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The Neighbors

5’2” 115 lbs.
Short, light brown hair
B-cup, petite, Irish/Portuguese/Italian heritage
19-21 years old
Shy, introverted, skittish, has submissive & masochistic tendencies and definitely has a healthy sex drive.

Background: She joined the Navy a few weeks after graduating from high school, mostly because she didn’t have the money for college, grades for a scholarship, parents who were around or even a place to live anymore. Kim lived with an old Aunt who made it very clear that Kim needed to find her own place immediately after she graduated from high school.

The operation went well. She spent a week in the Veteran’s Hospital recuperating from the surgery that took out the painful but otherwise benign tumor that cracked her hip bone a couple of days into Navy boot camp.

As luck would have it, her former high school sweetheart heard she was back in town and visited her at the hospital. With no where else to go, Kim found herself getting married shortly after her 18th birthday to a guy who cheated on her at every given opportunity,

She discovered her husband’s cheating ways a few months into their marriage – roughly the same time her absentee father contacted her to make amends for neglecting her as a child. She moved in with her father (and his crazy girlfriend), but only with the understanding that she would only stay there until she got a job and found her own place.

It took about a month for her to recuperate and find a decent job, and about another month to find a small apartment near her new workplace. Her new job and apartment was about an hour away from her father's home, but that seemed to suit everyone fine at the time.

She met Robert, the older guy who lived next door, at the New Year's Eve party held at her father's house to celebrate her getting a new job, a new apartment and a new life.

6’1”, 206 lbs.
Average build, short blond hair
39 years old

Robert made enough money to support himself comfortably and owned the house next door to Kim’s father’s house. He did his best to be neighborly, and was at Kim’s father’s house for a New Year's Eve party when he first met Kim.

Robert was never into relationships; it wasn’t a mere choice to never get married or even have a real girlfriend. No, it was more ingrained into his DNA that “women were for fucking, and not much else.”

And so it was that he started chatting up his neighbor’s 18-year-old daughter as they played pool by themselves in her father’s game room.



Robert handed Kim a cold beer bottle, then made a big show of taking a drink from the one in his other hand. She seemed cool enough to ignore local drinking laws, and why shouldn’t she? She was safe and sound in her own father’s home, and surrounded by friends, right?

“That’s fucked up,” He said without really meaning or caring. He understood all too well why Kim’s husband would cheat on her; it was all about the conquest and thrill of finding a different woman to have sex with. He shrugged inwardly while trying his best to commiserate outwardly with the young and newly-separated woman who seemed all too receptive to his attentions. It was quite obvious that she appreciated having someone she could talk to about her soon-to-be ex-husband, although Robert couldn’t care less if they ended up reconciling as long as he could get a piece of her young ass…

They played pool for a couple of hours after the party wound down. Kim kept talking – and more importantly, drinking – while Robert played pool, pretended to listen and kept handing her a fresh bottle of beer as soon as she finished the last one,

To his chagrin, she turned down the last bottle, and then said she was tired and probably needed to go to sleep. She thanked him for being such a good listener and apologized for babbling on for hours.

He smiled at her, and said, “You know what I think? I think you’ve never been kissed right.”

With that, he walked up to her, held her close and gave her the deepest, most seductive kiss he could muster.

Then, he simply smiled, said good night and walked back to his own home. He calculated that she would come by sometime tomorrow. And if she showed up at his front door, well, he expected to have a lot more latitude and freedom on his own turf.

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