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Small Penis/shrinkage

I'm into SPH (Small Penis Humiliation, lest you're familiar with the lingo) but I find 99% of the stuff available, as far as porn or erotic stories go, dull and dour as hell. “Haha, you can't satisfy a woman with that thing, it's the size of my clit!” Right. Go get the fucking Guiness people on the blower. About the guy's dick. Or your clit. Generic SPH is like generic porn – all about stereotypes, hyperbole, cheap tricks, mindless plots and zero imagination.

What do I like myself? Hard to pin down. I mostly define it negatively. I know damn well what I don't like. Something which usually comes close, though, are scenes or stories which deal with shrinkage: A man caught at a disadvantage, when his most manly part looks like...a shrimp. In my experience this is the most likely form of SPH too. I've never met a woman who would be inclined to humiliate a man, to his face, for having what she perceived was a small penis (people, including women, are usually pretty fucking polite, if nothing else) – but I have known several women who have laughed at shrinkage, not least when it happened to someone who, let's say, had it coming.

I can mention three incidents I remember vividly: 1) My mom and my older sister laughing at a guy who got his swimming trunks pulled down on some TV show. There was no actual nudity shown, but it was implied the guy had a small/shrunken one, and he was portrayed as a macho man, very much the bragging type.

2) I had a friend, when I was younger, who had a pool in his garden. One summer's day he tried to humiliate his sister by announcing to a whole crew of pool lizards that she stuffed her bra, only to have a girl in our class pull down his shorts to reveal the state of his penis after several hours in the pool – to the merriment of at least ten laughing girls, including said sister.

3) My own, personal experience, which wasn't as – let's say – total as I wish it had been, given what a damn pervert I've become: My aunt, who is a perfect bitch in all ways imaginable, burst in on me changing after a jog in the rain – and saw me in my least favorable state. I have a knack, you see, for shrinkage – I'm alright, and statistically more than alright, under normal circumstances, but when it shrinks it really, really shrinks...and, well, it was a cold day and it rained. Anyway, this happened before I developed my fetish, and I yelled out at my aunt, calling her some nasty names – and she responded in kind, saying very loudly that I didn't have anything worth seeing, so there was no need to get all hysterical.

I don't know to this day whether my mom or my sister heard what she said, but it's certainly possible – and it adds to the thing. Which is shrinkage – point one. And shrinkage in very embarrassing circumstances – like, when someone like your mom or sister happens to be involved – point two. So, that's the fetish. One of many, for me. But a big one (or small...ah, the pun was inevitable at some stage). I've written a couple of stories involving this, and I plan to “publish” them on literotica – but before doing so, I'd like to, as it were, pitch the idea. Anyone else into this kind of thing, or something similar?
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