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Vampire Lover ((closed for Ambrosia_64))

Crystal sat at the bar, nursing a mixed drink. She was tired. Every night this week, her flat-mates had dragged her to one nightclub after the other, where they danced, drank, and generally made fools of themselves. At first, it was fun. By now, it was dull and boring. All these places were the same: loud booming music, strobe lights flashing in the darkness, and crushing crowds of people. The people were the worst. They were all conceited, stuck up, and arrogant. Boys hit on the girls like they were God's gift to women. The girls competed with other girls for the boys' attention. They danced for the boys, flirted with the boys, and practically threw themselves into the waiting arms of the boys. It seemed that anywhere Crystal looked, at least one pair of boobs had popped out of its top. Sometimes the girls pleasured themselves or other girls right there on the dance-floor, usually after they'd had a little too much to drink, or after they left a drink unattended. Crystal had to watch her beverages carefully, lest someone slip a little something in it. It was a surprise no one had done it already.

Crystal was a very pretty girl, one who attracted quite a lot of attention. Normally, she didn't mind, but she certainly didn't want the attention of anyone here. Crystal had pale white skin; raven black hair tied in a ponytail; a sleek, athletic body; a flat stomach, and big E-cup breasts. Boys wanted her. So did some girls, though none of the ones here, until they'd had a few hits of whatever had been slipped in thier drinks. As usual, Crystal wore a form-fitting black dress that brought out her bulging breasts, her slender legs, and her flat tummy. The neckline gaped open widely to reveal her cleavage, and she wore 3" stiletto heels on her feet. Her flat-mates had insisted she wear this outfit as the "perfect club wear". She'd had to fight off several drunken boys who tried to drag her out onto the dance-floor where they could grind thier chests on her tits and thier crotches on her stomach, like they did to the other girls with busts of all sizes. She was sick of this place, and wanted to go home. Alas, she didn't have the car keys. Serena had them, and she sure as hell wasn't giving them up - not when she was entwined in some muscle-bound brute's arms in one of the booths in the corner, slobbering all over his mouth while he fondled her tiny tits. The sight made Crystal sick. She sighed and leaned against the bar counter, pushing away her unfinished drink, in case the bar tender had put anything in it while she was not watching.
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"You don't look like you're having any fun." The voice was silky and near her right ear- juuuust close enough to feel intimate, and just far enough away to keep one comfortable.

Bent slightly behind Crystal's left shoulder, a beautiful woman with dark red hair stood smiling faintly, her red painted lips full and soft looking, her eyes almond shaped, greenish hazel-and glittering with mirthful amusement.

She was a tall woman in short heeled ankle boots, opaque black tights, a looser fitting sweater dress. Her legs were long and shapely, her form beneath the dress filled out but leaner than her own curvy shape.

She inclined her head towards the seat beside Crystal, an inquiry-before taking a seat and crossing her long legs at the knee. "Are you here with a friend?" She asked as she settled into the seat, her eyes refocusing on the other woman, giving her full, undivided, flattering attention.
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