 2nd Earl of Derby (see above).
2e. Hon. Richard HASTINGS, died unm.

3e. Hon. William HASTINGS; married _______.

1f. Elizabeth HASTINGS; married John BEAUMONT. Issue.

2f. Mary HASTINGS; married Thomas SAUNDERS.

4e. Hon. George HASTINGS, died unm.

5e. Cecily BONVILLE, (7th) Baroness Harington, (2nd) Baroness Bonville, born ca 1461, died 1529 May 12; married 1st, as 2nd wife, Thomas GREY, 1st Marquess of Dorset (cr 1475 Apr 18) (born 1451, died 1501 Sep 20); married 2nd, Henry STAFFORD, Earl of Wiltshire (cr 1510 Jan 28) (born ca 1479, died 1523 Apr 6 sp) (see above).

1f. Lord Edward GREY, died unm.

2f. Lord Anthony GREY, died young.

3f. Thomas GREY, 2nd Marquess of Dorset, 8th Baron Harington, 3rd Baron Bonville, KG, born 1477 Jun 22, died 1530 Oct 10; married 1509, as 2nd husband, Margaret WOTTON (fl. 1535). Issue.

4f. Lord Richard GREY; married as 2nd husband, Florence PUDSEY. Issue.

5f. Lord John GREY, fl. 1524 Mar 3, died sp; married 1st, as 2nd husband, Elizabeth CATESBY; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Anne BARLEY (fl. 1557 Oct 1).

6f. Lord Leonard GREY, 1st Viscount Grane (cr 1536 Jan 2 I), born ca 1490, died 1541 Jul 28 sp; married 1st, _______; married 2nd, Hon. Eleanor SUTTON (Dudley, B).

7f. Rev. Lord George GREY, died unm.

8f. Lady Cecily GREY; marred John SUTTON, 7th Baron Dudley. Issue.

9f. Lady Bridget GREY, died young.

10f. Lady Anne GREY, died young.

11f. Lady Dorothy GREY; married 1st, Robert WILLOUGHBY, 2nd Baron Willoughby be Broke; married 2nd, William BLOUNT, 4th Baron Mountjoy. Issue.

12f. Lady Elizabeth GREY; married Gerald FITZGERALD, 9th Earl of Kildare. Issue.

13f. Lady Margaret GREY, died sp; married as 2nd wife, Richard WAKE (died 1558 Aug 10).

14f. Lady Mary GREY; married Walter DEVEREUX, 1st Viscount Hereford. Issue.

15f. Lady Eleanor GREY; married John ARUNDEL. Issue.

6e. Hon. Elizabeth HASTINGS, died unm.

7e. Hon. Anne HASTINGS; married, before 1481 Jun 27, as 1st wife, George TALBOT, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury (cr 1442 May 20) (born 1468, died 1538 Jul 26).

1f. Hon. Henry TALBOT, died young.

2f. Francis TALBOT, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury, born 1500, died 1560 Sep 28); married 1st, before 1523 Nov 30, Mary DACRE; married 2nd, before 1553 Aug, as 2nd husband, Grace SHAKERLEY (died 1558 Aug). Issue.

3f. Hon. John TALBOT, died young.

4f. Hon. John TALBOT, died young.

5f. Hon. William TALBOT, died unm.

6f. Hon. Richard TALBOT, died unm.

7f. Lady Margaret TALBOT, born 1493, died 1523 sp; married 1517, Henry CLIFFORD, 11th Baron Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland.

8f. Lady Anne TALBOT, died unm.

9f. Lady Dorothy TALBOT, died unm.

10f. Lady Mary TALBOT, died 1572 sp; married ca 1524 Jan, Henry PERCY, 5th Earl of Northumberland.

11f. Lady Elizabeth TALBOT; married William DACRE, 3rd Baron Dacre of Gilsland. Issue.

12d. Lady Margaret NEVILLE, fl. 1506 Nov 20, died sp; married as 1st wife, John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford (cr 1142) (born 1442 Sep 8, died 1513 Mar 10).

3c. Hon. Henry NEVILLE, died young.

4c. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE, died young.

5c. Hon. Cuthbert NEVILLE, died young.

6c. Hon. Robert NEVILLE, Bishop of Durham, died 1457.

7c. William NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Kent (cr 1461 Nov 1), died 1463 Jan 9; married before 1422 Apr 28, as 1st husband, Joan FAUCOMBERGE (6th) Baroness Faucomberge (cr 1295 Jun 24) (born 1406 Oct 18, died 1490 Dec 11).

1d. Lady Joan NEVILLE, born ca 1433, died 1490 Dec 11 sp; married Edward BETHAM (died 1472 Feb 22).

2d. Lady Elizabeth NEVILLE, born ca 1435, died before 1488; married as 1st wife, Sir Richard STRANGWAYS (died 1488 Apr 13).

1e. Sir James STRANGWAYS, born 1460, died 1521 Dec 16; married 1st, 1472 Sep 7, Hon. Alice LE SCROPE (Scrope of Masham, B) (see below); married 2nd, Margaret DANBY.

1f. Sir Thomas STRANGWAYS, born ca 1482, died 1525 Aug 22); married Hon. Anne DACRE (Dacre, B). Issue.

2f. Richard STRANGWAYS, died unm.

3f. John STRANGWAYS, died unm.

4f. James STRANGWAYS, died sp; married Elizabeth RADCLIFFE.

5f. Anne STRANGWAYS, died sp; married Thomas DALTON.

6f. Margaret STRANGWAYS, died sp; married John DAWNEY.

7f. Joan STRANGWAYS, died 1546 Nov 15; married 1st, John BIGOD; married 2nd, 1522 Jan, Sir William MAULEVRER (died 1551 Aug 11 sp). Issue.

8f. Mary STRANGWAYS; married Robert ROOS of Ingmanthorpe (died 1530). Issue.

2e. William STRANGWAYS, died young.

3e. Thomas STRANGWAYS, died young.

4e. Elizabeth STRANGWAYS, a nun.

5e. Joan STRANGWAYS, died sp; married Sir Ralph PIGOT (died 1503).

6e. Margaret STRANGWAYS; married George SAVAGE. Issue?

3d. Lady Alice NEVILLE, born 1437, died before 1490; married Sir John CONYERS, KG (died 1469 Jul 26).

1e. John CONYERS, died unm.

2e. William CONYERS, 1st Baron Conyers (cr 1509 Oct 17), born 1468 Dec 21, died before 1524 Apr 14; married 1st, 1479 Sep 24, Hon. Marie LE SCROPE (Scrope of Bolton, B); married 2nd, as 1st husband, Lady Anne NEVILLE (Westmoreland, E).

1f. Christopher CONYERS, 2nd Baron Counyers, died 1538 Jun 14; married 1515 Sep 28, Hon. Anne DACRE (Dacre of Gilsland, B). Issue.

2f. Hon. Catherine CONYERS; married Francis BIGOD. Issue.

3f. Hon. Mary CONYERS; married Richard CHOLMONDELEY. Issue.

3e. Anne CONYERS, died 1530; married 1489, Richard LUMLEY, 3rd Baron Lumley (cr 1461 Jul 26) (died 1510 May 26).

1f. John LUMLEY, 4th Baron Lumley, born ca 1492, died 1544/45; married Hon. Joan SCROPE (Scrope of Bolton, B). Issue.

2f. Hon. Anthony LUMLEY; married _______ GRAY. Issue.

4e. Margery CONYERS, died 1524 May 10; married Sir William BULMER (died 1531 Oct 18).

1f. John BULMER, died 1537 May 25; married 1st, Anne BIGOD; married 2nd, Margaret STAFFORD (died 1537 May 25). Issue.

2f. Ralph BULMER; married Anne ASKE (died 1543). Issue.

3f. William BULMER; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth ELMEDEN. Issue.

4f. Margaret BULMER; married George SALVIN. Issue.

5f. Joan BULMER; married 1st, John WARREN; married 2nd, George HERON. Issue?.

8c. Hon. John NEVILLE.

9c. George NEVILLE, 1st Baron Latymer (cr 1432 Feb 25), died 1469 Dec 30/31; married before 1437 Feb, as 1st husband, Lady Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP (Warwick, E) (born ca 1417, died before 1480 Oct 2).

1d. Hon. Henry NEVILLE, died 1469 Jul 26; married Hon. Joan BOURCHIER (Berners, B).

1e. Richard NEVILLE, 2nd Baron Latimer, born 1468, died 1530 Dec 12/28; married 1st, ca 1490, Anne STAFFORD; married 2nd, after 1522 Jul 5, Mrs. Margaret STRANGWISHE.

1f. John NEVILLE, 3rd Baron Latimer, born 1493 Nov 17, died 1543 Mar 2; married 1st, Dorothy de VERE (died 1527 Feb 7); married 2nd, 1528 Jul 20, Elizabeth MUSGRAVE; married 3rd, 1533, Catherine PARR. Issue.

2f. Hon. William NEVILLE, born 1497 Jul 15; married Elizabeth GREVILLE. Issue.

3f. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE, born 1502 Dec 24, died 1544 Oct 28; married Mary TEY. Issue.

4f. Hon. Humphrey NEVILLE, born 1505 Aug 11, died young.

5f. Hon. Marmaduke NEVILLE, died young.

6f. Hon. Marmaduke NEVILLE, born 1508 Jan 31, died 1545 May 28; married Elizabeth TEY. Issue.

7f. Rev. Hon. George NEVILLE, born 1509 Jul 29, died 1567 unm.

8f. Hon. Christopher NEVILLE, born 1511 Oct 2, died young.

9f. Hon. Christopher NEVILLE, born 1513 May 3, died young.

10f. Hon. Margaret NEVILLE, born 1495 Mar 9; married 1st, Hon. Edward WILLOUGHBY (Willoughby de Broke, B) (died 1517); married 2nd, William GASCOIGNE (see above). Issue.

11f. Hon. Dorothy NEVILLE, born 1496 Mar 27; married John DAWNAY (died 1553 Mar 2). Issue.

12f. Hon. Catherine NEVILLE, born 1499 Jan 7, died unm.

13f. Hon. Elizabeth NEVILLE, born 1500 Apr 28; married Christopher DANBY. Issue.

14f. Hon. Susan NEVILLE, born 1501 Apr 28; married Richard NORTON. Issue.

15f. Hon. Joan NEVILLE, born 1504 Mar 7, died unm.

2e. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE, died 1546; married 1st, Anne WESTERDALE; married 2nd, Lettie HARCOURT; married 3rd, Anne GREVILLE.

(2)1f. _______ (son) NEVILLE.

(2)2f. _______ (son) NEVILLE.

(3)3f. John NEVILLE; married Alice RYDALL. Issue.

(2)4f. Ellen NEVILLE; married Kenelm BUCK. Issue.

2d. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE.

3d. Hon. Catherine NEVILLE, died 1493 Apr 15 sp; married 1st, Hon. Oliver SUTTON (died 1469 Jul 26) (Dudley, B); married 2nd, James RADCLIFFE.

4d. Hon. Joan NEVILLE, died unm.

10c. Edward NEVILLE, jure uxoris Baron Abergavenny, died 1476 Oct 18; married 1st, before 1424 Oct 18, Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP, (3rd) Baroness Abergavenny (cr 1392 Jul 23) (born 1415 Sep 16, died 1448 Jun 18); married 2nd (dispensation 1448 Oct 15) Katherine HOWARD.

1d. Hon. Richard NEVILLE.

2d. George NEVILL, 4th Baron Abergavenny, born ca 1440, died 1492 Sep 20; married 1st, Margaret FENNE (died 1485 Sep 28); married 2nd, as 4th husband, Elizabeth, widow of Sir Robert BASSETT, Richard NAYLOR, and John STOKKER (died 1500).

1e. George NEVILLE, 5th Baron Abergavenny, KG, born ca 1471, died after 1535 Jun 4; married 1st, Lady Joan FITZALAN (Arundel, E); married 2nd, Margaret BRENT (died sp); married 3rd, ca 1519 Jun, Lady Mary STAFFORD (Buckingham, D); married 4th, Mary BROOKE alias COBHAM.

(3)1f. Henry NEVILLE, 6th Baron Abergavenny, born ca 1527, died 1587 Feb 10; married 1st, before 1556 Jan 31, Lady Frances MANNERS (Rutland, E); married 2nd, as 1st husband, Elizabeth DARRELL. Issue.

(3)2f. Hon. John NEVILLE, died young.

(3)3f. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE, died unm.

(2)4f. Hon. Elizabeth NEVILLE, died sp; married before 1517 Jul 16, Henry DAUBENEY, 1st Earl of Bridgewater (born 1493 Dec, died 1548 Apr 12).

(3)5f. Hon. Catherine NEVILLE; married John SAINT LEGER. Issue.

(3)6f. Hon. Margaret NEVILLE; married 1st, John CHEYNEY (died sp); married 2nd, Henry POOLE (died 1581 Mar 28). Issue.

(3)7f. Hon. Dorothy NEVILLE; married William BROOKE, 10th Baron COBHAM. Issue.

(3)8f. Hon. Ursula NEVILLE; married Warham SAINT LEGER. Issue.

(3)9f. Hon. Mary NEVILLE, died 1576; married 1st, 1536, Thomas FIENNES, 9th Baron Dacre; married 2nd, _______ WOTTON; married 3rd, Francis THORESBY. Issue.

2e. Hon. Sir Edward NEVILLE, died 1539 Jan 9; married as 2nd husband, Eleanor WINDSOR.

1f. Edward NEVILLE, 7th Baron Abergavenny, died 1589 Feb 10; married 1st, Catherine BROME; married 2nd, as 1st husband, Grizelda HUGHES (died 1613 Jun 15). Issue.

2f. Sir Henry NEVILLE, died 1594 Jan 13; married Elizabeth GRESHAM (died 1573 Nov 6).

3f. Catherine NEVILLE; married Clement THROCKMORTON. Issue.

4f. Mary NEVILLE; married Henry DINELEY of Charlton, Worcs (died 1589 Feb 27). Issue.

5f. Elizabeth NEVILLE, died sp; married Thomas HEYNES of York.

6f. Frances NEVILLE, died 1599; married 1st, Sir Edward WALDEGRAVE (born 1516/17, died 1561 Sep 1); married 2nd, Lord Chideack PAULET (Winchester, M). Issue.

7f. Gertrude NEVILLE, died unm.

3e. Hon. Thomas NEVILLE, born ca 1480, died 1542 Mar 29; married 1st, Hon. Catherine DACRE (Dacre, B); married 2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth AMADAS.

1f. Margaret NEVILLE, born 1520, died 1575 Dec 25; married 1st, 1536 May 1, Sir Robert SOUTHWELL; married 2nd, William PLUMBE. Issue.

4e. Hon. William NEVILLE, died unm.

5e. Hon. Richard NEVILLE, died unm.

6e. Hon. Joan NEVILLE; married before 1520 May, Henry POLE, Lord Montagu. Issue.

7e. Hon. Elizabeth NEVILLE; married 1st, Edward BERKELEY (died 1506; married 2nd, Richard COVERT (died 1547 Jun 7).

1f. John BERKELEY, died unm.

2f. Alice BERKELEY; married George WHETTENHALL. Issue.

3f. Laura BERKELEY; married John ASHBURNHAM. Issue.

4f. Anne BERKELEY; married John BRENT. Issue.

5f. Elizabeth BERKELEY; married George HERBERT. Issue.

3d. Hon. Ralph NEVILLE, died young.

4d. Hon. Edward NEVILLE.

5d. Hon. Alice NEVILLE, died sp; married Thomas GREY.

6d. Hon. Catherine NEVILLE; married John IWARDBY.

1e. John IWARDBY; married Sanctia CAREW.

1f. Joan IWARDBY; married 1st, Sir John ST. JOHN (born 1473, died 1512); married 2nd, Nicholas SAUNDERS. Issue.

7d. Hon. _______ NEVILLE, died young.

8d. Hon. Margaret NEVILLE, died 1506 Sep 30; married as 2nd wife, John BROOKE, 7th Baron Cobham (cr 1313 Jan 8) (died 1512 Mar 9).

1e. Thomas BROOKE, 8th Baron Cobham, died 1529 Jul 19; married 1st, Dorothy HEYDON; married 2nd, Mrs. Dorothy SOUTHWELL (died sp); married 3rd, Elizabeth HART (died sp).

1f. George BROOKE, 9th Baron Cobham, died 1558 Sep 29; married Anne BRAY. Issue.

2f. Hon. Thomas BROOKE; married, as 2nd husband, Suzanne CRANMER. Issue.

3f. Hon. William BROOKE, died unm.

4f. Hon. Sir Edward BROOKE, died unm.

5-6f. Two sons, died unm.

7f. Hon. Margaret BROOKE; married John FOGGE (died 1564). Issue.

8f. Hon. Faith BROOKE; married William OCKENDEN. Issue?

9f. Hon. Elizabeth BROOKE, died 1560 Aug; married 1st, ca 1520, Sir Thomas WYATT (born 1503, died 1542 Oct); married 2nd, as 1st wife, Sir Edward WARNER. Issue.

2e. Hon. Edward BROOKE, died unm.

3e. Hon. George BROOKE; married Elizabeth PECHE.

4-8e. Five sons, died unm.

9e. Hon. Mary BROOKE; married Robert BLAGE. Issue?
10e. Hon. Dorothy BROOKE, died sp; married William ISAAC.

11e. Hon. Faith BROOKE, died 1508 Sep 21 unm.

12-18e. Seven daughters, died unm.

9d. Hon. Anne NEVILLE, died young.

10d. Hon. ________ NEVILLE, a nun.

11d. Hon. Catherine NEVILLE; married Robert TANFIELD of Gayton, Northants (died before 1504 Sep 20).

1e. William TANFIELD; married Isabel STAVELY.

1f. Humphrey TANFIELD, died young.

2f. Francis TANFIELD; married Bridget CAVE. Issue.

3f. Robert TANFIELD; married Wilgiford FITZHERBERT. Issue.

4f. William TANFIELD; married Catherine CLOVILLE. Issue.

5f. Elizabeth TANFIELD; married John ASHBY. Issue.

6f. Ursula TANFIELD; married William PURCELL. Issue?

11c. Hon. Elizabeth FERRERS, born 1393, died 1434; married ca 1407 Oct 28, John GREYSTOKE, 4th Baron Greystoke (cr 1321 May 15) (born 1389, died 1436 Aug 8).

1d. Ralph GREYSTOKE, 5th Baron GREYSTOKE, born ca 1414, died 1487 Jun 1; married 1st, 1436 Jul 1 (dispensation), Hon. Elizabeth FITZHUGH (Fitzhugh, B); married 2nd, 1483 Sep, as 1st husband, Beatrice HAWCLYF (died 1505 Apr 20).

1e. Hon. Sir Robert GREYSTOKE, died 1483 Jun 17; married 1st, Hon. Margaret GREY (Ferrers of Groby, B); married 2nd, 1472 Jul 18, Lady Elizabeth GREY (Kent, E) (died 1472 Jul 18).

1f. Elizabeth GREYSTOKE, (6th) Baroness Greystoke, born 1471 Jul 10, died 1516 Aug 13/14; married 1488, Thomas DACRE, 2nd Baron Dacre of Gilsland (born 1467 Nov 25, died 1525 Oct 24). Issue.

2e. Hon. Sir John GREYSTOKE, died 1501 Mar 4; married 1485 Jan 13, Lady Cecily HERBERT (Pembroke, E).

1f. John GREYSTOKE, born 1487, died 1508 Aug 17 unm.

3e. Hon. Rev. Richard GREYSTOKE, died unm.

4e. Hon. Ralph GREYSTOKE.

5e. Hon. William GREYSTOKE, died young.

6e. Hon. William GREYSTOKE, died unm.

7e. Hon. William GREYSTOKE, died unm.

8e. Hon. Joan GREYSTOKE, died unm.

9e. Hon. Isabelle GREYSTOKE, died unm.

10e. Hon. Anne GREYSTOKE, died unm.

11e. Hon. Elizabeth GREYSTOKE; married 1st, 1453 May 4, Thomas LE SCROPE, 5th Baron Scrope of Masham (cr 1350 Nov 25) (born ca 1428, died 1475); married 2nd, Sir Gilbert TALBOT, KG, of Grafton (died 1517 Aug 17).

1f. Thomas LE SCROPE, 6th Baron Scrope of Masham, born 1459, died 1493 Apr 23; married before 1477, Lady Elizabeth NEVILLE (Montagu, M) (born 1464, died 1517 Sep) (see above).

2f. Henry LE SCROPE, 8th Baron Scrope of Masham, died ca 1512 unm.

3f. Ralph LE SCROPE, 9th Baron Scrope of Masham, born 1515 Sep 17, died sp; married Hon. Eleanor WINDSOR (Windsor, B) (died before 1531 Mar 25).

4f. Rev. Geoffrey LE SCROPE, 10th Baron Scrope of Masham, born 1475, died 1517 unm.

5f. Hon. John LE SCROPE, died before 1512 unm.

6f. Sir Gilbert TALBOT of Grafton, died 1542 Oct 22; married 1st, Agnes PASTON (see above); married 2nd, Elizabeth WYNTER. Issue.

7f. Humphrey TALBOT, died unm.

8f. Hon. Alice LE SCROPE; married 1472 Sep 7, James STRANGWAYS (see above).

9f. Hon. Margaret LE SCROPE, died after 1531 Mar 25; married 1493 Nov, Sir Christopher DANBY (died 1519 Mar 17). Issue.

10f. Hon. Elizabeth LE SCROPE; married 1st, Thomas MARKENFELD (died sp); married 2nd, before 1498, Sir Ralph FITZRANDOLPH (died 1517). Issue.

12e. Hon. Mary GREYSTOKE, died 1496; married 1st, Thomas SALVIN; married 2nd, Edmond HASTINGS.

1f. Ralph SALVIN, born 1474 May 14, died 1534 Mar 31; married 1st, Elizabeth HASTINGS; married 2nd, Anne _______. Issue.

2f. Edmund SALVIN (or HASTINGS).

13e. Hon. Margery GREYSTOKE; married ca 1478, Sir Thomas GREY of Chilingham (born ca 1457, died 1498 Aug 16).

1f. Sir Ralph GREY of Chillingham, died 1507 Aug 4; married, as 1st husband, Elizabeth _______. Issue.

2f. Elizabeth GREY, died unm.

3f. Anne GREY; married 1st, John DELAVAL (died 1498 Feb 4); married 2nd, Thomas HOPTON; married 3rd, as 1st wife, Hon. Philip DACRE. Issue.

4f. Margaret GREY; married as 2nd wife, Nicholas HORSLEY. Issue?

2d. Hon. William GREYSTOKE, died unm.

3d. Hon. Richard GREYSTOKE, died unm.

4d. Hon. Thomas GREYSTOKE, died unm.

5d. Hon. John GREYSTOKE, died unm.

6d. Hon. Henry GREYSTOKE, died unm.

7d. Hon. Elizabeth GREYSTOKE; married Roger THORNTON.

1e. Elizabeth/Joan THORNTON; married George LUMLEY, 2nd Baron Lumley (born ca 1445, died 1507 Nov 13).

1f. Hon. Thomas LUMLEY; married Elizabeth PLANTAGENET (daughter of Edward IV). Issue.

2f. Hon. Roger LUMLEY, died sp; married Isabel RATCLIFFE.

3f. Hon. John LUMLEY; married _______. Issue.

2e. Elizabeth THORNTON, died sp; married Roger OGLE (died before 1545 Oct 20).

8d. Hon. Catherine GREYSTOKE, a nun.

9d. Hon. Matilda GREYSTOKE, died unm.

10d. Hon. Joan GREYSTOKE; married Hon. Sir John DARCY (Darcy, B) (died 1455).

1e. Richard DARCY, died before 1455; married Hon. Eleanor LE SCROPE (Scrope of Masham, B).

1f. Sir William DARCY, born 1443, died 1488 May 30; married Euphemia LANGTON. Issue.

2f. Thomas DARCY, died unm.

3f. Richard DARCY, died unm.

4f. Joan DARCY, died unm.

2e. John DARCY, died unm.

3e. George DARCY, died unm.

4e. Philip DARCY, died unm.

5e. Thomas DARCY, died unm.

6e. Elizabeth DARCY, died unm.

7e. Eleanor DARCY, died unm.

11d. Hon. Eleanor GREYSTOKE; married Ralph EURE (died 1461 Mar 19).

1e. Sir William EURE; married 1st, Margaret CONSTABLE; married 2nd, Mrs. Constance PERCY.

(1)1f. Sir Ralph EURE, died 1540; married 1st, after 1482 Jan 18, Muriel HASTINGS; married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Agnes CONSTABLE. Issue.

(1)2f. Robert EURE, died unm.

(1)3f. Rev. William EURE, died unm.

(2)4f. Henry EURE; married Anne BOROUGH. Issue.

(2)5f. John EURE, died unm.

(2)6f. Eustache EURE, died unm.

(1)7f. Anne EURE, died young.

(1)8f. Anne/Agnes EURE, died young.

(1)9f. Margaret EURE, a nun.

(1)10f. Elizabeth EURE, died unm.

2e. Ralph EURE, died 1483/84 unm.

3e. Robert EURE.

4e. Henry EURE, died young.

5e. Rev. Hugh EURE, died 1522/23, unm.

6e. John EURE, died 1493 unm.

7e. Joan EURE, died young.

8e. Joan EURE, died unm.

9e. Margaret EURE, a nun.

10e. Anne EURE, died sp; married Thomas ROKEBY.

11e. Mary EURE, died sp; married _______ HILTON.

12e. Maud EURE, died unm.

13e. Elizabeth EURE; married John ELLERKER.

1f. Sir Ralph ELLERKER; married Anne GOWER. Issue.

2f. Henry ELLERKER, died unm.

3f. Margery ELLERKER, died unm.

4f. Elizabeth/Isabelle ELLERKER, died unm.

12d. Hon. Anne GREYSTOKE (died 1477 Mar 23); married Ralph BIGOD (died 1461 Mar 29).

1e. John BIGOD, died 1461 Mar 29; married Hon. Elizabeth LE SCROPE (Scrope of Bolton, B) (died 1503 May 3).

1f. Ralph BIGOD, died 1515 Apr 22; married 1st, Margaret CONSTABLE; married 2nd, Alice _______; married 3rd, as 1st husband, Agnes CONSTABLE. Issue.

2f. Henry BIGOD, died unm.

2e. Henry BIGOD of Scagglethorp; married _______.

3e. Edward BIGOD, died unm.

4e. William BIGOD, died unm.

5e. George BIGOD, died unm.

6e. Thomas BIGOD, died unm.

7e. Rev. Ralph BIGOD, died unm.

8e. Rev. Richard BIGOD, died unm.

9e. Philip BIGOD, died unm.

10e. Peter BIGOD; married _______.

1f. Ralph BIGOD; married Isabel HALEDENBY.

11e. Elizabeth BIGOD; married John ASKE of Aughton, Yorks (died 1497).

1f. Robert ASKE, died 1529; married Elizabeth CLIFFORD. Issue.

2f. John ASKE, died unm.

3f. Rev. Richard ASKE, died unm.

4f. William ASKE, died unm.

5f. Ralph ASKE, died unm.

6f. George ASKE; married _______. Issue.

7f. Henry ASKE, died young.

8f. Nicholas ASKE, died unm.

9f. Anne ASKE, died unm.

10f. Catherine ASKE, died 1507; married Sir John HASTINGS died 1504 Jul 12). Issue.

11f. Margaret ASKE; married _______ MORLEY. Issue?

12e. Anne BIGOD; married Sir William CONYERS of Sockburn, Yorks (died 1490 Sep 8).

1f. Sir Christopher CONYERS, died 1497 Nov 5; married Anne MARKENFELD. Issue.

2f. Ralph CONYERS, died unm.

3f. George CONYERS, died unm.

4f. Robert CONYERS, died unm.

5f. Roger CONYERS, died unm.

6f. Richard CONYERS, died unm.

7f. Cuthbert CONYERS; married Mary LAYTON. Issue.

8f. Anne CONYERS, died unm.

9f. Mary CONYERS, died unm.

10f. Margaret CONYERS, died unm.

11f. Agnes CONYERS, died unm.

13e. Catherine BIGOD, died 1506 unm.

14e. Matilda BIGOD, died unm.

15e. Agnes BIGOD, died sp; married Thomas STILLINGTON.

12c. Hon. Mary FERRERS, born 1394, died 1458 Jan 25; married Hon. Sir Ralph NEVILLE (Westmorland, E) (died 1458 Feb 26). Issue.

1d. Sir John NEVILLE of Womersley, died 1483 Mar 17; married 1st, Elizabeth NEWMARCH; married 2nd, ca 1467, as 2nd husband, Margaret PLUMPTON (died 1487).

1e. Joan NEVILLE; married 1st, ca 1458/60, Sir William GASCOIGNE of Gawthorpe, Yorks (died before 1464); married 2nd, 1464, James HARRINGTON (died 1488).

1f. Sir William GASCOIGNE of Gawthorpe, died 1487 Mar 4; married Lady Margaret PERCY (see above).

2f. Rev. Humphrey GASCOIGNE, died unm.

3f. John GASCOIGNE, died sp; married Mary PERCY.

4f. John HARRINGTON, died unm.

5f. William HARRINGTON, died unm.

6f. Thomas HARRINGTON, died young.

7f. Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, died young.

8f. Joan GASCOIGNE, died unm.

9f. Agnes GASCOIGNE; married 1478, as 1st wife, Sir Robert PLUMPTON (died 1523). Issue.

10f. Margaret GASCOIGNE; married before 1472 Nov 28, Christopher WARD (born ca 1453, died 1521 Dec 31). Issue.

2d. Joan NEVILLE, died sp; married 1435, as 1st husband, Sir Walter GRIFFITH (died 1481 Aug 9).

13c. Lady Katherine NEVILLE, fl. 1483; married 1st, 1412, John MOWBRAY, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (cr 1397 Sep 29) (born 1392, died 1432 Oct 19); married 2nd, Thomas STRANGWAYS; married 3rd, as 2nd wife, after 1442, John BEAUMONT, 1st Viscount Beaumont (cr 1440 Feb 12), Comte de Boulougne (born ca 1409, died 1460 Jul 10); married 4th, Hon. Sir John WYDVILLE (Rivers, E) (died 1469 Jul 19).

1d. John MOWBRAY, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, born 1415 Sep 12, died 1461 Nov 6; married 1424, Eleanor BOURCHIER (died 1474 Nov).

1e. John MOWBRAY, 4th Duke of Norfolk, born 1444 Oct 18, died 1476 Jan 16/17; married Lady Elizabeth TALBOT (Shrewsbury, E) (died 1506/07).

1f. Anne MOWBRAY, (8th) Countess of Norfolk, (11th) Baroness Mowbray, (12th) Baroness Segrave, born 1472 Dec 10, died 1481 Nov 19; married Prince Richard (Plantaganet), KG, 1st Duke of York (born 1473 Aug 17, died ca 1483 Jul).

2d. Thomas STRANGWAYS, died unm.

3d. Catherine STRANGWAYS, died sp; married 1454 Sep, as 1st wife, Henry GREY, 7th Baron Grey of Codnor (cr 1299 Feb 6) (born 1435, died 1496).

4d. Joan STRANGWAYS, died 1485 Feb 24; married 1st, Sir William WILLOUGHBY of Parham; married 2nd, 1468 Nov, as 2nd wife, William BERKELEY, 2nd Baron Berkeley (cr 1421 Oct 20), 1st Viscount Berkeley (cr 1481 Apr 21), 1st Marquess Berkeley (cr 1489 Jan 28) (born 1426, died 1492 Feb 14).

1e. Edward WILLOUGHBY; married Isabel BERKELEY.

1f. Vincent WILLOUGHBY, died unm.

2e. Richard WILLOUGHBY, died unm.

3e. Hon. Thomas BERKELEY, born 1470 Mar, died 1475 Jun 1.

4e. Hon. Catherine BERKELEY, died young.

5e. Cecily WILLOUGHBY; married Edward SUTTON, 2th Baron Dudley (cr 1440 Feb 15) (born ca 1459, died 1532 Jan 31).

1f. John SUTTON, 7th Baron Dudley, died 1553; married Lady Cecily GREY (see above).

2f. Hon. Geoffrey SUTTON, died 1571 Jun; married Eleanor TALBOT (see above).

3f. Hon. Thomas SUTTON, died unm.

4f. Hon. Arthur SUTTON, died unm.

5f. Hon. Edward SUTTON, died unm.

6f. Hon. George SUTTON, died unm.

7f. Hon. William SUTTON, died 1504 Dec 22.

8f. Hon. Elizabeth SUTTON; married 1st John HUDDLESTON of Sawston (see above); married 2nd, as 2nd wife, Thomas BUTLER of Bewsey.

9f. Hon. Dorothy SUTTON, died unm.

10f. Hon. Eleanor SUTTON, died sp; married 1st, Charles SOMERSET, 1st Earl of Worcester (see above); married 2nd, Leonard GREY, 1st Viscouny Grane (see above).

11f. Hon. Joyce SUTTON; married Sir John LEIGHTON (died 1532). Issue.

12f. Hon. Joan SUTTON; married Thomas FIENNES (see above).

13f. Hon. Margaret SUTTON; married John GREY, 2nd Baron Grey of Powis (see above).

14f. Hon. Catherine SUTTON, died sp; married as 2nd wife, Sir George GRESLEY.

15f. Hon. Constance SUTTON, died 1502 Mar 15.

6e. Anne WILLOUGHBY, died sp; married Hon. John BEAUCHAMP (died before 1503 Jan 19).

14c. Lady Eleanor NEVILLE; married 1st, after 1412 May 23, Richard LE DESPENCER, Lord Le Despencer, de jure 4th Baron Burghersh (cr 1330 Jan 25) (born 1396 Nov 30, died 1414 Oct 7 sp) (see below); married 2nd, after 1414 Oct, Henry (PERCY), 1st Earl of Northumberland (cr 1416 Mar 16) (born 1393 Feb 3, died 1455 May 22). Issue (see above).

15c. Lady Anastasia NEVILLE, died young.

16c. Lady Anne NEVILLE, died 1480 Aug 20; married 1st, before 1424 Oct 18, Humphrey STAFFORD, 6th Earl of Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham (cr 1444 Sep 14) (born 1402, died 1460 Jul 10) (see below); married 2nd, before 1447 Nov 25, as 1st wife, Walter BLOUNT, 1st Baron Mountjoy (cr 1465 Jun 20) (born ca 1420, died 1474 Aug 1).

1d. Humphrey STAFFORD, Baron Stafford, born 1428, died 1457 Jun 29; married 1444, Margaret BEAUFORT. Issue (see above).

2d. John STAFFORD, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (cr 1470 Jan 5), died 1473 May 8; married 1458, Constance GREEN (died 1475 Mar 2).

1e. Edward STAFFORD, 2nd Earl of Wiltshire, born 1470 Apr 7, died 1499 Mar 24 sp; married 1494, Hon. Maryaret GREY (Lisle, V) (died 1500/1504).

3d. Lord Henry STAFFORD, died 1471 Oct 4 sp; married before 1458 Jul 10, as 3rd husband, Lady Margaret BEAUFORT (see above).

4d. Lord Edward STAFFORD, died young.

5d. Lord Richard STAFFORD, died young.

6d. Lord George STAFFORD, died young.

7d. Lord William STAFFORD, died young.

8d. Lady Catherine STAFFORD, died 1476 Dec 26; married 1458 Jul, John TALBOT, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (cr 1442 May 20) (born 1448 Dec 12, died 1473 Jun 28).

1e. George TALBOT, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, born 1468, died 1538 Jul 26; married 1st, before 1481 Jun 27, Hon. Anne HASTINGS (Hastings, B) (fl. 1507) (see above); married 2nd, ca 1512, Elizabeth WALDEN (died 1567 Jul).

1-11f. See above.

12f. Hon. John TALBOT, died young.

2e. Hon. Thomas TALBOT, died unm.

9d. Lady Anne STAFFORD, died 1472 Apr; married 1st, 1443 Jan, Hon. Aubrey de VERE (died 1462 Feb 20 sp) (Oxford, E); married 2nd, Sir Reynold de COBHAM, 5th Baron Cobham of Sterborough (cr 1347 Nov 13) (died 1471).

1e. Anne COBHAM, (6th) Baroness Cobham of Sterborough, died 1526 Jun 26; married 1st, 1475, Edward BLOUNT, 2nd Baron Mountjoy (died 1475 Dec 1 sp); married 2nd, Edward BURGH, 2nd Baron Burgh (born ca 1464, died 1528 Aug 20).

1f. Thomas BURGH, 3rd Baron Burgh, born ca 1488, died 1550 Feb 28; married 1st, 1496, Anne TYRWHITT; married 2nd, as 3rd husband, Alice LONDON (died 1558). Issue.

2f. Hon. Henry BURGH, died 1557 Apr 22; married Elizabeth CONSTANTINE. Issue.

3f. Hon. Humphrey BURGH, died unm.

4f. Hon. George BURGH, died unm.

10d. Lady Joan STAFFORD, fl. 1480; married 1st, 1452 Aug, (div by 1477) William BEAUMONT, 2nd Viscount Beaumont (born 1438 Apr 23, died 1507 Dec 19 sp); married 2nd, ca 1477, as 2nd wife, William KNYVETT of Buckenham, Norfolk (born 1440, fl. 1491).

1e. Sir Edward KNYVETT, died unm.

2e. Charles KNYVETT; married Anne LUCY. Issue.

11d. Lady Elizabeth STAFFORD, died unm.

12d. Lady Margaret STAFFORD, died unm.

17c. Lady Cecily NEVILLE, born 1415 May 3, died 1495 May 31; married before 1424 Oct 18, Richard (Plantaganet), KG, 3rd Duke of York (see above).

14b. [Blanche of Lancaster; married ca 1381, Sir Thomas MORIEUX. Mother: Mary de SAINT-HILAIRE]

5a. Prince Edmund of Langley, KG, 1st Earl of Cambridge (cr 1362 Nov 13), 1st Duke of York (cr 1385 Aug 6), born 1341 Jun 5, died 1402 Aug 1; married 1st, ca 1372 Mar 1, Isabel of Castile and Leon (born 1355, died 1393 Nov 23); married 2nd, as 1st husband, before 1393 Nov 4, Lady Joan DE HOLAND (born ca 1380, died 1434 Apr 12 sp)

1b. Prince Edward of England, KG, 1st Earl of Rutland (cr 1390 Feb 25), 1st Duke of Albemarle (cr 1397 Sep 29), 2nd Duke of York, born 1373, died 1415 Oct 25 sp; married ca 1398, as 3rd husband, Hon. Philippa de MOHUN.

2b. Prince Richard of England, 2nd Earl of Cambridge, born ca 1376 Sep, died 1415 Aug 6; married 1st, Lady Anne MORTIMER (born 1390 Dec 27, died 1411 Sep); married 2nd, as 1st husband, Hon. Maud de CLIFFORD (died 1446 Aug 26). Issue (see above).

3b. Princess Constance of England, born ca 1374, died 1416 Nov 28; married before 1379 Nov 7, Thomas Le DESPENCER, KG, 2nd Baron Le Despencer (cr 1357 Dec 15), 1st Earl of Gloucester (cr 1397 Sep 29) (born 1373 Sep 22, died 1400 Jan 16). Issue.

1c. Richard Le DESPENCER, de jure 4th Baron Burghersh, born 1396 Nov 30, died 1414 Oct 7 sp; married after 1412 May 23, Lady Eleanor NEVILLE (see above).

2c. Elizabeth Le DESPENCER, died young.

3c. Isabel Le DESPENCER, de jure (5th) Baroness Burghersh, born 1400 Jul 26, died 1439 Dec 27; married 1st, 1411 Jul 27, Richard de BEAUCHAMP, 1st Earl of Worcester (cr 1421 Feb), 2nd Baron Abergavenny (born ca 1397, died 1422 Mar 18); married 2nd, 1423 Nov 26, as 2nd wife, Richard de BEAUCHAMP, 13th Earl of WARWICK (cr 1088) (born 1382 Jan 25 or 28, died 1439 Apr 30, Rouen). Issue.

1d. Henry BEAUCHAMP, 1st Duke of Warwick, born 1425 Mar 22, died 1445 Jun 11); married 1434, Lady Cicely NEVILLE (died 1450 Jul 28). Issue (see above).

2d. Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP, (3rd) Baroness Abergavenny, born 1415 Sep 16, died 1448 Jun 18; married Edward NEVILLE, jure uxoris Baron Abergavenny (died 1476 Oct 18). Issue (see above).

3d. Lady Anne BEAUCHAMP, Countess of Warwick (Life 1450 Mar 2), born ca 1426 Sep, died 1492 Sep; married 1434, Richard NEVILLE, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (born 1428 Nov 22, died 1471 Apr 14). Issue (see above).

6a. Prince William of Windsor, born before 1348 Jun 24, bur. 1348 Sep 5.

7a. Prince Thomas of Woodstock, KG, 1st Earl of Buckingham (cr 1377 Jun 16), 1st Duke of Gloucester (cr 1385 Aug 6), born 1355 Jan 7, died 1397 Sep 8 or 15; married 1374, Lady Eleanor DE BOHUN (born 1366, died 1399 Oct 3).

1b. Prince Humphrey of England, 2nd Duke of Gloucester, born ca 1382 Apr, died 1399 Sep 2.

2b. Princess Anne of England, born 1383 Apr, died 1438 Oct 16; married 1st, ca 1390, Thomas STAFFORD, 3rd Earl of Stafford (born ca 1368, died 1392 Jul 4); married 2nd, ca 1398 Jun 28, Edmund STAFFORD, KG, 5th Earl of Stafford (born 1378 Mar 2, died 1403 Jul 21); married 3rd, ca 1408, Sir William BOURCHIER, 1st Count of Eu (cr 1419 Jun 10) (died 1420 May 28, Troyes).

1c. Humphrey STAFFORD, 6th Earl of Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham (cr 1444 Sep 14), born 1402, died 1460 Jul 10); married Lady Anne NEVILL (see above).

2c. Henry BOURCHIER, 2nd Count of Eu, 1st Viscount Bourchier (cr 1445), 1st Earl of Essex (cr 1461 Jun 30), born ca 1404, died 1483 Apr 4); married before 1426 Apr 25, Princess Isabel (Plantagenet) of England (see above).

3c. (Cardinal) Thomas BOURCHIER, Archbishop of Canterbury, died 1486 Mar 30.

4c. William BOURCHIER, jure uxoris Baron Fitzwarin, died before 1469 Dec 12; married 1st, before 1437 Aug 3, Thomasine HANKEFORD, (9th) Baroness Fitzwarin (born 1423 Feb 23, died 1453 Jul 3); married 2nd, before 1459 Jan 9, as 2nd husband, Katherine AFFETON (died 1467 Mar 26).

1d. Fulk BOURCHIER, 10th Baron Fitzwarin, born 1445 Oct 25, died 1479 Sep 18; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth DINHAM (born ca 1450, died 1516 Oct 19).

1e. John BOURCHIER, 11th Baron Fitzwarin, 1st Earl of Bath (cr 1536 Jul 9), born 1470 Jul 20, died 1539 Apr 30; married 1st, before 1499, Hon. Cicely DAUBENEY (Daubeney, B); married 2nd, Florence FULFORD (born 1472, died 1524 Oct sp); married 3rd, as 3rd husband, Elizabeth WENTWORTH (fl. 1542).

1f. John BOURCHIER, 2nd Earl of Bath, 4th Baron Fitzwarin, born ca 1499, died 1561 Feb 10; married 1st, Elizabeth HUNGERFORD; married 2nd, Eleanor MANNERS; married 3rd, Margaret DODINGTON (died 1561 Dec 20). Issue.

2f. Lady Elizabeth BOURCHIER, died 1548 Aug 23; married Edward CHICHESTER (died 1522 Jul 27). Issue.

3f. Lady Dorothy BOURCHIER; married John FULFORD (born ca 1504, died 1544 Nov 14). Issue.

2d. Hon. William BOURCHIER.

3d. Hon. John BOURCHIER.

4d. Hon. Roger BOURCHIER.

5d. Hon. Anne BOURCHIER.

6d. Hon. Blanche BOURCHIER, died 1483 sp; married 1st, Philip BEAUMONT (born 1432, died 1473 Jun 12); married 2nd, Bartholomew ST. LEGER.

7d. Hon. Thomasine BOURCHIER.

8d. Hon. Isabel BOURCHIER.

5c. Sir John BOURCHIER, KG, 1st Baron Berners (cr 1455 May 26), died 1474 May 16 or 21; married, as 2nd husband, Margery BERNERS (died 1475 Dec 18).

1d. Hon. Sir Humphrey BOURCHIER, died 1471 Apr 14; married as 1st husband, Elizabeth TILNEY.

1e. John BOURCHIER, 2nd Baron Berners, born ca 1467, died 1533 Mar 19; married Lady Katherine HOWARD (Norfolk, D) (died 1536 Mar 12).

1f. Hon. Thomas BOURCHIER, died 1531 unm.

2f. Hon. Joan BOURCHIER, died 1562 Feb 17; married Edmund KNYVETT of Ashwellthorpe (died 1539/40). Issue.

3f. Hon. Margaret BOURCHIER, died young.

4f. Hon. Mary BOURCHIER, died sp; married as 1st wife, Alexander UNTON (died 1547 Dec 16).

2e. Anne BOURCHIER; married, ca 1492, Thomas FIENNES, 8th Baron Dacre of Gilsland (cr 1321 May 15) (born ca 1472, died 1533 Sep 9) (see above).

3e. Margaret BOURCHIER; married 1st, John SANDYS (died sp); married 2nd, Thomas BRYAN (died 1556/57); married 3rd, David de la ZOUCHE (died sp).

1f. Francis BRYAN, died 1550 Feb 2 sp; married 1st, Philippa SPICE; married 2nd, as 2nd husband, Lady Joan FITZGERALD (Desmond, E) (died 1565 Jan 2).

2f. Elizabeth BRYAN; married 1514, Nicholas CAREW. Issue.

3f. Margaret/Margery BRYAN, died 1532 sp; married 1512 May, as 1st wife, Sir Henry GUILDFORD (born 1489, died 1532 May).

2d. Hon. Thomas BOURCHIER, died 1512; married 1st, Agnes CHARLTON; married 2nd, Anne _______.

1e. Edward BOURCHIER, died young.

3d. Hon. Anne BOURCHIER, died ae 15.

4d. Hon. Elizabeth BOURCHIER, died 1470 Oct sp; married Robert WELLES, 8th Baron Welles (cr 1299 Feb 6) (died 1470 Mar 19).

5d. Hon. Joan BOURCHIER, died 1470 Oct 7; married Hon. Henry NEVILLE (Latymer, B) (died 1469 Jul 26). Issue (see above).

6c. Lady Anne STAFFORD, died 1432 Sep 20 or 24; married 1st, ca 1415, Edmund MORTIMER, 5th Earl of March (died 1425 Jan 19 sp) (see above); married 2nd, after 1425 Jan 18, John HOLAND, 1st Duke of Exeter (see above).

7c. Eleanor BOURCHIER, died 1474; married 1424, John MOWBRAY, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (born 1415 Sep 12, died 1461 Nov 6). Issue.

1d. John MOWBRAY, 4th Duke of Norfolk, 1st Earl of Surrey and Warenne (cr 1451 Mar 24), born 1444 Oct 18, died 1475 Jan 16; married, before 1448 Nov 27, Lady Elizabeth TALBOT (Shrewsbury, E) (died 1506/07).

1e. Anne MOWBRAY, (8th) Countess of Norfolk (cr 1313 Jan 8), (11th) Baroness Mowbray (cr 1295 Jun 24), (12th) Baroness Segrave (cr 1295 Jun 24), born 1472 Dec 10, died 1481; married 1478 Jan 15, Prince Richard (Plantagenet), KG, 1st Duke of York (cr 1474 May 28), 1st Duke of Norfolk and 1st Earl of Warenne (cr 1477 Feb 7), 1st Earl of Nottingham (cr 1476 Jun 12) (born 1473 Aug 17, died ca 1483 Jul ).

3b. Princess Joan of England, born 1384, died 1400 Aug 16.

4b. Princess Isabel of England, a nun, born 1386 Mar 12, died ca 1402 Apr.

5b. Princess Philippa of England, born ca 1389, died before 1399 Oct 3.

8a. Princess Isabel (Plantagenet), born 1332 Jun 16, died before 1382 Oct 7; married 1365 Jul 27, Enguerrand VII, Seigneur de Coucy, Earl of Bedford, Comte de Soissons, KG (born 1343, died 1397 Feb 18).

1b. Marie de COUCY, Dame de Coucy, Comtesse de Soissons, born 1367, died 1405 Mar 3; married 1384 Feb, Henri de BAR, Seigneur d'Oisy (born 1367, died 1397 Oct).

1c. Enguerrand de BAR, died young.

2c. Robert de BAR, Comte de Soissons et de Marle, born ca 1390, died 1415 Oct 25; married Jeanne de BETHUNE.

1d. Jeanne de BAR, Comtesse de Soissons et de Marle, died 1462 May 14; married 1435 Jul 16, Louis de LUXEMBOURG, Comte de Saint-Pol et de Ligny (born 1418, died 1475 Dec 19).

1e. Jean de LUXEMBOURG, Comte se Soissons et de Marle, died 1476 Jun 22 unm.

2e. Pierre II de LUXEMBOURG, Comte de St-Pol, de Soissons, d'Enghien et de Marle, died 1482 Oct 22; married Margarita de Savoy (born 1440, died 1483 Mar 9).

1f. Louis de LUXEMBOURG, died young.

2f. Claude de LUXEMBOURG, died young.

3f. Antoine de LUXEMBOURG, died young.

4f. Marie de LUXEMBOURG, Comtesse de St-Pol, de Soissons, et de Marle; married 1st, 1460, Jacques de SAVOIE, comte de Romont; married 2nd, 1487 Sep 8, Francois de BOURBON, comte de Vendome. Issue.

5f. Francoise de LUXEMBOURG, comtesse d'Enghien, died 1523 Dec 5 sp; married 1485 May 24, Philipp, Herzog von CLEVE, Graf von Ravenstein (born 1456, died 1528 Jan 28) (see above).

3e. Charles de LUXEMBOURG, Bishop-Duke of Laon, born 1466, died 1509 Nov 29 unm.

4e. Antoine de LUXEMBOURG, comte de Ligny, de Brienne, de Roussy, baron de Piney, died 1515; married 1st, Anne de BAUFFREMONT, Comtesse de Charny; married 2nd, Francoise de CROY; married 3rd, Gillette de COETIVY (died sp).

(1)1f. Claude de LUXEMBOURG, died young.

(2)2f. Charles de LUXEMBOURG, comte de Ligny, de Brienne, de Roussy, baron de Piney, born 1488, died 1530 Dec 10); married Charlotte D'ESTOUTEVILLE, dame de Beynes. Issue.

(2)3f. Charles de LUXEMBOURG, comte de Ligny, died young.

(1)4f. Philiberte de LUXEMBOURG, comtesse de Charny (died 1495); married 1495 Mar 16, Jean IV de CHALON, prince d'Orange. Issue.

5e. Jacqueline de LUXEMBOURG, Dame de Bar-sur-Aube; married 1455, Philippe I de CROY, seigneur de Croy (died 1511).

1f. Henri de CROY, seigneur de Croy, d'Aerschot, de Renty (died 1514); married Charlotte de CHATEAUBRIANT, dame de Loigny. Issue.

2f. Antoine de CROY, Bishop of Therouanne, died 1495 Sep 12, Cyprus.

3f. Guillaume de CROY, seigneur de Chievres, duc de Soria, born 1458, died 1521 May, Worms, sp; married Marie de HAMAL.

6e. Helene de LUXEMBOURG, died 1488 Aug 23; married 1466 Mar 2, as 1st wife, Janus de SAVOY, Comte de Faucigny (died 1491 Dec 22).

1f. Louise de SAVOY, born 1467, died 1530 May 1; married 1st, 1483, Jacques-Louis de SAVOY, marquis de Gex (died sp); married 2nd, 1487, Francois I de LUXEMBOURG, comte de Martigues. Issue.

7e. Philippe de LUXEMBOURG, Abbess of Moncel.

2b. Philippa de COUCY, died 1411 Oct sp; married ca 1376 Oct 5, as 1st wife, (div 1387), Robert de VERE, 9th Earl of Oxford (cr 1142), Marquess of Dublin and Duke of Ireland for life (born 1362 Jan 16, died 1392).

9a. Princess Joan (Plantagenet), born ca 1335 Feb, died 1348 Sep 2, Loremo.

10a. Princess Blanche (Plantagenet), born and died 1342 Mar.

11a. Princess Mary (Plantagenet), born 1344 Oct 9 or 10, died 1361/62 sp; married 1361 Summer, Jean V, Duc de Bretagne, KG (died 1399 Nov 1).

12a. Princess Margaret (Plantagenet), born 1346 Jul 20, Calais, died after 1361 Oct 1 sp; married 1359 May 19, as 1st wife, John HASTINGS, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (cr 1339 Oct 13), KG (born 1347 Aug 29, died 1375 Apr 16, Picardy, France).

2o. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1733 May 16, died before 1794 Apr 9; married 1756 Mar 11, Elizabeth Wormeley CARTER (died 1778).

1p. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1764, died 1820, unm.

2p. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1766, Hanover co, VA, died 1849 Jan 14; married 1st, 1790 Nov 9, Henrico co, VA, Mary BARRET; married 2nd, 1796 Jan, Lucy ROBINSON (born 1776 Jan, Hanover co, VA).

1q. Thomas Nelson BERKELEY, born 1791, died 1823; married Elizabeth Edmonia CHURCHILL (see Page 021).

2q. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1804, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1830, Susan Elizabeth BERKELEY (born 1808, VA) (see below).

1r. Thomas N. BERKELEY, born 1830/31, VA, died 1850/60, Hanover co, VA.

2r. John Hill BERKELEY, born 1834/35, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

3r. Henry Robinson BERKELEY, born 1840 Mar, VA; married Nany Louise BERKELEY (born VA, died by 1900).

1s. Landon Robinson BERKELEY, born 1884 Jul 10, VA, died 1963 Feb.

4r. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA; married Charlotte Corrington BREATHED (born 1868/69, MD).

1s. Edmund Breathed BERKELEY, born 1889 Aug 15, VA, died 1971 Apr, Cleveland, OH; married ca 1917, Elizabeth RATTLE (born 1890/91, OH).

1t. William R. BERKELEY, born 1917, OH.

2s. Rev. Otey Robinson BERKELEY, born 1892 Jun 28, Beaver Dam, VA, fl. 1930, Detroit, MI; married ca 1922, Marjory HURXTHAL (born 1888/89, OH).

1t. Otey R. BERKELEY, born 1925 Mar 6, MI.

2t. Loren H. BERKELEY, born 1927, MI.

5r. Betty Lewis BERKELEY, born 1832/33, VA.

6r. Louisa Carter BERKELEY, born 1836/37, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

7r. Mary L. BERKELEY, born 1840 Dec, VA, fl. 1920, Baltimore, MD; married ca 1868, Rev. William A. ALRICH (born 1836 Apr, DE, died 1900/10, MD).

1s. Mary L. ALRICH, born 1870 Apr, VA.

2s. Anna ALRICH, born 1871/72, VA.

3s. Willie Rosalie ALRICH, born 1871 Nov, VA, died 1920/30, Baltimore, MD; married ca 1901, Joseph D. VIRDIN (born 1871/72, MD).

1t. Joseph W. VIRDIN, born 1902 Jan 7, MD, died 1986 Feb, Sparks Glencoe, MD; married Elizabeth C. _______ (born 1902 Sep 24, died 2002 Nov 17, Sparks Glencoe, MD).

2t. Mary Love VIRDIN, born 1902/03, MD.

3t. Eleanor N. G. VIRDIN, born 1904/05, MD.

4t. Mary D. VIRDIN, born 1905/06, MD, died by 1920.

4s. Susan B. ALRICH, born 1879 Oct, VA.

8r. Susan D. BERKELEY, born 1843/44, VA, fl. 1910, Madison, VA, died unm.

9r. Kate T. BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA.

10r. Edmonia BERKELEY, born 1848, Hanover co, VA, died 1887 Mar 30, Prince William co, VA; married 1880 Jul 27, Hanover co, VA, Howson Bernard HOOE (born 1851 Feb 15, Prince William co, VA, died 1935 Dec 11, Brentsville, VA).

1s. Thomas W. HOOE, born 1897 Apr 23, VA, died 1976 Aug; married ca 1917, Annie L. _______ (born 1899/1900, MD).

1t. Thomas B. HOOE, born 1918 Mar 16, DC, died 2006 Jul 29, Ocala, FL.

2t. Anna S. HOOE, born 1919, MD.

2s. Bessie B. HOOE, born 1885 Apr, VA.

3s. Nannie W. HOOE, born 1890 Feb, VA.

11r. Frances BERKELEY, born 1854/55, VA.

3q. John BERKELEY.

4q. Carter BERKELEY, born ca 1809, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1837, Anne Butler BERKELEY (born 1802/03, Hanover co, VA) (see below).

1r. Gregory Townsend Bedell BERKELEY, born 1834/35, VA.

2r. Parke Farley BERKELEY.

3r. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1837/38, VA; married Ida Lavinia DOWELL (born 1858 Jun, VA).

1s. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1894 Mar 7, VA, died 1969 Mar, Richmond, VA; married 1925, Mary Waller SPENCER (born 1896 Sep 4, died 1983 Sep, Richmond, VA.

1t. William Meade BERKELEY, born 1926, VA.

2t. Mary Walker BERKELEY, born 1928, VA; married 1954, Russell Godwin FERGUSSON, Jr.

2s. Ann Butler BERKELEY, born 1885 Dec, VA; married ca 1905, as 1st wife, Clifton A. DOWELL (born 1883/84, VA).

1t. William Meade Berkeley DOWELL, born 1905/06, VA.

2t. Clifton A. DOWELL, Jr., born 1911 Mar 20, GA, died 2000 Mar 16, Center Cross, VA.

3t. Mary C. DOWELL, born 1912/13, GA.

3s. Mary Carter BERKELEY, born 1887 Aug, VA; married ca 1928, as 2nd wife, Clifton A. DOWELL (born 1883/84, VA).

4s. Parke Farley BERKELEY, born 1891 Sep, VA; married ca 1919, as 2nd wife, Wyatt Wiley ESTEP (born 1871/72, MD).

1t. Wyatt ESTEP, born 1921 Oct 21, MD; married Rose J. _______ (born 1924 Oct 1).

2t. Betsy ESTEP, born 1922/23, MD.

4r. Isabella C. BERKELEY, born 1837/38, VA.

5r. Ann Carter BERKELEY, born 1843, VA; married 1874 Aug 28, Augusta, VA, John Francis BROOKE (born 1838 Dec, VA, died 1941, Staunton, VA).

1s. Robert Spotswood BROOKE, born 1877, Augusta, VA, fl. 1930, Louisville, KY; married 1903, Anita Anderson BERRY (born 1879 Jul, Oldham, KY).

1t. Anita Gray BROOKE, born 1905 Nov 2, KY, died 1994 Dec 26, Louisville, KY; married 1936, Ralph STROTHER.

2t. Anne Carter BROOKE; married 1924, Rev. George OSSMAN.

1u. George OSSMAN, Jr.; married Mary Elizabeth HURDLE.

1v. George OSSMAN III, born 1954.

2u. Robert Spotswood Brooke OSSMAN.

3u. Anne Carter OSSMAN.

3t. Elizabeth Washington Berry BROOKE, born 1907/08, KY; married 1926, Col. James Arthur CHANNON (born 1903 Oct 18, IL, died 1963 Oct).

1u. James Brooke CHANNON.

2u. Elizabeth Davidson CHANNON.

4t. Margaret Lyle BROOKE, born 1909/10, KY; married Oscar RAIDT.

1v. Anita Anderson Berry RAIDT.

5t. Roberta Spotswood BROOKE, born 1915 Oct 25, KY, died 1974 Mar; married 1936, Dr. Charles Francis HUDSON.

1u. Charles Francis HUDSON.

2u. Francis Langhorne HUDSON.

3u. William Spotswood HUDSON.

4u. Roberta HUDSON.

2s. John F. BROOKE, born 1887/88, VA.

3s. Isabella BROOKE.

4s. Margaret Lyle BROOKE.

5q. William Henry BERKELEY, born 1811/12, VA; married Mary Jane COOKE (born 1818/19, VA).

1r. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1839/40, VA.

2r. William Wilberforce BERKELEY, born 1844 Apr 23, died 1917 Feb 17; married Betty Sims READ (born 1852 Feb 27, died 1906 Jan 11).

1s. Thomas Read BERKELEY, born 1877 Sep, VA, fl. 1930, Pontiac, MI; married ca 1905, Betsey BONSACK (born 1880/81, VA).

1t. Thomas Read BERKELEY, born 1905/06, VA.

2s. William Beverley BERKELEY, born 1880 Apr, VA, died 1945 May 11; married ca 1918, Alla Glass TURNER (born 1895/96, AL).

1t. William Beverly BERKELEY, Jr., born 1924/25, VA; married Anne BUFORD.

2t. Cooper BERKELEY.

3t. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1910 Mar 27, died 1999 Jul 4, Bristol, VA.

4t. Alla BERKELEY, born 1919, VA; married Paul STOCKTON.

5t. Nancy BERKELEY, born 1921/22, VA.

3s. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1885 May, VA; married Florence WHEELER (born 1882/83, VA).

1t. Nelson BERKELEY, Jr., born 1909/10, VA.

4s. Elizabeth Hughes BERKELEY, born 1871/72, VA, died 1947, Duval co, FL; married _______ McKNIGHT.

5s. Sallie White BERKELEY, born 1873 May, VA; married 1st, ca 1893, William Muscoe SEMPLE (born 1867 Jul, VA); married 2nd, Harrison Robinson BOAZ (born 1873 Jul 17, WV).

1t. Robert B. SEMPLE, born 1894 Oct, VA.

2t. Elizabeth SEMPLE, born 1896 Feb, VA.

1t. Lyne S. SEMPLE, born 1898 Jun, VA.

2t. Mary R. BOAZ, born 1907/08, VA.

6s. Mary BERKELEY, born 1874/75, VA; married ca 1896, George H. COSBY (born 1871/72, VA).

1t. George H. COSBY, Jr., born 1901 May 31, VA, died 1987 Jan, Lynchburg, VA; married ca 1927, Ellis NOWLIN (born 1903 Nov 12, VA, died 1982 Aug, Lynchburg, VA).

1u. Ellis Nowlin COSBY, born 1929, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2u. Betsy Berkeley COSBY, born 1930, Mecklenburg co, NC.

2t. Mary B. COSBY, born 1910, VA.

3t. Child, died by 1910.

3r. John Cook BERKELEY, born 1852/53, VA.

4r. George H. BERKELEY, born 1854/55, VA; married Essie M. _______ (born 1874/75, NJ).

5r. Anna R. BERKELEY, born 1842/43, VA.

6r. Mary A. BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA.

7r. Lucy A. BERKELEY, born 1847/48, VA; married William E. BRIGGS.

8r. Edmonia C. BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA.

9r. Mariah K. BERKELEY, born 1859, VA; married William F. CHRISTIAN (born 1859/60, VA).

1s. George B. CHRISTIAN, born 1879 Oct, VA.

10r. Ann B. BERKELEY; married Launcelot JONES.

6q. Susannah BERKELEY, died young.

7q. Independence BERKELEY, died young.

8q. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, died young.

9q. Lucy Nelson BERKELEY, died young.

10q. Catherine Robinson BERKELEY, died sp; married 1845 Dec 11, Hanover co, VA, Philip Henry WINSTON (born 1818 Mar 17, died 1863).

11q. Mary Barret BERKELEY, born 1798 Feb, VA; married Thomas LATANE.

1r. Lucy Robinson LATANE, born 1829/30, VA; married 1848 Nov 7, Essex co, VA, Joseph H. LEWIS.

1s. Mary J. LEWIS, born 1850 Jan, VA; married 1878 May 2, Essex co, VA, Phillip W. LEWIS (born 1847 Oct, VA).

1t. John W. LEWIS, born 1879 Mar, DK.

2t. Annie W. LEWIS, born 1881 Mar, VA.

3-6t. Four other children, died by 1900.

2r. Mary LATANE; married Dr. _______ KIRK.

3p. Dr. Carter BERKELEY, born 1768 Feb 20, died 1839 Nov 8; married 1st, 1796 May 7, Catherine Spottswood CARTER (born 1779 Jun 1, died 1809 Oct 24); married 2nd, 1810 Nov 8, Frances Page NELSON.

1q. Charles Carter BERKELEY, born 1798 Nov 7, died 1801 Jul 3.

2q. Dr. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1801 Mar 17, died 1851 Apr 6; married 1823 Oct 3, Mary Randolph Spotswood BROOKE (born 1801).

1r. Dr. Thomas Averett BERKELEY, born 1827 Aug 13, died unm.

2r. Francis Brooke BERKELEY, born 1835 Sep 7, VA, died 1898 Oct 5; married 1871 Nov 15, Waynesboro, VA, Susan Jane BAIRD (born 1853 Nov 11, OH, died 1892 Feb 13).

1s. Francis Baird BERKELEY, born 1874 Sep 28, died 1932 Sep 28.

2s. Edmund Carter BERKELEY, born 1876 May 31, VA, fl. 1930, Crook, WV.

3s. Robert Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1877 Sep 10, Staunton, VA, died 1934 Nov 6, New Orleans, LA; married 1912 Aug, Mary TIDINGS (born 1881/82, KY).

4s. Maurice FitzHarding BERKELEY, born 1885 May 30, VA, fl. 1930, New York, NY.

5s. Shirley Carter BERKELEY, born 1889 Jan 16, Staunton, VA, died 1962 Nov 20, Wayland, KY; married 1st, Vivian MARTIN; married 2nd, Margaret MILLIGAN.

(1)1t. Edmund Carter BERKELEY II; married Barbara Ann MOORE.

(2)2t. Robert Edmund BERKELEY, born 1931; married Jan FLEMING.

1-3u. Three sons.

(2)3t. Shirley Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1932; married Faye WILLIAMS.

1-3u. Three daughters.

6s. Evelyn Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1872 Sep 17; married 1899 Oct 18, Staunton, VA, Dr. Charles Russell ROBINS (born 1868, VA).

1t. Francis Berkeley ROBINS, born 1900, VA; married Caroline FOY.

1u. Perry ROBINS.

2u. Berkeley ROBINS.

3u. Harriette ROBINS.

2t. Dr. Charles Russell ROBINS, Jr., born 1905 Jun 28, VA, died 1981 May, Kilmarnock, VA; married 1st, Susan CLAY (died 1950); married 2nd, Virginia PARK.

3t. Dr. Alexander Spotswood ROBINS, born 1910/11, VA; married Sarah Emma HUTCHINSON.

1u. Alexander ROBINS.

2u. Randolph ROBINS.

3u. Charles Russell ROBINS III.

4u. Sarah Emma ROBINS.

4t. Dorothea Randolph ROBINS, born 1902, VA; married Robert Wren Powers MARTIN (born 1901, died 1954 Apr).

1u. Robert Wren Powers MARTIN, born 1932.

2u. Evelyn Berkeley MARTIN.

5t. Evelyn Spotswoode ROBINS, born 1906 Sep 11, VA, died 2003 Aug 29, Richmond, VA; married Robert Randolph HARRISON (born 1904).

1u. Robert Randolph HARRISON.

2u. Evelyn Spotswood HARRISON.

3u. Charlotte Poindexter HARRISON.

6t. Elizabeth Mebane ROBINS, born 1907, VA; married James Edward DOWD.

1u. Berkeley DOWD.

2u. Cornelia Jordan DOWD, born 1933; married Steven Cannon NOWELL.

1v. Steven Cannon NOWELL, Jr.

3u. Mebane DOWD.

7s. Katherine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1880 Apr 26, died 1881 Jul 13.

8s. Jean Baird BERKELEY, born 1882 Aug 5, VA.

9s. Esther Baird BERKELEY, born 1884 Apr 13, VA, died 1967 Sep, Towson, MD; married 1st, 1908 Oct 14, Richmond, VA, Norwood BENTLY (born 1880/81, VA, died 1919 Oct); married 2nd, 1924 Mar 27, Chester, VA, as 2nd wife, Dr. Thomas G. PRETLOW (born 1878/79, VA).

1t. Norwood BENTLY, Jr., born 1911 May 2, VA, died 1981 May, Huntington, WV.

2t. Jean Berkeley BENTLY, born 1914, VA; married Jack MARTIN.

1-2u. Two children.

3r. Dr. Carter BERKELEY, born 1836 Oct 9, died 1903 Mar 7; married 1st, Jane Lovie GILKESON (died 1884); married 2nd, Jane HALL (died 1889 sp).

1s. Edmund Inglis BERKELEY, born 1869 Nov 20, VA, fl. 1930, Shreveport, LA, unm.

2s. Capt. Charles Carter BERKELEY, born 1873 Aug 18, VA, died 1920/30; married 1902 Nov 12, Malinda McC. BUMGARDNER.

1t. Maj. Charles Carter BERKELEY II, born 1907, VA.

2t. Sarah Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1903/04, VA; married Edward WATKINS.

1u. Edward WATKINS, Jr., born 1933.

3t. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, born 1905/06, VA.

4t. Malinda McC. BERKELEY, born 1912 Dec 27, VA, died 1993 Jun 1, Lexington, VA; married Finley WADDELL (born 1908 Nov 4, died 1974 Oct, Lexington, VA).

3s. Gen. Randolph Carter BERKELEY, born 1875 Jan 9, VA, fl. 1930, Portsmouth, VA; married 1st, Caroline Anna PHILLIPS (died 1907); married 2nd, 1911, Bessye Bancroft RUSSELL (born 1877/78, AK).

1t. Lt. James Phillips BERKELEY, born 1907; married 1931, Margaret GRIFFITH.

2t. Randolph Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1916, Guam, died 2003 Nov 17, Burke, VA; married Ruth GATES (born 1919 Mar 19, died 1999 Sep 21, Burke, VA).

1u. Randolph Carter BERKELEY III, born 1946.

2u. Phillips Boyd BERKELEY, born 1949 Nov 16.

3u. Bessie Bancroft Russell BERKELEY.

4s. Robert Brooke BERKELEY, born 1883 Jun 11, VA, died 1963 Aug 5, Floyd co, GA; married Erna KESELLIS (born 1884/85, died 1957 May 26, Fulton co, GA).

1t. Robert Brooke BERKELEY, Jr.

2t. Anne Carter BERKELEY; marred 1st, E. T. CHADWELL; married 2nd, S. J. R. FROELICH.

1u. Robert Berkeley FROELICH of CA.

5s. Margaret Brooke BERKELEY, born 1872 Mar 14, died young.

6s. Mary Randolph Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1880 Aug 24, VA, fl. 1930, Spartanburg, SC; married 1911, Richard Caspar SIMPSON (born 1862/63, SC).

1t. John Wistar SIMPSON, born 1914, SC.

2t. Carter Berkeley SIMPSON, born 1915, SC.

3t. Margaret Berkeley SIMPSON, born 1912, SC.

7s. Janet Carter BERKELEY, born 1882 Mar 10, VA.

4r. John Francis Brooke BERKELEY, died an infant.

5r. Edmund BERKELEY, born 1844 Sep, VA, died 1924, Staunton, VA, unm.

6r. Alexander Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1853 Oct, VA, died 1910, unm.

7r. Lavinia Hart BERKELEY, born 1829, Hanover co, VA, died 1876; married 1849 Dec 4, Norborne BERKELEY (born 1828 Mar 3, VA, died 1911 Jan, Gainesville, VA) (see Page 021).

8r. Catherine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1833 Apr, Augusta, VA; married William Thomas IGLEHART (born ca 1833, Annapolis, MD, died there, 1880/1900).

1s. Edmund Berkeley IGLEHART, born 1874 Apr, MD; married Helen DONAVIN (born 1885/86, MD).

2s. Mary Brooke IGLEHART, born 1864 Nov 14, VA, died 1934 May 1, Annapolis, MD, sp; married 1891 Oct 10, Lewis Dorsey GASSAWAY (born 1862 Dec 18, Annapolis, MD, died there, 1940 Mar 28).

3s. Anne Waddell IGLEHART, born 1868 May, MD, fl. 1920, Annapolis, MD, died unm.

9r. Mary Botts BERKELEY, born 1844 Jun, VA, died 1908, unm.

3q. Robert Carter BERKELEY, born 1806 Jun 2, VA, died 1851 Oct 26, Hanover co, VA; married Catherine SMITH (born 1815/16, VA).

1r. William Nathaniel BERKELEY, born 1833, VA, died 1919, Los Angeles, CA; married ca 1874, Martha Mersereau JOHNSON (born 1843/44, NY, died 1920/30, Los Angeles, CA).

1s. Laura BERKELEY, born 1874/75, IA, died by 1910.

2-3s. Two other children, died by 1910.

2r. Prof. Robert Carter BERKELEY, Jr., born 1837 Aug 1, VA, died 1918 Jan 22, New York, NY; married 1864, Fanny C. MINOR (born 1840/41, VA).

1s. Lancelot Minor BERKELEY, born 1864/65, VA, died 1945 Dec, New York, NY, unm.

2s. Robert Carter BERKELEY II, born 1866/67, VA, died unm.

3s. Dr. William N. BERKELEY, born 1868/69, MD, died 1928; married 1908, Clara Helene BARKER.

1t. Edmund Collis BERKELEY, born 1909 Mar 20, died 1988 Mar 7, Newton, MA; married 1934, Dr. Ruth PIRKLE.

1u. Laura BERKELEY, born 1940.

2t. Ella Catherine BERKELEY, born 1910; married Howard M. DONALDSON.

4s. John Minor BERKELEY, died an infant.

5s. Frances Campbell BERKELEY, born 1878/79, WV, died 1969 Dec 7, New Haven, CT; married 1911, Prof. Karl YOUNG (born 1878/79, Clinton, IA, died 1943 Nov 17, New Haven, CT).

1t. Dr. George Berkeley YOUNG, born 1913 Jul 27, WI, died 1988 Jan 29, Chicago, IL; married 1944 Mar 24, Chicago, IL, Mary Seymour ADAMS.

1u. George A. YOUNG, born 1958, Chicago, IL.

2u. Mary Berkeley Blair YOUNG, born 1956, Chicago, IL; married 1984, Lake Forest, IL, William Scott THOMPSON.

1v. Adam Scott THOMPSON, born 1986, St. Louis, MO.

2v. Bryan Berkeley THOMPSON, born 1993, St. Louis, MO.

3v. Kristen Blair THOMPSON, born 1988, St. Louis, MO.

2t. Karl YOUNG, Jr., born 1915, WI; married Cynthia Berkeley NOLAND.

1u. William Berkeley YOUNG, born 1942.

2u. Douglas YOUNG.

3u. Ann Carter YOUNG, born 1946.

4u. Elizabeth Randolph YOUNG, born 1948.

5u. Lucy Burwell YOUNG, born 1954.

6u. Mary YOUNG, born 1954.

3r. Carter BERKELEY, born 1839/40, VA, died ca 1864, unm.

4r. Henry BERKELEY, died young.

5r. Lavinia BERKELEY, born 1844/45, VA, died young.

5r. Laura BERKELEY, born 1845/46, VA; married _______ ISHAM of Cedar Rapids, IA.

1s. Louise ISHAM, died young.

4q. Rev. Parke Farley BERKELEY, born 1808 Mar 31, VA, died 1888 Mar 24; married 1837 Aug 31, Mary Epps THWEATT (born 1813/14, VA).

1r. Carter N. BERKELEY, born 1850 Nov 14, VA, died sp; married Ellen B. CHEATHAM (born 1863 Aug, VA).

2r. P. Julian BERKELEY, born 1853 Oct 25, VA; married 1881 Oct, Mary MASON.

1s. Henry Parke F. BERKELEY, born 1882 Aug 2, VA; married Lucy EGGLESTON.

2s. Julian Meade BERKELEY, born 1883 Jul 2, VA; married Myrtle V. HAINES (born 1896 Jun 15, VA, died 1967 Jul, Arlington, VA).

1t. Frances M. BERKELEY, born 1916, VA.

3s. John T. Mason BERKELEY, born 1885 Aug 15, VA, died 1945 Dec; married ca 1911, Lottie MILLER (born 1891/92, VA).

1t. Robert Mason BERKELEY, born 1911 Jun 27, VA, died 1993 Sep 11, Petersburg, VA.

2t. Joseph BERKELEY, born 1919 Oct 20, VA, died 1974 Oct 30.

3t. Katherine BERKELEY, born 1913 Mar 25, VA, died 1992 Mar 26, Mar 26, Petersburg, VA; married ______ DALTON.

3r. Cornelia Leigh BERKELEY, born 1848 Aug, VA; married ca 1875, as 2nd wife, Samuel Holland HACKETT (born 1841 Mar, PA).

1s. Berkeley Holland HACKETT, born 1879 Dec, VA, fl. 1930, Philadelphia, PA; married ca 1908, Mildred C. _______ (born 1884/85, Japan, died by 1930).

2s. Harriet H. HACKETT, born 1878 Jun, VA.

3s. Mary E. HACKETT, born 1885 Feb, VA.

4r. Mary BERKELEY, born 1839 Oct 25.

5r. Lula T. BERKELEY, born 1845 Mar 2, VA; married Thomas Creed HASKINS.

6r. Mina BERKELEY, born 1848/49, VA.

7r. Kate BERKELEY, born 1856 Nov 5, VA.

5q. Carter Nelson BERKELEY, born 1815 Jun 12, died 1842 Apr; married 1838, Ellen Reed McILVAINE.

1r. Josephine BERKELEY, born VA; married E. G. McCAULEY (born PA).

1s. Capt. Berkeley McCAULEY.

2s. George Harold McCAULEY, born 1875/76, RI, fl. 1930, Old Lyme, CT; married ca 1914, Elise LENNIG (born 1873/74, PA).

3s. Mary Yorke McCAULEY.

4s. Ellen McCAULEY, born 1870/71, NH, fl. 1930, Jamestown, RI.

6q. _______ (son) BERKELEY, born and died 1832 May 7.

7q. _______ (son) BERKELEY, born and died 1832 May 9.

8q. Elizabeth Wormley Carter BERKELEY, born 1797 May 21, VA, died 1852 Aug 21; married Lewis Walker TAYLOR (born 1791 Dec 22, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1828 Jan 25).

1r. Dr. Robert Randolph TAYLOR, born 1827/28, VA; married Helen BONSALL (born 1834/35, PA).

1s. John Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1854, PA, died 1929; married 1879, Amy Dorrance RICHMOND (born 1858, RI).

1t. Margaretta Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1881, PA, died 1933; married ca 1907, Dr. Charles A. HOLDER (born 1872/73, PA).

1u. Richmond HOLDER, born 1918 Jul 15, CT, died 1992 Oct 20, Chrestnut Hill, MA.

2u. Charles HOLDER, born 1920/21, France.

3u. Margaretta HOLDER, born 1908/09, Colorado Springs, CO.

2t. Anna Richmond TAYLOR, born 1889, PA, died 1951; married 1st, 1910 Apr 29, John RULON-MILLER, Jr. (born 1883 Mar 11, Riverton, NJ, died 1931 Jul 18, Baltimore, MD); married 2nd, Douglas ELPHINSTONE; married 3rd, George BLAKISTON (born 1894 Feb 9, died 1967 Jun, Baltimore, MD).

1u. John RULON-MILLER III, born 1911; married Mary NORRIS (born 1912 Mar 8, MD, died 1984 May, Bloomfield, CT).

1v. John RULON-MILLER, born 1939.

2v. Molly RULON-MILLER, born 1935; married 1957, Gordon Blackford FOWLER.

1w. Gordon Blackford FOWLER, Jr.

2u. Berkeley Taylor RULON-MILLER, born 1913 Sep 29, Berkley Springs, WV, died 1937, Garrison, MD.

3u. Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1916 Sep 9, died 1964 Mar 10; married 1st, 1939 Oct 9, Agnes W. WISE (died 1968); married 2nd, 1951, Frances E. McCARTHY (born 1918 Mar 24, died 2003 Apr 30, Baltimore, MD).

(2)1v. Carter Berkeley Taylor RULON-MILLER, born 1952.

(1)2v. Marian Dulany RULON-MILLER, born 1942; married 1961, George Edward HANEY, Jr.

1w. Kimberly HANEY, born 1961.

2w. Karen HANEY, born 1964.

(1)3v. Agnes Gordon RULON-MILLER, born 1944; married 1966, Philip MUMFORD.

1w. Philip MUMFORD, Jr., born 1971.

2w. George MUMFORD, born 1977.

3w. Katharine MUMFORD, born 1967.

4w. Elizabeth MUMFORD, born 1969.

5w. Sarah MUMFORD, born 1972.

(2)4v. Frances Elizabeth RULON-MILLER, born 1955; married 1975, Peter OESPER, Jr.

(2)5v. Amey Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1956.

4u. Robert RULON-MILLER, born 1918 Mar 6, died 1995 Jan 12, Indian River co, FL; married 1943, Ann LEAHY.

1v. Edward Lawrence RULON-MILLER, born 1945; married _______ SKENDER.

2v. Robert RULON-MILLER, Jr.; married 1st, Lucy ROGERS; married 2nd, _______ CARPENTER.

3v. Ann Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1956, Providence, RI, died 1989, Bristol, RI.

5u. Amey Richmond RULON-MILLER, born 1923; married 1944, H. S. Taylor RODGERS.

1v. H. S. Taylor RODGERS, Jr.

2v. Nancy RODGERS.

3v. Catherine RODGERS.

2s. Robert Randolph TAYLOR, born 1855, PA, died 1941, unm.

3s. Carter Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1857, PA, died 1933, unm.

4s. Henry B. TAYLOR, born 1864, PA, died young.

5s. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1869, PA, died 1945; married Alice M. HAZELHURST.

1t. Edmund Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1903, PA; married 1st, ca 1928, Helen R. MULLER (born 1908/09, PA); married 2nd, Anne HUNTSBERGH.

(2)1u. Carter Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1936.

(1)2u. Anne Carter TAYLOR.

2t. Robert George TAYLOR, born 1908, PA.

2r. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1821 Feb, VA, died 1873 Jul 31; married Mary Louisa TALLEY (born 1821/22, VA).

1s. Frank Walker Carter TAYLOR, born 1843/44, VA.

2s. Farley Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1845, VA, died 1906; married 1867, Mary Hugh PENDLETON (born 1845, died 1920).

1t. Eugene Randolph TAYLOR, born 1870, VA, died 1934; married ca 1915, Nevelyn R. GOODMAN (born 1894, VA, died 1980).

1u. Richard Randolph TAYLOR, born 1918, VA; married Margaret HALLOWAY (born 1918).

1v. Guy Randolph TAYLOR, born 1948.

2u. Thomas Berkeley TAYLOR, born 1921, VA; married Fannie _______ (born 1916).

3u. Annie Carter TAYLOR, born 1916 Oct 5, died 2000 Aug 11, Montpelier, VA; married Everett THOMASSON (born 1908).

4u. Alice TAYLOR, born 1928, VA; married William Jackson ATKINSON.

2t. Charles Ashby TAYLOR, born 1876, VA, died 1947; married ca 1901, Harriet THOMPSON (born 1877 Mar, VA, died 1944) (see below).

1u. Wilbur Lee TAYLOR, born 1905 Jan 11, VA, died 1992 Jan 16, sp; married 1944, Louise THOMASSON (born 1912 Apr 17, died 1995 Dec 28, Richmond, VA).

3t. Edmund Carter TAYLOR, born 1879 Dec, VA, died 1955, sp; married ca 1924, Caroline Lewis TERRY (born 1880, VA, died 1956).

4t. Richard Hugh TAYLOR, born 1882, VA, died 1958; married 1st, ca 1908, Janie PREVATTE (born 1885, died 1932); married 2nd, Mamie MITCHELL (born 1880, died 1976).

1u. Richard Hugh TAYLOR, Jr., born 1912, VA, died 1968; married Alice VAUGHAN (born 1914).

1v. Richard Ashton TAYLOR, born 1942; married Ruby Kay DUDLEY (born 1950).

1w. Richard Walton TAYLOR, born 1970.

2w. Kimberly Kay TAYLOR, born 1971.

(2)2u. Edwin Kenneth TAYLOR, born 1935.

5t. Mary Virginia TAYLOR, born 1872, VA, fl. 1930, Baltimore, MD.

6t. Anne Carter TAYLOR, born 1873, VA, died 1954; married ca 1892, _______ DEFOREST.

7t. Sarah Redd TAYLOR, born 1878, VA, died 1958; married ca 1900, John W. BROWN (born 1886, VA, died 1960).

1u. Randolph Pendleton BROWN, born 1899 Sep 8, VA, died 1985 Feb, Beaverdam, VA, sp; married 1979, Helen McNEELY (born 1919).

2u. Ryland Archer BROWN, born 1901 Feb 13, VA, died 1984 Apr, Glen Allen, VA, sp; married 1956, Virginia CHERRY (born 1916).

3u. Farley Cyrus Broces BROWN, born 1906 Nov 18, VA, died 1990 Apr 10.

4u. Kathryn BROWN, born 1907, VA, died 1967; married William GOODEN.

8t. Lucy Holiday TAYLOR, born 1884, VA, died 1922; married as 1st wife, Walter SATTERWHITE (born 1888, died 1928).

1u. Reginald DeWitt SATTERWHITE, born 1909 Nov 19, MD, died 1995 Feb 11, Richmond, VA; married Nell HOPKINS (born 1919).

2u. Lucile SATTERWHITE, born 1912, MD; married Samuel Henry BARKER.

9t. Roberta Carter TAYLOR, born 1887, VA, died 1971; married 1904, Albert Matthew HUBAND (born 1883, VA, died 1955).

1u. Evelyn Pendleton HUBAND, born 1910 Mar 3, VA, died 2000 Sep 28, Beaverdam, VA; married 1942, Parker Emanuel CHERRY (born 1909 Oct 23, died 1993 Sep 15, Beaverdam, VA).

1v. Parker Emanuel CHERRY, Jr., born 1943 Oct 23, died 1999 Oct 28, Beaverdam, VA.

2v. Caroline Taylor CHERRY, born 1949.

3s. Robert Lee TAYLOR. born 1862 Apr, VA, fl. 1920, Beaverdam, VA, unm.

4s. Elizabeth Randolph TAYLOR, born 1846/47, VA, died young.

5s. Mary Edmonia TAYLOR, born 1848/49, VA; married William Wallace BYRD (born 1836/37, VA).

1t. William W. BYRD, born 1872 Dec, VA.

2t. Kate C. BYRD, born 1867/68, VA.

3t. Mary R. BYRD, born 1877/78, VA.

6s. Fanny Williamson TAYLOR, born 1851, VA, died 1895; married John James TERRY (born 1844 Aug, VA, died 1919).

1t. Elizabeth Stevens TERRY, born 1873 Aug, VA, died 1946; married ca 1896, Edmund T. TAYLOR (born 1861 Nov, VA, died 1929).

1u. Alfred Terry TAYLOR, born 1897 Dec, VA, died 1936; married Louise T. JOHNSON (born 1898, VA, died 1975).

1v. Louise Terry TAYLOR, born 1918 Aug 29, VA, died 1996 Nov 1, Camden, SC; married Dixon Kirby PARLIER (born 1918 Dec 20, died 1998 Jan 19, Irmo, SC).

2v. Martha Overton TAYLOR, born 1919, VA; married William Hugh GOULDIN (born 1919 Apr 11, died 1989 Apr 8, Richmond, VA).

2u. Page TAYLOR, born 1900/01, VA; married Mary Norflett GRIZZARD.

3u. Edmund Archer TAYLOR, born 1902/03, VA; married Louise HATCH (born 1909/10, VA).

4u. John Anderson TAYLOR, born 1906, VA, died 1980; married Frances GRANT.

1v. John Anderson TAYLOR, Jr., born 1945; married Nell Frazier WARREN.

1w. John Anderson TAYLOR III, born 1968.

2v. Elizabeth Page TAYLOR, born 1944.

3v. Anne Carter TAYLOR, born 1949; married Richard B. MOORE.

5u. Gordon Temple TAYLOR, born 1908/09, VA; married Margaret BURKE.

6u. Patrick Henry TAYLOR, born 1911/12, VA; married Paula _______.

1v. Elizabeth Paula TAYLOR; married Preston F. O'BERRY.

2t. Fannie Minor TERRY, born 1877 Jan, VA, died 1907; married ca 1895, Willard K. LIPSCOMB (born 1870 May, VA, died 1919).

1u. Herndon Terry LIPSCOMB, born 1896 Aug 2, Tunstall, VA; married ca 1918, Louise H. _______ (born 1901/02, VA).

1v. Willard Kay LIPSCOMB II, born 1920 Jul 26, VA, died 1967 Apr; married Helen THURSTON (born 1920 Oct 27, died 1996 Sep 2, Quinton, VA).

2v. Laura Frances LIPSCOMB, born 1917, VA; married Edgar CHADWELL.

3v. Ellen W. LIPSCOMB, born 1922/23, VA.

2u. Kendall Weiseger LIPSCOMB, born 1897 Sep, VA, died 1942; married ca 1919, Edward Eaton HARRISON (born 1895 Jan, New Kent co, VA, died 1961 Nov 10).

1v. Edward Eaton HARRISON, Jr., born 1920 Sep 6, VA, died 2005 Jun 10; married Gayla SMITH (born 1920).

2v. Chapman Leigh HARRISON, born 1925, VA; married Margie PIERCE.

3t. Caroline Lewis TERRY, born 1880 Jun, VA, died 1936, sp; married ca 1924, Edmund Carter TAYLOR (born 1879, VA, died 1955).

4t. Herndon TERRY, born 1882 Aug, VA, died 1954; married 1905, William Anderson GATHRIGHT (born 1870, died 1908).

1u. Margaret Goodwin GATHRIGHT, born 1906 Dec 8, died 1992 Aug, Ashland, VA; married James Kimbrough COX (born 1908).

1v. James Kimbrough COX, Jr., born 1942; married Cecile Gordon ANDREWS (born 1942).

1w. Jacqueline Pendleton COX, born 1967.

2w. Margaret Hammond COX, born 1970.

3w. Caroline Berkeley COX, born 1970.

2v. Elizabeth Herndon COX, born 1947; married John Westwood SMITHERS, Jr. (born 1945).

2u. Caroline Taylor GATHRIGHT, born 1908 Apr 13, died 1985 Feb, Ashland, VA; married John Shepherd COCHRAN.

7s. Nannie TAYLOR, born 1852/53, VA; married Wirt THOMPSON (born 1855/56, VA).

1t. Walter R. THOMPSON, born 1874/75, VA.

2t. Wilbur R. THOMPSON, born 1878/79, VA.

3t. Wirt K. THOMPSON, born 1882 Dec, VA, died 1930; married ca 1908, Mattie G. _______ (born 1888/89, VA).

1u. Kilby Cauthorne THOMPSON, born 1910 Feb 20, VA, died 1990 Jan 28, Beaverdam, VA; married Elise JONES (born 1919).

1v. Patricia THOMPSON, born 1944; married Gary SHANKS (born 1946).

2u. Martha Gwendolyn THOMPSON, born 1914, VA; married Leroy Everett WILLIAMSON II (born 1907 Aug 13, died 1980 Nov, Beaverdam, VA).

1v. Leroy Everett WILLIAMSON III, born 1938; married Anne GILMAN.

2v. Gwendolyn WILLIAMSON, born 1946; married Richard BOK.

4t. Charles M. THOMPSON, born 1885 Feb, VA; married ca 1913, Ruth _______ (born 1894/95, VA).

1u. Ralph H. THOMPSON, born 1921/22, VA.

2u. Aubra S. THOMPSON, born 1924/25, VA.

3u. Harold S. THOMPSON, born 1926, VA.

4u. Rachel V. THOMPSON, born 1915/16, VA.

5t. Jack Temple THOMPSON, born 1887 Apr, VA, died 1954; married ca 1920, Nora Elizabeth WILLIAMSON (born 1898, VA, died 1980).

1u. Charles Temple THOMPSON, born 1922, VA; married Anne Elizabeth WALDROP (born 1924).

1v. Charles Temple THOMPSON, Jr., born 1956.

2v. William Bruce THOMPSON, born 1962.

3v. Carole Anne THOMPSON, born 1954.

2u. Leroy Bruce THOMPSON, born 1926, VA; married Audrey HOLLINS (born 1933).

1v. John Bruce THOMPSON, born 1964.

2v. Janie Elizabeth THOMPSON, born 1968.

6t. Harriet B. THOMPSON, born 1877 Mar, VA, died 1944; married ca 1901, Charles Ashby TAYLOR (born 1876, VA, died 1947) (see above).

8s. Lucy Landon TAYLOR, born 1859/60, VA; married 1st, Charles CLARKE; married 2nd, George ALLEY.

9s. Helen Bonsall TAYLOR, born 1864 Apr, VA, fl. 1930, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1883, Bryant GALLAGHER (born 1862 Apr, KY, died 1920/30, Clifton Forge, VA).

1t. John W. GALLAGHER, born 1887 Jul, VA; married ca 1909, Maud T. _______ (born 1889/90, VA).

1u. Jack GALLAGHER, born 1910/11, VA.

2u. Billy GALLAGHER, born 1912/13, VA.

2t. Charles R. GALLAGHER, born 1889 Oct, VA; married ca 1913, Louise S. _______ (born 1893/94, VA).

1u. Mary H. GALLAGHER, born 1915/16, VA.

3t. Bryant GALLAGHER, born 1892 Dec 7, VA; married 1st, _______ FABER (born 1885/86, VA); married 2nd, ca 1928, Edith _______ (born 1905/06, VA).

4t. Hughes GALLAGHER, born 1895 Sep, VA.

5t. Carter B. GALLAGHER, born 1898 May 9, VA, died 1988 Aug 12, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1930, Pauline JOHNSON (born 1900 Sep 27, VA, died 2000 Feb 1, Beckley, WV).

6t. Frank M. GALLAGHER, born 1902 Oct 14, VA, died 1987 Dec, Clifton Forge, VA; married ca 1924, Margery T. _______ (born 1903 Jun 3, VA, died 1977 Feb, Clifton Forge, VA).

1u. Helen Powell GALLAGHER, born 1925, VA.

2u. B. Joan GALLAGHER, born 1927, VA.

7t. Manie GALLAGHER, born 1884 Jun, VA; married Charles A. BAUGHAN (born 1884/85, VA, died 1920/30).

1u. Charles A. BAUGHAN, Jr., born 1915, VA.

10s. Emily Morris TAYLOR, born 1856/57, VA; married 1878, James Winston TAYLOR (born 1854 Jan 28).

1t. John Robert TAYLOR, born 1883, VA; married ca 1908, Lottie L. _______ (born 1889/90, VA).

2t. Maude E. TAYLOR, born 1879.

3t. Virginia TAYLOR, born 1881.

11s. Elizabeth Randolph TAYLOR, born 1846/47, VA; married Charles Dabney TAYLOR (born 1844, VA, died 1882 Jun 23).

1t. Mary TAYLOR, born 1870/71, VA.

2t. Emily TAYLOR, born 1872/73, VA.

3t. Anne E. TAYLOR, born 1880 Jan, VA.

12s. Kate Carter TAYLOR, born 1855 Mar 15, VA, died 1880 Oct 10; married 1880 Feb 4, as 1st wife, James Thomas REDD (born 1849 Feb 25, VA, died 1930 Aug 27).

1t. Llewellyn Carter REDD, born 1880 Oct 10, died 1880 Nov 18.

3r. Catherine Carter TAYLOR, born 1823/24, VA, died unm.

9q. Anne Butler BERKELEY, born 1803 Dec 26, Hanover co, VA; married ca 1837, Carter BERKELEY (born ca 1809, Hanover co, VA) (see above).

10q. Catherine Frances BERKELEY, born 1813 Feb 28, VA, died 1858 Jun 29; married 1833 Feb, Lucius Horatio MINOR (born 1810 Sep 22, VA, died 1863 Oct 25, Hanover co, VA) (see Page 045).

1r. Charles Landon Carter MINOR, born 1835 Dec 8, Hanover co, VA, died 1903 Jul 13, Winchester, VA; married ca 1858, Fanny Ansley CAZENOVE (born ca 1840, died 1884 Jul 16, Winchester, VA).

1s. Charles Landon Carter MINOR, Jr., died an infant, 1861.

2s. Louis Cazenove MINOR, born and died ca 1867, Winchester, VA.

3s. Catherine Berkeley MINOR, born 1864, Winchestre, VA, died an infant.

4s. Anne Cazenove MINOR, born 1866 Aug, Winchester, VA; married ca 1896, Rev. Andrew Glassell GRINNAN (born 1868 Aug, Madison co, VA, died 1910/20, VA).

1t. Andrew Glassell GRINNAN, born 1899 Jun 24, MD, died 1975 Feb, Garden City, NY.

2t. Frances Anne Cazenove GRINNAN, born 1896 Oct, WV, died 1930; married as 1st wife, Edward Stuart CARTER (born 1893).

1u. Anne Cazenove CARTER, born 1928; married 1949 (div), Clarence WILLIAMS.

5s. Fanny Ansley MINOR, born ca 1874, Winchester, VA; married ca 1895, Rev. James Fitts PLUMMER (born ca 1865, Warrenton, NC).

1t. Charles Cazenove PLUMMER, born ca 1895, West River, MD.

2t. James Minor PLUMMER, born 1897 Jun 15, Oxford, NC, died 1969 Nov, Wayne, PA.

3t. Edward Armistead PLUMMER, born 1901/02, West River, MD.

4t. William Gardner PLUMMER, born 1902/03, Roanoke, VA.

5t. Cameron McRae PLUMMER, born 1904 Jun 2, Clarksburg, MS, died 1968 Feb, Mobile, AL.

2r. Carter Nelson Berkeley MINOR, born 1842 Oct 6, Hanover co, VA; married 1875 Sep 7, Susan Watson FONTAINE (born 1849 May 16, Hanover co, VA).

1s. James Fontaine MINOR, born 1876 Jul 24, VA; married Lillian ***** (born 1879/80, VA).

2s. Berkeley MINOR of Charleston, WV.

3s. Carter Nelson Berkeley MINOR, Jr., born 1879 May 7, VA, fl. 1920, Charleston, WV.

3r. John MINOR, born 1846 Mar 24, VA, died 1859 Oct 23.

4r. Robert Berkeley MINOR, born 1851 Nov 14, VA; married ca 1871, Routez HOUSTON (born 1852/53, TX, died 1933 May 18, Bexar co, TX).

1s. Houston MINOR, born 1872 Aug 29, TX, died 1964 Mar 22, San Antonio, TX; married ca 1907, Pinckney _______ (born 1885/86, TX, died 1982 Jul 18, Bexar co, TX).

1t. Russell H. MINOR, born 1912/13, KS.

2t. Robert MINOR, born 1921/22, TX.

3t. Dorothy P. MINOR, born 1909 May 13, Bexar co, TX.

4t. Margaret E. MINOR, born 1910 Nov 24, Coleman co, TX.

5t. Lucy Landon MINOR, born 1914/15, TX; married Lawrence Walter WADE.

1u. Houston Russell WADE, born 1934 Apr 4, Bexar co, TX; married 1st, 1975 Mar 4, Wilson co, TX, Judith Carolyn PAGE (born ca 1943); married 2nd, 1985 Jun 8, Bexar co, TX, Kathleen Sue RANEY (born ca 1957).

1v. Nathaniel Page WADE, born 1976 Feb 2, Bexar co, TX.

2v. Laura Elizabeth WADE, born 1978 Sep 18, Bexar co, TX.

3v. Olivia Kathleen WADE, born 1989 Sep 20, Bexar co, TX.

6t. Mary N. MINOR, born 1915, TX.

2s. Robert Berkeley MINOR, Jr., born ca 1874, San Antonio, TX, died young.

3s. Joseph Houston MINOR, born 1890 Jun 22, TX, died 1961 Nov 23, Alameda co, CA; married Mamie Gladys WALKER (born 1890 Dec 29, NV, died 1989 Jun 22, Burlingame, CA).

1t. Joseph Houston MINOR, Jr., born 1912 May 29, UT, died 1986 May 15, Berkeley, CA.

2t. Catherine MINOR, born 1914 Jun 2, Bexar co, TX.

4s. Bryan Houston MINOR, born 1898 Dec 14, San Antonio, TX, died an infant.

5s. Elizabeth Weyman MINOR, born 1886/87, San Antonio, TX, fl. 1930, Pittsburgh, PA; married 1919, Warner T. TABB (born 1888 Sep 1, VA, died 1978 Sep, Mount Holly, VA).

6s. Child, died by 1910.

5r. Fanny Berkeley MINOR, born 1832 Nov 18, VA, died 1885 Mar 10, unm.

6r. Lucy Landon MINOR, born 1839 Jun 27, VA, died 1867 Feb 17, unm.

7r. Thomasia Meade MINOR, born 1849 Feb 25, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1890 Apr 23; married Richard Morris FONTAINE (born 1842 Aug 8, VA, died 1914 Oct 15).

1s. Edmund FONTAINE, born 1874/75, VA.

2s. Richard Morris FONTAINE, born 1876/77, VA, fl. 1930, Rivanna, VA.

3s. Charles Landon Carter FONTAINE, born 1884 Dec 22, Hanover co, VA, died there, 1888 May 11.

4s. Berkeley Minor FONTAINE, born 1883/84, VA.

5s. Kate Minor FONTAINE, born 1878/79, VA; married ca 1912, Charles E. MORAN (born 1883/84, IL).

1t. Charles E. MORAN, Jr., born 1912/13, VA.

2t. Morris Fontaine MORAN, born 1914 Jul 7, VA, died 1982 Nov, Falls Church, VA.

3t. Kimber Nourse MORAN, born 1918 Sep 4, VA, died 1996 Jul 15, St. Petersburg, FL.

4t. Katherine F. MORAN, born 1916/17, VA.

6s. Maria Louisa Shakelford FONTAINE, born 1886/87, VA; married William J. MANN, Jr.

1t. William Berkeley MANN.

8r. Kate M. MINOR, born 1848/49, VA.

9r. Mary Willis MINOR, born 1854 Feb 10, VA, fl.1920, Charlottesville, VA, died unm.

4p. William BERKELEY, born 1769 Dec 1, Hanover co, VA, died 1843 Apr 23, Prince Edward co, VA; married 1797 Jan 5, Elizabeth R. RANDOLPH (born 1778 Feb 2, Henrico co, VA, died 1837 Sep 6, Prince Edward co, VA).

1q. Jacquelin Ambler BERKELEY, born 1797 Nov 20, died 1836 Jan 2, sp; married Mary Burwell FONTAINE.

2q. Nelson BERKELEY, born 1800 Oct 2, died 1826 Dec 7, unm.

3q. Peyton Randolph BERKELEY, born 1804 Apr 23, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1870 May 5, Worsham, VA; married 1st, 1837 Mar 22, Frances Ann Banister LITTLE (born 1806 Jan 27, Prince William co, VA, died 1843 Aug 25, Millwood, VA); married 2nd, _______.

1r. Lt. Col. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1838 Sep 21, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1877 Dec 27, Farmville, VA; married 1862 Feb 19, Ellen WILSON (born 1830 Nov 12, Cumberland co, VA, died 1913).

1s. Peyton Randolph BERKELEY II, born 1866 Aug 6, died 1890; married 1889, Ella REESE.

2s. Willis Wilson BERKELEY, born 1874 Feb 10, died young.

3s. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1875 Nov 20, VA, died 1920; married Sarah Primrose CASSELL (born 1876 Apr, MD).

1t. Mary Ellen BERKELEY, born 1907, MD; married Howard DE MUNGUIONDO.

1u. Jose DE MUNGUIONDO, born 1927.

4s. Martha Wilson BERKELEY, born 1868 Jul 4, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died sp; married 1886, Richard Baxter TUGGLE (born 1867 Jul, VA, died 1929, Richmond, VA).

5s. Frances Little BERKELEY, born 1869 Dec 27, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died unm.

6s. Mary Priscilla BERKELEY, born 1871 Oct 16, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA, died unm.

7s. Roberta Blair BERKELEY, born 1873 Sep 17, died 1964 Nov 5; married 1st, 1906, Wallace Clayborn BURNETT; married 2nd, 1933, Col. George J. NEWGARDEN.

2r. Robert Blair BERKELEY, born 1841 Oct 13, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1925; married 1st, 1863, Alice SCOTT; married 2nd, 1867 Jun 12, Martha Maria PRICE (born 1846 Sep 18, Port Hill, VA, died 1916).

1s. Frances Little BERKELEY, born 1868 Jul 27, died 1869 Aug 30.

4q. William Randolph BERKELEY, born 1812 Sep 25, died 1833 Oct 21, unm.

5q. Richard Kidder BERKELEY, born 1815 Mar 23, died 1823 Mar 19.

6q. Lucy Ann BERKELEY, born 1799 Jul 20, died 1834 Jul 26, unm.

7q. Mary Randolph BERKELEY, born 1802 Apr 16, died 1838 Apr 17, unm.

8q. Landonia Carter BERKELEY, born 1807 Jun 27, died 1876; married Jesse C. IRVINE (born 1791/92, VA).

1r. Jesse IRVINE, born 1832/33, VA; married Margaret VENABLE (born 1836/37, VA).

2r. Mary E. IRVINE, born 1829/30, VA.

3r. Juliet IRVINE, born 1835/36, VA.

4r. Margaret IRVINE, born 1836/37, VA.

9q. Catharine Spotswood BERKELEY, born 1810 Apr 18, died 1820 Mar 24.

10q. Elizabeth Wormley BERKELEY, born 1814 Aug 8, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1839 Mar 8, Howard's Neck, VA; married 1831 May 10, Edward CUNNINGHAM (born 1802 Mar 17, Richmond, VA, died 1875 Jan 18, Dover Mills, VA).

1r. William Berkeley CUNNINGHAM, born 1838 Aug 1, died unm.

2r. Arianna Peyton CUNNINGHAM, born 1835 Aug 9, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1891 Jun 26, Salem, VA; married 1864 Nov 1, Powhatan co, VA, William Washington WIGHT (born 1837 Mar 7, Goochland co, VA, died 1892 Jan 25, Richmond, VA).

1s. Edward Cunningham WIGHT, born 1866 Oct 21, VA; married ca 1907, Annie C. _______ (born 1876, NC).

1t. Edward Cunningham WIGHT, Jr., born 1910, VA.

2t. Grace Hughes WIGHT, born 1912, VA.

3t. Arianna Cunningham WIGHT, born 1912, VA.

2s. Landon Berkeley WIGHT, born 1868 Mar 8, died 1869 Mar 11.

3s. William Leeds WIGHT, born 1869 Jul 6, Goochland co, VA, died 1945 Oct 27, Quantico, VA; married 1908 Nov 11, Nellie Lee WALLER (born 1876 Feb 27, Stafford co, VA, died 1935 May 27, Alexandria, VA).

1t. William Leeds WIGHT, Jr.

2t. Elizabeth Berkeley WIGHT, born 1911 May 28, Richmond, VA, died 2002 Jan 31, Fredericksburg, VA; married 1946 Sep 7, Stafford co, VA, Arthur Lee OSTERMAN (born 1903 Jun 5, Monroe, LA, died 1980 Sep 30, Wheeling, WV).

1u. Arthur Lee OSTERMAN, Jr., born 1947 Jun 20, Wheeling, WV; married 1979 Nov 3, Philadelphia, PA, Elissa G. TOPOL (born 1948 Dec 22, Vioneland, NJ).

1v. Meredith Nita OSTERMAN, born 1980 Nov 11.

2v. Alexis Topol OSTERMAN, born 1983 May 2.

3v. Zoe Elizabeth OSTERMAN, born 1989 Jan 27.

4s. Henry Theodore WIGHT, born 1872 Feb 4.

5s. Richard Cunningham WIGHT, born 1873 Aug 20, Goochland co, VA, died 1951 Feb 24, Richmond, VA; married 1897 Nov 1, Richmond, VA, Pocahontas Gay WILSON (born 1873 Mar 9, Cumberland co, VA, died 1948 Jan 24, Richmond, VA).

1t. Richard Cunningham WIGHT, Jr., born 1910 May 26, Richmond, VA; married 1939 Jan 14, Estella Churchill COOKE (born 1911 Jun 27, died 1975 Aug, Richmond, VA).

1u. Richard Cunningham WIGHT III, born 1946 Aug 12.

2u. William Churchill WIGHT, born ca 1949.

2t. Arianna Randolph WIGHT, born 1899 Sep 17, VA, died 1985 Jan, Alexandria, VA, unm.

3t. Pocahontas Wilson WIGHT, born 1904 Nov 8, Richmond, VA, died 1999 Jun 15, Richmond, VA; married 1929 May 25, Richmond, VA, Richard Coles EDMUNDS (born 1904 Jan 7, Halifax, VA, died 1991 Jan 12, Richmond, VA).

1u. Richard Coles EDMUNDS, Jr., born 1931 Mar 28, South Boston, VA; married 1957 Jun 22, Richmond, VA, Nancy Page HALL (born 1934 Aug 21, Richmond, VA).

1v. Richard Coles EDMUNDS III, born 1964 Sep 17; married _______.

1w. Richard Coles EDMUNDS IV, born ca 1994.

2w. Margaret Hall EDMUNDS, born ca 1991.

2v. Jarrett Berkeley EDMUNDS, born 1972 Oct 12.

3v. Marietta Page EDMUNDS, born 1958 Dec 30; married ca 1978, Dennis ZACHAS.

1w. Edmunds ZACHAS, born ca 1985.

2w. Page ZACHAS, born ca 1980.

3w. Virginia ZACHAS, born ca 1982.

4v. Elizabeth Randolph EDMUNDS, born ca 1961; married ca 1983, Hooks JOHNSON, Jr.

1w. Hooks JOHNSON III, born ca 1990.

2w. Mary JOHNSON, born ca 1985.

3w. Allison Wight JOHNSON, born ca 1987.

2u. Anne Randolph EDMUNDS, born 1935 Jul 15.

3u. Elizabeth Wight EDMUNDS, born 1937 Mar 10, South Boston, VA; married 1959 Jun 27, Halifax, VA, St. Georeg Tucker GRINNAN III (born 1937 Aug 20, Richmond, VA).

1v. Thomas Randolph GRINNAN, born 1968 Feb 1.

2v. Louise Dabney GRINNAN, born 1961 May 7.

3v. Sarah Berkeley GRINNAN, born 1970 Jun 2.

4t. Elizabeth Trent WIGHT, born 1907 Jul 17.

5t. Virginia Matoaka WIGHT, born 1913 Mar 10, Richmond, VA; married 1943 Jul 17, Richmond, VA, Anderson Wade LAMB (born 1912 Oct 8, Richmond, VA, died there, 1987 Nov).

1u. Pocahontas Gay LAMB, born 1945 Oct 1, South Boston, VA; married Robert S. PASLEY, Jr. (born 1959 Mar 1).

1v. Virginia Burns PASLEY.

2v. Heather Randolph PASLEY.

2u. Virginia Archer LAMB, born ca 1948.

6s. Frank Cunningham WIGHT, born 1880 Aug 14, died 1881 Jul 18.

7s. Grace Hughes WIGHT, born 1865 Aug 9, died 1870 Oct 26.

8s. Elizabeth Berkeley WIGHT, born 1870 Sep 1, Goochland co, VA, died 1909 Feb 17, Norfolk, VA; married 1899 Nov 15, Richmond, VA, William Henry VENABLE (born 1870 Sep 2, Prince Edward co, VA, died 1946 Jan 7, Hampden-Sydney, VA).

1t. Louisa Carrington VENABLE, born 1903 Aug 11, died 1999 Oct 24, Virginia Beach, VA; married 1924, William Emmett KYLE (born 1896).

1u. Louisa Venable KYLE, born 1925.

2u. Elizabeth Wright KYLE, born 1928.

3u. Anne Wingate KYLE, born 1932.

9s. Catherine Deana WIGHT, born 1875 Feb 19, died 1876 Oct 3.

10s. Arianna Cunningham WIGHT, born 1877 Aug 1, died 1878 Jun 8.

11q. Cornelia Andrews BERKELEY, born 1823 Feb 12, died unm.

5p. Lewis BERKELEY, born 1775, died 1836; married Elizabeth DARRACOTT (born 1806, died 1852).

1q. Nelson William BERKELEY, born 1812, died 1899; married Linda WOOD.

1r. John Campbell BERKELEY.

2r. Mary Diggs BERKELEY.

3r. Linda Wood BERKELEY.

2q. Capt. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1817 Oct 14, VA, died 1892; married 1840 Apr, Sarah Ann CAMPBELL (born 1820/21, VA).

1r. John Lewis BERKELEY, born 1843 Jan, VA; married ca 1895, Frances BRUCE (born 1870 Apr, VA).

1s. Scott Bruce BERKELEY, born 1897 Nov, VA; married Ruth _______.

2s. Carter Nelson BERKELEY, born 1899 Oct, VA.

2r. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1848, VA, died 1904; married 1880, Anna Poe HARRISON (born 1856, died 1939).

1s. Harrison Campbell BERKELEY, born 1881 Jul, VA, fl 1930, Van Buren, OH; married 1910, Caro GLOVER (born 1890/91, MO, died 1940).

1t. Griff Glover BERKELEY, born 1911/12, NY.
2t. Harrison C. BERKELEY, born 1917 Jan 13, MO, died 2006 Jan 1, Dayton, OH; married 1944, Alice Harrison WILSHIRE.

1u. Van Ham Wilshire BERKELEY.

2u. Anne Churchill BERKELEY.

3t. Mildred Glover BERKELEY, died an infant.

2s. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1888 Oct 7, VA, died 1965, VA; married 1st, ca 1926, Edna SAUER (born 1894 Jul 10, NY, died 1975 Sep, Venice, CA); married 2nd, Katherine Hamm HATHAWAY.

3s. Maj. Norborne BERKELEY, born 1891 May 13, VA, died 1964 May, PA; married 1917, Dorothea Winslow RANDOLPH (born 1898/99, MD).

1t. Norborne BERKELEY, Jr., born 1922, PA; married Diane GOULD (born 1931 Jan 1).

1u. Norborne BERKELEY III.

2u. Sally Carter BERKELEY.

3u. Anne Randolph BERKELEY.

2t. Dorothea Randolph BERKELEY, born 1920/21, MD; married Robert Thurston HOUK III.

1u. Robert Thurston HOUK IV.

2u. Stuart Nelson HOUK.

3u. Judith Winslow HOUK.

4u. Dorothea Winslow HOUK.

4s. Anne Churchill BERKELEY.

3r. Robert Mayo BERKELEY, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1920, Richmond, VA; married ca 1884, Fanny HERRING (born 1858 Jul, VA).

1s. Archie Campbell BERKELEY, born 1884 Oct 14, VA, died 1969 Jun, Richmond, VA.

2s. George Iverson BERKELEY, born 1886 Nov, VA; married 1st, ca 1925, Sarah FREAR (born 1894/95, VA); married 2nd, Mary Stuart HALLORAN.

3s. Mary Pollard BERKELEY, born 1889 Mar 8, WV, died 1974 Aug, Richmond, VA, unm.

4s. Sarah Ann BERKELEY, died young.

5s. Frances H. BERKELEY, born 1891 Oct 18, VA, died 1989 Nov 26, Hanover, VA; married ca 1925, Alfred S. WINSTON, Jr. (born 1895/96, VA).

1t. Alfred WINSTON.

2t. Frances WINSTON, born 1926, VA; married Junius E. WARRINER III.

3t. Carrie Nelson WINSTON; married Henry SHIRLEY.

4t. Sara Anne WINSTON.

6s. Nannie Landon BERKELEY, died young.

7s. Carrie Nelson BERKELEY, born 1895 Apr 3, VA, died 1983 Mar, Richmond, VA; married ca 1924, Dr. Allan M. KIMBROUGH (born 1894/95, VA).

1t. Allan M. KIMBROUGH, Jr., born 1926 Jun 10, VA, died 1996 Oct 25, Irvington, VA; married Catherine P. _______ (born 1927).

8s. Sara Anne BERKELEY, born 1898 Jul, VA, fl. 1930, Manchester, VA.

4r. Archibald Campbell BERKELEY, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1920, Richmond, VA, unm.

5r. Richard Farrell BERKELEY, born 1855/56, VA, fl. 1930, Richmond, VA; married Sallie SCOTT (born 1867/68, VA).

1s. William Scott BERKELEY.

2s. Richard Farrell BERKELEY, Jr., born 1894/95, VA; married Kate WYNN (born 1893/94, VA).

3s. Archibald Campbell BERKELEY, born 1909 Mar 27, VA, died 1999 Oct 30, Richmond, VA; married Jeanette HADEN (born 1918 Aug 25, died 2006 Apr 4, Richmond, VA.

4s. Sarah Ann Campbell BERKELEY, born 1891/92; married Arthur HUTCHINSON.

5s. Mary Nelson BERKELEY.

6r. Nelson William BERKELEY, born 1859 Aug, VA, died 1920/30; married ca 1890, Melinda WOOD (born 1867 Nov, VA).

1s. John Campbell BERKELEY, born 1891 May, VA.

2s. Mary Diggs BERKELEY, died by 1900.

3s. Linda Wood BERKELEY, died by 1900.

7r. Eliza Campbell BERKELEY, born 1841, died 1859.

8r. Anna Louisa BERKELEY, born 1845, VA, died 1898; married Henry R. BERKELEY.

9r. Mary Nelson BERKELEY, born 1854 Mar, VA, died unm.

3q. Richard Ferrell BERKELEY, born 1819, VA, died 1886; married Betty Stapleton PRICE (born 1831/32, VA).

1r. Ellen C. BERKELEY, born 1850/51, VA.

2r. Elizabeth D. BERKELEY, born 1851/52, VA.

4q. Dr. Lewis D. BERKELEY, born 1824, VA, died 1860/70, unm.

5q. Susan Elizabeth BERKELEY, born 1808; married ca 1830, Edmund BERKELEY (born 1804, Hanover co, VA) (see above).

6q. Mary Nelson BERKELEY, born 1810, VA; married Richard F. DARRACOTT (born 1809/10, VA).

1r. George DARRACOTT, born 1845 Dec, VA; married ca 1868, Mary T. _______ (born 1847 Nov, VA).

1s. George B. DARRACOTT, born 1874/75, VA, fl. 1930, Colonial Heights, VA, unm.

2s. Charles R. DARRACOTT, born 1883 Aug, VA; married ca 1916, Katherine C. _______ (born 1891/92, VA).

1t. Charles R. DARRACOTT, Jr., born 1917 May 8, VA, died 1998 Nov 24, Charlotte, NC.

2t. Dabney C. DARRACOTT, born 1921/22, VA.

3t. Cecilia I. DARRACOTT, born 1925, VA.

3s. Julia T. DARRACOTT, born 1877 Jun, VA.

4s. Nannie DARRACOTT, born 1879/80, VA, fl. 1930, Petersburg, VA; married ca 1900, George B. CARTER (born 1877/78, VA).

1t. Charles D. CARTER, born 1901/02, VA; married ca 1927, Carrie M. _______ (born 1902/03, VA).

1u. Nan C. CARTER, born 1928, VA.

2t. Berkeley D. CARTER, born 1909 Jan 13, VA, died 1969 Sep, Norfolk, VA.

3t. Emily D. CARTER, born 1906/07, VA.

4t. Mary E. L. CARTER, born 1914/15, VA.

5s. Sue DARRACOTT, born 1881 Jul, VA.

8s. Child, died by 1900.

2r. Benjamin DARRACOTT, born 1851 Jun, VA, fl. 1930, Monroe co, MS; married ca 1878, Ann Elizabeth _______ (born 1860 May, MS).

1s. Dr. George F. DARRACOTT, born 1878 Nov, MS; married ca 1908, Nettie B. ______ (born 1886 Aug 5, MS, died 1973 Nov, Amory, MS).

1t. Franklin L. DARRACOTT, born 1908/09, MS.

2t. Walter L. DARRACOTT, born 1919 Sep 7, MS, died 1971 Aug, Ventura, CA.

3t. Anna Bell DARRACOTT, born 1911 Feb 21, MS, died 1976 Aug, Amory, MS, unm.

4t. Nettie Louiza DARRACOTT, born 1916/17, MS.

5t. Virginia B. DARRACOTT, born 1926 Oct 29, MS, died 2001 Jan 7, Amory, MS, unm.

2s. Walter DARRACOTT, born 1882 Oct, MS; married ca 1912, Jimmie _______ (born 1887/88, MS).

3s. Dr. Lewis Wheeler DARRACOTT, born 1884 Sep 2, MS, died 1964 May; married ca 1920, Leon Victoria _______ (born 1889/90, MS).

4s. Ellen DARRACOTT, born 1886 Sep, MS; married ca 1907, John W. COCKERHAM (born 1877/78, MS).

5s. Bessie DARRACOTT, born 1889 Jun, MS.

6-7s. Two children, died by 1900.

3r. Sallie DARRACOTT, born 1845/46, VA.

4r. Ellen DARRACOTT, born 1849, VA.

5r. Eliza DARRACOTT, born 1853/54, VA.

7q. Louisa Carter BERKELEY, born 1814, died 1835.

8q. Fanny Edmonia BERKELEY, born 1822.

9q. Lucy Carter BERKELEY, born 1826; married James SHELTON.

6p. Dr. Robert BERKELEY, born 1776; married Julia CARTER (born 1783 Apr 18).

1q. Landon BERKELEY, died unm.

2q. Benjamin BERKELEY, died sp; married _______.

3q. Nelson BERKELEY, died unm.

4q. Elizabeth Wormeley BERKELEY, died unm.

5q. Sophia Carter BERKELEY, born ca 1805; married Robert CARTER.

6q. Julia BERKELEY; married 1846, Marshall L. HAINS.

7q. Lucy M. BERKELEY, born 1818, Hanover, VA; married William Brice HARRIS (born 1815 Nov 10, Caroline co, VA).

1r. Robert Carter HARRIS, born 1841/42, Caroline co, VA; married Eliza JAMES.

2r. William Berkeley HARRIS, born 1844/45, Caroline co, VA; married Sarah BLACKBURN.

3r. Thomas Carter HARRIS, born 1850 Mar, Caroline co, VA.

4r. Charles E. S. HARRIS, born 1853/54, Caroline co, VA; married Lucy BEVERLEY.

5r. Octavia H. HARRIS, born 1845/46, Caroline co, VA, died 1880/1900, Greenbrier co, WV; married Llewellyn L. DAVIS (born 1847 Jan, VA, died 1900/10, Greenbrier co, WV).

1s. Alfred G. DAVIS, born 1878/79, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

2s. Carter L. DAVIS, born 1882 Jan, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV; married ca 1916, Mariah Louise _______ (born 1881/82, VA).

1t. Louise DAVIS, born 1920/21, WV.

3s. Lucy S. DAVIS, born 1874 Oct, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

4s. Sidnie P. DAVIS, born 1875 Dec, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

5s. Bettie B. DAVIS, born 1877 Jun, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

6s. Julia H. DAVIS, born 1880 Feb, WV, fl. 1930, Fort Spring, WV.

6r. Frances E. HARRIS, born 1846/47, Caroline co, VA, fl. 1910, Greenway, VA, died sp; married ca 1892, Frank T. TAVENNER (born 1844/45, VA).

7r. Laura HARRIS, born 1855/56, Caroline co, VA.

8q. Frances BERKELEY; married as 1st wife, Col. James Lucius DAVIS (born 1813, died 1871 May 11, Buckingham co, VA).

1r. Frances A. T. DAVIS, born ca 1831.

7p. Landon Carter BERKELEY, born 1780 Oct 26, VA; married Lucy SHEPPARD.

1q. Landon BERKELEY, died young.

8p. Mary BERKELEY, born 1760, died 1787 Oct 23; married Gen. John MINOR, Jr.

1q. _______ MINOR, born and died 1787 Oct 23.

9p. Elizabeth Wormeley BERKELEY, born 1762, died 1763.

10p. Sarah BERKELEY, born 1771, died unm.

11p. Lucy Carter BERKELEY, born 1773, died unm.

12p. Elizabeth Landon BERKELEY, born 1778, died unm.


A descent from Alice GASCOIGNE to the BERNARDs of Virginia is given in Gary Boyd Roberts' Royal Descents of 500 Colonists, but this is retracted in NEHGS NEXUS, v.13, p.128 (May-August, 1996).
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Just as a general point on the DNA trace.

When a sperm and ovum fuse, all the structures in the cell are provided by the ovum. The sperm only provides nuclear material. DNA from the sperm combines with the DNA from the ovum in the nucleus of the egg cell. It is separate from that of the structures in the cell outside the nucleus. Nuclear DNA under goes recombination and slowly changes from generation to generation. DNA in the mitochondria does not recombine. As such it is more stable from generation to generation. It is this mitochondrial DNA which was compared.

Since mitochondria are part of the cell they are passed from mother to child. If you can show a maternal lineage the mDNA will be the same (near enough) however many generations you go back. Since Richard had a sister her mDNA would be the same as his and she would pass it to her daughter who would pass it to her daughter and so on. The mDNA tested came from a male who had a direct maternal lineage traceable to Richard's sister (and by extension, mother).
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"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." --Samuel Clemens

One need not be a chamber to be haunted,
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.[...] --Emily Dickinson

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." -- Albert Einstein

"I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do." -- Robert A. Heinlein

Included in honor of Byron:

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."--H. L. Mencken
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Originally Posted by John Doe View Post
At least that way you won't pass on your DNA.
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Originally Posted by torchthebitch View Post
At least that way you won't pass on your DNA.
Procreation is overrated.
"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." --Samuel Clemens

One need not be a chamber to be haunted,
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.[...] --Emily Dickinson

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." -- Albert Einstein

"I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do." -- Robert A. Heinlein

Included in honor of Byron:

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."--H. L. Mencken
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[quote=trysail;43229035]DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD III
A Continuation of the Marquis de Ruvigny's
The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal

This site lists some descendants of King Edward III of England.

As it says, it's incomplete. I'm not on it I kind of think that those who aren't descendants of Edward 111 would be a shorter list.
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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
The really odd part of the archaeology was that the skeleton was found in the first trench on the first day. That is like winning a lottery. At that point they didn't know where the church had been. Their first pit was subsequently found to be in the choir of the church and right on Richard III. They couldn't believe it. Archaeology just doesn't happen like that.
I saw video and it looked like they were using ground penetrating radar, so that might explain the lottery win.

Another thing about it is the wounds supposedly matched, as far as they could tell, his reported wounds in battle.
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CSI Leicester

So, whodunnit?
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Did anyone watch that King In The Car Park doc on more4 t'other night? Very interesting.
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Originally Posted by ~Fata Morgana~ View Post
Did anyone watch that King In The Car Park doc on more4 t'other night? Very interesting.
Saw a bit of it. New Scientist and the BBC site have been full of cool stuff about this for the last week or so.
There is always a point at which the terrorist ceases to manipulate the media gestalt. A point at which the violence may well escalate, but beyond which the terrorist has become symptomatic of the media gestalt itself. Terrorism as we ordinarily understand it is innately media-related.

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Originally Posted by SeanH View Post
The only good thing about York is that it's legal to shoot Scotsmen within the city walls.
York is aces! Have you never had a Fat Rascal at Betty's for fuck sake man?
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Originally Posted by ~Fata Morgana~ View Post
York is aces! Have you never had a Fat Rascal at Betty's for fuck sake man?
It's full of bloody yanks with loud shirts and louder voices declaring everything to be "awesome!" at about a thousand decibels while wondering where the McDonald's is.
There is always a point at which the terrorist ceases to manipulate the media gestalt. A point at which the violence may well escalate, but beyond which the terrorist has become symptomatic of the media gestalt itself. Terrorism as we ordinarily understand it is innately media-related.

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Originally Posted by SeanH View Post
It's full of bloody yanks with loud shirts and louder voices declaring everything to be "awesome!" at about a thousand decibels while wondering where the McDonald's is.
Aah well Yanks will do that in Poundland. That aside, I love York. One of my fave places, I had my 40th there.
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Richard III is to be buried in Leicester Cathedral, as was agreed before his bones were found.

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Originally Posted by ~Fata Morgana~ View Post
Did anyone watch that King In The Car Park doc on more4 t'other night? Very interesting.
Was that on crime watch?

" 'onest guvner.. these is real pearly buttons on me troussers.... i aint been pulling me pud whilst ar wartchin courtin couple fornictatin in cars.. "

Crime watch and monarchs....

and next week the Romanoffs visit a cellar..
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Originally Posted by oggbashan View Post
Richard III is to be buried in Leicester Cathedral, as was agreed before his bones were found.
I'd have made glue out of the fucker.
Hobbit -you're erotica leaves me breathless, it really does... _English Lady

"Hobbit.....the poor man's P_Pman." catfish.

"The Labour Party used to represent millions, now it represents millionaires" - Bob Crow RMT

There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other.
That word is ENGLAND!!!!


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Originally Posted by ~Fata Morgana~ View Post
York is aces! Have you never had a Fat Rascal at Betty's for fuck sake man?
Is a Fat Rascal a drink, a sandwich, or a lay?
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