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panty sniffing fantasy?

I am quite into panty sniffing but not wearing them or anything like that. Does anyone else enjoy this? what is your ultimate panty sniffing fantasy?

I just curious.
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I love sniffing panties as well. Love to smell a woman aroma mmmm nice
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Check out this five page thread on the topic. There's even a three page thread on women sniffing men's underwear. (Though it seems some men tried to turn it into another panty sniffing thread.) There's a three page worn panty thread as well. And a short lives panty sniffing thread where a man asked if women understood the fetish.

So it seems you're not alone.
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I don't know about fantasis but I've had plenty of panty sniffing experiences.
One of my most memorable was finding a pair of my mother in laws sexy little panties in the bathroom after she'd just taken a shower. The gusset was all covered in her juice, she had obviously gotten very excited at some point of the day......the scent was amazing.....i also have a fond memory while on the job which is probably a little illegal....

I was doing some temp work at a place...I noted that the office manager would take a long walk at lunch and then take a shower in the bathroom next to the room i was using.....After she had finished showering and left i went into the bathroom area locked the door..I found a pair of silky lacey panties in her sports bag they were all wet and sweaty in the crotch..... they had a subtle musky smell which drove me wild... I wanked off into them shot my load into the toilet........

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I love panty sniffing. That's what basically got me started with jerking off. My sister knew I would take her panties and she never said anything. Sometimes I would see her while I was jacking off. she never came in and joined though...
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I had a friend...


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