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This is a message to a very special lover who has awakened very deep sensual feelings in me.

For example she kicked open the door to male nipple play, which wasn't something I had even though about.

It started off with her teasing my nipples while I did the same to her. It soon became an integral part of our lovemaking and foreplay.

It wasn't long before we had an appointment at the local tattoo shop where she had her left nipple pierced. For the next few days she walked around in a daze as all the throbbing from the new piercing traveled downwards towards her wet and willing pussy.

As we played more with each other nipples I found mine have become much more sensitive and also that they are wired directly to my cock. at first I loved when she plays with them hard; lots of bites, hard sucks and twists. Now we progressed to now alternating between hard & soft and the variety makes me crazy.

We have tried a few different clamps and such. I liked them in the beginning but now that she has mastered their manipulation they are a poor substitute. As often as possible, when i have a shower, I put on a pair of nipple suckers which never fail to make my cock grow.
The more I use them the more sensitive my little nipples become and the more I crave her touch.

The other morning she started some light teasing and then added in a little pain play. Before I knew it my cock was hard hard hard and my head was thrashing backwards and forwards. She gave me a nice slow hand job while never letting up on my nipples. Soon I was spraying a large load of cum all over myself, from a damn hand job.

As soon as my team is done its season, two more games, I'm considering piercing my left nipple. Will keep you posted on that adventure.

The fantasy thats been driving me nuts lately takes place on a lazy weekend. We wake up, have coffee and a little breakfast. While she is cleaning up (I cook, she cleans) I sneak into the bedroom, put on all four restraints and chain my self to the bed. Right before snapping in the last cuff I turn up the music, slip a blindfold on and wait for her to find me.

I want her to use me all day, keep me on the edge of cumin for as long as possible and for her to cum as many times as she is able.
All the while using me for her pleasure, leaving me alone to wonder whats she's doing, shaking with nervous energy about what sweet torture is coming next.

Any ideas that I can add in or questions I can answer please feel free.
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He love love loves when I tease his nipples. And, when he says he plays with them ALL the time, he's not kidding - I catch him at it all the time. Then I have to have a little play...
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Well after a bad cold knocked off my feet for a couple weeks I'm back and aching to play.
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