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Dominant Fellow Seeking Submissive Dame for Mind-Shattering Smutty Role Play

Greetings, Landwalkers.

Ads like this are always tricky for me, as you have to find a happy medium between giving enough detail and wordiness as to exactly what you are after (as well as selling yourself in the process) and not writing too much junk. If you create a huge blob of text, everyone will get scared and bored and not bother reading your mid-term paper on what kind of shoes you like girls to wear while you hump upon them.

So, I will do my darndest to give a thorough, yet brief(ish) post on who I am and what disturbing qualities I look for in a writing partner. In this process, I will try not to drone on for years and years. I swear, I shall limit myself to droning on and on for months and months instead.

1. Did you know that Lobster males are Dominant sorts? We sure as heck are! I think it would be best if those gals seeking to write with me were submissive, so that we begin on the same page and whatnot.

2. Did you know that Lobsters are private folks? We sure as heck are! I'm looking for play via pretty much any venue besides Threads. That means I would gladly smut it up with you via Chatzy, Email, or even Lit PM tag. I have never been one to post scenes for all to read, you see.

3. As for my writing style, I use the traditional Lobster method of sexy-writing: Third person. I am not my character, after all, and I think it just comes off more snazzy if a scene is written in the way that a novel or short story is. I like to think that I give a good mix of swell detail and healthy post-size WITHOUT making my partner wait an hour and a half for a reply. Years at this kink writing stuff have taught me that it is best to find a happy medium between post volume and quick replies. I don't expect you to write me pages and pages or anything, but please give at least some effort, spell out your words properly, and offer a nice bit of description in the process and I will be your bestest friend ever.

4. I am a bit particular in how I like girls to look in a scene. If you have issues taking requests as to how your character physically looks, you'd certainly hate playing with me! I extend the same courtesy, of course, and will gladly tailor my character's looks to your specific liking. This should, after all, be satisfying, stimulating and fun for all involved, no?

5. As far as settings or scenarios go, I think I am very, very flexible in that regard. I do prefer color and fun stuff over normal, boring everyday type scenes, though. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Elves & Dwarves, Aliens, Demons, Vampires: You know, Dorky stuff like that is really dandy with me.

6. I like to create characters with their own personalities, quirks, foibles and styles. Breathing life into a character is something I very much enjoy. That being said, if I wanted to write the next great American novel, I wouldn't be on an Erotic Literature chat site, yaknow? What I am getting at is, I really do like much more fun sexings in my writing than long, extended chapters upon chapters of story before a boob is ever lovingly caressed in my eager pincers. So, I will state it plainly: I am here to kink.

Well, I hope this information is enough to give you a hint if you'd like to role play with me or not. You can either send me a PM here at Lit, or email me directly at DancesWithLobsters@Yahoo.com so that we can talk further about a potential writing partnership.

Anyway, toodles!
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