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I have written a handful of stories over the last several years. I am proud of some, and less proud of others. I was thinking about creating a new handle and importing some of my stories over there and deleting the old ones. Thoughts on how ethical this is? Or how best to go about this?
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I don't know how often it is done but it makes a whole lot of sense. People develop as writers. Once they reach a certain level of skill their earlier efforts no longer stand up to their own standards. When you repost stories that have been posted earlier under another name it might be a good idea to mention in the intro that the story has already been posted under an old account. Otherwise, people who recognize the work may start accusing you of plagarism in the comments section.
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So you don't think there's anything unethical about starting over - so long as I make that clear. Ok, thanks.
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Nope, not unethical. They are still your stories no matter what pen name you use. In your new profile, you might, though, note that you previously published here under the previous name. Than, if someone challenges you on stealing someone else's story (even though it's your own), you can point to the profile notation.
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