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Seeking male sub/slave boy

First of all, this is a serious ad. Everything stated in this post, is what you get.

I am usually submissive but i will admit, there is a domme in me. And that one needs to get out in one way. So. I'm seeking an online male slave. I prefer the age 18-25 seeing as i am only 18 myself. This is also a long term D/s relationship and I prefer to be your only Mistress


-You will never see me. /ever/. You will know me as mistress. You might get a picture of my pussy, possible as a reward. But you will never see my face or anything.
-Me however, will require to see you. which means; i will want to skype with you. You with your cam on, mine off. I might talk, depending on situation.
-I also want you to video record all sexual activity, at least private masturbation and then the videos to me. (i will not in any kind of way make them public unless wanted. i'm not cruel. I want you to fully trust me on this and if you know a way to make sure im trust-able, tell me. I want this very much)
-I will try and push your limits but we will agree on a safe word that means no no. I will need to know your limits because i do not wish to cross over the line.
-As your mistress, i will also be your friend, which means, you can talk to me. If there is any struggles or anything you need to get off your chest, talk to me. I will be there for you.
-I do understand basic things and i accept that you have a life. If you cannot be online when i want you online, you will simply say so and give me a good reason.
-No scat at all. Nor blood.
-You need to be into anal play or at least willing to try.
-You need a dildo, if you do not have one, you must be able to get one

I will be picky in who i choose as my slave so this is what you will have to do;

Submit a picture of your full body (clothed or not does not matter) and one of your cock.
Write some about yourself.
Write down your limits and questions you need answers on.

Remember you can quit if you do not want anymore.

Please PM me

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