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ISO writers for a magical adventure

  • The Wizard Yolo looked down from his mountain castle at the thousands of Men -- knights on horseback, swordsmen on foot, peasants with pitchforks and scythes -- and knew that his end was near.
  • Summoning all his magical energy, he set off a magical "bomb" that killed everything living thing for a hundred miles and left a magical "residue" that would change ... everything ... forever, with the greatest, more unbelievable changes occurring nearer the "blast site".
  • Now, 100 years later, there are stirrings on the mountain top and Mankind fears that Yolo may have survived the blast.
  • The Kings of the Ring -- the lands that encircle Yolo's mountain -- assemble a group of Adventurers to reach the mountain castle to learn of Yolo's fate and -- if he still lives -- put an end to him once and for all.
  • It doesn't take long to realize that the farther into the Dead Zone they go, the stranger things get...
  • ...and the more dangerous. As the characters increase their experience and abilities -- DnD style, sort of -- they will encounter more dangerous situations.
Characters will include just about anyone you can imagine who might be able to contribute to the team. Despite Mankind's feelings about magic, there will also be Magic Users.

I'm thinking this will be a long term adventure in which the characters will -- again DnD style -- gain experience and knowledge as they proceed up the mountain. There is always the possibility that someone will get themselves killed, just as in DnD, but I can assure you that I will not create a situation in which a character will be killed because of something I set up; if you die, you brought it upon yourself do to action or inaction. (I was very, very fair and lenient during my DnD days, many years ago, and I will continue to be so here.)
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