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Originally Posted by Ahlam View Post
Thank you for spelling 'dominant' properly. Whenever this thread surfaces, I see the title and clench my teeth a little. "Are you submissive or dominate in bed." Blargh!!
You can't let a little mistyping get to you ...although I do chuckle often with those types of errors...could get to be annoying if they become too prevalent
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Originally Posted by icandothis View Post
I like think of myself as a strong, confident, in control woman. But if truth be known he has always had the power to turn me into a whimpering, begging, moaning mess whenever he wants
or-- whenever YOU want him to?
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I am very dominate in bed! I love to dominant my submissive!
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I'm very submissive. I get so turned on just thinking about a hot guy dominating me.
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Well, my handle is a reflection

My Wife and I had an impromtu get together this afternoon. Told me to take a shower. I did, when I exited she was waiting wearing crotchless panties, thigh high stockings and had a whip in one hand and blindfold in the other. Told me to dry off good which I did and she then put the blindfold over my eyes I then felt a collar being put on me which was a surprise because I didn't see it before the blindfold ended my view , then a leash, then I was told to get on my knees which just happened to be next to the bed.

I found myself with my face in her ass my tongue licking her asshole. This went on for quite some time then she pulled the leash, telling me to follow her. My wife is tiny, from southeast asia, 90lbs and just perfect to me so she makes me hungry anyway. In a scenario like this? Like a starving man. She placed her hands on my shoulders pulling me down to the floor and then positioning my head on the cushion of the queening chair that I found online from a place in scotland. Boy is it fun and it also works for peeing. I couldn't move as my wrists were in restraints so she was in control and I loved every second of it, especially when she had to pee in my mouth and on my face
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Most definitely submissive
100% me every hour of every day
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Loving every bit of it
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I am submissive. Though I do like to switch sometimes. Living in a FLR being submissive is the norm.
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Definitely submissive but only to a strong Dominant.
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I always loved the thought of a dominant woman & recently realised just how much submission to a eager woman is the void that so desperately needs to be filled in my life
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