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Looking for Good Sci-Fi Stories

Aiight first post, let's go!

Over the past couple of years, I've combed through the Sci-Fi and fantasy section to the best of my ability, and read most one-submission (non-series) stories set in space. I obviously haven't gotten to all of them, and for the past few months my visits have been infrequent. Currently, I'm waiting for new submissions from several of my favorite series, and with nothing that's guaranteed to be a good read, I turn to you, Literotica community, to give me any and all the story/series suggestions you might have. Recommend as many as you want, and I'll post my reactions when I finish reading. Not just space-based, either! Anything from the Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Romance, Nonhuman, Novels and Novellas (I love long stories), or First Time sections is welcome!

For those who might be interested in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre, some of my favorite authors (off the top of my head) are:

hammingbyrd7 (has stopped submitting)
Intrepid_Fate (currently on hiatus T_T)

P.S. If this post is in the wrong section, please inform me and I'll move it if a Mod hasn't already.
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Can't go wrong with the Evil Alpaca There's a reason his list is full of blue Ws, green Es, and solid red Hs.
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Thanks! I'm going to start Breathless today.
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I liked decadentangel's Breeder stories and she had one chapter for Earth Bride. It looks like she hasn't been around for a couple of years and her stories are all gone
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this is a good one: http://www.literotica.com/s/bait-and-switch-ch-01
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After reading Bait and Switch for a few hours, I really like it! It gives off similar vibes as hammingbyrd7's story Kinetic: http://www.literotica.com/s/kinetic, but with a different writing style. Very enjoyable!
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Etaski isn't too shabby either.
My stories in case you are interested. Offbeat, unconventional and just a bit dark. Just a bit, I swear

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Here's my scifi story: http://www.literotica.com/s/too-much-of-a-good-thing-3

It's a fan fic story set in the Star Wars universe, but doesn't use any established characters. I summarize it as "ultimate gang bang by Stormtrooper clones."

Hope you like
Smart is sexy!!!
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People have favourably compared me to Lien Gellar, and I held the #1 spot in the sci-fi hall of fame for a while, so I believe I might have a story of interest to you. It's called "going feet first" and the Link to it is in my signature.
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My story: Going Feet First
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You might be interested in my Sci-Fi/Romance story, The Lengths One Will Go To..., it's rated quite well and it's my personal favorite out of all my works on this site.
ATTENTION: If this post is an idea I've posted in the "Story Ideas" forum, then it is a story that I have no intention of writing myself, unless I say otherwise in the post. I'm posting the idea for other authors to run with, if they're interested.

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My Stories
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You seem to like authors with a masculine perspective, heavy on story and more complex themes, tempered with a lot of humor. The authors that seem to be missing from your list in that vein (other than Alpaca who you are already reading) are Bashfullyshameless and MarshAlien. They are lower volume in output, but very much worth seeking out.

I will avoid the obvious self-plug.

Oh wait... that counts as one. Dammit.
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Realms of Eden

If you have time I wouldn't mind an opinion on Realms of Eden - you will find them in the Novels & Novella section.

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Shameless self-promotion: http://www.literotica.com/s/double-helix-ch-01

I try to write hard sci-fi that explores society-changing technology and events, and well-developed characters. This one is four chapters in, with a fifth in the can. I anticipate at least twenty before I am finished. Love hammingbyrd and evil alpaca, by the way.
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