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Cool Need new moms

I love em all. Young, old... Big, little... Doesn't matter. Just lookin for some moms
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His Cleopatra
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Personals are down the hall.
Tread softly into the night...
Sing me not of the Sun,
the ever-constant, unchanging Sun.
But sing me of the moonlight and of the stars
and of our sighs at midnight.

I want to live - richly, darkly and entirely.
I want my mind challenged, my body thrilled, my soul inspired.
I want my senses to come alive, to burn with passion and to intoxicate me with desire.
So tempt my mind, seduce my body, enthrall my soul, and dare me to be alive.

Let us know how you are doing and touch base

Yes, I wrote all my sig quotes. They are mine. If you would like to use them, I'd be honoured BUT! please let me know.

I am free in his chains....
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