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Anal Fisting

Just wanted to share this ...

I'm 55, male, UK based, bisexual and love experimenting. Since before Christmas I'd been corresponding with a lovely sounding TV of similar age who I'd contacted on a UK swingers site. Over a couple of months we exchanged lots of details about each other, also pictures, and plenty of ideas about what we enjoyed and what we wanted to do together when we finally met. It took a while to set up a meet because of Christmas and also her moving house, but that only added to the anticipation.

Last week we finally met. I already had a very high expectation but she exceeded it by far. She was as convincing as I'd expected, had gorgeous leg appeal (a big turn-on for me) and was dressed in heels, attractive clothing and nice undies. We clicked immediately, no doubt helped by the correspondence over several months. After a coffee, a chat and a flirt together, we snogged deeply up against her kitchen worktop and she then took my hand and led me up to the bedroom.

Once in her love-nest we were all over each other instantly, hands and mouths everywhere, the passion overwhelming. She sucked my cock like I've never had it sucked before (for me the biggest benefit of playing with a guy - guy's know instinctively how to suck cock) and from there we scaled the heights together. Over the next few hours she proved to be one of the most playful, adoring, submissive and delightfully dirty creatures I've had the pleasure of playing with.

But the real point of this post is that she desperately wanted to be fisted. We hadn't talked about it beforehand, it just happened in the moment. I'd done vaginal fisting before with several women and learned to love it, the sheer intimacy of it taking me by surprise my first time, but I'd never had my hand in an anus before, male or female. Having already had her thick black dildo and then my equally thick cock inside my lovely TV date, I knew she was quite "accommodating" but I was still nervous I'd hurt her with anything more. We got comfy, I applied plenty of lube and started with a forefinger, then two fingers - at which point she started to get extremely turned on and vocal, encouraging me to insert more. We also shared a lot of dirty talk that we'd already established as a big turn-on for us both.

At 3 fingers we paused and I added more lube, really taking my time. I couldn't believe how hard her "boy clit" was. I got down and slid my mouth down over it and sucked her while reaming her ass with 3 fingers and wriggling them inside her. She was so warm, smooth and squeaky clean inside and it occurred to me that she'd clearly prepared herself with the aim of trying this out.

I'm describing all this as if it was a quick process but we must have been at it for 20 minutes or so. She was so turned on and I could tell she was able to take more so I inserted all 4 fingers and rubbed her perineum with my thumb, still while laving her clit and dribbling saliva down her smooth sac and onto my hand. My fingers were inside her up to my knuckles and she started to thrash about the bed in delirium.

We kept this up for a while as she approached her orgasm and she finally came like a train, moaning and crying out just like a real woman. I found the comparison with vaginal fisting much closer than I'd imagined, both in terms of feel and sensation for me, as well as the intensity of her climax. An amazing experience that left us quite emotional and loved up.

Even more mind-blowing was that as we held each other and cuddled close in the aftermath she told me softly that it was the first time she'd been fisted and that she'd never trusted anyone else to do it previously. Hearing her say it got me hard instantly. I just had to have her again, fuck we were both so sexed up. I pulled her to the edge of the bed on her back, lifted her legs in the air and entered her in one go, loving the look of her heels and gorgeous legs as we fucked hard. She was gaping, having just been fisted, but one glimpse of her lovely little "slut" anklet on her right foot and the sound of her passionate cries as I pounded her hard, had me unloading in seconds. Fucking hell, such an intense afternoon in bed.

God what a lovely creature and what an amazing first experience of anal fisting for us both. We ended up spending almost 4 hrs in bed and repeated the pleasure again. She was beautifully clean inside, the visuals were amazingly horny and she came again the second time we did it. Next time we meet we're hoping I'll be able to get my whole hand inside her.

She emailed me the next day and told me she was exhausted afterwards - I was too, having cum several times with her. She sweetly told me that the fisting was the most intense experience she'd ever had and wants me to visit her again and give her more of the same. Always lovely when that happens.

As I say, just had to share it. I'm sure many are experts at it, but as a new experience it was pretty special for both of us.
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I do hope you have many more wonderful days and nights together That is so sweet
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