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Cute guilty blushing men

One thing I particularly like to see in stories is a guy who gets off on being embarrassed. A mostly innocent, naive guy who has a desire he doesn't quite understand for a kink he thinks he should be embarrassed to be into. Doesn't matter too much what the kink is; could be fattening, or cumming in his pants and then needing to walk around a bit in public while all gooey, wearing girly lingerie under his work clothes, or masturbating where someone can see him. But luckily his partner of either gender is eager to help him embrace this kink, once they discover it.

This seems to be more common with female characters than male; I guess a blushing innocent surprised by their own sexuality is stereotypically considered more attractive to men than women? It's not really an alpha male thing, but I don't like alphas anyway.

So, does anyone else like this kind of thing? Feel free to recommend a story if you know of a good one, though personally I mostly read fanfiction, furry fiction, or sci-fi/fantasy/non-human stuff. Not really interested in realistic or modern stuff.
I was wondering why I was having trouble getting inspired to continue an erotic story I've been working on. Then I noticed my shampoo bottle said: "Herbal Essences Drama Clean: I'm so good I'll put clean thoughts in your head!" And I thought well, clearly I need to get some new shampoo if this one's washing away all my nice dirty thoughts!
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