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"I'd enjoy that," Lisa could see his grin due to the helmet, but his sincerity showed in his eyes. Of course he was going to call her, it would simply be a matter of when, and trying not to sound awkward about it. "It was nice meeting you tonight Lisa. Sleep well." He waited until she got to her door before starting his bike back up and speeding off.

Any other night Nik would have decided to shift and possibly take a prowl around the park, but the murders had put a stop to that. At least solo. These days if he went out on all fours it was with the older teens from the center. Most of them didn't really have a steady adult in their lives and leaving them to run by themselves wasn't the best idea. They were teenagers after all.

Nik parked his bike in his building's garage and took the elevator up. He just wanted to relax and sleep. The stress of tomorrow and the expected panic could wait.
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She had a wonderful time with him, she just hoped he would call her sometime and perhaps soon. Or perhaps she was just being stupid that he would ever call her, but Nik was a special guy. Even if she wasn't told that he was a shifter, she would have gotten it before that. He just appeared to be that of a shifter, he was very big. But as she got into her home and she passed out for the night, she knew that if she was going to get a call it could be any time. So she went into work the next morning to work on her cases.

She had it where her phone would ring out so nothing would be missed, she opened up the case file and so far there hadn't been another murder, but there had been six right now. She sighed a bit as she worked hard on it, she had a bad feeling she would never find who did this because she wasn't a shifter herself. She didn't know what was to happen right now, going over she tried to get into the head of the killer. Something a profiler did, and she was far from one but would try anything right now. She spent the whole day looking into it, and she had to stop she was getting a head ache so she went for a walk.
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