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Old 12-23-2012, 01:50 PM   #10526
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New here, and brand new to D/s and I have to say the more I learn the more I love it. Looking forward to learning more and to my training! ;o)

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Originally Posted by Sirsam_sub View Post

New here, and brand new to D/s and I have to say the more I learn the more I love it. Looking forward to learning more and to my training! ;o)
Welcum! Your first task is to fill out your profile. When that's complete...we will see.

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Hi everyone! I'm new to here although not the site itself. I've become more interested in bdsm so I figured I'd read more here.

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Hi folks

Just got here and still trying to figure things out. I'm John and I'm sure we can be friend. Mind if I smoke?
No rest for the wicked, Luv. Even less for me...

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Hello! I'm a slave to my husband of two years. We don't go out much but we are both pretty kinky. I'm trying to figure out how to write sexy bdsm stories, so if you have any favorites, point me to them!

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Hi everyone I'm 27 and from the UK. I've been in the lifestyle as a dominant and writer of fiction for about six years now check out my thread on BDSM personals for a little more info!

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lifestyle omega slave having served Master for the past year now. initially joined the site a number of years ago, fell off the face of the earth, and is now returning. may as well reintroduce for the sake of new faces.

as an aside, this slave is only permitted to speak in the third person... so, *bows*, this slave is named megan, a pleasure to re-meet everyone.

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Hello. i am a bit new to online postings, but i have been sub for several years and am excited to learn more and certainly eager to meet new and possibly like-minded people. i am a sweet girl who likes to give or please, but i am learning when to assert myself. Not sure of what else to say here but look forward to reading everyone's post and thanks so much for listening or sharing! Happy snowfall all!

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Not a new face.... just one that's been missing for a long time.

Hi everyone!
Working on getting pic thread back up

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Originally Posted by sexi_sub View Post
Not a new face.... just one that's been missing for a long time.

Hi everyone!
Welcome back
"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions." Oscar Wilde

"Curiosity is the lust of the mind." Thomas Hobbes

"The difference between a fool and a wise man is that the wise man recognizes he can still learn something from the fool." - Unknown

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I am new here and I figured I would post some more info about myself, i am a bi fem, I like being in both places dom and sub. However I prefer to be a sub, especially is the dom is trust worthy, i was a slave once and got used very badly, and tried to leave him and i ended up having to leave the state. I am an expert at giving out a hard lash or bite and not leaving marks..i learned this with my first girlfriend, we lived in a small town and didn't want to invite prejudice, so we learned to have fun with out leaving signs. but now i crave those marks as little reminders of the time i had,and the experiences that occurred while they happened.. I treasure everyone..I just try to have as much fun as possible and i have never been satisfied with straight nilla..

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Hey newbie here whats going on?

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Hey, y'all!

Sub here. . . although my Mistress would say I'm a "powerful slave." She does allow me to dom her when she permits it. We are totally new to the BDSM lifestyle, though, and want to know more! It's very exciting. Happy to meet and make new friends no matter where you are.

P.S. Also looking for any and all leads to sex parties and/or swinging orgies. We are very interested in finding some local to us. Websites, magazines, whatever. Please feel free to volunteer information privately or publicly.

Last edited by lumbercue : 12-28-2012 at 08:35 PM. Reason: afterthought!

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I've only just began to learn about D & S but based on my research thus far am confident that I've always been a submissive. Have for most of my life been trying to find the 'key' to my lock and for the first time in a long time am hopeful that I've discovered a path forward. I have much to learn and a lot of personal 'shyness' issues to work on. So, this is a step forward, my first ever post to an online forum full of strangers...
It's a pleasure to 'introduce' myself to you all and I hope to make some friends and further my personal development along the way.
Best wishes to everyone for a New Year full of happiness and self discovery.

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I'm not 100% sure of what to say here, I really do hate doing these kinds of posts.

I've been lurking on Literotica for a few years now, in fact, shortly after I got married. It seemed to fill the void of the passion in my sex life for a while. Sex with my partner is very...bland, for lack of a better word. I always wanted more, and he was not comfortable giving it to me.

We discussed an open relationship, but that was a one sided conversation that ended with him saying no, not even open to trying it. He's quite, I think the term is, vanilla.

Here we are, a few years and two kids later, and I find myself wanting more. He works long hours, and often late nights, so he sleeps during the day. I'm feeling quite alone, and misunderstood by him.

So, I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to. Thanks for listening to my rambling.

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I am a Dom who been in the lifestyle for more than 30 years. At this point psychological Doming is very fulfilling. If any subbies are in South Florida I would be please to hear from them.

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Originally Posted by MistressVonGagger View Post
Hey newbie here whats going on?
well I am currently trying to convince my SO to allow more people in out activities...so far i have him agreeing to a female.. now i just to find a suitable candidate..lol

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New and curious.

I'm a longtime lurker on Lit.

I'm 28, almost 29 and a single mother, her father is still kinda in the picture, but more as a friend with infrequent benefits. I guess I would say I'm a switch with strong sub tendencies? I'm not a painslut or anything, in fact I'm definetly interested in learning more about the actual Dom /sub relationship outside of the bedroom.

I only have the net on my phone, so I have yahoo. Not realty sure what else to put on Herr, so message me or whatever with questions.

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I am not new to Literotica, or the forms here, I just haven't had time to contribute like I would have.

My experiences are documented in my accounts of those encounters at the Literotica Stories pages. I'm an older man of 48 years, but have always been told I looked younger. It might be from the fact that I am open minded, and always looking to have fun.

I enjoy the company of ladies of most all ages, my current "fuck buddy" being 22 years my junior. I met her 6 years ago, she was the best friend of my girlfriends daughter. We run hot and cold, and are on and off whether we are together or not.

I have experienced a wide range of sexual encounters, and wish I had started to write them down at the time after they happened to me. Details can be hard to remember sometimes, but I do love refreshing my memory about them. I enjoy sharing them in story form, and hope to here in the forums.
Since my married days are long gone by, I'm starting a new series of sexual tales.
With some new additions to the Wife Watching series.
Remember truth is always stranger than fiction.

My Literotica Stories Page


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New to site - saying hello

Well as requested here is an intro to me.
I am a Dom - not a sadist but I enjoy controlling and forced pleasure games. With a twist of nipple thrown in for good measure.
I have just come out of an e relationship with a really good sub - we explored her limits together and both got a lot out of it. Whilst this is sexual for me I get more pleasure from seeing my sub squirm with pleasure or beg for it to stop than from touching myself. Perhaps I was a cat in a previous life - I do like to play with my toy.
I live in the UK and have only just found this site. I will explore I over coming days and lets see how it goes


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Hi, oh how I hate these "tell us about yourself" threads, I enjoy reading all about others, but I hate trying to tell about me. It is a very long & complicated story on how I came to know I was a sub so I will not bore you with that. I am a 40 something year old bi female and my whole life I knew there was something I needed in a relationship that I was not getting, (knowing what I know now and looking back at so many failed relationships, it is obvious, I was just clueless at the time) I just didn't know what it was till the last few years, and I didn't act on it until this past year. So here I am, I know without a doubt I am a sub, my husband knows this about me now, a recent & painful discovery for him. He has forgiven much and is now trying to learn about what it is that I need.

Old 01-02-2013, 11:29 AM   #10547
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New here, but not to the site. Been on it for reading for a while. Hi.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Anne (short for Annemarie), I'm 28 years old, submissive, Dutch and have "practised" bdsm for quite a while now. I have also been a longtime, frequent visitor of Literotica, yet never bothered to make an account/profile. A short while ago I felt the need to respond on a story I read and in the process signed myself up.

I'm living together with a very kind, loving but strict Lady and we have managed to blend bdsm into our daily life. Which doesn't mean we 'do our thing' 24/7. Since I am reading a whole bunch of topics on this forum, I thought I might as well introduce myself a bit. I know my profile isn't much to look at at the moment, but for the time being it will have to do, as it is all the information I want to reveal to the community/world at this time.

For now, I am just reading along and answered a few private messages I got. Who knows what the future brings for me on this forum. Thanks for reading.


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New as a member but have read the stories for a long time.

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hi!Just found the site this week,and falling in love with it!
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