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My 600th post.

Others might want to put their 600th posts into this thread: I invite them to do just that.

After this post, I will refrain from posting in any Literotica forums until past midnight UT after this posting; and then past the next midnight local time after that; and maybe a little while after that; so many will be able to see that this is truly my 600th post.

I intend for this to be my first and last post on this thread (barring possible alt-accounts—of which I neither presently have nor am currently interested in); but I will post again in other Literotica threads. (Oh yes, many more posts, and relatively soon.)

Similar threads I've started:

This will be my 502nd post

Happy New Years Everyone!! (this is my 501st post)

500th post

Have a nice day everyone.

Strange Emotion- Jessy Lanza
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all of em suck
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