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How did you introduce pegging to your partner?

Hey LitFolks!

I'm interested in finding out how you introduced pegging into your sexual routine.

Women, did you bring it up with your husband or did he ask you?
Men, same question (with your wife).

Any advice on how to bring it up without fear of rejection?

A little background:
I'm a married guy (27) and I really enjoy anal play, but I've never been pegged. I would LOVE to have my wife do this with me, but I'm nervous how she will react. She is very vanilla and does not do anal. She does have very strong bi tendencies and wants to be with another woman, but we have never really experimented.
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For us it was blow jobs. But I lived very to play with his ass' you may need to show her how amazing it feels. Very slow & gentle.
Married the man of my fantasies 20 years ago.

Sorry, I don't have yahoo chat & I'm not going to. I also don't have any pctures of hubby taking my strap on. Nor any of myself.

Hope that answers the most FAQ from my pm"s. LOL

Life is too short not to spend is laughing & cumming as often as possible. Doing both at the same time is the creampie of life!
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Hey! I wanna know this as well. I have fucken an old boyfriend with a strap on multiple times, but that was easy, since he was very submissive and didn't mind at all.
ooh honey, fuck my PUSSSSY!
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Not to my partner but certainly to my boss , the bastard.
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well, I sent a link of a pegging story to my wife and told her I've had an interest in it, and have since High School.

She finds it weird but she w as game. talk to her, share a story that is hot to get the point across.
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Originally Posted by elsaparker View Post
Hey! I wanna know this as well. I have fucken an old boyfriend with a strap on multiple times, but that was easy, since he was very submissive and didn't mind at all.
You have experience- will u do me? Dying to try.
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One way to raise it that has worked for me is in a general chat about erogenous zones, like how to find her g-spot, and in the course of the chat mention male prostate massage as a way to intensify an orgasm, try suggesting that she tries to massage yours while she sucks you by massaging the spot just below your balls. It's an easy way to test the waters to see how she reacts, things once started tend to lead to more-It's a bit more subtle than saying, "Honey would you fuck my arse off with a dildo?"
Live Long and Prosper Earthling
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It started with me paying more attention to her asshole during sex. Rubbing, licking and even penetrating her with a finger tip as she came. She said that we could try anal sex but only if she got to fuck me too.

I got to do her ass (it was great btw) and then we went vegetable shopping to find an appropriate phallus for me. I can still remember us walking up and down the veggie isle and she'd pick up an enormous cucumber or squash and ask, "how bout this?"

My cock was stiffening up in my pants as I answered, "too big!!" We finally settled on a 6" zucchini. She took her time working it into my ass and once it was in, I was hooked.

We eventually graduated to a butt plug and then onto several dildos and vibes, then largest one being 7" x 2". She still pegs me on occasion but I frequently use a dildo while masturbating. Almost daily as of late...love the feeling.
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We were out drinking one night, talking about sex and I just let it out. I probably wouldn't have told her if I wasn't drunk.
She said that she would have to be very drunk to do that. It did not happen that night.
I'm still waiting.
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