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Help appreciated - pineapple for cum?

I have a question.

I've heard that eating pineapple a while makes your cum to taste much better.
Does anyone know anything about it or having some experiences with it?

I've been told that's smokers.cum tastes like liking an ashtray, I know that much.

Thanks for help!
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Recently read this on a similar thread. It's true you are what you eat. Smoke and eat shit and I'm sure your cum will not taste as sweet as pineapple or other fruits.

My wife takes virgin coconut oil daily for dementia. Maybe I should have a box lunch and check the flavor.

No it hasn't made her a virgin either.
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The only thing I know about the taste of cum is to avoid asparagus.
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No direct experience here but I used to participate on another board where users said pineapple juice and fresh pineapple does work to improve the taste but takes a couple of weeks. Keep in the diet just in case. I've tried it from time to time just to be prepared like a good boy scout, but never had anyone swallow me when I was on it in order to report.
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I've never noticed a difference based on diet, personally
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I'm pretty sure it does effect it. I tried the pineapple thing, and it's not like it tastes "sweet" but it's an improvement
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link to Men's Health article about this...
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I never tasted a difference but I don't know how long the guy tried it for
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Originally Posted by RubenesqueAphrodite View Post
I think there is some truth to this. I think it also takes a few hours for foods to get through a man's system but I am certain that what guy eats can change the taste of his cum. Pineapple or eating a lot of strong citrus fruits I think does make the taste more pleasant. Also, for an example, eating a food with a lot of garlic or onions can have the opposite effect. And other foods can also make a difference, as can smoking (When my man has been smoking cigars, i would swear I can taste it in his cum)
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Hi a gf I went out with was a nurse and every time we met for a weekend of sex session she would tell me to drink pineapple juices for two days prior around two litre a day. She loved drinking it.
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Originally Posted by lustingmoment View Post
Hi a gf I went out with was a nurse and every time we met for a weekend of sex session she would tell me to drink pineapple juices for two days prior around two litre a day. She loved drinking it.
same for me and she was a nurse too ... she would take every drop when i'd been on pineapple for a few days
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