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phrase that pays ,

The concept was simple: run into 'Mr. A,' get him to trust you, send information back to the police. Easier said than done, and what idiot came up with the name Mr. A? This all sounded like a bad episode of Batman to Sonali. After a briefing with the police inspector on what they believed what the theif's motifs were--to steal a priceless sword--Sonali was free to go. Running a hand through her dark hair, she pulled it back into a ponytail, the heels of her boots clicking as she walked, her body covered in black. Idea was to pretend to want to be an acomplice or risk being thrown back into the slammer. Well, okay. Didn't look like the twenty-two year old had any choice but to be part of his bogus plan.

Now, all she had to do was sneak into the building, even with police monitoring the place. Slipping on a pair of black gloves she made her way over to the side of the building, grabbing the hook and rope from her side, swinging it over her head a few times before tossing it, the metal clanking as it hooked onto the ledge. Giving a few slight tugs she made sure it was secure before climbing up the wall, swearing at herself the entire time for agreeing to this. Finally on top, blue optics sent a quick glance down below, easily spotting a few cars, the armed men sitting inside waiting hopelessly for this Mr. A to make an appearence. She rolled her eyes, before turning to find a small window, sighing she shrugged. Moving towards it, she pulled the glass from the pan, sliding through the opening.

This was a lot easier than she thought, her eyes scanning over the room and spotting the sword, a centerpiece. Making her way towards it, Sonali reached out, but her hand stiffened as she heard a shuffling beside her.


The Plot

The police are baffled by a master thief known only as Mr. A because he leaves an 'A' symbol after each robbery. He is a world wide known criminal, and tops the wanted list in most countries.

Sonali is a petty theif, who was only able to squirm her way out of jail time with her looks. One police officer knows of this, and using it against her threatens to throw her into prision if she doesn't help catch Mr. A. He is caught by the wiles of Sonali who claims to be A's number-one fan. Mr. A agrees to take Sonali into partnership, not knowing that she is actually working for the police.


What I Need
Someone to play Mr. A, but the actual name is still up to you. The way I imagine him, he is cool and calculating, doesn't trust easily, but a gentleman in short. (Basically, the way I picture Eric Bana) He agrees to taking up Sonali because he sees potential in her, but the two end up getting on each other's nerves quite a bit, even with a slight attraction at first. The same rules as always apply for me, do not take over my character, no one liners, be imaginative, no quick fuck scene, learn to build sexual tension, be able to post a few times a day, and I'm not into BDSM. I expect you to be able to post at least three times a day, be imaginative, and write at least two paragraphs per post.

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