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Rachel's First Big Cock

Open for a male character - DO NOT post a response here - PM me with your response post and if I choose you I will let you know


Rachel Sheridan examined herself in the mirror. She was going out to celebrate her third month as a college student and the eighteen year-old wanted to look as fuckable as possible. Naked, she was truly a sight to behold - an angelic smile with plump, soft lips, a little button nose, and deep brown eyes was framed by the shoulder-length curls of her light brown hair. Her short 5'3" frame was perfectly formed with a narrow waist, wide hips, a tight taut ass and lithe, slender legs that seemed to go on for miles. For most guys this would have been enough on its own, but Rachel had the additional benefit of her 36DD breasts, crowned with large brown nipples. Her teenage pussy was freshly waxed bare, and she ran her fingers over the smooth mound of her cunt, shivering in anticipation for what she had planned for tonight.

Tonight, Rachel was going to get fucked by the biggest, thickest, meatiest cock that she had ever seen.

She slipped on a black lace bra followed by a tiny plaid microskirt that barely covered her pussy and ass. Then she pulled on a white collared blouse and only buttoned it halfway, allowing for full viewing of her ample cleavage. She topped off the look with white lace stockings and her black fuck-me heels. She applied a fresh coat of bright red lipstick to her puffy lips and blew an imaginary kiss to the mirror before walking out the door.

As she arrived at the house party, Rachel reflected on how much her life had changed since she arrived at college. She was a virgin - almost unthinkable now, but it was true. She had managed to rectify that within the first week, and within the first month she had fucked 8 different boys. A month after that and she had gotten her first tattoo (a butterfly on her lower back) and gotten her tongue, ears, naval, and clitoral hood pierced. Now the third month was almost up and Rachel had a new plan - she was going to have a big cock. A REALLY big cock.

Rachel looked up and saw him across the room - laughing with a group of his friends. The reason why she had come to this party. The reason why she was dressed like a whore. The reason that her legs started to feel weak and her pussy started to feel damp. The whispers in the freshman dorms were that he was hung like a fucking horse - the biggest cock on campus, they said. And tonight, Rachel intended to find out if the rumors were true. She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hi big boy - how about getting me a drink?"
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